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Ui Developer Resume

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  • Over 7 years of experience as a front end developer using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JSF, AJAX, JQuery, JSON, and AngularJS.
  • Specialized in development and implementation of Application, mobile and Web based Technology Solutions.
  • Extensive experience in creating style guides, best practices and setting UI standards for enterprise/consumer applications.
  • Have an extensive experience in designing User Interface (UI) applications and professional web applications using HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS, Bootstrap, jQuery, JSP, XUL, HTML/DHTML, DOM, XHTML, JSON and AJAX.
  • High level of expertise in programming with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript frameworks.
  • Expertise in designing Event Handling Models such as Listener and Dispatcher in OO JavaScript.
  • Good experience with AngularJS directives ng - app, ng-init, ng-model for initialization of AngularJS, application data.
  • Developed custom directives (for simultaneous file uploads) and created AngularJS services to consume in controllers. Worked with AngularJS Expressions, Directives, Controllers, filters.
  • Designed, developed, and implemented Single Page Application (SPA) in AngularJS by consuming JSON from a Spring MVC, using Spring Security to secure the application.
  • Proficiency in the Entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • Followed Waterfall and Agile/Scrum methodology of software development, which satisfies the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.
  • Highly creative, out of box thinking and a multi-faceted person with experience in responsive web design, UI design, UI Development.
  • Used web services like SOAP protocol and RESTful web services.
  • Create wireframes, storyboards, user flows, process flows and site maps to effectively communicate user interaction.
  • Skilled at analyzing and solving browser compatibility challenges and possesses ability to maintain consistency and well commented HTML and CSS markup
  • Experience with Responsive Web Design (RWD).
  • Good communication skills, ability to work independently.
  • Highly motivated, reliable analytical problem solver and troubleshooter with strong attention to detail.


Web Technologies: HTML5,CSS3, DHTML, XML, XHTML, XSLT, JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery, JSON, Apache

JavaScript Libraries: Backbone.js, Node.js, Angular.js,d3.js, Ext.js.

IDE s & Tools: Eclipse IDE, Dreamweaver.

Development tools: Adobe Photoshop CS, Adobe AEM,6 Google Ad Words, Yahoo Search, Marketing(spring tool suite)

Publishing tools: Adobe PageMaker, MS Office

Web Frame tools: Adobe Illustrator CS3(basic idea on wire frame and visual design)

Debugging tools: Firebug, Bugzilla, Firebug, Developer Tools

Database: Oracle 11g, MySQL, MSSQL

Operating Systems: Windows 7/8,a MAC OS X


Confidential, PA

UI Developer


  • Gathered and analyzed the requirements and converted them into User Requirement Specifications and Functional Requirement Specifications for the designers and developers to understand them as per their perspective.
  • Designed business applications using web technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 based on the W3C standards.
  • Developed the administrative UI using Angular.js and Node.js.
  • Developed CSS3 style sheets to give gradient effects.
  • Developed page layouts, navigation, and icons.
  • Applied industry best practices and standards when project requirements were lagging.
  • Involved in designing and implementing Web2.0 Rich UI for the Self-service Application using JQuery Ajax framework and Widget based JavaScript programmed model.
  • Extensively used CSS3 and Bootstrap for styling the HTML5 elements.
  • Developing customer facing software for managing advertisements using BACKBONE.JS, JAVASCRIPT / JQUERY, HANDLEBARS.JS, HTML and SASS.
  • Conceptualized, designed, developed, and deployed mobile application.
  • Study the mobile market and find new opportunities to improve the application for the customers in a better way.
  • Designed Frontend with in object oriented JavaScript Framework like Node.js.
  • Utilized pair programming approach to ensure high quality code.
  • Maintained Cross Browser compatibility & implement Responsive Design using Twitter Bootstrap, custom media queries, etc.
  • Developed the custom data grids upon JQuery framework to deliver the business data.
  • Developed HTML prototypes and UI deliverables, such as wireframes, screen mock-ups, and interface design.
  • Worked upon the dashboard for the project which contained a variety of charts and drag gable components using jQuery UI Library.
  • Designed DOM based interactive to reprogram selected links and adopted WCAG 2.0 standards for HTML and XHTML and W3C standards for CSS as well.
  • Debug the application using Firebug to traverse the documents and manipulated the Nodes using DOM and DOM Functions.
  • Used Ajax effectively to create pagination and with client side events like quick search.
  • Used AJAX framework for asynchronous data transfer between the browser and the server.
  • Created Mock-up designs and developed various functionalities with JavaScript and jQuery.
  • Written Ajax driven JSON consuming JavaScript functions to save User selections such as radio button, drop-down menu selections into a cookie.

Environment: HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, JavaScript, AJAX, Angular.js, Node.js, Responsive Design, Bootstrap, Firebug, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Oracle, Windows.

Confidential, NJ

Web Developer


  • Involved in development, design and implementation of front end part of the application.
  • Developed the UI Screens using HTML5, DHTML, XML, Java Scripts, Ajax, JQuery Custom-tags and CSS3.
  • Responsible for the overall layout design, color scheme of the web site using HTML5, XHTML and CSS3. Used CSS LESS/SASS preprocessors and Responsible for creating detailed wire frames and process flows.
  • Created Node.js middleware application server to encapsulate modern JS widget framework and control set.
  • Implemented user interface guidelines and standards throughout the development and maintenance of the website using DHTML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery.
  • Created web application prototype using Angular.JS.
  • Used Bootstrap for responsive design which allows users to access it from any device.
  • Created reusable Modules using the built in features like Factories, Routes, Dependency Injections and MSC architectures offered in Angular JS.
  • Worked with CSS background, CSS Layouts, CSS positioning, CSS text, CSS border, CSS margin, CSS padding, Pseudo elements and CSS behaviors.
  • Used JQuery to select and manipulate HTML elements and also CSS manipulation.
  • Used JQuery mainly for adding several functionalities to the application (calendar, tooltips, popover, hiding elements validation, making Ajax calls, etc.).
  • Involved in integrating the front end UI to the back end using Struts/Spring framework.
  • Enhancement of existing application utilizing JSP, Created HTML navigation menu that is role based menu items changes dynamically, derived from the database in the form of XML.
  • Developed cross-browser/platform HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript to match design specs for complex page layouts while adhering to code standards.
  • Created graphics including Icons, Images and logos using Adobe Flash Catalyst.
  • Used JavaScript DOM manipulation and JavaScript event to generate the data result in UI.
  • Used Ajax for asynchronously exchanging small amount of data with the server behind the scenes and updating the JSP page.
  • Converted wireframes in templates including creation of brand identity, web site header, menu, information containers, grid styles, navigation, forms, buttons, icons, images, User components and application widgets creation with suitable color schemes.
  • Worked with the team of architects and back-end Developers to gather requirements and enhance the application functionality and add new features.

Environment: JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Backbone.JS, require.js, Angular.JS, Node.js, Backbone.JS, DHTML, XHTML, XML, JMS, JSON, Ajax, Servlets, JSP, Notepad++, Dreamweaver, SOAP, DOM, Windows.

Confidential, IL

UI Developer


  • Prototyped UI designs using HTML5 and CSS3, jQuery.
  • Developed the application to be responsive for desktop, mobile and tablets using Twitter Bootstrap (HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript).
  • Assisted in setting up the UI framework, defining user interface standards, and the design approach.
  • Designed rich user experience prototype for managing users and roles.
  • Added theme layer to framework, implemented design specs for cobranded partners.
  • Established user interface design standards, internationalization considerations, framework guide and checklists to enhance Development's autonomy.
  • Developed data insertion forms and validated them using JavaScript, Angular js.
  • Collaborated with Development on interface design strategy and implementation.
  • Worked extensively with JQuery, JavaScript,HTML, and CSS.
  • Heavily used JQUERY UI to create various components such as Tabs, Accordions, Auto-Complete, etc.
  • Extended the default functionality of JQUERY UI components to create custom features - such as new tab open/close, auto-complete load messages, etc.
  • Worked with back-end developers to enhance the functionality of web applications asynchronously (AJAX) using REST services.
  • Developed code to fetch data from back-end and populate on UI using AJAX and JSON.
  • Worked on all aspects of Web applications including debugging, maintaining and deploying.
  • Developed and Deployed the Application on Eclipse and Web Logic Server.

Environment: HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular Js, AJAX, Firebug, JSP

Confidential, PA

UI Developer


  • Developed Web Interface using JSP, Java Script, HTML, and CSS.
  • Implemented the MVC architecture using the Struts framework.
  • Developed different GUI screens using JSP and user validations using JavaScript.
  • Effectively implemented AJAX in developing dynamic web pages.
  • Developed Action controller, Action Forms, Tiles Structure, Validation Structure (for data validation), JSP pages, Form Beans, AJAX code, JavaScript and worked on integration.
  • Involved in writing application level code to interact with APIs, Web Services using AJAX, JSON.
  • Wrote application level code to perform client side validation using jQuery and JavaScript.
  • Designed and developed intranet web applications using JavaScript and CSS.

Environment: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, JAVA, Web Services, JSP.

Confidential, NJ

Web Application Developer


  • Involved in the Software Life Cycle phases like AGILE and estimating the timelines for projects.
  • Developed web pages and components using HTML and CSS and JavaScript.
  • Created business classes and base objects.
  • Utilized JavaScript and JQuery to improve overall design and UI of campaign websites.
  • Worked alongside backend Java programmers to troubleshoot Java Script related issues with front-end connectivity.
  • Implemented client-side validations using JavaScript.
  • Implemented AJAX to speed up web application.
  • Used Web Developer, Firebug, and IE developer toolbar for debugging and browser compatibility.
  • Participated in maintenance and production support.

Environment: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQUERY, AJAX, JSON, Windows


Web UI Developer


  • Built complex desktop - style UI using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and AJAX including configuration wizards and interactive reports.
  • Developed frontend layout and intro for home page using Fireworks.
  • Utilized the mail merge techniques in MS Word for the time reduction in sending s.
  • Extensively used images of the product for web and catalogue.
  • Web Application Developed using Web Technologies 2.0.
  • Interactive Planning for the product development.
  • Used Flash Animations and Storyboard & User Flows for e-learning tutorials using human factor engineering design concepts.

Environment: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, MS Office

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