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Mobile Web Developer Resume Profile

Atlanta, GA


To obtain a challenging technical position as a software engineer utilizing my knowledge and technical skills

Technical Skills


C , HTML5, CSS3, Knockout , PhoneGap, jQuery ,SQL, ASP.NET MVC, Web API, SASS, Angular, xUnit, Karma/Jasmine, qUnit


SQL Server 2005/2012

SQL Server tools


Source Control

TFS 2012, Mercurial, BitBucket


Visual Studio.net 2003- 2013, BizTalk 2006, Microsoft dynamics CRM 2011


Mobile Web Developer


  • Developed and extended a hybrid single page responsive app using Knockout, jQuery, and Kendo on the client side running against a restful .NET backend with SQL Server. It was deployed as a PhoneGap application and was designed to run on multiple mobile platforms IOS, Windows8 and Android and on desktop browsers IE, Firefox and Chrome .
  • Designed and developed a customer facing self service single-page website using Angular used directives, filters and services and BootStrap on the client side running against a restful .NET backend with SQL Server.
  • Gained experience integrating filepicker.io with Angular, Knockout and PhoneGap. Made use of testing tools Karma/Jasmine, qUnit, xUnit as well as CSS preprocessor SASS. Integrated .NET with AWS S3.
  • Researched and prototyped with JavaScript frameworks and libraries to satisfy client enterprise application suite specification.
  • Hands-on experience installing Android PhoneGap plugins specifically FileOpener.java allowing you to view documents in Android .
  • Developed and maintained a restful API using C .net and Fluent NHibernate.
  • Maintained an admin application using ASP.NET MVC, jQuery Mobile, jQuery and Knockout.
  • Gained experience developing and testing cross-platform and cross-browser apps.

.NET Developer

  • Designed and developed a single page application using MS CRM Dynamics, jQuery, Knockout, ASP.NET MVC, C , LINQ, CRM SDK.
  • Designed and developed a restful API using .NET Web API. Made use of the following design patterns Facade, Repository and the Document Message pattern.
  • Helped build a Continuous Integration process using TFS 2010.
  • Used SSIS to automate the file download of Routing numbers from the internet and insert them into SQL tables.
  • Designed an ASP.NET MVC web application for displaying SSRS reports assisting management and finance with the reporting of billable hours.
  • Responsible for maintaining existing web applications using C , LINQ-To-SQL, ASP.NET, and SQL.
  • Developed a website using ASP.NET 4.0, SQL Server and jQuery for gathering user information to determine eligibility for a government funded program.
  • Reviewed and refactored a restful API used by an appointment scheduling system to create a modular and maintainable architecture.
  • Developed a website configuration tool using ASP.NET MVC/ razor and Entity Framework 4.1 allowing the configuration of CredAbility's counseling sites such as adding Spanish/ English translations and switching website features on/off.

Software Developer

  • Utilized BizTalk Orchestrations, BizTalk maps, Business Rule Composer, C .NET, HTML and jQuery for the extension of existing applications and to give users an option to enroll in electronic funds transfer EFT .
  • Developed a WCF service used to calculate fees based on the premium and then finally calculate EFT payments.
  • Responsible for maintaining existing web applications using BizTalk, C .NET, ASP.NET, XSLT, XML, classic ASP, SQL and Crystal Reports.
  • Successfully delivered enhancements and customizations allowing the use of the application within the state of Alabama.
  • Added new modules permitting users to create insurance policies in different states.

Enterprise Software Engineer

  • Responsible for the development of new modules and enhancements on existing applications using C .net, Subsonic, ASP.NET and JavaScript.
  • Added AJAX functionality to web pages using the AJAX control toolkit and ASP.NET AJAX.

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