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Lead Web Developer Resume Profile





  • I have more than nine years of expertise in Web Development using HTML, JavaScript, ASP, ASP.NET, CSS, ADO ADO.NET.
  • Over 7 years' experience with C .NET, 5 years with VB VB.NET and 10 years with Microsoft SQL Server 2000-2012.
  • Additional hands-on experience with technologies such as: Team Foundation Server, JQuery, LINQ, XML and FoxPro.
  • Well versed in Domain Driven Design and the use of methodologies such as AGILE for medium to large scale, enterprise-level applications and/or the use of the Waterfall approach for smaller applications.
  • Sensitivity to confidential information after 4 years in the healthcare IT field where HIPPA confidentiality standards are a mandate and over 6 years of experience with banking information systems dealing with various payment methods and authorizations credit card, checking and merchant account information .
  • Experienced in conceptualizing, creating, supporting and maintaining projects such as department interfaces and Internet/Intranet applications as well as direct control of the data that drives them.
  • Since I started in programming as a tester/liaison, I have a strong ability to provide clean applications to quality assurance and other user communities due to my strenuous and thorough testing of my own work and others prior to deployment to testing, staging and production environments.
  • I was the main contact for several financial companies and the lead programmer for projects that involved switching to new payment providers. Some of those financial institutions include: Visa Verisign, 5th 3rd, E-xact, Telecheck, Certegy/Equifax and Fedchex. I also have an understanding of the Automated Clearing House ACH transactional process between merchants and banking institutions.
  • Over eight years of experience as an I.T. help desk assistant, so I am comfortable with and enjoy working hands on with the users of the interfaces I create or help maintain.
  • Well organized and responsible will do what it takes to get the job done in a timely and efficient manner.
  • I am pragmatically flexible and comfortable with working alone or in a team setting.
  • Critical thinker, capable of understanding complex formulas/criteria and applying/translating them in to fully-functional automated processes.
  • Known for my great communications skills in matters of business.
  • I am thorough and responsive when addressing any situation.
  • Able to work well under pressure and deliver on deadlines.



Lead Web Developer / Database Administrator

  • As a part of the data services department which consisted of 6 techs, my responsibilities range from front end JQuery web design and C development, to backend SQL reporting, data manipulation and architecture.
  • Was tasked with and completed the revamping of Whitehat's entire Order Entry System OES . The OES system had been designed by a former employee who was sound in programming but lacked design experience, so I, in coordination with the marketing director, enhanced the entire look of the site. The site also had functional problems that prevented it from working in various browsers due to the requirement of Flash I replaced all elements of Flash and re-worked these functions thus making the app cross-browser compatible. For this work I was given high praise by my colleagues superiors.
  • Assist in database design, programming and support of ETL processes.
  • Troubleshoot data related issues, reporting errors and provide effective resolutions.
  • Run, troubleshoot and successfully complete production jobs for ETL processes.
  • Create and enhance automated reports as well as fulfilling ad hoc query and report requests from other departments and external clients.
  • In support of applications and processes that use Visual Studio 2013, SQL 2000, SQL 2005, SQL 2008 R2 and SQL 2012.


Platform Engineer / Database Administrator

  • As the Platform Engineer of IWS, I was responsible for operating, maintaining, enhancing documenting the company's marketing email delivery system, internal report applications and its auxiliary maintenance processes. The Platform consisted of: Lyris List Manager as the web-based email delivery application Microsoft SQL 2008 R2 as the backed end repository Amazon S3 as the backup cloud storage system Equal Logic SAN consisting of 4 servers that host the platform several custom C web applications.
  • Apart of a two man team who were the go-to-guys for an organization of about two dozen employees when it came to the email delivery portion of the IWS marketing campaign. IWS' clients were mostly political entities, so quick responses to the ever-changing political landscape especially during election season , were commonplace requiring quality campaign content delivery.
  • Solely responsible for creating and optimizing dozens of SQL scripts processes used for the import export of email lists received from clients consisting of name, email and sometimes other demographic data such as political party which came often in random formats. The creation and refining of these scripts gave IWS the ability to increase delivery rates and improve the delivery process overall.
  • Maintained and enhanced 3 intranet/internet reporting applications that supplied delivery stats for our clients. These web applications were written in C 2008 2010 using web services and SQL 2008 R2. I also produced complex weekly reports, monthly billing reports, and ad hoc reports requested by clients or staff for analysis.
  • Provided SQL cross-training to my coworker regularly, and as I created new processes or implemented architectural changes.
  • Tasked with and completed a full audit of the email delivery system which consisted of: documenting all software hardware resources, delivery protocols and security mechanisms in place.
  • Provided weekend and after hours on-call support to meet client campaign needs.


Programmer/Analyst Lead

  • Worked with a team that included three separate entities to develop a web-based surveillance application for monitoring and tracking cases involving the outbreak of H1N1, better known as Swine Flu . Those entities were: Epidemiology technical business staff which I am apart of and which is the client for this project, the county's Information Technology staff who deal with all of the county's software hardware needs and provides assistance to clients throughout the county's various departments and four contractors consisting of two other Senior Programmer/Analysts, one SQL Database Administrator and one Project Manager.
  • As a member of the client staff, I took the technical lead in completing the first phase of the Flu Management System , which required a great deal of coordination especially in regards to modifying and utilizing a very complex third normal form multi-database SQL back-end in a very short amount of time, dealing with the time-sensitive H1N1 outbreak, which was at the time at record numbers world-wide.
  • My personal responsibilities on this project involved: creating the solution for the development team of four using C , HTML, Ajax and JavaScript/JQuery, granting permissions to SQL objects such as views and stored procedures for users and developers with limited access, coordinating the creation of separate environments for development, testing/staging production, the creation of SQL stored procedures for the purposes of selecting, inserting updating confidential patient information and the creation, testing and deployment of several Swine Flu data entry web pages. I have been the main contact between the three entities in regards to the technical aspects of the project which has been very demanding, yet the most stream-lined approach given the time-sensitive deadline.
  • Also in the spring of 2009 during the first wave of Swine Flu, I created an application that allowed Public Health to track swine flu in all county public and charter schools allowing the Director of Public Health the ability to make a decision to close a school where an outbreak got out of hand. This application was written in C .NET and Ajax with a SQL database back end.
  • Developed, tested and deployed to production a reporting application for the Office of Vital Records dealing with highly sensitive confidential information in the VB.NET programming language. The purpose of this application was for quality assurance and Managing For Results or MFRs. This involved migrating data daily from the state which is in oracle to the county which is in SQL.



  • Worked with a team of programmers to re-write a large, multi-tier sales application in Microsoft C .NET. This was a full-scale re-write involving customer sensitive data, payment data, authorization requests, scheduling, equipment tracking, automated email-notifications, reporting and employee bonus programs.
  • Solely responsible for: initial payment authorization and payment processing, maintaining sales agent swipe hours, creating and maintaining the sales agent bonuses program called Performance Compensation Program or PCP and the customer email notification program. This all involved writing Stored Procedures, creating and archiving SQL tables, the writing and implementation of Web Services as well as the writing of several Windows Services.
  • Programmed the sales application to authorize credit cards or checks via Secured Socket Layer or an HTTPS secured internet connection.
  • Re-wrote the PCP program in C .NET for the purposes of calculating the payout total for each sales agent within the department. This application involves swipe hours, reservation amounts, amount of equipment reserved, agents' status levels and predetermined, adjustable criteria. The PCP program also demanded a great deal of orchestration with two other departments dealing with payroll and operations, for which I was the primary initiator and coordinator of these meetings and software releases.


  • ANALYZING I enjoy solving problems and improving situations.
  • LEARNING I am a perpetual student, which is also a requirement in my field of expertise.
  • I have a great interest in computers, photography, information research, sports, history and law.
  • I have a 9 year old daughter and I enjoy any activity with her that makes her happy.
  • Critical Analysis.

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