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Web Developer Resume Profile


To obtain a creative and challenging position that enables me to gain experience in web related applications and allows for advancement.


Web Developer/Programmer Analyst with more than 9 years of experience in design, development, implementation and maintenance of databases, web development and client/server projects. Expertise in ASP, HTML, DHTML, CSS, VB SCRIPT, JAVA SCRIPT, VISUAL BASIC, WINDOWS DNA, COM COM , XML DOM, VISUAL BASIC .NET, ASP.Net, MS ACCESS, SQL SERVER and ORACLE.

Technical Expertise

  • Programming Languages : Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Basic .Net, COM, XML DOM, Windows DNA, C, C , Unix Shell Programming
  • Web Technologies : ASP, HTML, DHTML, CSS, VB Script, Java Script, ASP.Net, C , Macromedia Dreamweaver MX
  • Databases : SQL Server 2000, MS Access, Oracle, dBASE III Plus, Foxpro
  • Applications : Vsiual InterDev, Visual Source Safe, Visual Studio 6.0, Visual Studio .Net,
  • MS Office
  • Operating Systems : Windows NT, Windows XP, MS DOS, UNIX
  • Groupware : Lotus Notes, Domino Server
  • Web Servers : PWS, IIS, MTS
  • Networking : TCP/IP Protocols

Employment Summary

  • Presently working as a Web Developer at Nationwide Insurance, Dublin.
  • Worked as a Web Developer for eTracking Solutions from April 2007 to Aug 2007
  • Worked as a Web Developer at Expesite, Columbus from Aug 2005 to Mar 2006
  • Worked as a Web Developer for eTracking Solutions from Aug'2003 to Jul'2005
  • Worked as a Web Developer at Element K, Rochester, NY from 1999 to 2001
  • Worked as a Technical Officer at Software Technology Parks of India, Hyderabad, India from 1993 to 1998.

Professional Experience

Presently working as a Web Developer

Environment: COM , Visual Basic 6.0, Windows DNA, ASP, Javascript, VB Script, XML DOM, Visual InterDev, Visual SourceSafe

Description : This is an Application Enhancement project for Claims Adjuster Support System. Nationwide has two applications for initiating the auto and property claims. One is Nationwide Electronic Call Center Automation Project eCCAp for Auto Property claims and eClaims for online claim submission by the policy holder. eCCAp facilitates the Call Center Representative to take the claim over the phone. eClaims allows the policy holders to submit a claim online. The main objective of this enhancement is to change the claims handling and settlement for the west coast states.

Responsibilies include:

  • Made several enhancements to the existing modules
  • Added new functionality to the existing modules
  • Added new rules for generating auto and property claims based on the policy state and loss state.
  • Done extensive coding in VB COM , XML DOM
  • Modified the exisiting ASP pages
  • Modified existing Java Scripts functions to reflect the new rules which are part of client side validation
  • Prepared Unit Test Plan
  • Done Unit testing
  • Bug Fixing after Itegration Testing

Worked as a Web Developer


Environment: HTML, SGML, Adobe Photo Shop

  • Description : Created e-Commerce based application for their client using Homestead Shopping Cart.
  • - Done modifications to the existing templates using HTML SGML
  • - Uploaded the product details and product pictures
  • - Done Image Editing using Adobe Photo Shop


Environment: ASP, Visual Basic 6.0, COM, VB Script, Java Script, HTML, DHTML, CSS, SQL Server 2000

1. Expesite 6.7 Release

  • Description: Expesite is a web based project management software tool that provides program management and project management for a variety of industries, specializing in real- estate development and remodeling for multi-unit rollouts. Expesite continually makes updates to the system based on client feedback and according to the industry changes.
  • Done several enhancements to the existing Expesite tool for Expesite 6.7 Release which includes:
  • New functionality for the New Release
  • Prepared Design Document for the release
  • Created New ASP Pages
  • Wrote Java Scripts for Client Side Validation
  • Wrote Stored Procedures in SQL Server 2000
  • Modified existing VB Components
  • Wrote Test Plans
  • Done thorough testing for some of the modules

Role : Design Development

Description: Basically this tool was developed to search the entire application for specific text in all the.asp pages, visual basic module files, java script files etc. This tool allows the user to search for the files in a specified path by giving delimited strings as search criteria. The search results will be written to an excel file based on the search criteria given by the user, with list of files along with their path name in one column, and a new column will be added for each search string with the status whether search string Found or Not Found. The search will be done recursively.

Environment: ASP, VB Script, Java Script, HTML, DHTML, CSS, SQL Server 2000

Role :

  • Made several enhancements to the Order processing module
  • Added new functionality to the existing modules
  • Wrote Stored Procedures in SQL Server 2000
  • Worked on SQL Server DTS
  • Wrote VB Script to automate the process of uploading the orders from a comma separated text file to SQL Server Database and uploading the data from SQL Server tables to the text file
  • Added new ASP Pages
  • Wrote Java Scripts for Client Side Validation

Description: This site was developed for Silestone of Houston, based in Houston, TX, the largest distributor of natural quartz surfacing in the USA with Head Quarters in Spain. This application allows the distributors customers to place the orders and also allows the HQ to create containers for the Orders placed by the customers distributors for shipment.


Environment : ASP, COM, VB Script, Java Script, HTML, VB, SQL Server 6.5 7

MTS, Visual Interdev, Visual Source Safe


1. Reports Module for Support Site


  • - Prepared Low Level High Level Design Specifications
  • - Modified the existing stored procedures
  • - Created new VB components
  • - Created new ASP pages for accessing the reports
  • - New reports have been designed to show the return on investment by reporting the course usage across contracts/companies and the course vendors.

2. Business Management Skills Project


  • - Prepared Low Level High Level specifications
  • - Modified the existing stored procedures written new SPs.
  • - Modified VB components
  • - Modified all ASP pages
  • - Created new ASP pages and VB Components
  • ElementK has partnered with third party vendors to conduct Business Management Skills online course. Modifications have been done to the existing three sites Student Site, Support Site Admin Site.
  • Student Site: This site facilitates the students to take online courses, to browse through the courses offered by ElementK, to take assessments, sending the feed back.
  • Support Site: This is an Intranet application basically for maintaining the course library, books, software and generating various MIS reports for decision making.
  • Admin Site: This is an Intranet application designed for the Training Administrators to manage corporate training information.

3. Support Site Project:

  • Responsibilities: Modified existing ASP pages
  • This site is basically for ElementK Education Courseware Software Support. The student can search for FAQ, look for latest updates and students can send their feed back.


Role: Design, Coding, Testing Implementation

1. Equipment Database

Environment: ASP, COM, VB Script, IDC, HTML, VB, SQL Server 6.5, MTS

This is a menu driven application, developed for maintaining the details of the equipment being procured STPI and Satellite Earth Station and to keep track of their AMCs and insurance details which includes the generation of Purchase Orders, Insurance reminders, AMC renewals, Gatepass details etc apart from generating various reports for Accounts Department.

2. softNET Information System

Environment: ASP, COM, VB Script, IDC, HTML, VB, SQL Server 6.5, MTS

This is a menu driven application developed to automate the operations of Satellite Earth Station. This database maintains the faults reported by the customers, the diagnosis and various other details related to the services provided by Software Technology Park, Hyderabad. This helps in enhancing the efficiency of service and support provided to customers.

3. Recruitment Database

Environment: Visual Basic, SQL Server 6.5 back end

This is a menu driven application, basically stores the details of the candidates who apply for the jobs as well as the details of the various postings of the company. This database facilitates the company to search for the suitable candidates by keywords or by using specific criteria. This can generate various reports like Selected candidates list, who's been interviewed for which job, interviewer schedule etc.

4. EHTP Information System

Environment: Visual Basic, Microsoft Access

Electronic Hardware Technology Park EHTP Scheme has been designed by Govt. of India to attract Direct Foreign Investment. This database has been developed for the automation of the regulatory functions and to monitor the performance of the EHTP Units. The system mainly involves permission to a new unit, import certification, Enhancing Import Limit, DTA sales permission etc. The system generates various MIS reports.

5. STPI Information System

Environment: MS Access with SQL Server 6.5 Back end

This is a menu driven application developed for automation of regular activities of Software Technology Park STP , and to monitor the performance of the registered companies under STP Scheme. This database helps the STP in speedy and efficient clearances of 100 Export Oriented Units EOU licences, Imports, Exports, Re-Exports Certifications etc. apart from generating more than 100 MIS Reports including some graphical reports.

6. Payroll System

Environment: MS Access with SQL Server 6.5 Backend

This database basically processes the generation of Pay Records, Payslips, Payroll Schedules like PF/IT/GPF etc, and Payroll Summary for the STPH Employees.

7. Library Information System

  • Environment: Oracle 6.0, SQL Forms, SQL Report Writer
  • This Database performs all the operations which exists in General Purpose Library. This system deals with the entire Library Administration and Maintenance which include Issue of books, Magazines, periodicals, journals, Return of books, Publisher details, Vendor details, Maintenance of the books, vendor, Order placement for the books etc.

8. Files Backup Application

Environment: Unix, awk Programming

This is a menu driven program, which allows the user to take regular back-ups of all user files, data files and other important applications on different servers.

Confidential Environment: Lotus Notes, Domino Server, Lotus Script Role : Coding and Implementation

a Project Control Database

Project Control database is designed to record requests and enhancements of the projects to keep track of the implementations of the Application Developer's Projects. This database is designed in such a way so that, the client can request for modifications for the project in the midway. This enables to know the status of each project and whether the modification can be implemented at that stage and the time required to implement those changes.

b Glasgow

This database stores all the General Standard Operating Procedures of a Pharmaceutical Company. This database controls the revisions to standard procedures, as they are changed along with the signature sheet. The Signature Sheet is scanned using Visioneer Paper Port Scanner, which will then be embedded or attached into Notes.

c Augmentin/Timentin Kit

This database maintains the details of Clinical Reference Documents of a Medical Agency. The process will start by the Agency taking a published paper and reading it, entering the abstract into the database. When the abstract is ok, the entire published paper is scanned by Paper Port Scanner. At the final stage the paper will be approved.


This database assists the Syndication's Agency team to record and track events required by Facility Agreements, and the fee those agreements generate. When an event is completed it automatically generates the due date and the amount due for the next event. All the events due by date, events completed, fee due by date, the fee completed, the fee due by borrower and the complete list of agreements are displayed in the views.


This database is basically a workflow database used to determine the status of the applications of the insurance claims and categorize the applications depending upon their status. It also gives the details such as the stage at which a claim is pending and the due date at that particular stage.


Role : Coding and Implementation

Supplier Information System

This package keeps all the information regarding the Raw Material supplied by a particular Supplier. This package generates various reports like Supplier Details, Raw Material Details by a particular Supplier, Quantity supplied and Quantity in due by the supplier, Amount paid to the Supplier and Amount due to the Supplier etc.

Item Processing System

This package will keep track of all the items and raw material sent to the sub contractors for sub processing, the status of the sub processing, status of all the items being manufactured in the factory, Details of Subcontractors, Payments made to the subcontractors, Details of all finished products and the Details of the items released into the market, Stock Status Reports of all Items, Price List of the Items etc.

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