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Web Administrator Resume Profile

New York, NY


Operating Systems:

Red Hat, Solaris, SuSE Linux, Fedora, Ubuntu, Tru64 Unix

Network Protocols:


System Administration:

Puppet, Vmware, Samba, Majordomo, RAID, tape backups

Web Administration:

Apache, Zend, Drupal, PHP, Jboss, SOLR, Tomcat, RabbitMQ, Alfresco, Memcache

Deployment/Version tools:

Wiki, Bamboo, JIRA, Crowd, Confluence, Jenkins, SVN, CVS

Monitoring tools:

Big Brother, Solarwinds, Nagios, OVO, CA Spectrum

Programming Languages/ Databases:

Shell scripts, Perl, MySQL, Spectrum



Web Administrator

24/7 Support and maintenance of NYSE's 50 websites, running on 450 Linux and Windows servers. Monitored servers and network using VMware's vCenter, Big Brother, CA Spectrum and Nagios. Review and install patches to applications as needed. Worked closely with our developers, debugging our front end, middleware and database applications. Developed bash shell scripts for automation of tasks, deployments and system monitoring. Created and maintained clear, concise documentation and user manuals Implemented and modified load balancing to meet constantly varying demands. Modified and installed Apache web servers and services. Administration and maintenance of software packages, like Drupal, JBoss, SVN, Confluence and Jenkins. Maintenance and monitoring of Superfeed and other real-time market data services. Installed and configured Nagios on my own initiative. Developed shell scripts that automated 90 of the tasks of a team of 3 people that were laid off.


System Administrator/Consultant

24/7 Support and maintenance of NYCT's Rail Control Center, consisting of 120 servers, workstations and Sun storage libraries divided into about 70 Solaris and 30 Suse Linux. Support of their Automated Train Supervision ATS software. Developed csh/ksh shell scripts and Perl scripts to automate tasks and for system monitoring. Created manuals and procedures for the customer to use after the project was over. Performed tape backups and retrievals. Maintained a huge statusboard consisting of 88 projectors and their display servers. Created disk dumps of servers and workstations. Diagnosed and repaired hardware. Patched and updated software, OS and BIOS as needed.


Computer Consultant

LAMP/Web Design Designed and developed websites using Dreamweaver and Photoshop. Developed web applications using Perl, PHP and MySQL. Linux and Windows Tech Support Set up and taught clients how to use computers and home networks. Resolved software issues through telephone. Repaired and resolved hardware issues on-site.


System Administrator

Maintained a computer lab consisting of 20 workstations and their servers. Assisted the Department of Informatics in maintaining their servers and their student labs consisting of 50 workstations. Hired, trained and supervised the student tech support staff 7-10 people . Developed secure file download applications using Perl. Maintained their Zope Web Portal.


Linux System Administrator

Maintained efficient operation of 8 Linux 24/7 production and development servers, and an office LAN consisting of 14 Windows PCs. Developed status scripts for monitoring Tango, Apache, Oracle and JRun servers which would report and, if necessary, restart in case of problems. Developed shell scripts for backing up servers and laptops. Developed disaster recovery plans. Dealt with DOS attacks and other information security issues utilizing their Watchguard and iptables firewalls. Maintained their internal and external web servers. Developed CGI/PHP calendar scripts/demo forms for the sales staff to schedule rooms and demos. EDUCATION

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