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Web Developer Resume Profile

Dallas, TX

Employment History


Web Developer

  • Performed debugging and product enhancement for a large credit card and expense management system used by many financial institutions.
  • Collaborated with the business development team to identify new features, troubleshoot issues and clarify requirements.
  • The system included the following components:
  • An ASP.Net user interface written using C and JavaScript
  • An application service layer written using C
  • External facing web services and FTP servers for file transfers
  • SQL Server databases accessed using Linq2Sql and standard DB connections
  • Communication with external systems using a mix of web service calls and file transfers


Senior Web Developer

  • Involved in full-life cycle of a student assessment tool written in C for the Department of Education's National Assessment of Educational Progress NAEP
  • Wrote inter-computer communication methods using IP Multicasting, UdpClient and TcpListener.
  • Implemented a multithreaded architecture to simultaneously handle multiple discrete tasks.
  • Analyzed, debugged and corrected performance and reliability issues.
  • Used Microsoft's Entity framework for data access and Microsoft's Windows Presentation Foundation WPF for presentation.
  • Displayed HTML-formatted information using JQuery, JavaScript, XSLT, and Gecko XulRunner .
  • Assisted other team members in designing components and resolving issues.
  • Worked with technical writers in the creation of help files and training materials.
  • Provided training and technical support to Assessment Administrators.
  • Represented company at working groups and conferences.
  • Interviewed candidates for positions on the development team.


.Net Developer

  • Created high-volume web services to support Flash web sites.
  • Designed and developed a commercial website for a major corporation.
  • Site included both the public facing web site and an AJAX-enabled administration interface.
  • Technologies used included C , ASP.net, AJAX.net, SQL Server 2005 and Castle ActiveRecord.
  • Created and edited page layouts for use in a Sharepoint-based content management system.


Senior Software Engineer

  • Designed, documented and implemented a data warehouse to compile and report on HR and recruiting data for a large trade association.
  • Provided expert advice to an e-commerce company designing an improved, AJAX-based web site.
  • Web site consumed content delivered in XML files, using XSL to convert the content to XHTML that could be displayed in web browsers.
  • Web site written using C , ADO.net, AJAX, CSS, XSL with client written standardized libraries to manage tasks such as security and content searching.
  • Created a website to publish an industry newsletter for a local publishing company.
  • Middleware and back end was written using C and web services in a Service Oriented Architecture SOA framework connecting to a SQL Server 2000 database.
  • User interface was written using C , ADO.net, and third party web controls.
  • Compiled requirements through meetings with users and by reviewing existing systems.
  • Part of a team that designed, coded and implemented a policy management system for an insurance company.
  • Written using VB.Net, ADO.net and SQL Server 2000.
  • Worked directly with users to gather requirements and perform user-acceptance testing.
  • Created a back-end web content management system for 2 professional sports teams and their home arena.
  • Worked closely with users and system administrators to identify and extract data from existing systems.
  • Created Extract, Transform and Load processes using SSIS and SQL Server 2005.
  • Designed database schema for a warehouse containing 8 facts and 19 dimensions, varying in size from a few hundred to several million rows of data.
  • Created custom components for Outlook 2007, Outlook Web Access 2007 and Blackberry that performs rules-based validation of outgoing email messages.


.Net/SQL Server Developer

  • Developed an Active Server Pages.Net web application written in Visual Basic.Net that provides a user interface to an enterprise reporting system
  • Used Microsoft's Application Programming Blocks, including the User Interface Programming Block and Data Access Programming Block.
  • Programmed a VB.Net object to consume a web service to access a centralized user information database. This object allows application level security to control access to individual reports.
  • Created a data warehouse in MS SQL Server 2000.
  • Analyzed Oracle and SQL Server databases, identifying common elements between systems.
  • Designed a consolidated data model to accurately represent the combined data from all systems..
  • Created procedures and Data Transformation Service DTS packages to pull records from disparate Oracle and SQL Server databases into the data warehouse,
  • Wrote stored procedures to transform the imported data into standardized formats and add the 'scrubbed' data to data warehouse tables.
  • Wrote stored procedures to perform data validation of the imported data and send alerts to the managers of the source data systems advising them of any data errors found during validation.
  • Designed reports using Microsoft's SQL Server Reporting Services application to display information from the data warehouse described above.
  • Worked with users to develop and design reports.
  • Wrote functions in SQL Server to ensure consistent results on all reports.
  • Wrote stored procedures in SQL Server corresponding to each report.
  • Defined OLAP dimensions in Microsoft's Analysis Services application for use in future OLAP-based reports.

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