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Assistant Web Developer Resume Profile



Operating Systems: Windows XP-7/8, Mac OS Mountain Lion and all previous, Linux

Content Management: Adept with WordPress, Joomla Cascade, Drupal, DreamWeaver, experienced with SQL

Languages: HTML, XML, PHP, CSS, Java, Python. Eager to pick up new languages if necessary

Software: Microsoft Office,ArcGIS, Adobe Creative Suite Excellent with Photoshop and Illustrator , Google software suite, Processing, KeyCreator and other 3D Modeling softwares, VenSim, Mathematica, Matlab. Extremely fast learner with new software.

Hardware: Completed Virtual Classroom troubleshooting training at Union College, Including video/sound/computer integration into SmartBoard systems and projectors, also handled delivery duties for computer repairs.



Assistant Web Developer

  • Network Administrator on Union's Muse Wordpress server.
  • Responsible for migrating and managing 35 official college websites from Cascade into Wordpress.
  • Handled graphic design duties using Photoshop/Illustrator
  • Tasked with manipulating the codes within Wordpress to display custom content and themes.
  • Work-study position during school terms and full-time over Summer and Winter breaks

Helpdesk Analyst/Intern


  • Handled hardware-based problems with classroom computing equipment and web connectivity.
  • Carried out deliveries and day-to-day tasks around Union's IT office
  • Promoted to assistant Web developer after 1 month.


Charity Officer

  • Responsible for reaching out to prospective donors or groups who are capable of referring donors, through social media and cold calling.
  • Converted website from outdated version of Joomla to Wordpress seamlessly.
  • Managed website and Facebook pages and created Kickstarter and GoFundMe accounts
  • Monitored PayPal account and reported directly to founder of scholarship.
  • Created new memorial scholarships and orchestrated events to raise donations.
  • Approached business owners and individuals directly to ask for donations.
  • Left company after contributing to lifetime goal of one million dollars raised.


Helpdesk Analyst / Intern

  • Handled technical troubleshooting within Cascade system for Union College Web Site.
  • Contributed to migration of Web content into new server with new layout.
  • Regularly answered telephone calls from Union College faculty regarding issues with the official college website Union.edu
  • Frequently repaired and updated broken links and other web maintenance tasks using SiteImprove server.
  • Used Google Maps to create specialized maps of College Campus including Greek Houses and Minerva Houses.


Mixologist/Retail Associate

  • Prepared and sold e-liquid bottles, electronic cigarettes, and vaporizers
  • Company record holder for most sales in a day by a single employee
  • Left company to finish school, but being considered for reemployment in management position for upcoming locations.


  • Assisted head trainer with class preparation, including but not limited to:
    • Wrapping of hands for boxing classes
    • Teaching proper punching/footwork, boxing technique
    • Holding focus mitts, running conditioning stations.
    • Supervising children ages 6-15


Assistant Building Superintendent

  • Managed and maintained public housing buildings in the City of Hackensack.
  • Repaired electrical and plumbing systems, painted apartments and closets, performed janitorial duties, labor-based tasks and general maintenance .
  • Handled building security duties

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