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Senior Web Developer Resume

Bloomfield Hills, MI


To secure a position in the Information Technology field as Senior Software Developer / Architect where the ability to work well under pressure, a desire to accept new challenges, and excellent verbal and written communication skills can be used to meet the technology goals of the organization. Highly knowledgeable, creative and result-oriented Software Developer with experience in developing, maintaining, testing, implementing, designing, and evaluating new and existing applications.


  • Excellent understanding of coding ASP.Net (C#/VB), WPF, XAML, LDAP, SQL, HTML, JavaScript/JQuery, CSS, XML, AJAX.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of Microsoft Visual Studio 2013, TFS, SourceSafe and .Net 3.5/4.0/4.5 Framework.
  • Strong knowledge of backend MS-SQL database, XML/XSD schema integration, ADO.Net and Entity Framework
  • In-depth comprehension of N-Tier type of architectures utilizing Web-servers, Web-server clustering, WCF, API/Web Services, backup systems, firewalls, AD, ADFS, network security considerations and Internet technologies.
  • Excellent understanding of several communication protocols such as TCP/IP, Http/Https, Ftp/SFtp, SOAP and SMTP/POP
  • Experience with several software development patterns such as MVVM, MVC, Repository, Unit Test and Unit of work
  • Outstanding ability as team leader, follow and support company's application architecture and development standards.
  • Able to communicate clearly and concisely, both verbally and in writing, and solve complex problems.
  • Aptitude for analyzing informational requirements and needs, identifying problems, examining alternatives, reasoning logically, and designing implementation procedures.
  • Exceptional ability to provide clarity in organizing information, and create smooth navigation paths.


HTML, CSS3, JQuery, SOAP, RESTFul, API, Asp.Net, C#, WCF, WPF, WWF, XAML, LINQ, XML, SQL, VS 2013, TFS, IIS, AD, ADFS, Fiddler, Firebug, Arachni, Wireshark, MS Office suite


Senior Web Developer / Security Analyst


  • Flexibleplan.com website – migration project, redevelopment of the legacy application
  • Conducted analyses of the as-is to identify issues with security, usability, readability and maintainability
  • Performed stress and penetration tests on the system to identify security flaws and server performance
  • Documented the results and introduced possible solutions at the application, network and server level
  • Recommended Html5, CSS3 and responsive design for the phase 1 of the project
  • Recommended and configured stand-alone server Win 2008 R2 and IIS 7.5 as web service with its security capabilities to ensure the robustness of the application
  • Researched several open source content management systems; introduced, integrated DotNetNuke for manageability of the website
  • Developed several modules, extensions and skins for the CMS
  • Deployed application on secure server, applied appropriate security layers to end-user information
  • Developed techniques to optimize the application for search engines (SEO)
  • Performed QA and UAT under beta subdomain and released for feedback
  • Completed phase 1, rolled out the application in production and submitted site map to search engines
  • Designed training documentation and application user guide
  • Developing phase 2 of the project utilizing MVC, WCF, C# and Entity Framework model first
  • Investment Management System – migration project of the Clarion legacy system
  • Proposed the reengineering of the legacy system utilizing Microsoft stack.
  • Interviewed, conducted technical, coding evaluation and formed a .Net development team
  • Participated and worked with the team to build the architecture based on requirements utilizing MVVM and Repository pattern, WPF, C#, Entity Framework, N-unit and MS unit test
  • Led specific areas of the project such as the development and the repositories, data transfer object and data access layer for the accounting phase
  • Integrated TFS server for application lifecycle management.
  • Configured TFS to use check-in / out security policies to ensure proper coding
  • Developed custom build definitions using Windows Work Flow for ALM
  • Performed code review of the team members
  • Developed in C# and XAML on all the layers of the application and performed unit test on several screens
  • Designed SQL schema for Authentication and Authorization utilizing Active Directory as user repository, Windows claims and Identity delegation applied at the business object level.
  • Worked with Business Analysts to reverse engineer the legacy system and develop business requirements
  • Developed common business object to handle all the fee calculation such as net investment value for the advisors and investors at the batch and account level
  • Application Programing Interface – development of the Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) framework
  • In charge of developing the framework that would serve to any application type - mobile app, desktop app and web app
  • Developing API service calls utilizing WCF Architecture, C#, SOAP and RESTFul services
  • Reversed engineered several stored procedure and built the business logic at the service level, out of the SQL server, utilizing LINQ, Data Contract, Service Contract for common use throughout the infrastructure and outside the network for business partners
  • Developed client-server model utilizing JSON and SOAP to interconnect with other 3rd party API and clients such as Trust America, Authorize.Net, MailChimp, ClickDimensions, DocuSign and DotNetNuke
  • Developed software development kit (SDK) for internal and external reference
  • Network Architecture – improvement of the efficiency and security of the network and the endpoints
  • Performed analyses and depicted the current network utilizing Visio and PowerPoint
  • Proposed and configured several virtual servers for TFS, Sharepoint, Web server, Build server, Application server and ADFS utilizing VM Virtual Box
  • Recommended the use of DMZ and subnetting to exclude the servers from the other endpoints
  • Researched and integrated in test environment Single Sign On model utilizing WIF, WCF, and ADFS

Senior Web Developer


  • Developed and maintained web application to provide information related to ERP system
  • Designed web services for customers to integrate with existing ERP system.
  • Developed applications to tie 3rd party API such as Big-Commerce, Fedex, UPS, Conway, and Paypal into existing e-commerce application.
  • Utilized Internet Information Services (IIS) Web Server administrator utility to configure virtual directories
  • Administered Web servers ensuring confidentiality, integrity and availability of data at the server level
  • Set up domain names, hosting and database platforms to power data-driven applications
  • Built several web modules for the E-Commerce piece
  • Developed web applications using HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, ASP, and ASP.Net C#.
  • Worked with client/server databases MS Access and Microsoft SQL used to power commercial and data-driven websites.
  • Created, edited, and prepared graphics and logos for websites using professional bitmap image editing software such as Photoshop, ImageReady and Illustrator vector-based editor.

VoIP Engineer


  • Deployed SIP and H323 – IPSec interoperability with wholesale VoIP carriers/telecoms.
  • Provided and maintained Cisco routers, firewalls, gateways/gatekeepers, SIP proxies, Least Cost Routing (LCR), management servers, and radius servers.
  • Deployed calling card, speed-dial, direct inward dialing, and toll free services.
  • Maintained VoIP connectivity for 282 worldwide destinations wholesale and retail traffic.
  • Analyzed IP Metrics to evade VoIP issues such as echo, jitter, packet loss, voice compression; ensure network efficiency.
  • Managed wholesale and retail VoIP traffic between networks to ensure high average call duration and voice quality.

Web Developer,


  • Developed an ASP.Net web application to keep track of appointments for the clinic.
  • Designed database model to support business requirements
  • Developed procedures to promote confidentiality of system information.
  • Performed database maintenance to improve efficiency and ensure data integrity.

Technical Support


  • Performed plan upgrades/downgrades upon customer request.
  • Assisted with activation of cell phone and calling features.
  • Troubleshot voice mail, text messages and device issues - CDMA based platform.
  • Worked with supplier in resolving connectivity problems.

Customer Support


  • Answered inbound calls in support of customer needs.
  • Conveyed step-by-step instructions to identify and resolve connection issues in a reassuring manner.
  • Reviewed and issued audits on account information and processes.
  • Ensured customers were given assistance with payment, billing and other account issues.
  • Performed duties in retaining customers who wanted to cancel accounts.
  • Executed queries in multiple databases to retrieve customer call records.

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