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Senior Developer Resume

Summary of Qualifications:

Web application developer with seventeen years of experience planning, implementing, and supporting solutions based on current, proven technologies and industry best practices.

  • Development of object-oriented (MVC, AOP) applications and RESTful service-based architectures, leveraging a range of technologies including: ColdFusion, Java (JSP, Groovy, Grails), ASP.NET (C#), SQL, JavaScript (jQuery, ExtJS), CSS, HTML, XML, and JSON.
  • 15 years of ColdFusion development experience, including enterprise object-oriented ColdFusion Component based systems.
  • 6 plus years of experience designing and implementing relational databases on Oracle 9i, 10g, and 11g RAC platforms. Advanced PL/SQL experience writing complex queries, stored procedures, functions, and triggers.
  • In depth experience working with Google Search Appliance (GSA), including application integration via the GSA API.
  • Implementation of custom and off-the-shelf (Joomla, Mura CMS) web content management system solutions. Proficiency in implementing, administering, and customizing Adobe CRX (CQ/Web Experience Management) and underlying technologies (Apache Jackrabbit (Java Content Repository (JCR)), Apache Sling, and Apache Felix (OSGi)).


Content Management Systems: Adobe CRX/CQ5 (Apache Jackrabbit (Java Content Repository (JCR)), Apache Sling, and Apache Felix (OSGi)), Mura CMS, Ektron, Joomla, WordPress

Languages: Java (JSP, Groovy, Grails), ASP.NET (C#), ColdFusion, SQL, JavaScript (jQuery, ExtJS), CSS, HTML, XML, and JSON

Database Platforms: SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL

Web Services: RESTful web services, SOAP

Professional Experience:


Owner, Senior Developer

Owner of an information technology consultancy specializing in custom web development and web content management solutions. Current and previous clients include Confidential (FAA), The Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML), Mind’s Eye, Confidential, and various small businesses, legal firms, and organizations.

Client: Confidential

Designed, developed, implemented, and maintained web applications and services, including content management, document management/retrieval, and help desk tracking systems as part of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Office of Communications (AOC), Web Management team. Gathered requirements from customer and determine optimal solutions. Integrated solutions into standardized FAA web platforms (e.g. www.faa.gov, employees.faa.gov). Contributed to development standards, process improvement, and best practices.

  • Training on, and implementation of prototype, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM/CQ/CRX) content management solutions.
  • Joomla configuration and content management
  • Google Search Appliance (GSA) API integration
  • Custom solutions built on a ColdFusion/Oracle platform:
  • MVC/AOP based ColdFusion (CFM) and ColdFusion Component (CFC) development
  • ColdBox, Fusebox, ColdSpring, and custom frameworks
  • RESTful web services
  • SQL programming including stored procedures and functions
  • HTML/JavaScript/CSS programming

Client: Confidential

Designed, developed, implemented, and maintained a content management solution for the AAML’s website: http://www/aaml.org. Worked with customer to define site objectives, user stories, and other design collateral. Implemented site on the Mura CMS platform

  • Customized and extended underlying Mura code (ColdSpring, Fusebox)
  • ColdFusion (CFM) and ColdFusion Component (CFC) development
  • Implementation of Flash-based "Find a Lawyer" tool
  • MySQL database design and implementation
  • Integration of CMS with existing CRM software for member management

Client: Confidential

Designed, developed, and maintained custom content management and e-commerce solutions for Confidential customers. Managed content, seasonal catalog, and e-commerce application built on a ColdFusion, Microsoft SQL Server platform. Planned and implemented customer web site on an Ektron Content Management, Microsoft SQL Server platform. Customer facing to define content taxonomy and site functionality. Technical planning and implementation of ASP.NET (C#) driven custom forms, widgets, and site search.


Technical Director, Senior Developer

Developed custom web applications and content management solutions in support of PGI’s core event planning and management services. Ensured that the team consistently delivered optimized solutions based on proven technologies and best practices. Fostered synergy among project managers, customers, and technical resources through effective communication and planning. Oversaw entire product development lifecycle, from gathering and translating requirements into technical designs, to development, deployment, and maintenance. Wrote and reviewed code including ColdFusion (CFM) and ColdFusion Components (CFC's), ASP.NET pages and classes (C#), SQL/stored procedures, XML, and HTML/CSS/JavaScript.


President, Senior Developer

President and senior developer of an information technology company, providing enterprise web solutions to government and private organizations.

Client: Confidential

Awarded contract to develop a suite of browser-based financial management tools for the U.S. Air Force, Air Combat Command (ACC), Financial Management Office. Led a team of 7 developers and functional experts to design, develop, deploy, and support optimized solutions. The system paired a highly intuitive user interface with robust business components to provide an automated, efficient means of generating the Command's annual financial plan. (The 900+ page financial plan is submitted to the Secretary of the Air Force and Congress annually for approval and funds appropriation.) The suite of tools significantly improved efficiency, reduced cost, and mitigated prior risks and inaccuracies. Subsequent iterations of the system are still in use today throughout the Department of Defense, including the budget office of the Secretary of the Air Force.

  • Implemented solution on a ColdFusion, Java, Microsoft SQL Server 2000 platform:
  • MS-Office and Adobe PDF integration
  • Crystal Reports Enterprise
  • Application and database integration with existing transactional and OLAP databases

Client: Confidential

Designed and implemented a browser-based course lifecycle system wherein course managers could create an online learning course (e.g. training class, tutorial, etc.) and track it through development, publishing, and retirement. Solution was built using ColdFusion, XML, JavaScript, and FTP automation, and was integrated with the customer’s existing Informix and Microsoft Access database environment.

Client: Confidential

Application development, troubleshooting and enhancement of a custom web content management platform built on ColdFusion and Microsoft SQL Server. Implementation of custom web content management platform for a number of Confidential.


Web Developer

Designed and developed custom, dynamic web sites and e-commerce solutions built on a ColdFusion and Microsoft SQL Server platform. Developed custom content management and e-commerce tools to facilitate dynamic content, real-time payment, and administrative functionality.

Freelance Web Design and Development

Designed and developed marketing web sites for small businesses and individuals. Sites were built with HTML and JavaScript with some Java applet and Flash functionality.

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