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Web Developer Resume

Fort Bragg, NC


Web Developer position with a focus on using LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP).


  • PHP 5.3
  • Oracle MySQL 5
  • Drupal Javascript - HTML - CSS AJAX -
  • MS Office (Word, Excel)
  • Linux Java


Senior IP Switch Repair Operator

Confidential, Fort Bragg, NC

  • Promotion to the rank of Sergeant in May 2013 SharePoint Developer for 82nd Airborne Division HQ Portal. Platoon Maintenance Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) for three months. The Maintenance NCO
  • ensures the platoon’s vehicles are mission-ready at all times.
  • Team Leader in charge of three soldiers for four months. Responsibilities include, but are not limited
  • to, monthly counselings, room inspections, equipment accountability, and mentorship.
  • Provided aircraft enroute communications (voice and chat) for VIPs for three major training exercises.

Web Developer

Confidential, Shrewsbury, NJ

  • Developed web applications that allowed pharmaceutical companies to organize meetings with
  • clients (i.e. doctors) for the purpose of advertising their drugs.
  • Developed the core application that was used as a basis for several pharmaceutical companies’
  • web applications.
  • Developed entire functionality components for the company’s back-end application. Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and AJAX.

Individual Class Projects:

  • Geographic Information System (C++): developed a database populated with records of
  • geographic features. The underlying implementation of the database used the B-tree and
  • PR Quadtree data structures. It also used a buffer pool.
  • Radix Sort Visualization (Java): developed a Java applet that provided an interactive visualization f the Radix Sort algorithm.

Team Class Projects:

  • Dog E-Daycare System: designed a dog care provider brokering service using the Unified
  • Software Development Process.
  • Video Game Reviews Database (SQL): designed a video game reviews database for a fictional
  • video game review website.
  • Client And Web Server (Java): the client makes HTTP requests to the web server for either static r dynamic resources (Java servlets).

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