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Senior Application Developer Resume

Sugar Land, TX

CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: Senior Application Developer/Project Lead at Confidential in Sugar Land, TX.


  • 14 years of experience in design, development, implementation, testing, and maintenance of information technology projects.
  • Confident project lead with a proven track record and constant career progression.
  • Enjoy working with technology outside of the office environment. Owner of 40+ domains, multiple websites, and four published Windows Phone 8 mobile applications.
  • 12 years of experience within the energy industry.
  • 2 years of experience within the medical industry.


  • Confidential System - Designed and managed the build out of an online system that allowed brokers to enter swap execution facility trades. This multi-legged trade entry system allowed the broker to enter trades that would then be reported to the DTCC Data Repository, CME Data Repository, or ICE Trade Vault systems for government regulatory purposes to comply with Dodd-Frank regulations. The project had a tight deadline that was met, and it allowed Confidential to continue to be one of only a handful of approved swap execution facilities in the country.
  • Confidential - Designed and managed the build out of a web based portal that breaks down the brokerage business by broker, desk, and corporation. This dashboard provides key performance indicators providing a daily, monthly, and quarterly snapshot of the brokerage business. From saving $26,000 in unused phone lines via broker verification, to telling desk managers who are their strongest and weakest brokers, the portal provides a launch pad to many company activities. It even provides the brokers the ability to order their daily lunch. The project was so successful that it was desired by the European side of the business which has led to additional integration projects within the company’s IT groups.
  • Confidential - Managed the development and implementation of this trade entry system, Confidential is the day-to-day deal entry system for 85%+ of Confidential brokers. The system streamlines the broker’s customer/commodity/location relationships and allows a broker to verify and send out trade confirmations faster. Because of this system, the deal confirmation time was reduced by more than 40 minutes on average with the roll out. In addition, the deal error rate dropped significantly because of the reduction of back-office manual entry. Ultimately less back office personnel were needed with the development of this system so it has reduced company overhead.

Confidential -

  • Confidential: Cord Blood Information System (CBIS) - While Confidential Cancer Center has been a well established leader in cancer medicine, its public Cord Blood Bank was a start-up in 2005. As its IT manager, I was able to lead several contract employees in developing both a patient information collection system, and a cord blood unit tracking system. The project was successful enough that the Cord Blood Bank was awarded the biggest national grant (approximately 3 million dollars) while competing with banks that had been in the business for over 20 years. To date, thousands of cord blood units have been collected and are available for use. The IT systems, disaster recovery process, documentation, and employee training provided by Confidential team played a pivotal role in the successful start up of the cord blood bank.

Development Experience:

Confidential -

  • Confidential - This project allows desks in multiple locations to monitor and update prices on commodities in real time via the Google Docs platform. In addition to setting up the live sheets, the project connects to Google’s API on a routine basis, storing a copy of the data on our servers, creating excel based versions of the data, and emailing the data out to designated clients. Skill focus set on Google Docs, C#, MS SQL, and SMTP.
  • Confidential - A customer onboarding system allowing a line of business owners to check off on the integrity of the incoming new or changing customer. Credit and background checks along with various other approval processes within this system helps maintain and organize our business partners and insure a lower risk of doing business. Skill focus set on ASP.Net C# utilizing Developer Express libraries.
  • Confidential - This internal chat client utilizing AOL and Yahoo Messenger API’s that allows brokers to broadcast a chat line to multiple clients. By allowed pricing information to be disseminated amongst clients in a “ranked” manner, brokers are able to selectively inform multiple clients in a specific order at one time. Skill focus is set on C# windows forms based platform.
  • Confidential - This application is a two part solution. The first part is an application set on a 6 hour interval to pull various news RSS feeds & scrapes from a database source, open those sites, and pull the latest news information. The second part is a front end that allows a user to insert new feeds, insert “key” words, and search for various articles. These news sets are then utilized within websites and company reports. Skill focus is set on MS Sql Server 2005-2008, ASP.Net C#.
  • Confidential: Websites - Rebuilt the former Confidential websites (includes Global, U.S., Europe, Jets, & Emissions sites) utilizing master pages within the .Net framework. This included a complete re-design and build out. Targeted the use of modules and reusable controls that allowed the site to be developed quickly and efficiently. Skill focus is set on Adobe Photoshop, MS Sql Server 2005-2008, and ASP.Net C #.


Confidential: Cord Blood Bank Website - The Cord Blood Bank website includes an external and internal site. The external site is responsible for providing general data to the public concerning the bank. The internal site is responsible for reporting on blood inventory levels and generating XML data files for data upload to the National Marrow Donor Program’s CordLink software. Application Programmer assigned to develop and maintain the internal site. Skill focus is set on Adobe Photoshop, Cold Fusion Mx7, Html, Flash, Oracle 9i, and XML.

EnForm Consulting / Sungard Financial -

  • BP: Business Intelligence Foundation (BI) - The foundation for the Business Intelligence project, this early stage analysis, involved collecting data, analyzing elements, and coming up with the proper data warehouse design to properly store and integrate multiple systems (Nucleus, Zai*Net, and KWI-3000). Senior consultant assigned to analyze and map European and American data elements for integration. Skill focus was set on Business Objects, and Tibco.
  • Shell: Marine & Pipeline System (MAPS) - The Marine and Pipeline System allows various pipelines to send data to Shell. It transforms the ticket data into internal values based on crossreference mappings so that they can be passed into Shell’s internal systems. It allows the user to maintain cross-references, fix tickets with exceptions, view ticket details, and report on ticket metrics. Senior Consultant assigned to develop the front-end screens, actions, forms, and custom strut tags. Skill focus was set on Adobe Photoshop, Eclipse, Java, JavaScript, Jakarta Struts, JSP, Oracle-PL/SQL, and IBM WebSphere.
  • Tractebel: Optimized Portfolio System (LNG-MRM) - The LNG Market Risk Model is a spin-off of the GenModel portion of the system. It supports the valuation modeling of Tractebel’s Liquid Natural Gas positions. It is the front end to the valuation models developed by the internal R&A group, and allows for reporting via crystal reports and cubes. It also integrates excel spreadsheets with the data warehouse for downloading, viewing, and uploading data. Skill focus was set on Adobe Photoshop, ASP.NET (C#), Crystal Reports, JavaScript, MS SQL, Visual Basic (via Excel), and XML.
  • Tractebel: Optimized Portfolio System (GenModel) - An analysis tool that allows traders and management to analyze risk based around portfolios and various company assets. The system allows mock scenarios and models to be created to test the “what ifs” of everyday business. Generation Model utilizes basic portfolio information and prepares the data for analysis and passes it to be used by other internal business systems. Senior Consultant assigned to develop the front-end screens and reports. Skill focus was set on Adobe Photoshop, ASP.NET (C#), JavaScript, MS SQL, and Visual Basic (via Excel).
  • Tractebel: Central Portfolio Management Reporting System - A reporting tool that builds reports for Assets, Hedges, Profit and Loss, Positions, Prices, and Spark Spread analysis. It is a framework based off of the White Board Positioning system that has been put into place to help run daily reports. The system includes html reports, pivot tables, and OWC charts. This system was also integrated into the energy-trading portal used by the traders. Senior Consultant assigned to front and back end development of framework, screens, and reports. Skill focus was set on Adobe Photoshop, ASP.NET (C#), Chart FX, Crystal Reports, JavaScript, MS SQL, and OWC Components.
  • Tractebel: White Board Positioning System - A web application that allows the traders to view their current positions for various locations. It pulls data from the Zai*Net and GMS trade system databases (Trade Input Systems), and it displays the information in a balanced and unbalanced view state. This allows the traders to see which locations are out of balance, and gives them the ability to run reports on trade detail for each location. Senior Consultant assigned to front end development concerning navigation, refresh, and reporting instances of the system. Skill focus was set on Adobe Photoshop, ASP, JavaScript, and MS SQL.
  • Petrolog: Pulse Mud Logging Application – This software was developed to assist in the oil and gas drilling industry. It analyzes mud data, drilling processes, and well dynamics for the user. It produces reports and monitors gas levels. And it tracks the history of drilling parameters. Experienced Consultant assigned to the back-end and front-end development concerning the “Trip” monitor portion of the project. Additional responsibilities included front-end adjustments, report layout, and button/menu functionality. Skill focus was set on Visual Basic, and MS SQL.
  • Duke Energy: E-Confirms, Trading Confirmation Tie-In – This application was responsible for uploading Duke Energy trade deals to the Intercontinental Exchange Confirmation System so that automatic deal confirmation could take place with Duke’s customers. Experienced Consultant assigned to the back-end and front-end development concerning the expedite process of how deals were handled if they were not matching with a respective deal out on ICE. Filters were created to handle this expedite process based on trade counterparty, trade location, or the overall process. Skill focus was set on Java, Oracle-PL/SQL, Eclipse, and BEA WebLogic.
  • Duke Energy: Deal Reporting ETL Application – This application was responsible for retrieving deal data from a source database (extraction), translating and processing the data into a usable state (transformation), and pushing the data out to a target database (loading) to be used by reporting tools by Duke Analysts. Experienced Consultant assigned to back-end development of objects, translation, extraction, load, and testing of the data process. Skill focus was set on Java, Oracle-PL/SQL, and Business Objects.
  • Duke Energy: Confidential Duke Data – Power invoice system that allows customers to check out and inquire on power transactions with Duke Energy. In addition, the administration piece establishes user roles and company assignment concerning customers and their respective companies. The system was bridged with Duke’s PlumTree Portal and provides a secure means of communication between Duke and its clients. Experienced Consultant assigned to GUI interface design, programming servlets and back-end java pages, scripting code for input parameters, and testing and migration of the system. Skill focus was set on Adobe Photoshop, Java, JBuilder, JSP, Oracle-PL/SQL, and BEA WebLogic.
  • Duke Energy: ICE Integration – Integration system that ties the Intercontinental-Exchange (Energy Trading System) to PTS, GMS, and RMS (Duke back-end office systems). Experienced Consultant assigned to GUI interface design, programming servlets, and scripting code of input parameters for various screen-mapping relations. Skill focus was set on Adobe Photoshop, Html, Java, and JSP.
  • Anadarko Petroleum: Operational Reporting System – Intranet enabled operational reporting system set on actual oil and gas production, profit and loss statements, and financial transactions. The system used the PeopleSoft Portal as a launch pad and included pagelet construction for portal interaction. Consultant assigned to dynamic GUI interface design, programming scripting code of all input parameters for all reports, actual production Crystal reporting, actual production ChartFx component, hierarchy tree view using Infragisitics Active Tree View, and update functionality between the PeopleSoft Portal and the system. Skill focus was set on Adobe Photoshop, Asp, Html, Infragistics Active Tree View, JavaScript, OraclePL/SQL, Seagate Crystal Reports, SoftwareFx ChartFx Component, SQL, and VBScript.
  • Enron: Move Coordination System – Web enabled employee and equipment move coordination system for the Enron Corporation. Tracked employees and equipment throughout the move cycle. Consultant assigned to design layout, programming move team coordination views, administration tables, calendar controls, and report screens. Skill focus was set on Adobe Photoshop, Cold Fusion, Html, JavaScript, SQL, and VBScript.

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