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Software Engineer Resume

Richmond, VA


  • Highly accomplished, deeply motivated information systems specialist with more than 10 years of operational experience in application development, data processing and enterprise solution development. Proven ability to plan, develop and implement significant organizational projects. Worked in and maintained a working relationship with Fortune 500 firms including Capital One, Confidential and Carmax. Strengths include social media strategy and development, relational database programming, .NET Windows and Web development in C#/VB.Net, MS SQL, C++ MFC, ASP.Net, SEO (search engine optimization), PPC development and website development. My field of experience is diverse. I am a self - starter and motivated.
  • Agile software development methodology
  • All systems/software engineering lifecycle phases (Project Definition, External Design, Internal Design, QA, Beta Release, Maintenance)
  • Multiple technology domains (mainframe, desktop)
  • All major relational databases (Sybase, UDB/DB2, Oracle, MS SQL)


OS/Environments: Window XP/Vista/Windows 7 and UNIX

Framework Technology: .Net (1.0, 2.0, 3.5) and Zend Framework 1.0

Development Methodology: .Net MVC, and PHP Zend Framework MVC

Visual Studio: 2005, 2008, 2010

Development Technology: ExtJS, Javascript, .Net VB/C#, UNIX Scripting, PHP 5, C++ MFC, SQL, PL/SQL, C, JSP, ASP.NET, XML and HTML5

Database: Teradata, Sybase, Oracle 8i, 9, 10G, UDB/DB2 7 & 8, MS SQL Server 2003 & 2005, MY SQL


Confidential, Richmond, VA

Software Engineer

  • Created and maintained an internal ASP.Net Contract Management system that included document management, deadline management and parties management.
  • Created and maintained an internal ASP.Net Work Request Management system that included technical management and business billing management.
  • Created a role management system for our internal ASP.Net website.
  • Created a menu management system for our VB.net windows billing application.

Confidential, Richmond, VA

Senior Application Developer

  • Used agile methodology to work through project workload.
  • Maintained an oncall support queue using HP service manager.
  • Developing numerous .Net Win Form developed in C#.
  • Worked to develop team processes for work delivery and testing.
  • Developed an on boarding process for new associates to the team.
  • Provided technical leadership to new team members of the QA department.
  • CIM training for portal applications.
  • Advanced training in PHP Zend Framework MVC
  • Development in C# .Net Webforms ASP.net Letter Website

Confidential, Richmond, VA


  • Research and design niche websites that are in direct relationship to high traffic keywords.
  • Managing a team of three product review writers who provided fresh and concise information for present websites.
  • Project lead for the establishment, execution and creation of Balancebiketrainer.com.
  • Utilize PPC technologies to drive traffic to niche landing pages.
  • Designed popular article driven VB/C#/ASP .Net websites.
  • Designed soap queries in .Net and PHP that access eBay auctions items.
  • Utilize SEO techniques to drive natural search traffic.
  • Write and deliver keyword driven articles that link back to niche websites.

Confidential, Richmond, VA


  • Used agile methodology to work through project workload.
  • Implemented an interactive voice response (IVR) enhancement to filter accounts deemed only serviceable by CAF phone representatives utilizing VB .Net technologies.
  • Maintained an oncall queue using Magic ticket tracking system.
  • Maintained CARMAX Auto Finance (CAF) voice recognition system (IVR) including implementing a phone administration system for CAF associates,
  • Utilized UNIX scripting to manage corporate phone data storage.
  • Designed and implemented a VB .Net gate speed application that checks various Sybase and MS SQL database tables for extreme gate speeds at the store level.
  • Involved in development of a C program enhancement to the CARMAX credit system.
  • Sourced and ran tests on various RFID scanners.
  • Maintained RFID car inventory system.
  • Maintained Sybase stored procedures during weekly oncall sessions.
  • Created and maintained security triggers during database password sessions.
  • Participated and lead a number of maintenance project to solve customer service issues.

Confidential, Richmond, VA

Software Engineer

  • Interpreted database documentation and transposed it into GUI implementations.
  • Designed and coded large implementation of partitions for tables.
  • Implemented and coded a database synchronization implementation.
  • Released two GA versions of this product on time and on budget.
  • Maintained middle tier modules using C++ and XML.
  • Designed detailed designed solution documents (DDS) for modules.
  • Ran extensive tests on modules.
  • Interpreted database documentation and transposed it into XML and C++ implementations.
  • Suggested and researched education resources that were implemented and provided the skills needed for the group to accomplish the beta release of Unicenter DBA portal.
  • Released one Beta version of this product on time and on budget.

Confidential, Williamsburg VA


  • Designed multiple smart card software units for military personnel. These smart cards allowed military staff to purchase meals, clothing, showing rank, transfer information, etc. Focused on writing applications.
  • Wrote and implemented a COM class to help facilitate easy access to the windows registry.
  • Created a DLL that translated Navy codes to meaningful acronyms for multiple card systems, joint service smart cards and MARC smart cards.
  • Added Access database support to a Navy project that would capture vital card information of each user before the information was encoded onto a smart card.
  • Assisted senior programmer by adding additional functionality and security protocols to an access control system.
  • Developed an internal application that would print the face of smart cards without encoding to the cards.
  • Worked with a team in a Navy implementation of a priority system called property accountability.
  • Split and rewrote an existing encoding and printing program into concentrated components to facilitate easy access during upgrades of the software.

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