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Database Developer/web Developer Resume


A procedure and goal driven, proactive, self - starter looking to procure a challenging position that will utilize and expand his present skills and abilities. Hands on experience and background in Team Building, Leadership, and Technology.


Languages: HTML, HTML5, DHTML, XHTML, CSS/CSS2/CSS3, JavaScript, AJAX, CFAjax, AjaxCFC, ASP, VBScript, FSO, ASP.Net (VB and C#), ASP.Net (mobile), WAP, WMLScript, SQL (Queries/Stored Procedures/Views/Triggers), RSS, PHP 4/5, ActionScript 1.0/2.0/3.0, Coldfusion 7/8/9, CFML

Database: SQL Server 2000/2003/2005 , SQL Mobile 2005, MySQL, MS Access, Lotus Notes

Software: DreamWeaver, Visual Studio, Visual Interdev, Flash, Fireworks, Illustrator, Photoshop, MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access), MS Project, MS FrontPage, Internet Explorer, Netscape, FireFox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, SeaMonkey

Frameworks: HTML5 (HTML5 boilerplate, Twitter Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation, and Less Framework), CSS(LESS and Sass), JavaScript (jQuery, jQuey Mobile, Angular, EmberJS, BackBoneJS, Dojo, Prototype, script.aculo.us, and more), PHP (Joomla, Mambo, Cake, CodeIgniter, and Zend)



Database Developer/Web Developer

  • Developed web sites and pages for the Internet/Intranet for information and data tracking uses
  • Developed as well as implemented a variety of Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Worked directly with client to design and develop Access based relational databases (multi user environment) and user interface to their specifications
  • Created complex Flash based applications for tracking customer sales and information
  • Developed Flash with ActionScript for audio and video display as well as splash screens
  • Provided technical support for hardware, software and network
  • Created MySQL databases with a PHP, ASP, or ASP.NET front - end
  • Developed training materials
  • Administered training sessions on a myriad of subjects
  • Hired, trained, supervised and mentored sales people, web developers and designers
  • Motivated staff to meet/exceed established sales goals and objectives by developing effective sales incentives
  • Developed multiple SPA(Single Page Applications) using AngularJS
  • Managed upgrades and new development in multiple languages across multiple departments concurrently

Environment - PHP 5, ASP, ASP.Net, Ajax, ColdFusion, Flash, ActionScript, MySQL, SQL Server, MySQL, AngularJS, BackboneJS, JQuery, jQuery Mobile, Prototype, Joomla


UI Developer 

  • Developed the responsive user interface for the WIC program
  • Utilized jQuery and Bootstrap for fluid responsive transitions (making it look like an app)
  • Worked with the design team and the backend team to help facilitate the Agile Development environment

Environment - HTML, CSS, jQuery, BootStrap, LESS, ASP.Net with C#


UX Consultant / Senior Web Developer 

  • Consulting for User Experience on new application
  • Developed the specifications for the new FRMS (Fire Records Management System)
  • Implemented a MVC architecture for the new application and mobile responsive design
  • Implemented a mobile responsive environment for old system that is being phased out
  • Managed IT integration with multiple departments and satellite locations
  • Developed 2 SPA (Single Page Apps) with Angular and JSON

Environment - HTML 4 and 5, CSS 2 and 3, JQuery, Angular, JSON, ASP.Net with VB and C#, Zurb Foundation


JavaScript Developer 

  • Utilized JavaScript to create an all - inclusive applet that mimicked a full server based application
  • Worked with CSS 3 and HTML 5 to make the system responsive
  • Worked with a team to ensure code purity
  • Utilized XML and JavaScript JS files for data storage

Environment - HTML 4 and 5, CSS 2 and 3, JQuery, JavaScript, Dojo, Angular, XML, Twitter Bootstrap


Senior Web Developer·

  • Modified current code for functionality upgrades
  • Reskinned the main web site based in ColdFusion so it is responsive
  • Worked closely with the design team to develop a mobile app
  • Incorporated dynamic language files into a ColdFusion and .Net site
  • Worked with Marketing for SEO and SEM
  • Managed interdepartmental relations and developed relations with our overseas office
  • Converted a monstrous excel spreadsheet into a dynamic and responsive web app
  • Managed the Google analytics and adsense for ecommerce

Environment - HTML 4 and 5, CSS 2 and 3, ASP.Net (MVC), ColdFusion, Angular, jQuery, EmberJS, Zurb Foundation


UI Developer 

  • Worked on the team that updated the Army's ACAP program
  • Utilized ASP.Net (MVC) and jQuery to manage data and keep the site dynamic
  • Modified Flash animations with ActionScript 2 for a banners and movies
  • Wrote JavaScript functions to handle complex interactions with .Net
  • Worked closely with site architect and helped implement procedures for site development and modification
  • Fixed errors in current site before developing the new one

Environment - HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, ASP.Net (MVC), Flash, ActionScript 2 and 3, Zurb Foundation


Senior UI Developer 

  • Utilized HTML, CSS, jQuery and ASP.Net to create a site that tracked user interaction and offered information for clients
  • Utilized jQuery with XML to manage data and keep the site dynamic
  • Developed a CMS for ease in updating the information on the site at weekly intervals
  • Modified Flash animations and ActionScript 2 code for a banner and flip book

Environment - HTML, CSS, jQuery, ASP.Net, Flash, ActionScript 2


Senior Interactive Developer

  • Modified content and asset placement
  • Utilized jQuery for element animation and manipulation
  • Modified Flash animations
  • Created Flash based mini applications for teaching and testing knowledge
  • Created HTML and jQuery based mini applications for teaching and testing knowledge

Environment - HTML, CSS, jQuery, Flash


Freelance Developer·

  • Created a myriad of sites ranging from single pagers to Dynamic Content Driven Sites
  • Modified code from previous Freelance Developers to bring it up to the company standard

Environment - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, ASP.Net


Freelance Developer·

  • Fixed many issues and modified current systems to bring them up to a functioning level
  • Brought some congruency to systems that were thrown together over the years in many technologies

Environment - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Classic ASP, MS Access, ASP.Net, SQL Server


Front End Web Developer 

  • Modified content and asset placement
  • Created the Scheduling system for the new quoting application using HTML, CSS, jQuery, and PHP
  • Utilized jQuery for element animation, form validation, redirection, cookie management, and more
  • Created new PHP pages for the template and for reporting
  • Modified PHP to tweak the templates structure
  • Experimented with HTML 5 and CSS 3 for possible future uses
  • Used jQuery Mobile for site functionality on tablets and mobile devices

Environment - HTML, HTML 5, CSS 1-3, JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, PHP, MySQL


Front End Web Developer 

  • Modified content and asset placement
  • Utilized jQuery for element animation: single and multiple per page
  • Modified JSP to tweak the templates structure
  • Started working with jQuery Mobile for possible future uses
  • Experimented with HTML 5 and CSS 3 for possible future uses
  • Cut assets when a designer was not available
  • Worked closely with design and architecture for W3C code compliance

Environment - HTML, HTML 5, CSS 1-3, JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, JSP, Photoshop


Application Developer

  • Developed an application with VB6 and SQL Server to manage Returned Mail addresses
  • Application runs automatically based on when a file is added to the directory
  • Application exports a flat file coded to strict client standards
  • Application gathers information from 14 different locations and formats
  • Created reporting functionality to export to MS Excel

Environment - Visual Basic 6, SQL Server 2005/2008, C in StreamWeaver, MS Excel


Web Application Developer

  • One of 6 developers completing a PHP web based application for Mobile Symmetry
  • Utilized PHP to create interactions between mobile device and server and MySQL database
  • Modified the MySQL database for speed and efficiency
  • Created user profile, administration, and server s SMS functionality

Environment – PHP, MySQL, AJAX, HTML, CSS


ASP.Net Application Developer 

  • Developed custom user controls and Implemented new master pages
  • Streamlined client side usage by shifting from most of the AJAX usage to ASP.Net
  • Brought the project up to W3C compliancy and cross - browser compatibility
  • Worked with management and other developers in a team lead capacity for project efficiency
  • Created interactive flash elements for navigation, data collection and banner advertisements

Environment – ASP.NET – C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Flash, ActionScript

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