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Sr. Aws Devops Engineer Resume

Boston, MA


  • Over 9years of experience in the field of Build/Release and Configuration Management/DevOps Engineer.
  • Result oriented individual with proven ability to implement standards, procedures and processes that improve overall DevOps automation processes.
  • Deployed Docker Engines in Virtualized Platforms for containerization of multiple apps.
  • Managed Multi tier applications with Terraform.
  • Worked with Ansible playbooks for virtual and physical instance provisioning, configuration management, patching and software deployment.
  • Strong experience in scalable web environments.
  • A high level knowledge and experience on CI/CD.
  • A high level knowledge on IDE, Git, Maven and Jenkins.
  • Good Knowledge on Configuration, Administration and Maintenance of CI tools, Jenkins/Hudson.
  • Installed and configured hosted Subversion repo for client and looked after repositories and access control.
  • Experienced in .NET security features such as Authentication (Windows - based Authentication, Forms-based Authentication) and Authorization (Authorizing Users and Roles).
  • Worked with Chef Enterprise Hosted as well as On-Premise, Installed Workstation, Bootstrapped Nodes, Wrote Recipes and Cookbooks and uploaded them to Chef-server, Managed On-site OS/Applications/Services/Packages using Chef as well as AWS for EC2/S3/Route53 & ELB with Chef Cookbooks.
  • Experience in Package Management using Red Hat RPM/YUM and Red Hat Satellite server.
  • Automated Builds. Creation of build definitions for xaml and vNext builds Automated testing (Coded U/I, Install & configuring test agents and controllers) Mentor teams on configuration of Release Manager (client) definitions and vNext (PowerShell 4.0 DSC)
  • Knowledge of advanced level programming in C/C++ including thread synchronization multithreading, multi processing, concurrency and TCP/IP Socket Programming
  • Developed interfaces using Spring Integration, Spring Batch, Spring Web Services, Spring MVC and Web Services Securit
  • Experience in System Administration, System Builds, Server builds, Installs, Upgrades, Patches, Migration, Troubleshooting, Security, Backup, Disaster Recovery, Performance Monitoring and Fine-tuning on UNIX Red Hat Linux Systems.
  • Extensively worked With VMware ESXi 5.1/5.5/6.0, vCenter Server, Host Clustering with HA, DRS, Replication Manager 5.x/6.0, Site Recovery Manager, vMotion, Physical to Virtual Migration and Managing SAN Datastores with, iSCSI, kafka,NFS & FC.
  • Involved in supporting VMware ESX Cluster environments and supported VMotion on VM's and Storage VMotion during Storage Migrations
  • Implementation of cloud services IAAS, PAAS, and SaaS which include OpenStack, Docker and OpenShift
  • Experience working with Puppet Enterprise and Puppet Open Source. Installed, configured, upgraded and managed Puppet Master, Agents & Databases. Integration of Puppet with Apache and Passenger.
  • Extensively worked on Jenkins/Hudson by installing, configuring and maintaining for the purpose of continuous integration (CI) and for End to End automation for all build and deployments.
  • Extensive experience using MAVEN and ANT as build tools for the building of deployable artifacts (jar, war & ear) from source code
  • Ex pertise in developing various applications using Visual Studio .Net technologies such as C#


Operating Systems: Unix, Linux, Windows Servers 2008, 2012, HP - UX.

CM & CI Tools: Chef, Puppet, Ansible / Jenkins, Hudson, Bamboo,VersionOne,Agile.

Databases: Oracle, SQL Server 2008/2012, MySQL.

Build Tools: Ant, Maven, MS Build, Nant, Hp Fortify.

Languages: C, C++, C#,Java, HTML, XML, Python, Perl, Shell, PowerShell.

Processes: Agile-Scrum, Waterfall, Jboss.

Tracking Tools: Remedy, Jira and Servicenow.

Monitoring tools: Nagios, Zabbix, Sensu, Graphite, Splunk.

Application Servers: Tomcat, JBOSS, Apache, windows, Websphere, WebLogic.

Cloud Tools: AWS - EC2, IAM, Elastic BeanStalk, Elastic Load Balancer, RDS, S3, Glacier, SQS, SNS, Cloud Formation, Route 53, VPC, Cloudwatch,Open shift.

Repository Management Tools: Artifactory, Nexus.


Confidential, BOSTON MA.

Sr. AWS DEVOPS Engineer


  • Written cookbooks for WebLogic, JDK 1.7, and Jenkins, tomcat, Jboss and deployment automation.
  • Set up CI (Continuous Integration) for major releases in Jenkins and TeamCity.
  • Used Jenkins innovatively to automate most of the build related tasks. Improved throughput and efficiency of build system by providing EO/managers rights to trigger required build.
  • Developed python modules to automate processes in AWS (AWS cloud formations/ Ec2, boto API).
  • Built Object Oriented applications using C and C++, writing Shell Scripts, Python and Perl Scripts on UNIX.
  • Administration and Configuration management of version control systems GIT, SVN.
  • Developed and maintained the continuous integration and deployment systems using Jenkins, ANT, Maven, Nexus, Ansible TFS and Rundeck.
  • Implementing new projects builds framework using Jenkins & maven as build framework.
  • Implementing a Continuous Delivery framework using Jenkins, Chef, Maven, ANT, Ansible, TFS, Rundeck & Nexus
  • Designed and implemented CM requirements, approach and tooling for J2EE and .NET based application developments.
  • Converted existing terraform modules that had version conflicts to utilize cloudformation during terraform deployments to enable more control or missing capabilities
  • Wrote Ansible Playbooks with PythonSSH as the Wrapper to Manage Configurations of Open Stack Nodes and Test Playbooks on AWS instances using Python.
  • Developed and implemented up the monitoring infrastructure for systems, applications using HP Sitescope.
  • Installation and configuration of build servers (xaml & vNext agents
  • Implement Openstack Log Analytics Solution as a service using Flume, Fluentd, Logstash with Elasticsearch and Kibana for searching and indexing the logs.
  • Worked with OpenStack and Open Shift cartridge technologies and tools as well as managed their integration with application
  • Development of infrastructure automation in AWS (EC2, DynamoDb, Lambda, EBS, RDS, Dynamo, ELB, EIP etc) with AWS Cloud Formation
  • Setting up SonarQube to generate Unit-test coverage reports, Integration coverage reports and mutation coverage of JavaScript, java and Scala code present in GIT repository.
  • Implemented Puppet, Nagios, Chef and DevOps tools.
  • Developed Web applications using Ruby, Python, Django, MongoDB, PyMongo, Cassandra
  • Extensive experience in developing PIG Latin Scripts and using Hive Query Language
  • Used AWS BeanStalk for deploying and scaling web applications and services developed with Java, PHP, Node.js, Python, Ruby, and Docker on familiar servers such as Apache, and IIS.
  • Installed, tested and deployed monitoring solutions with Splunk services
  • Designed and developed a configuration management database (CMDB) using Python and MySQL to maintain and audit the everyday configuration cnges.
  • Expertise in configurations of Data sources, JMS destinations, securing web services and Administration of SOA-Infra partitions using Enterprise Manager
  • Design and Implement NetApp Private storage solution on Azure using ExpressRoute.
  • Responsible for the development of the trouble shooting guide for the Azure Express Route security enhancement with zone based firewalls documentation. Network optimization and standardization.
  • Utilize Puppet for configuration management of hosted Instances within AWS.
  • Using Jenkins AWS Code Deploy plugin to deploy to AWS
  • Configured S3 versioning and lifecycle policies to and backup files and archive files in Glacier
  • Configured Elastic Load Balancers (ELB) with EC2 Autos calling groups
  • Created monitors, alarms and notifications for EC2 hosts using Cloud Watch
  • Optimized volumes and EC2 instances
  • Team role including working in VMware vRealize Automatic Center 6.0 creating server provisioning entitlements, creating and defining business groups
  • Defining Release Process & Policy for projects early in SDLC
  • Worked on a script to rebalance kafka topics in an automated fashion using ruby and kafka binaries
  • Used Spring Core, spring based SOAP Web services, JAXB, XML, XSLT to communicate. Wrote Web Services using SOAP for sending and getting data from the external interface
  • Managed initial phase of the development of a new application for Freddie Mac customers.
  • Coordinated with SAN Team for storage allocation and Disk Dynamic Multi pathing. Worked on various SAN Products like EMC Symmetrix, Clariion.
  • Provided direct hands-on Project Management while coaching the team members in Agile developmentmethods. (E.g. Retrospectives, Collaborative Release and Iteration Planning, Agile Risk Management)
  • Implemented VersionOne system for the Scrum Team.
  • Involved in Designing the Interface for Internal and Network Call Flows.
  • Involved in Designing the Interface for Internal and Network Call Flows. Integrated with the existing IN Network Interface framework to support INAP CS1 messaging
  • Trained development team, management team and business team on use of VersionOne.
  • Methodologies: Agile practices (Scrum, DevOps)

Environment: DevOps, Java/J2EE, .NET, C#,C,C++, Git, jQuery, Tomcat, Apache, Oracle 11g,Golang,VersionOne, Jenkins, Hudson, Python, Ruby Chef, JIRA, Ant, Maven, Artifactory, Git, Ubuntu, Centos, Linux, AWS ELB, AWS SQS, AWS S3, AWS Cloud Formation Templates, AWS RDS, AWS Cloud Watch, Ruby, PowerShell,Terraform, Open shift, Chef, Docker/Terraform, Kafka,Selenium, Jboss, openshift, Spring.

Confidential , Medford,MA

Sr. Build & Release Engineer/ DevOps Engineer

  • Understanding the Project requirements in terms of release and infrastructure.
  • End to End environment setup. software installation server installation, soft links creation and tools installation etc. setup of Source code repositories Git/ GitHub/Bitbucket/Gitlab from scratch for all the projects.
  • Using GIT /Git Hub tool as the source code repositories for all projects and for all builds releaserepository.
  • Settingup CI tool Jenkins from the scratch and performing Continuous Integrated delivery (CI and CD process) using Jenkins.
  • Executing the CI Jenkins build jobs for Android application automation builds.
  • Maintained Jenkins continuous integration tool using shell/Perl and ruby scripts for automating releases to different environments.
  • Maintaining Servers configure management (CM process), System orchestration and to deploy apps using Ansible.
  • Automated the continuous integration and deployments using Jenkins, Docker and Ansible. Extensive experience in programming with C, C #, Device driver, Application Services on UNIX, Windows Host
  • Worked with multiple development teams to troubleshoot and resolve issues.
  • Expert in Source Code Management SCM tools (i.e. Subversion, GIT).
  • Experience in migrating from SVN to GIT and maintaining repository manager GitLab.
  • Planned release schedules using agile methodology and coordinated releases with engineering and SQA for on - time delivery.
  • Deploying the services on middle ware using automation scripts and Jenkins
  • Experience with load and performance testing using Apache JMeter.
  • Understanding & usage of Atlassian tools. Used JIRA as project management / deployment issue tracking tool.
  • Developed and implemented Software Release Management strategies for various applications according to the agile process.
  • Executing and Supporting the development & sanity, Unit testing, QA and UAT teams in setting up QA/UAT Environments setup.
  • Always collaborated with Development, QA and other teams to ensure a smooth transition of deliverables through proper release channels.
  • Used Terraform for making resource graphs and parallelized the creation and modification of any non-dependent resources
  • Communicating and collaborating among cross-functional teams & participating in team discussion on continual improvement Created POJO layer to facilitate the sharing of data between the front end and the J2EE business objects

Environment: Jenkins, Docker, Ansible, Maven, JIRA, SVN, GitLab, IBM WebSphere, Java/J2EE, jQuery,C,C#.

Confidential, Chicago, IL.

Sr DevOps Engineer


  • Administration of over 3500 RHEL 5.x/6.x servers which includes installation, testing, tuning, upgrading and loading patches, troubleshooting both physical and virtual servers
  • Migrated VMWARE VMs to AWS and Managed Services like EC2, S3 Bucket, Route53, ELB, EBS Etc. with Opscode Chef Cookbooks/Recipes.
  • Designed Puppet Modules to manage configurations and automate installation process.
  • Handling cloud during maintenance/Website deployment on Prod servers through puppet.
  • Hands-on implementation of end to end automation for continuous build, release and deployment.
  • Configure and build Open stack Havana, Icehouse using Ansible and Puppet scripts.
  • Designed and implemented OpenStack Cinder to provide block storage.
  • Handling RHEL5 for OS issues like space, memory, logging and other configuration changes.
  • Developing and implementing backup and disaster recovery protocols.
  • Installed, Configured and Administered Hudson Continuous Integration Tool.
  • Providing Load balancing capability for the virtual infrastructure.
  • Wrote Ansible Playbooks with Python SSH as the Wrapper to Manage Configurations of Openstack Nodes and Test Playbooks on AWS instances using Python.
  • Design, implement, support and deploy .NET applications to server
  • Installed Chef-Server Enterprise On-Premise/WorkStation/ Bootstrapped the Nodes using Knife and automated by testing chef recipes/cookbooks with test-kitchen/chefspec/serverspec
  • Use of Docker and Open Shift to manage micro services
  • Configuring the web logic Domain, Admin Server, Managed Server, Cluster, Machine and JMS Server
  • Administered and Engineered Jenkins for managing weekly Build, Test and Deploy chain, SVN/GIT with Devel/Test/Prod Branching Model for weekly releases.
  • Leveraged Docker Engine to run Multiple Tomcat Instances as Containerized AppServers
  • Installed, Deployed Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x, CentOS and installation of packages and patches for Red Hat Linux Servers.
  • Used OpenShift to manage micro services for development and testing used openshift 2 and 3 for configuration and management techniques
  • Provided support for Azure Cloud servers environment for project Code Deployments and Oracle DB installations and maintenance.
  • Design, plan, and set up applications and storage in a Unix/Linux and Windows NetApp SAN environment (disk layout, RAID levels, etc.) to ensure performance and data availability.
  • Automated Weekly releases with ANT/Maven scripting for Compiling Java Code, Debugging and Placing Builds into Maven Repository.
  • Wrote Python Scripts to Monitor Variety of Services & Perl Scripts with Hash/Arrays to Insert/Delete/Modify content in multiple servers.
  • Working with the hardware vendors and application team for the faulty replacement and planning the downtimes accordingly.
  • Performance Tuning and Management for Linux server and working with the application/database team to resolve issues.
  • Administered VMs through v Center Server 5.5, Using Templates to Provision VMs, v Motion Host-Host/ Data store- Data store, vDS, HA, DRS Configuration.
  • Enabled IPv6 for vRealize Automation Entitlements/Blueprints/IaaS Components.
  • Worked in Conjunction with ISP for DOCSIS 3.0 DHCPv6 Configuration for MAC of Modem to IPv6 by ISP Static Binding along with IPv6 for Management Address.
  • Creating the file systems using Red Hat volume manager and performing the health check on regular basis for all Linux servers.
  • Worked with JIRA for creating Projects, assigning permissions to users and groups for the projects & Created Mail handlers and notification Schemes for JIRA.
  • Scanning the newly assigned LUNs to the serves and assigning them to volume group and increasing the file system using Red Hat volume manager.
  • Mounting & un-mounting the net app storage LUNs to the Red Hat Linux servers and troubleshooting the issues encountered.
  • Strong in building Object Oriented applications using C++ and Java, writing Shell Scripts and Perl Scripts on UNIX

Environment: Red hat, CENTOS, Oracle, AIX, Windows Server, XP, IBM Blade Servers, DNS, NFS, SMTP, Application server Jboss, MVC, Openshift, Sun Solaris, golang, VMware, vSphere, Puppet, EC2, ELB, Cloud Formation, Chef, AWS, Open shift, Jenkins, Maven, GIT, Docker, Apache, Nagios, MySQL, BIND, C++,Python.

Confidential, Dallas, TX

Cloud Engineer


  • Build and configure a virtual data center in the Amazon Web Services cloud to support Enterprise Data Warehouse hosting including Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Public and Private Subnets, Security Groups, Route Tables, Elastic Load Balancer.
  • Continuously managed and improved the build infrastructure for global software development engineering teams including implementation of build scripts, continuous integration infrastructure and deployment tools
  • Designed, Installed and Implemented Chef configuration management system
  • Created and updated Chef recipes and cookbooks, profiles and roles using Ruby and JSON scripting
  • Migration of all nodes from ansible configuration system to chef system
  • Working on Multiple AWS instances, set the security groups, Elastic Load Balancer and AMIs, Auto scaling to design cost effective, fault tolerant and highly available systems
  • Creating an AWS RDS MySQL DB cluster and connected to the database through an Amazon RDS MySQL DB Instance using the Amazon RDS Console
  • Created scripts in Python to automate log rotation of multiple logs from web servers
  • Maintained the user accounts (IAM), RDS, Route 53, VPC, RDB, Dynamo DB, SES, SQS and SNS services in AWS cloud
  • Administered and Engineered Jenkins for managing weekly Build, Test and Deploy chain, SVN/GIT with Dev/Test/Prod Branching Model for weekly release
  • Built and Deployed Java/J2EE to a web application server in an Agile continuous integration environment and also automated the whole process
  • Integration of Automated Build with Deployment Pipeline. Currently installed Chef Server and clients to pick up the Build from Jenkins repository and deploy in target environments (Integration, QA, and Production).
  • Developed build using ANT and MAVEN as build tools and used CI tools to kick off the builds move from one environment to other environments
  • Integrated maven with GIT to manage and deploy project related tag
  • Hands on compiling builds using pom.xml and build.xml
  • Created Python scripts to totally automate AWS services which includes web servers, ELB, CloudFront distribution, database, EC2 and database security groups, S3 bucket and application configuration, this script creates stacks, single servers, or joins web servers to stacks Develop release management and build/deploy strategy and process for .NET and JAVA applications including UNIX scripts, ANT scripts for automation of release/builds
  • Maintained the user accounts (IAM), RDS, Route 53, VPC, RDB, Dynamo DB, SES, SQS and SNS services in AWS cloud
  • Install and configured APACHE / TOMCAT/Nginx server for Solaris and Windows connectivity Implementing the validations using Struts validation Framework.
  • Experienced as a project leader with a ability to initiate/manage cross functional teams and multi disciplinary projects
  • To achieve Continuous Delivery goal on high scalable environment, used Docker coupled with load - balancing tool Nginx

Environment:- Linux, Eclipse, Java, SQL, AWS, RHEL, .NET, Centos, C#,Ruby, Python, JSON, Subversion, Bash, Java/J2EE, ANT,C#, WEBlogic,Bamboo, Chef, Ansible, JIRA, XML, Jenkins, Apache, Ngnix, Git, Maven, Shell Scripting, Rundeck, Docker

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA.

Build and Release Engineer

  • Undergone Training as per the requirement of the company basics.
  • Examined the Development code following the Software Development Life Cycle Model.
  • Maintained SVN repositories for Devops environment: automation code and configuration
  • Collect the new technologies and tools, and introduced by the company.
  • Trained under employees and worked with them, 2~3 new developers, on new web projects; we finished in a week, which was 4 times faster than the planed time.
  • Experience in writing maven pom.xml and ant build.xml for build scripts .Implementing the validations using Struts validation Framework.
  • Developed build and deployment scripts using ANT and MAVEN as build tools in Jenkins to move from one environment to other environments.
  • Setting up continuous integration and formal builds using Bamboo with Artifactory repository.
  • Developed test cases for application running reservation system, performed automation using Selenium for the Linux POS system
  • Developed scripts in Ruby to package log files and send them to a remote server.
  • Debugged, improved, and maintained C# applications.
  • Used Amazon Web Service S3 to upload and download data.
  • Used AWS for Cloud development and migrating physical servers to AWS cloud.
  • Create and attach volumes on to EC2 instances.
  • Wrote some scripts using Scala, Python & Golang (with some C, C++ and rarely Rust)
  • Managed all Development code following the Software Development Life Cycle Model.
  • Create and Maintain Subversion Branching, Merging and Tagging across each Production releases and perform builds using Jenkins Continuous Integration using Maven Scripts.
  • Setting up and installing dedicated Jenkins servers for each project.
  • Primary duties include Build and Deployment of the java applications onto different Environments like Dev, QA, UAT and Prod.
  • Worked on the transition project which involves migration activities from Ant to Maven in
  • Order to standardize the build across all the applications.
  • Involved in Installing Jenkins on a Linux machine and created a master and slave
  • Built a new CI pipeline. Testing and deployment automation with Docker, Jenkins and Puppet.
  • Configuration to implement multiple parallel builds through a build farm.
  • Consumed various SOAP and REST web services related to Partnerships and Branded cards processing systems
  • Build artifacts (war and ear) are deployed into a WebLogic app server by integrating the WLST scripts to Shell Scripts.
  • Generated Ant, Perl & UNIX scripts for build activities in QA, Staging and Production environments
  • Maintained configuration files for each application for build purpose and installed on different environments.
  • Involved in troubleshooting of user interface using JSP.
  • Worked closely with the team to review code for compatibility issues, resolve issues as they arise, and implement deployment processes and improvements on a continuous basis.

Environment: Windows, Bamboo, Shell, Selenium, Python, Golang, Web Logic Server 11g, SQL, J2EE, Shell, UNIX, Windows NT/2000 and Web Sphere, SVN, Jenkins, Maven, GIT and Ant.

SOA Software, BANGLORE,India.

WEB Administrator


  • Installed and configured IBM WebSphere Application Server ND 6.0/5.1/5.0 and IHS 6.x/1.3.x/2.0.x on Sun Solaris8&9 and Windows 2003 server in a multi clustered high availability environments.
  • Migrated WAS applications from to in development, test and production environments
  • Implemented horizontal and vertical scaling of WebSphere Application Server in a workload managed cluster to avoid failovers. This involved modeling and cloning also called server groups and cloning services in WAS V5
  • Deployed Enterprise applications on clustered Application Servers through admin console and by using automated scripts on UNIX/Windows environment
  • Involved in configuring the Web Directory access protocols like LDAP for different levels of access at the site
  • Creating the users and groups in LDAP Servers and mapping them to the enterprise applications running on WebSphere Application Server.
  • Involved in configuration of WebSphere Application Server resources like JDBC, J2C, JMS and Connection Pooling
  • Integrating Enterprise-wide J2EE applications and deploying using WebSphere Application Server and Application Assembly Tool
  • Enabled the performance monitoring services for collecting performance data
  • Reviewed Web Server, Application Server Performance Monitoring data using both Wily Introscope and Tivoli Performance Viewer and reviewed historical Tivoli logs for root cause analysis, recurring events and involved in troubleshooting the recurring problems
  • Maintained UNIX Shell Scripts, JACL to automate the WebSphere administration (deploying customer applications, logs rotation, monitor applications state etc.).
  • Worked on Problem tickets (PMR’s) with IBM to find effective solutions to various problems and performance issues
  • Well documented all procedures and any other important issues
  • Provided 24/7 on call supports on rotation basis.

Environment: WebSphere Application Server ND 6.0/5.1.x/5.0.x/4.x, IBM HTTP Server 2.0.x/1.3.x, Visual Age, SQL, Window 95/NT/98/2000, AIX 5.0, Red Hat Linux, Oracle 9i,Tivoli Performance Viewer, Taile.exe, IBM HTTP Webserver v6.0/6.1

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