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Datawarehous Developer Resume

New Jersey, NJ

13+ years of experience as DW Architect and Program management in Information Management, E2E Data Warehousing/ Data Modeling / Business Intelligence/ database layered architecture (ETL & ELT) and Developing Data Warehouse roadmap. Enterprise data warehousing using Teradata FSLDM, IBM FSDM, dimensional data marts and end user reports.

  • Over 7+ years of experience in Financial DWH and 4+ years in Health care.Certified Teradata Master V2R5.
  • Expertise in architecting Enterprise Warehouses of 70+ TB size with ETL Frame work that supports multiple sources and several down streams. Typical sourcing from various transactional systems such as M/f,Oracle, Flat files and DB2 implementing transaction log reading tools such as IBM Event Publisher with MQ and Informatica.
  • Experience in Program/Project Management with managing projects with 6M + and teams of size with 150 resources that involves right from Discovery, Charters, Estimation & Planning, Gating and Execution.
  • Specialization in Customizing, transferring business needs into Enterprise & Business Data Warehouse Logical Data Model solutions for Customer, Deposit and Loan Products for Banking Industry like Standard Chartered Bank, Development Bank of Singapore.
    • Teradata FS-LDM
    • IBM FSDM
  • Expertise in modeling tools Erwin, Power Designer for conceptualizing business requirements into logical model, physical model, marts with dimensional model and building semantic layer.
  • Expertise in Teradata database Performance Tuning in implementing Parallel Execution, joined indexes with query rewriting, creating appropriate PI, SI and PPI, re-building SI & JI and also used the Explain Plan, SQL Tracing, SQL, Analytical functions, Database Sizing.
  • Experience in architecting solutions in various platforms such as Teradata, DB2UDB, Green plum with parallel processing billions of records as part of ETL for down streams and analytics.
  • Specialization in architecting solutions for Reference data management (Master Data Management) with code sets using classification scheme and classification codes in hierarchical mode and Xwalk (Key Lookup) processes.


  • Aug 2005 - Till date, Confidential.
  • Jan 2003 - May 2005, Confidential, Dubai
  • Feb 2001 - Jan 2003, Confidential, Chennai
  • Mar 1998 - Oct 2000, Confidential, Chennai


  • Industry Standard Financial Logical Model:Teradata FSLDM & IBM FSDM
  • Databases:Teradata V2R6, Green Plum & DB2UDB
  • ETL:Informatica 8.1.2, Teradata BTEQ , IDQ, IBM DB2 Warehouse Manager
  • Reporting Tools:Business Objects, Essbase
  • Modeling Tools:ERwin 7.1 , Sybase Power Designer 12.5
  • Other:Unix Shell scripting, MS Visio 2007, MPP 2003, IBM TIVOLI & WLM Scheduler
  • Domain Competency:Banking and Healthcare
  • 3rd Party Tools:IBM Event Publisher, ModelWare M1, DxCG, DRG and ETG.


May 2007 to till Date

Confidentialis an Indiana-domiciled, publicly traded company that, through its subsidiary companies, provides health care benefits to millions of people. Wellpoint is the largest publicly traded health benefits company in the United States and an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

Anthem, Inc. and Wellpoint Health Networks Inc. completed the merger on Nov 30th 2004. Anthem, Inc., the corporate parent, has been renamed Wellpoint, Inc., and Wellpoint, Inc. now serves approximately 34 million medical members through its Blue Cross or Blue Cross and Blue Shield operations in 14 states and its non-Blue branded operations in other states.

Role & Responsibilities:

EDWard Build Out: EDWard is an enterprise Warehouse forConfidential. EDWard was built on phases with different source systems being brought in a phased manner. The EDW built out was initiated in 2007 with preparation of road map for 5 years to integrate all the regional warehouses maintained by WellPoint Inc. and also laying out the foundation for Enterprise Model to make it scalable with improved latency.

As a DW Lead Architect for EDWard,

  • Involved with Senior Management for Road map and strategy, High level architecture, POC's for evaluation of solutions, Modeling and Physicalization, Semantic Layer built out and performance testing.
  • Lead team of Modelers and architects in conjunction to facilitate Modeling and Physical design, ETL Framework, Semantic layer and performance testing.
  • Core Contributor in model design using Power Designer for subject areas Membership, Claims, Provider and Product in hybrid model. This also includes Modeling Landing zone, Confirmed Staging area and Semantic layer. Critical scenarios that were addressed include
    • Version maintenance
    • Easy accessibility for history using a concept Max Revision
    • Audit and Error log Model for ETL process check points.
    • Standards for Physical Data base design and DDL publish process
    • Change Management Process.
    • General Ledger balancing
  • Conducted JAD sessions and performed several walk-thru's for business requirements and Model with different stake holders for gathering requirements and publishing model.
  • Lead the ETL Frame work with data base layered architecture. Evaluation of ETL/ELT architecture at various function points and publishing the Enterprise Architecture reference.
  • Performed number of POC's to support the frame work with different scenario's such as Informatica Push down optimization/Teradata BTeq's, MD5 logic for key generation, Transformation points, Diff processing, Evaluation of Lookups, TPump/MLoad/FLoad utility utilization and volumes to project the End-to-End executions.
  • Designed and Automated Change Data Capture process and version maintenance for history using Database Dictionary that enables the code to be restraint from any DB changes for easy maintenance due to addition/modification of tables.
  • Provided near real-time solution for core subject areas such Membership and claims using IBM Event Publisher and MQ to enable real-time log reading capabilities.

Risk Id Stratification:

Risk analysis tied with Scoring based on Diagnosis codes and procedure code using different grouping tools such as DxCG, DRG and ETG

  • Designed the process to extract billions (70+) claims using partitions in extracts for parallel processing utilizing multi-threading for these s/w's and loading back to Warehouse.
  • Provided solution for the data archival for input data in Green Plum server for end users that gave the ability of traceability.

Decommission Regional Warehouses:

Regional data warehouses dependencies need to be migrated to EDWard inorder to decommission them so that EDWard to become single source of truth for all the reporting and analytical needs

Some of the challenges that need to be addressed as an Architect involed

  • Understand its existing technologies (some of them usage sql servers with multiple copies of data) and architectures along with infrastructure dependencies (licensing/contractual obligations)
  • Understand the process dependencies and bottlenecks and separate the logical groups into different projects for execution.
  • Solution an architecture and road map that can enable the migration of dependencies/data gaps to EDWard and decommissioning of the regional warehouse
  • Stakeholder buy-in that includes business priorities/costs. Have done multiple presentations to teams with 60-70 members that include business, technology and management teams.
  • Work thru the execution and establish project dependencies and timelines. Monitor the risks and establish the solutions for mitigation.

Apart from the above projects being architect in WellPoint Inc., I have got opportunity in designing solutions for variety of projects such Lab data integration that involves HL7 (hierarchy format data), WebMd sourcing and providing presentations for different products such as claim based reporting and analytics.

Aug - 2005 to May - 2007

DBS has initiated the Enterprise Data Warehouse (BDW) Program to implement a new Data Warehouse that will enable DBS Bank to achieve its ambition to be a sound, well-managed enterprise from 45 different source systems involves Retail Banking, Commercial Banking and. Investment Banking Products. The BDW will be designed to meet the group's current analytical requirements and will have the capability to scale up to meet the Bank's future requirements

Role: DW Lead
Technology: Informatica/Teradata/DB2, Teradata FSLDM, ERwin

  • Designed & Customized Enterprise Logical Data Model Teradata FSLDM 7.0 for the following subject Area Party, Location, Agreement, Product, Feature, Customer Asset and Event Subject Area Logical Data Modeling for Retail, Commercial and Investment Banking Source systems products.
  • Reviewed Mappings to make sure all the relationship tables are properly mapped for different sources. Established testing processes for the same.
  • Managed Change control for Model and mapping changes. Reference data mapping for code standardization.
  • Data Mapping (Source To Target Mapping) for Retail and Commercial Banking product source systems
  • Implemented auto change data capture and history maintenance for relationship entities such as party agreement and party party.
  • Designed and created best optimized ELT - Extraction Loading and Transformation Architecture considering best practice Teradata V2R5.0, informatica 7.1
  • Implemented 4 Re-extract tracks, extract data from Enterprise Data Warehouse FSLDM 7.0 and feeds 4 different types of Data Marts CPMS Capital and Profitability Management System, RMG Risk Management Group and iMINE Marketing.

Jan 2003 - May 2005


BDW project is IBM's model for banking customized for Standard Chartered Bank's data warehouse for reporting on various marts such as Customer Revenue, Single view of Customer etc.

Technical design includes 3 stages namely staging area, System of Record and Data Mart. The source data is taken from different systems such as core banking, loans, cards etc., Month end processing is done to move the data from staging area and subsequently to Data warehouse. Marts such as Customer Revenue, Single View of Customer (Customer analysis) are designed in Dimensional Modeling Design. Marts are loaded as requested by User at the month end.

Reporting is done by Business Objects using WEBI and Universes are designed for different set of reports. Essbase is used for reports with aggregations. All the feed is taken from Marts as well as warehouse to build the cubes, which typically involves 4-5 hrs of calculation process. Reports are accessed using Excel using Hyperion add-in facility.

BDW is extended to include BASLE-2 related changes according to international Banking standards.

Role: DW Lead
Technology: IBM Warehouse Manager/DB2UDB, IBM FSDM, M1, Business objects, Essbase

  • Mapping from Source to Target for Savings/Loans/Investments/General Ledger etc.,
  • Designed and developed a VB front end for Reference data Maintenance with hierarchy structures for Accounting
  • Designed solution using IBM Warehouse Manager tool that involves only SQL driven methodology to enable batch processing
  • Developed a solution for exception process for standardization of codes.
  • Designed subject areas and processes for development of End of day and on-Demand processes for month end for loading to System of Record and Marts
  • Implemented balancing mechanism of General Ledger with People soft to for reconciliation.
  • Worked in Essbase for population of cubes.
  • Designed Fact and Dimensions for Mart and its Load processing.
  • Designed the Reporting requirements and Universes for Business Objects.

Confidential -Collect - Collection Product for Delinquencies Feb 2001 - Dec 2002
Role:Team Lead

Confidential March 1999 to October 2000
Role: Team Lead

Confidential March 1998 to March 2000

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