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Data Modeler Resume

Beaverton, OregoN

- 10+ years experience supporting healthcare, sales, banking and more in large Oracle and DB2
environments by performing applications and development

- Experience includes data analysis, database and data warehouse design, coding, testing and
documenting of database and data warehouse applications, BI reporting and ETL processes

  • Analysis and problem solving skills successfully used in large applications and database
  • development and maintenance

  • Created and modified ETL for data warehousing with tools like Oracle’s external tables,
  • SQL Loader

    - Effective communication skills are used in gathering business requirements, mentoring, and
    team leading

    Databases - Oracle 11g, 10g, 9i, SQL Server 2008, Data Warehouse and OLTP, DB2, MS Access,
    MS Excel, Teradata

    Languages - Oracle PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, Oracle SQL, SQL Server 2008 SQL, Transact SQL (T-SQL),
    Teradata SQL, XML, Unix, Cobol2, Visual Basic, CICS, and JCL
    Modeling - ERwin All Fusion 7 and 8, SQL Server Management Studio, Access, Visio, IEF (Composer)

    Software - SQL Developer, SQL Server Management Studio, Oracle Developer/2000,
    Oracle’s 11g SOA Suite, Oracle Developer Suite, SQL Navigator, TOAD,
    Windchill Flex PDM, Oracle Hyperion, DB2, Windows NT,
    XP and Teradata

    Confidential,Beaverton, Oregon
    DATA MODELER 4/2012 to 11/2012
    Modified, designed and created data warehouses for this international apparel and footwear corporation
    using ERwin 8 data modeling tool.
    Performed requirements gathering, created data maps and data models both logical and
    Performed data analysis and data integration between multiple ERPs and existing databases.
    Platforms included Teradata and SQL Server.
    SQL and T-SQL were the main database languages.

    Confidential,Portland, Oregon
    DATA MODELER 4/2011 to 2/2012
    Designed and created data warehouses for this international truck manufacturing corporation using
    ERwin All Fusion data modeling tool.
    Performed requirements gathering, mapping documentation and data model creation, both logical and
    Created, debugged and modified Informatica ETL sessions and workflows.
    Interfaced applications from different platforms.
    Platforms included Oracle 11g, DB2 (UDB) and SQL Server Management Studio.
    SQL and T-SQL were the main database languages.

    Confidential,Windsor, Connecticut
    TECH LEAD – INFORMATION ANALYST 4/2010 to 12/2010
    Responsible for growing the business orchestration part of this insurance claims processing system.
    Provided process design and developed software using Oracle’s 11g SOA Suite with JDeveloper 11g.
    Gathered and documented business and technical requirements.
    Created and tested web service data integration and business intelligence interfacing.
    Conducted technical interviews and trained new team members on Oracle’s BPM development software.

    Confidential,Tigard, Oregon
    Designed and created logical and physical data models (normalized and dimensional) for the creation of
    a Diabetes Management Health Care System. The OLTP system was created using
    SQL Server Visual Studios and Transact SQL (T-SQL).
    The data warehouse supports business intelligence for identifying trends and
    areas for treatment improvements.

    Confidential,Beaverton, Oregon (Four contracts from 2/2005 to 5/2009)
    Performed detailed analysis, design, technical specification creation, coding and testing of enhancements
    to the OLTP AMP (Apparel Materials Purchasing) System as a part of the Mid-Month Buy Project
    within the Nike ONE Project.
    Analyzed, modified and tested complex PL/SQL packages, SQL queries, relational and external
    Oracle 10g database tables. Modified Excel spread sheet and macros.
    The operating system was UNIX HP-UX

    Created business intelligence reports for international management sales analysis.
    These BI reports compared sales orders, sales personnel performance and business traffic for weekly,
    monthly and daily time periods by retail store.
    Designed and created data models (normalized and dimensional) for enterprise data warehouse
    and OLTP subject areas with Erwin\'s All Fusion data modeler and Oracle 10g.
    Held meetings with technical staff and subject matter expert for requirements gathering.
    Business intelligence reports and data warehousing were created with Oracle PL/SQL, SQL,
    Hyperion and Excel.
    Created and maintained complex ETL for data warehouse population and data extracts for
    web analytics by a third party vendor.
    Created and maintained complex PL/SQL packages and queries.
    Communications with users and business analysts was a main part of this assignment.

    DATA ANALYST - DATA MODELER 1/2006 to 9/2006
    Performed data analysis on existing OLTP Oracle 10g database and Flex PDM ERP system.
    Created logical relational and dimensional models for business intelligence reporting to support
    management decision making, manufacturing and logistic bottlenecks on an international scale.
    Data migration with ETL for this BI system was created and executed using Informatica Powercenter
    Created data analysis tools with Oracle\'s 10g PL/SQL.

    Provided production support for the Global Analytics enterprise data warehouse.
    Created and maintained Oracle packages, functions and procedures for BI reporting of international inventory.
    Performed requirements gathering for impact analysis business rule changes.
    Tuned or recreated PL/SQL and Materialized Views. Created and modified dimensional models.
    Modified ETL logic using Oracle’s external tables.
    Created Unix and PL/SQL scripts to create and modify data mart objects.
    SQL Navigator, SQL*Plus, were the primary software development tools used.
    The operating systems used for development were Unix and Windows.

    Confidential,Wilsonville, Oregon
    On this EAI project (Enterprise Application Interface), system creation and system interfacing
    were my job responsibilities.
    I was also responsible for requirements gathering, interviewing staff, OLTP relational database creation and population. SQL Server Visual Studio was used to create logical and physical models.
    I performed database population using the Oracle ETL tools, External Tables and SQL*Loader.
    For the change capture, transformation, and table population, I created table triggers, procedures, functions, and packages using Oracle\'s 9i PL/SQL and SQL.
    Dimensional modeling for business intelligence reporting was performed to produce promotion and sales analysis.
    Physical Data Modeling was performed with SQL and SQL Server Visual Studios.
    The operating systems used for development were Unix and Windows.

    Confidential,Newberg, Oregon
    Designed and developed this ranching accounting system which features:
    - expense tracking and reporting
    - scheduled maintenance and history reporting of health care
    - value estimating system for livestock
    - attribute tracking and reporting for sales promotion
    All forms, reports, and database tables were created using Oracle 9i Forms,
    Reports, SQL*Plus, and the Oracle PL/SQL programming language.
    Logical and Physical data modeling was performed with ERwin and Access.
    Provided the analysis, design and development of the database, forms, reports and software processes.

    Confidential,Beaverton, Oregon
    MENTOR CONSULTANT 9/2002 to 9/2002
    Taught, designed and developed Oracle 9i Forms for the Equipment Management System.
    Assisted with database design for tracking calibration equipment and system security.
    Created packages and stored procedures using Oracle’s PL/SQL. These Oracle Forms were based on stored procedures and SQL tables.
    Provided key solution to integrate development team and data security restrictions.
    Instructed software engineers on Oracle Forms and PL/SQL development.

    Confidential,Portland, Oregon
    This banking credit card conversion project required the creation of SQL scripts,
    reporting, and stored procedures using the PL/SQL programming language in
    Oracle 8i. The Oracle software development facilities used were SQL*PLUS, and
    Oracle Reports in Developer/2000.
    Provided analysis, design, development, and testing for this project.

    Confidential,Portland, Oregon
    DATABASE DEVELOPER 11/2000 to 3/2001
    Data Warehouse construction, and ETL data migration from OLTP Oracle 7.3 and Mainframe,
    to Oracle 8.1.6 data warehouse. This business intelligence system was created for membership
    tracking and projections over a multi state region.
    The programming languages used were PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, Unix, and Perl.
    The operating system was Unix Solaris v2.6. Client operating system was Windows98.
    SQL Navigator was also used for development.
    Streamlined online time tracking system.


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