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Sr.etl Tester Resume

Sterling, VirginiA

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Over Six plus years of IT experience as a QA Engineer, involved in programming, test design, test development and implementation of test procedures for Client server and web development projects and Data warehouse projects.
  • Checked the developed procedures and data structures to handle metadata (i.e. documentation) associated with the DW.
  • Expertise in Cognos 8,10 suite (Report studio, Query Studio, Analysis Studio, Event Studio, Framework Manager, Transformer).
  • Experienced in preparing and executing Test Plans, Test Scripts, Test Reports and Documentation for both Manual and Automated Tests.
  • Checked the created Logs at the end of the entire process and Done Auto/Manual restarting in case of failures etc
  • Good experience in creating different layers like Database Layer, Business Layer, Logical Layer in Framework manager.
  • Experience in Content Deployment, Scheduling and automated report bursting.
  • Checking the sequence of batches during the single shot run and Impact of the failure of a batch job on subsequent batch jobs.
  • Used .Net Framework 4.0, C# 4.0 to develop & test desktop based application tracker & also created windows forms.
  • Proficient skills in testing web-based applications and client/server based applications.
  • Expertise with Back-End testing in Oracle, Sybase, and MS-Access & Used SQL Queries for data verification.
  • Strong Oracle skills that include build/maintain tables, indexes & build/maintain SQL, PL/SQL scripts, Stored Procedures, Triggers and Functions.
  • Well versed with Ab Initio and Extensive knowledge in architecture design of Extract, Transform, Load environment and Test methodologies.
  • Tested Ab initio graphs for Performance.
  • Moved UNIX FTP Files from on source system to other source system
  • Separated valid data records from invalid data records.
  • Accurately identified, analyzed, reported and tracked the defects using Quality Center & JIRA.
  • Worked closely with Test Analysts, developers, support group to conduct the test plan creation environment and database preparation and maintenance..
  • Has Expertize Knowledge in testing Business Process Management (BPM) applications like PEGA.
  • Checked the data from the DWH Schema is reflected correctly in the reports & Verify whether the data is being picked correctly from the appropriate table / schema and confirm the same with the design team.
  • Test methodologies preparation of test data, preparation and execution of regression test scripts, preparation of weekly status report.
  • Experience in Telecommunications, Health Insurance, Banking, Finance for Web and Client Server applications.
  • Excellent track record of successful completion under tight deadlines.


BS in Computer Science.

Technical Skills:

Automated Testing Tools

QTP 9.0,9.2, Test Director 7.5, Quality Center

BI Tools

Cognos BI 10/ 8 Series (Cognos Connection, Framework Manager, Query Studio, Report Studio, Analysis Studio, Event Studio, Metric Studio, Transformer) Cognos Report Net 1.1MR1/MR2, Framework Manager, Report Studio, Query Studio, Cognos EP Series 7.0(Impromptu, Power Play Transformer, Power Play Web, Enterprise Server, Upfront)

Operating System

MS-Windows 95,98,2000, MS-Dos, Windows NT
Unix and Linux.

Productivity Tools

MS Office Suite

Bug Tracking Tools

Test Director/Quality Center,Jira, Clear Quest

Scripting Languages

HTML, VBScript, ASP,C#, UNIX Shell Scripting,



ETL Tools

Informatica Power Center 8.6,9.0, Ab Initio 2.14,2.15


Oracle 9i/10g, TeraData, DB2,SQL Server2000/2005, MS Access, Toad


MS Internet Explorer, Netscape

Professional Experience:

Confidential,Sterling, Virginia Feb ‘11 to Oct ‘12
Role: Sr.ETL Tester

Newcorp is only company in US which provides Warranties for any Consumer Electronics Products & Household Appliances. It has largest chain in accessing almost all the clients like BestBuy, Costco, Wal-Mart, Sears, Sam’s Club, Home Depot and many more. Newcorp identify and manage key business risks across the enterprise.
This Project Involves developing a warehouse from their existing flat files and databases like oracle & Sql server. Claims, Buyouts, Parts portal & Service-Bench are few major data warehousing applications that extracts data from various operational systems and loads into data warehouse. These applications are being used by Cognos10 to generate operational, transactional and Business Intelligence reports and graphs.


  • Understand the application business logic with Business Requirements Specification documents and functionality of application with Functional Requirements specification documents.
  • Involved in Automated Functional Testing using QTP
  • Involved in Modeling and Reporting against a Warehouse (OLAP), (OLTP) system as data sources.
  • Prepared the gap analysis document by analyzing both the requirement specification document and design specification document
  • Managing User ID’s and User groups like providing privileges to users and the user groups in Access manager
  • Involved in preparing the high level Test Plan and developed Test Cases in accordance with the functional specifications.
  • Performed manual testing to check the functionality of the application.
  • Review the test cases /executions done by the team.
  • Preparing Weekly Status Reports/Daily Status reports.
  • Used Quality Center for executing test sets, collecting test results, and analyzing the data.
  • Using C# tested windows based Component(Tracker) with in the company.
  • Tracked and logged defects in Quality Center and coordinated meetings with developers and business analysts to prioritize the bugs, bug fixes and problem resolution.
  • Participated in Involved in Bug Review meetings and participated in weekly meetings with management team.
  • Established Traceability between the Requirements and the Tests in Traceability Matrix using Quality Center.
  • Worked closely with build integration team, business analysts and developers in order to perform testing activities as per schedules.
  • Generated Bug Reports and Test case coverage reports for status meeting and also involved in resource planning for test cases coverage.
  • Organized and managed all phases of the software testing process, including planning tests, executing tests, and tracking defects.
  • Worked with the business users on User Acceptance Testing by mentoring them on various aspects of testing.

Environment: Windows NT & UNIX, Java script, Informatica power center 8.6, QTP 9.2, center, TOAD, Oracle10g, SQL,PL/SQL, LDAP, IIS.

Confidential,Richmond Feb ’10 to Jan’11
Role: Quality Analyst

This project deals in gathering all the information regarding Customers and there Transactions & load them into Enterprise Data Warehouse for decision making. This application involves testing various applications in the Enterprise DW Project. Includes Analyzed system spec’s and Developed test procedures, Analyzing existing code, Data, Business Rules and Templates, on-line interaction with Users, making necessary enhancements to the code, testing the changes and producing the new output formats to satisfy user needs.


  • Involved in testing the manipulation of data, and automation of the process.
  • Interacting with the End users to gathering the reporting requirements.
  • Created Technical Design Documentation for Reports, Framework Models and Stored Procedures.
  • Created Test Cases for Reports, Framework Models and Stored Procedures.
  • Checking of graphs for type, colors, labels and legends.
  • Did Performance testing and evaluated the performance of Ab-initio graphs using parallelism.
  • Executed Base & Enhancements tests. Tests covered functionality and database verification.
  • Performed Regression, System, Integration and UAT Testing.
  • Testing for rejects as per agreed business rules for dimensions and facts & testing of SCD 2 implementations - ensuring surrogate key integrity
  • Testing for correctness of surrogate keys in cases where different time zones or currencies need to be accounted for in fact tables.
  • Developed Matrices for Business Requirements Vs Test Cases
  • Created custom templates and custom tool boxes for the use of reporting.
  • Verified GUI Affine Java web page based on the Business Requirements.
  • Modified existing QTP VB Script to load data into Financial data base
  • Weekly executed QTP Script update offers in Financial data base
  • Experienced at deriving trends and analyzing feedback to improve product quality.
  • Preparing Reports for each Bug and working with developers to resolve it.
  • Scheduled and monitored transformation processes using Autosys and UNIX scripting
  • Involved in developing a comprehensive system test plan and created the test cases.
  • Translated the technical requirements into verifiable and testable scenarios.
  • Performed back end testing with SQL, PLSQL and UNIX shell scripts to verify data integrity.
  • Tested all GUI Java Pages, which are used to load the data into Databases.
  • Tested the Java JDBC connection with database
  • Prioritized and classified bugs. Generated and tracked the defects using Test Director.

Environment: Windows Server 2000, Ab initio, TOAD, SQL Server 2005,IIS, Win XP, UNIX, QTP 9.0, Quality Center, Clear Quest.

Confidential,Maryland. May’09 to Jan’10
Role: Cognos Tester


FINRA is the Financial Industry Regulatory Association. It is the largest independent regulator for all securities firms doing business in the United States. FINRA regulates its members through the adoption and enforcement of rules and regulations governing the business conduct of its members. The organization is responsible for self-regulating securities industry participants including stock brokers, brokerage firms and exchanges.


  • Extensive Work Experience on Modeling using Cognos 8 Framework Manager.
  • Importing Power play Cube Data Sources and defining Multi Dimensional Hierarchy and creating packages for Cognos 8 Report Studio and Analysis Studio.
  • Managed entire quality assurance process in Quality Center including maintaining test cases, test execution, and defect tracking.
  • Performed Functional, Integration, End-To-End, Usability, Regression testing, Compatibility, and Security testing of the web application.
  • Worked on complex reports using Tabular Objects, Customized/ Static Prompt conditions.
  • Extensively worked on building Transformer Modelsdimension hierarchy, drill-down paths, calculated measures, roll up’s, Performance Tuning.
  • Involved in designing and building the Power play cubes using Transformer.
  • Performed both manual and automation testing of the web application.
  • Performed Data Driven Tests with positive and negative data sets using QTP as well as used reusable actions and external actions in QTP to avoid the repeatability.
  • Writing Test Scripts using QTP for automation of Regression testing and verifying the web applications expected behavior at different stages by inserting various Checkpoints.
  • Worked with synchronization points and database checkpoints in testing the web application.
  • Responsible in providing regular test reports to the management.
  • Provided visibility and management control into the quality process by providing clear and concise test reports, timely and accurate escalation of problems after each test run.
  • Performed Back-end testing by preparing SQL queries.
  • Created Use-Case diagrams, Work flow diagrams, and Data flow diagrams using Microsoft Visio.
  • Coordinated with offshore teams and communicated with developers in Defects reporting and tracking them to closure.
  • Participated in User Acceptance Test (UAT), documented procedures and guiding the users in verifying various transactions on the system.

Environment: Cognos 8.4,QTP/Winrunner, Load runner, Quality Center/Test Director, Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, ASP.NET, C#, Microsoft Windows Server 2000, Microsoft SQL Server 2000.

Confidential,Milwaukee, WI June’08 to Apr’09 Role: QA Tester

Briggs & Stratton is the world\'s largest manufacturer of air-cooled gasoline engines for primarily outdoor power equipment. Customer Solutions manages all electronic communications with Briggs & Stratton business partners, consumer, and dealers.
Worked on the “Accounts Receivable Re-coupment Report” of Group Health Care claim reimbursements. Validated the Data and GUI of the report.


  • Involved in understanding the system, analyzing the system specifications, functional requirements.
  • Involved in creating Gap analysis, writing Test cases for each requirement, developing test scenarios.
  • Involved in development and execution of test plans and test cases for manual testing and automated testing.
  • Involved in testing the transformations and the data warehouse with its front-end Report applications.
  • Validated Crystal Reports as per the requirement. And validated the data using SQL query analyzer.
  • Validated the Pre and Post reports of Crystal Report and imported XML and Excel Formats.
  • Involved in test and document all the queries and reports that go into the query and report library.
  • Worked on Mercury Test Director to Manage Test, Test plan, test cases, test sets, and test steps.
  • From the Requirements Documents, created Test Requirement, tied up with test cases in the Test Plan, and Executed in the Test Lab and Tracked defects and documented.

Environment: Test Director, Rational Clear Quest, Crystal Reports 8.5, SQL Query Analyzer, Oracle 8i, MS Office.

Confidential,India SEP’07 to May’08
Position: QA Tester

The financial application is shared between HSBC Bank, Call centers and Collection centers for customer services. This application covers entry of Cash-In, Cash-out, Loan approvals and Financial Cash-flow statements, Credit Cards, Personal Loans, Mortgage Loan Access and repayments. The application had been developed using Java, JavaScript and JSP on the Server Side and Oracle 8i as the database running on UNIX.


  • Created detailed test cases for both Manual and Automation according to business requirements and functional requirements.
  • Performed execution of test cases to verify the expected results.
  • Performed Regression testing using WinRunner automation tool.
  • Used Test Director for tracking bugs and reporting defects.
  • Conducted Functional, Integration, System, Regression, and Black Box Testing using winrunner.
  • Performed GUI, Functional testing manual testing.
  • Performed end-to-end testing on the entire system.
  • Verify the functionality of integrated, multi-environment enterprise solutions using Winrunner.
  • Performed Positive and Negative, Security testing to make sure application is according to requirements.
  • Performed load and Performance Testing by using Load Runner and analyzed the bottlenecks in the application by using Load Runner Analyzer.
  • Worked closely with the QA manager, developers and SQA engineers to understand needs, preferences, workflows, priorities, and schedules and to execute test strategies

Environment: Visual Basic, VB Script, Test Director, Win Runner, WinNT/ 98 and UNIX.

Confidential,India Jun’06 to Aug’07
Position: QA Tester

This project deals with the online training manual, which is aimed at making the students familiar with the test pattern and type of questions frequently asked. Sample test contains tips for solving the questions. Student can return to the unanswered questions after taking all questions. JDBC is used for connecting the Database.


  • Analysis Creating Test plans & Test scripts using automated tool Mercury Win Runner.
  • Performed unit testing, integrated testing, Regression testing, Cross Platform Testing, Recovery Testing and Performance testing and User Acceptance Testing.
  • Involved in Manual Testing to check the applets.
  • Conducted Security by Checking restricted privileges and roles to the users.
  • Involved in checking the proper client server functionality.
  • Involved in Test Plan Creation.
  • Reported tracked defects with reference to severity and types.

Environment: HTML, JavaScript, Java, JDBC, Oracle, Windows NT.

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