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Sr. Odi Consultant Resume

San Ramon, CA


  • 8+ years of IT industry experience with extensive knowledge in Design and Development in Education, Financial, Insurance, Communication, and Energy.
  • Strong experience in Implementation and Testing using Data Extraction, Data Transformation and Data Loading (ETL) using ODI and Informatica.
  • Possess strong Documentation skill and knowledge sharing among Team, conducted data modeling review sessions for different user groups, participated in requirement sessions to identify requirement feasibility.
  • Strong Data Warehousing experience using ODI 12C/11g.
  • Key Knowledge on OLTP, OLAP, Dimensional Data Modelling using Star & Snow Flake schema.
  • Integrated ODI to Hadoop data source through Hive transform.
  • Very strong experience in developing OBIEE Repository (.rpd) at three layers (Physical Layer, Business Model & Presentation Layer), Time Series Objects, Interactive Dashboards with drill - down capabilities using global & local Filters, Security Setup (groups, access / query/report privileges) and scheduling iBots.
  • Extensive Dimensional Modelling experience in Star Schema/Snowflake schema design, Fact and Dimensions tables..
  • Experience working with Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) RPD, reports, dashboards and troubleshooting issues.
  • Familiar with data architecture including data ingestion pipeline design, Hadoop information architecture, data modeling and data mining, machine learning and advanced data processing. Experience optimizing ETL workflows.
  • Worked extensively on ODI CDC (Change Data Capture).
  • Helped team members resolving any issue related to coding, testing, and performance tuning in developing ODI mappings and moving codes to new environments.
  • Worked on Extensive Coding in Oracle, PL/SQL and UNIX with large databases in various stages of SDLC like Development, Enhancement, and Maintenance & Production Support.
  • Exposure to handling large volumes of Data Extraction and Data Loading and full cycle implementation of DW project and managed small/medium size projects including client interactions
  • Hands-on experience in designing, tuning, and leveraging large data warehouses using RDBMS databases applications.
  • Expert in data warehousing techniques/concepts such as data cleansing, Surrogate key assignment, Slowly Changing Dimensions SCD
  • Hands-on experience in data warehousing techniques for data cleansing, Slowly Changing Dimensions, and surrogate key assignment.
  • Possess analytical skills, ability to communicate effectively with all levels of management, and ability to share knowledge in testing, data integration, reporting, and documentation.
  • Worked in complete SDLC & Production Support and experience working in Oracle Architecture.
  • Expertise in unit testing at various levels of the ETL as well as SQL, UNIX etc.


ETL/ELT: ODI 12c/11g/10g, Informatica Power Center 9.5/9.1, OWB 11g/10g.

RDBMS: SQL Server 2005, Oracle 11g/10g, Oracle Exadata v2, Teradata v2r5, IBM DB2 v7, Hyperion System 9, Oracle Golden Gate


Data Modeling: CA Erwin r8, Visio

Programming Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX shell scripting

DB Tools: SQL Developer, WinSQL, JSQL, TOAD, Microsoft SQL Studio, SQL *Loader, Hadoop, Hive, scoop, pig

Version Management: Clear Case, TFS 2013


Confidential, San Ramon, CA

Sr. ODI Consultant


  • Created project scope document, Technical specification, mapping document
  • Organizing meeting with business and stakeholders, gathering requirement, understanding As - Is and To - Be process.
  • Co - ordinating with offshore team, assigning work to team, reviewing the code developed by team
  • Understanding PL/1 logic and converted them into sql statement
  • Designed the detailed ETL architecture, including agents, scenarios, packages, data mapping, data extractions, transformations and validations. ETL design and implementation include stand-alone and Java EE agents, ODI data services, ODI Console, ODI studio, and other appropriate development tools.
  • Modified existing KM to implement business requirement.
  • Responsible for Metadata Administration and managed models and reverse engineering.
  • Responsible for Topology Administration and performed actions through the topology manager module.
  • Exclusively worked on OBIEE Administration Physical, Business Model Mapping, and Presentation Layers, Answers, Dashboards, Catalog Manager.
  • Configured OGG in ODI physical and logical architecture
  • Configured the Oracle Data Integrator ODI software tool in a three-tier Environment and performed periodic upgrades, performed source-to-target mappings, storage capacity planning, developing ETL
  • Performed Initial load and Captured CDC using OGG
  • Integrated Hadoop with ODI, though Hive.
  • Configured Golden Gate Data pump extract to move the trail files from source database server to target database server.
  • Analyzed Session log files in operator navigator to resolve errors in mapping and managed session configuration
  • Created SQL scripts for sourcing data, including creating tables, Materialized views, stored procedures, and loading data into the tables.

Environment: ODI, ORACLE 12.1.2, WebLogic Server, SQL Developer 4.2, ODI console, OBIEE, UC 4, CCnB, SAP, OGG 12.1.0, Hadoop,Hive

Confidential, Franklin, WI

Sr. ODI Consultant


  • Primary responsibility includes installing and configuring the Oracle Data Integrator ODI software tool in a three-tier environment and performing periodic upgrades, performing source-to-target mappings, storage capacity planning, developing ETL
  • Created technical spec document, mapping document, part of meeting with business and stakeholder and knowledge transfer sessions.
  • Uploaded the data into big data technology using Hive knowledge module
  • Created Server, Module, connection factory and queue in web logic server.
  • Loaded data in ESSBASE cube through ODI using datafile
  • Created level based, generation and parent/child hierarchy in ESSBASE
  • Used ODI 11g/12c for extraction, loading and transformation ETL of data in the data warehouse
  • Worked on Oracle Data Integrator components like Designer, Operator, Topology and Security Components.
  • Used odiparam.bat file for updating recently encoded password for master repository and used startscen.bat file to start the scenario using agent. These scenarios are finally deployed to production
  • Capturing changed data from source system and moving into staging area
  • Captured changed data record simple and consistent basis using JKM.
  • Defined rulefile in ODI KM to load data into ESSBASE cube
  • Created reports, dashboard using analytics server used filters column modification and direct database request.
  • Configuring a File store, to host all the load files used by ODI.
  • Created numerous executive level reports. 'Dashboards' were generated to provide insight into the master data
  • Designed Schema/Diagrams using Fact, Dimensions, Physical, Logical, Alias and Extension tables.
  • Creating the Load rules necessary for the data load in Essbase. These Load rules will be leveraged by the ODI for data load.
  • Created different types of Customized Reports Drilldown, Aggregation to meet client requirements.
  • Built Business model and established relationships & Foreign Keys Physical & Logical between tables.
  • Created loadplans with parallel and sequential loading for loading master data into oracle.

Environment: ODI, ORACLE 12.1.2, WebLogic Server, SQL Developer 4.2,, JDEdward 9.1, Sql Sever 2012, Essbase 9.3.1, ODI console, OBIEE, Hadoop, map reduce, Hive

Confidential, Billerica, MA

Sr. ODI Consultant


  • Part of meeting with stakeholder’s and client to understand the technical aspect of requirement.
  • Created complex process with ease to load complete legacy SQL Server database data to Oracle via ODI 11g.
  • Migrated procedures, functions, tables, views, and other objects to target database (Oracle).
  • Extracted flat files (Text, .csv, xlsx, .xml) from Ariba to oracle via ODI process.
  • Created data load Interfaces using Flat file as source and load the transformed data into respective Essbase cubes.
  • Read and write XML response in odi
  • Interacted with Procurement and Operation / Maintenance business representatives for gathering the OBIEE Reports Dashboards requirements and to define business and functional specifications.
  • Analyzed and used various data sources - DB, XML, Excel, and OLAP.
  • Identified Facts, Dimensions, Levels / Hierarchies of Dimensional Modelling.
  • Implemented SCD2 using CKM
  • Edited configured parameter in golden gate, configured manager, extract and replicate parameter
  • Generated xml response of third party web service using Odiinvoke webservice
  • Extracted data from JDEdward system and send to target ESSBASE using ODI
  • Extensively worked on Dimension modeling, created tables in Oracle staging area. Configured referential integrity
  • Implemented Synchronous and Asynchronous Change Data Capture CDC techniques
  • Worked with dba for cloning the ODI repository and upgrading odi 11g to 12c.
  • Documentation of mapping, documents, test plan and scenarios.
  • Configuration of topology navigation created physical and logical architecture.
  • Created inbound and outbound reusable mappings to in corporate in other mappings.
  • Developed the ETL mappings in PL/SQL via packages, procedures, functions, views and triggers
  • Data loaded from legacy systems (ETL Operations) using PL/SQL and SQL*Loader.
  • ETL Design and Development, Data Integration, Data Migration, Data Quality, Data Profiling
  • Performance Tuning of ETL jobs by providing appropriate knowledge modules.

Environment: ODI 11.1.5, ORACLE, WebLogic Server, SQL Developer 3.2, Toad 11.6,, Filezilla, CommantPrompt, Shell, Ariba 13s1, OBIEE 11g, OBIA, OGG 11.2.0, EBS, ESSBASE

Confidential, Indiana, PA

ODI/OBIEE Consultant


  • Gathered ETL, BI requirements.
  • Installed ODI on clients, servers, and remote machines
  • Connected Physical layer OBIEE with multiple source.
  • Created logical join at BMM layer.
  • Identified Facts and Dimensions levels/ Hierarchies of Dimensional model.
  • Customized and developed RPD Physical, Business model and Presentation Layer, configured metadata objects and Web Catalog Objects.
  • Extracted Unix, windows, and fileserver flat files (Text, .csv, xlsx, .xml) to Oracle via ODI process.
  • Created ODI global and project variables to facilitate ODI 12C process.
  • Configured and created OBIEE Repository, Involved in modifications of the physical, the BMM, and the presentation layers of metadata repository using OBIEE Administration Tool.
  • Designed schema using KPIs, Fact, Dimensions, Physical, Logical, Alias and Extension tables. Built Business Model and established relationships & Foreign Keys (Physical & Logical) between tables
  • Created multiple target mappings from single source file.
  • Used ODI 12C components (Aggregate, dataset, distinct, expression, filter, join, lookup, set, sort, split).
  • Configured ODI topology (Physical architecture, logical architecture, and context).
  • Moved code from dev environment to test to prod. Created scenarios to moving/executing codes. Designed dimensional hierarchies, materialized views and aggregate tables to support the reporting system.
  • Created standard reverse engineering models for flatfiles, sql server, and oracle.
  • Debugged ODI 12C log to edit code and restart the error session to start from where it failed.
  • Created scenarios to moving/executing codes. Designed dimensional hierarchies, materialized views and aggregate tables to support the reporting system.
  • Created ODI Scenarios to extract Metadata and Data from OLTP system and Load cum Transform data in a
  • Used OWB to validate, cleanse, transform, and load data within the Oracle staging database
  • Created packages with mappings, procedures, packages, scenarios, and variables to run in sequence.
  • Completed unit testing, training to users, and UAT.
  • Documented ETL test plans, test cases, test scripts, and validations based on design specifications for unit testing, system testing, functional testing, regression testing, prepared test data for testing, and error handling.

Environment: ODI 12.1.3, ORACLE, WebLogic Server, SQL Developer 3.2, Toad 11.6, putty, Filezilla, Hyperion Planning v.9, Hyperion Essbase v.9, OBIEE v.,, OWB,OBIA

Confidential, St. Paul, MN

Sr. ODI/OBIEE Consultant


  • Analyzing and designing mapping with requirement documents.
  • Installing ODI 11G on standalone systems, remote desktop, and server on Linux box.
  • Performed Consistency check and Global Consistency check of the Business Model before exposing Business Models in the Presentation Layer considering errors, warnings and best practices.
  • Developed reports, dashboards, standard filters and prompts.
  • Setup and maintain multiple instances and repositories for multi-user environment.
  • Configured ODI physical and logical schema with Context.
  • Worked with business analysts, developers, and management professionals from various locations to gather requirements
  • Designed dimensional hierarchies, materialized views and aggregate tables to support the reporting system.
  • Identified Facts, Dimensions Hierarchies of the Business Model.
  • Developed Time Series object for comparing between the annual and quarter sales.
  • Implemented the variables in the repository to import them in the presentation layer.
  • Deploy and configure J2EE services for scheduling ODI jobs.
  • Monitoring jobs through ODI Console.
  • Scheduling reports through agent
  • Utilized various building blocks like calculation measures, time series measures, initialization blocks, session and repository variables, fact tables, dimension tables, dimension hierarchies.
  • Created variety of interactive dashboards containing charts, graphs and pivot tables using BI Answers
  • Established standards, guidelines, and practices for DW development.
  • Configured Changed Data Capture and used Journalized Knowledge Module.
  • Created standard reverse engineering models.
  • Created temporary and permanent data store interfaces according to the requirement
  • Created load plans, packages, procedures, variables, and generated scenarios.
  • Designed and developed the various Dashboards/Reports that are Dynamic & Interactive with drill-down capabilities and local & global filters and cache monitor using Analytics server
  • Extracted data from various sources Legacy and flat files including XML and loaded into target Oracle system.
  • Performance Tuning of Dashboards/Reports and made changes to database by implementing the materialized views, partitions, re-building of indexes, overwriting the sql execution path by making use of hints etc.,
  • Creating variables, sequences, user functions, scenarios, procedures, interfaces and packages in ODI.
  • Viewed SQL query log and used SQL developer to run and debug the SQL query issued during report execution.
  • Created Development, Test and production environment in Topology.
  • Documented ETL test plans, test cases, test scripts, and validations based on design specifications for unit testing, system testing, functional testing, regression testing, prepared test data for testing, and error handling.
  • Installed the J2EE ODI Agents on WebLogic server as part of ODI setup.

Environment: s: ODI, Oracle 11g, DB2, OBIEE, SQL Developer, TFS 2013, putty,OWB,OBIA


ETL/ODI Consultant


  • Created specification documents for all interfaces.
  • Extracted data from SQL Server, Oracle, Flat files to Oracle database.
  • Created interfaces using LKM, IKM, and CKM
  • Created procedures, packages, global functions, global and project variables.
  • Created temporary and permanent datastore interfaces.
  • Created encrypt and decrypt function in oracle using ASCII
  • Used markers and memos to distinguish interfaces and projects for ease to other developers.
  • Worked on customizing knowledge modules according to the project requirement.
  • Created packages with error and success emails notification and also created email notification variables.
  • Set synchronization mode to asynchronous in a package and used OdiWaitForChildSession step.
  • Imported technology specific knowledge modules.
  • Worked on the existing upgrading issues by logging the issues and working with oracle team.
  • Unit tested all interfaces, procedures, variables, packages, and functions using SQL Developer.
  • Created complex mappings in Power Center Designer using Aggregate, Expression, Filter, and Sequence Generator, Update Strategy, SQL, Union, Lookup, Joiner, XML Source Qualifier, Unconnected lookup transformations.
  • Created shell scripts to kick off Informatica workflow/s and PL/SQL procedures.
  • Created Database Triggers, Stored Procedure, Functions and Packages.
  • Extensively used debugger to trace the errors.
  • Performed Data Analysis and Data validation by writing complex SQL queries using TOAD against the ORACLE database
  • Created reusable transformations and mapplets and used them in mappings.
  • Implemented the slowly changing dimensions (SCD) type1 and type2 to maintain current and historical information in the dimension tables.

Environment: ODI, Oracle 10g, Sybase 15.x, AutoSys, UNIX /LINUX Shell Scripting, PERL, Tortoise SVN, Putty, Winscp, Toad, OBIEE.


SQL/ODI Developer


  • Co-ordinated Joint Application Development (JAD) sessions and source developer for performing data analysis and gathering business requirements.
  • Team coordinator for Installing ODI 11g on server and client machines, created physical and logical schema for Oracle, and file server for development, testing, and production.
  • Developed technical specifications for ODI extraction process.
  • Extensively used ODI to load data from Flat files, relational tables into Oracle.
  • Created complex transformation with joins, Lookup, datasets, Update Strategy, Aggregator, Sequence Generator, Filter, Stored Procedure, External tables.
  • Created project and global variables for files and odi interfaces to migrate easily in different environment and database.
  • Wrote SQL scripts to test the ODI process and ensure any Change Control in requirements leads to test case update.
  • Involved in extensive DATA validation by writing several complex SQL queries and Involved in back-end testing and worked with data quality issues.
  • Designed ODI process to manage sessions, commands, email, event raise, and so on.
  • Tuned performance of mapping and sessions by optimizing source, target bottlenecks and implemented pipeline partitioning.
  • Involved in exporting database, table spaces, and tables using Data traditional export/import.
  • Used Unix Command and Unix Shell Scripting to interact with the server and to move flat files and to load the files in the server.
  • Used ODI Knowledge Modules (Reverse Engineering, Loading, Check, and Integration) to create interfaces to cleanse, Load, and transform the Data from Sources to Target database.
  • Created ODI Packages, Jobs of various complexities and automated process data flow.
  • Used ODI Operator for debugging and viewing the execution details of interfaces and packages.
  • Involved in unit testing and documentation of the ETL process.
  • Daily monitoring of the sessions that ran the day before and fixing the issues.

Environment: s: ODI, Oracle 10g, SQL developer 3.0, SQL Server Studio 10.50, CA Erwin DM r8, Visio

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