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Data Warehouse Developer Resume

Dallas, TexaS


  • As an IT professional with a history of high - level Data Architecture experience in leading IT organizations, I pursue the opportunity to help organizations meet and accomplish their strategic goals. With overall 12 years of experience in Data Architecture, Data Modeling, Data Analysis, Business Intelligence, ETL and Software Development, I demonstrated exceptional architecture skills in leveraging various technologies to develop and support outstanding Business Intelligence solutions.
  • Designed and implementedConfidential reporting project, which involves processing Membership and CLM Subject Area related Confidential data and loading into Confidential target tables through Confidential software. Confidential is designed to provide a consistent and reliable analytical tool to measure the provision and financing of health care services.
  • Some additional concepts added in Track II are Shock claims, Product information and some additional summary tables for easier and direct customer use and creating universes for specific business reporting through Business Objects.
  • Developed and implemented State Mandate All Payer Claims Database extraction project. Designed tables and RDM views to support data extraction automation process from Enterprise Data warehouse through RDM interface. The extracts are designed, extracted and sent as per specific State Mandate requirements.
  • Designed and implemented automation tool to validate all the masked columns in the PHI Views. Modeled new tables for this automation execution in Information Quality and Balancing subject area.
  • Lead Enterprise Confidential project to create a strategic solution (data, application and web) across the enterprise for annual Confidential
  • Review processes for accreditation. This will include historical capture of measures and metrics to enable trending and analysis across multiple Confidential cycles to be performed. This data is also expected be leveraged for other quality initiatives by providing a grain of data that allows analysts to drill to a detailed level if needed. After implementation of this project, for all Confidential reporting areas legacy or regional solutions were retired.
  • As part of Health Insurance Exchange (HIX), designed Product Analytics Data Mart which will pull Cost share and non-cost share data from Confidential benefit model, cleanse, transform the data and load to staging tables. Then Pull data from staging tables and move the data to relational tables. Load the data into dimensions and facts in the dimensional model by extracting data from relational tables. Created a new process for loading the snowflake tables. This process will pull data from excel spreadsheets created by business users.
  • To conclude, I have the aptitude and zeal to continue demonstrating my Data Architecture skills and believe I can make significant contributions to your organizational goals, while working in the Data Architect position. At the same time I desire to grow intellectually, technically and treasure the new experiences which will come along the road. I look forward to have the opportunity to exhibit this passion and serve your company. I would like to thank you for your kind consideration.
  • Data Architect/Data Modeler with proven proficiency in various roles, technologies and IT companies, supporting Enterprise Data Warehousing in Insurance, Financial and Healthcare domains and working towards achieving analytical business goals. Experience includes end to end Data Warehouse life cycle design and implementation. Competency to define business functions as entities and comprehensive metadata, enabling Data Warehouses to provide long-term stability, reuse and reliability. Dynamic, dedicated, goal-oriented and highly motivated, combined with time management and problem solving skills, fast learner and ability to work well at all levels.
  • Experience in designing Enterprise Data Warehouses, Data Marts, Reporting data stores and Operational data stores. Strong understanding of Data Warehousing and Data Modeling concepts. Expertise in Conceptual (business scope), Logical (business process) and Physical data modeling (technical solution).
  • Expertise in Physical modeling creating PKs, FKs, Indexes, Partitioning, Views, Landing zone tables, Conformed Stage tables, Ready Zone tables, Work tables, One time fix tables, Data Exchange tables, ELDM reports, Join reports etc).
  • Expertise in Entity- Relational data modeling ( Normalization, 3NF), Dimensional Data modeling (Star Schema and Snowflake Schema) and Object Oriented Data Modeling.
  • Hands on experience using Erwin, Power Designer and Rational Rose modeling tools.
  • Experience in development and maintenance of Enterprise data warehouse, data management, metadata management, master data management, data element modeling, naming standards, data extraction and data archival, across multiple database platforms, to support corporate analytical solutions.
  • Expertise in model validation by performing business rules traceability analysis and gap analysis.
  • Expertise in analyzing client requirements and drafting business specifications using Use-case scenarios, Unified Modeling Language (UML) and Rational Rose modeling.
  • Experience working in JAD sessions with Business, IT and Project teams, Solution Architects, DBAs and Industry Consultants to design, execute and implement BI Intelligence data stores.
  • Experience in implementing direct insourcing projects, sourcing data from multiple regional source systems to Enterprise Data Warehouse.
  • Experience in Agile/Scrum, iterative and waterfall SDLC methodologies.
  • Experience in drafting data modeling standards, guidelines, best practices and process improvements based on experiences and new technologies. Thoughts contribution and knowledge sharing through creation of presentations, documents and facilitating Data Architects tech meetings. Mentoring and providing assistance to new joins and junior Data Modelers.
  • E xperience working on Business Intelligence tool like Business Objects, SQL Server Reporting and Cognos.
  • Experience working on various Database platforms like Teradata, Oracle, MS SQL Server and DB2.
  • E xperience working on ETL tool Informatica, creating source to target mapping documents, creating mappings, sessions, workflows, reusable mapplets, worklets, scheduling, loading data from source to target, creating staging area tables as needed, writing ETL test cases and perform testing.


  • Database Architecture and Design
  • Data Modeling
  • Business Intelligence and ETL
  • Software Development Life Cycle Process


Data Modeling Techniques: Entity Relationship (ER) Modeling, Kimball Dimensional Data Modeling using Star schema and Snow-Flake Modeling, Unified Modeling Language (UML) and XML Reverse Engineering, Master Data Management (MDM)

Data Modeling Tools: Power Designer 12/12.5/15/16.1 , Erwin 4.0/3.0 , Rational Rose/Requisite Pro, Visio for Enterprise Architects.

Business Intelligence: Business Objects 6.0/5.1/5.0 (Web-Intelligence 2.5, Designer 5.0, and Developer Suite & Set Analyzer 2.0), Brio 8/7, SQL Server Reporting, Cognos Series 7.0/6.0, Crystal Reports

Databases: Oracle 10G/9i/8i/8.x/7.x, MS SQL Server 2000/7.0/6.5 , Sybase 12.5/12.x/11.x, MS Access 7.0/2000, SQL, PL/SQL, DB2, Green Plum, Teradata ( V2R8/V2R7/ V2R6/ V2R5)

ETL Tools: Informatica PowerCenter 8.1.1/8.0/7.1.2/7.1.1/7.0/6.2/5.1 , Informatica Power Mart 6.2/5.1/4.7, (Workflow Manager, Workflow Monitor, Warehouse Designer, Source Analyzer, Transformation developer, Mapplet Designer, Mapping Designer, Repository manager, Informatica server, Power Connect, Power Plug, Power Analyzer) and Oracle SQL*Loader.

Environment: s: Win 3.x/95/98, Windows XP, Windows 7, Win NT 4.0, Unix, Sun Solaris 2.6/2.7, Linux, MS-DOS

Others: Unix Shell Scripting, SQL, PL/SQL,, SQL*Plus 3.3/8.0, Visual Basic 6.0/5.0, ASP, HTML, DHTML, XML, WAP, C, C, C++, Java


Data Warehouse Developer

Confidential, Dallas, Texas


  • Created logical data model for Roads Decommissioning project.
  • Created Fact and dimension tables to capture project data flow requirements.
  • Created Source to Target mapping documents.
  • Created ETL Mappings, Sessions, Workflows, Worklets and Maplets in Informatica.
  • Created staging area to facilitate data movement between source to target tables.
  • Scheduled workflows in Informatica based on the load dependencies.
  • Wrote ETL test cases to test mappings, sessions and workflows.
  • Performed unit testing to check if data loaded correctly from source to target tables
  • Created install scripts or deployment scripts to deploy tables in different Oracle database environments and pass them to DBAs.

Environments: Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler 4.0.3, PL/SQL Developer 10, Oracle, Informatica 9.5

Data Architect Senior Advisor

Confidential, Manchester, NH


  • Worked on diverse projects, from requirement gathering phase, analyzing business rules, conducting data modeling sessions and model walk-throughs with subject matter experts, steering final model for customer sign off, handing off data models to DBA team and supporting data models until testing and deployment to production.
  • Worked on projects involving adding new Health Care Subject areas (mainly Claims) to Enterprise data warehouse and changing existing Subject area designs to meet changing business needs.
  • Implemented numerous direct insourcing projects, loading data from regional data warehouses or source systems to Enterprise data warehouse.
  • Analyzed data transformations, performed by source systems, which transform data based on business requirements, conform to Enterprise modeling standards and load to Enterprise data warehouse.
  • Supported various Health Care Information Exchange (HIX) projects involving extracting data from Enterprise Warehouse, transforming and sending it across to internal or external vendors.
  • Physical implementation of logical models on Teradata, DB2, Green Plum, SQL server and Oracle platforms.
  • Designed conceptual, logical and physical data models using Power Designer and ERWIN modeling tools.
  • Performed reverse engineering of legacy application using DDL scripts in Power Designer and developed logical and physical data models for central model consolidation.
  • Provided mapping between Business Requirements and the Target Model build. Developed data mapping documents for integration into a central model and depicting data flow across systems.
  • Developed strategies for Metadata creation, updating and maintenance. Provided mapping between Business Requirements and the Target Model build.
  • Managed Codes Databases for various Subject Areas. Worked with Reference Data Management (RDM) team to assign RDM code sets to industry standard codes and also to source codes which need cross reference to Confidential standard codes.
  • Facilitated sessions with business analysts, developers and other system architects to understand business in terms of stakeholder vision.
  • Provided data modeling support for landing zone tables, conformed stage area tables, ready zone tables and target tables.
  • Generated Use-case scenarios and providing mapping in the data model. As needed for some projects, analyzed client requirements using Unified Modeling Language (UML) diagrams.
  • Worked to improve and transform data management practices based on insights into the client’s business model and pain points.
  • Experience in Master Data Management (MDM) design and implementation. Involved in creating processes required to create and maintain consistent and accurate lists of master data. Developed merge rules to clean and consolidate data. Identified master data entities and described master data based on company business rules and health care industry. Involved in investigating transactional, metadata, hierarchical data from regional data warehouses and various source systems (which are being integrated to Enterprise data warehouse for enterprise reporting) to do discovery estimates for creating master data, maintaining, updating it and expanding it.
  • Managed Codes Databases for various Subject Areas.
  • Worked in JAD sessions with DBAs, Teradata specialists, Industry Consultants to convert logical data model to physical data model.
  • Administered and maintained the model updates using model change log documents.
  • Created metadata reports, PDFs and Join reports for ETL developers to review data model structures. Created ELDM reports from data model to pass it to developers and DBA to analyze physical attributes of the tables. Compared one data model across another and generate compare reports.
  • Frequently used Teradata SQL Assistant to view exact physical structures of the tables in productions and for other querying purposes.
  • Created Next release, Next release +1 and Next release +2 versions of tables in data model to differentiate between various project changes to same tables, going to Production on different release dates.
  • Translated and delivered actionable, high-impact plans that improves data integration, data quality and data delivery in support of business initiatives and results.
  • Defined, designed, and involved in implementation of standards and best practices involved in modeling, describing data entities and relationships, as well as supporting Metadata.
  • Involved in defining compliance rules and technologies to support Information and Data Architecture objectives and governance.
  • Involved in designing information solutions, ensuring that they align with business and IT strategies, maximize reuse and integrate well with existing solutions.
  • Involved in improving approaches to ensure successful implementation of data management solutions, Information flow patterns and exchange strategies and Data quality management.
  • Worked towards business development and ensuring high-levels of client satisfaction of deliverables during engagements.
  • Contributed thoughts and shared knowledge through the creation of executive presentations, architecture documents on repeatable processes and facilitated Data Architecture tech forum team meetings.
  • Mentored and provided assistance to junior Data Modelers and new join Data Architects.

Environments: Sybase Power Designer 16, Teradata SQL Assistant 14.10, DB2, Green Plum, Oracle, SQL Server

Data Modeler

Confidential, Manchester, NH


  • Interacted with the Business Users to analyze the business process and gather the requirements, making necessary changes to schema objects to fulfill their reporting and business needs.
  • Modeled new data models based on user requirements and updating existing data model. Created new metadata and updating existing metadata.
  • Discussed with business clients on providing tactical solutions and designing logical data models accordingly. Worked with clients to generate use case scenarios based on user requirements.
  • Verified if the data model helps in retrieving the required data by creating data access paths in the data model.

Environments: Erwin 4.1, Business Objects XI, WEBI, Auditor, Crystal reports XI, Oracle 9i, PL/SQL, Info view, Informatica PowerCenter 5.1

BI Developer and Data Modeler

Confidential, Omaha, NE


  • Provided Business, Functional and Technical requirement documentation. Served as link between IT team and customer. Involved in internal and external meetings in a multi-discipline IT Environments. Analyzed, defined and documented business requirements for user report needs.
  • Conducted requirement gathering meetings with customers to document work processes, data requirements, data flows, data dependencies and changing business needs.
  • Created Data models for billing process, referential integrity and security.
  • Designed business requirements documents to document specific user reporting requirements and changing business needs.
  • Involved in the definition and design of the enterprise architectures as well as created architecture design for various online transactional projects.
  • Designed framework of artifacts that the Enterprise Architectural program utilizes. The artifacts being document architectural vision, principles, conceptual models, implementation roadmaps and governance processes.
  • Analyzed, developed, documented, and communicated architectures/designs using UML for large scale full life cycle projects of on online reporting system. Conceptual modeling using use cases and UML design and E-R models.
  • Architecture design using staging area and data mart structure. Applied business re-engineering principles and processes in developing the enterprise models
  • Worked on maintaining data privacy and compliance laws and regulations
  • Involved in designing other Analysis artifacts class diagrams and interaction diagrams.
  • Designed, deployed and scheduled reports using Business Objects XI R2 WebI and also Broadcast agent. Built Universes and schemas for the purpose of reporting.

Environments: Erwin 4.1.2, Business Objects 6.1, WebI 6.x, Oracle, PL/SQL, Informatica PowerCenter 5.1

BI Developer

Confidential, Omaha, NE


  • I nvolved in the definition and design of the enterprise architectures as well as created architecture design for various online transactional projects. Involved in the design and development of the project roadmap and the recommendation and design of IT systems for hardware, software, and network technologies.
  • Designed, deployed and scheduled reports using Business Objects XI R2 WebI and also BroadCast agent. Built Universes and schemas for the purpose of reporting . Created Canned Reports for Business Objects Ad hoc Reporting. Designed the Universes that would be used as a Component Universes to include all the Objects in to another Universe. Used Designer for creation of the Universe with Classes, Objects and Condition objects. Created the reports using the Universes and stored procedures as the main data Provider. Used Business Objects 5.7 for developing reports and Developed Hierarchies to support drill down reports. Worked in the performance tuning of the programs, ETL Procedures and processes.

Environments: Erwin 4.1, UML Tools, Business Objects XI, Business Objects 5.7, WEBI, Auditor, Crystal reports XI, Oracle 9i, PL/SQL, Info view

ETL Developer

Confidential, Omaha, NE


  • Defined ETL mapping specification from business requirements provided by Business Analyst. Defined ETL process to source the data from sources and load it into Data Mart tables.
  • Designed the logical schema and physical schema creation for Data Mart and integrated the legacy system data into Data Mart.
  • Involved in Data Warehouse landing zone schema Design and provided Data granularity to accommodate time phased CDC requirements.
  • Created ETL migration strategy document, Integrate Data stage Metadata to Informatica Metadata and created ETL mappings, sessions, workflows in Informatica.
  • Designed Mapping using Source Qualifier, Expression, Filter, Look up, Update Strategy, Sorter, Joiner, Normalizer and Router transformations. Developed Advanced Linux shell scripts to validate source files, automated archival of Log files, create ETL event start/stop files.

Environment: s: MS SQL Server, Java, Business Objects 5.1, Web Intelligence 2.5, Broadcast Agent, Win NT 4.0/2000, Informatica PowerCenter 5.1

Database Developer/Graduate Research Assistant

Confidential, Omaha, NE


  • At Confidential, worked on Thesis Project, Funded by Confidential grant on testing Effective Utilization of Wireless Networks in Collaborative Applications using Oracle database performance tool .
  • Analyzed requirements through E-R diagrams using UML and Rational Rose suite. Programmed simulation scripts using C++. Collected simulation data from the Simulator and stored in Oracle Database.
  • Built a relational database to automate the entry of simulation data from the Simulator. Created database objects like tables, views, procedures, packages using Oracle tools like PL/SQL, SQL* Plus, SQL Loader to store simulation data.
  • Retrieved data from the database and analyzed, created reports for decision making. Worked on simulation tools like OPNET and ns-2 (which runs on Unix and Linux platforms)

Environments: OPNET Simulation Tools, ns-2, C++, Python, Oracle 9i, Unix, Linux, UML Tools, Rational Rose

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