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Information Architect/data Modeler Resume

Redmond, WA


  • More than 15 years’ experience in defining Data Architectures, data models, best practices and guidelines in Data Warehouse/BI environments.
  • Experienced in facilitating workshops with business representatives (at all levels from senior management to business data analysts) as well as the IT project team members, to extrapolate business requirements and white - boarding the relevant project diagrams during these sessions.
  • Diagramming techniques used include business/conceptual data models, logical data models, data flow diagrams, functional decompositions and business process models.
  • Focused on results and business value, follow a participative leadership style and highly collaborative make-it-happen approach to ensure solutions meet short-term business needs, and are aligned to longer-term business strategies and IT architectures.
  • Designed various methodologies to develop application and data warehouse solutions, with templates for key deliverables as well as methodology related project plans.
  • Skilled in bridging the gap in communication between IT and business communities. Excellent verbal communication skills, presentation, work session facilitation and group dynamics.
  • Developed and conducted training classes in methodologies, workshop facilitation, conflict management, and diagramming techniques.
  • More than 10 years of project and program management experience, leading multi-disciplinary teams from business case through deployment.


Data Warehouse / Business Intelligence: Informatica ETL, Profiling, Data Quality Tools, Teradata DataLab, Kalido, Business Objects, Cognos Powerplay/Impromptu, Essbase, Hyperion Analyzer, Migration Architect

Information Engineering (Case): ERwin, ER/Studio, EasyCase Data Modeling, ADW Planning, Analysis and Design, Design/1, Datamanager

Planning Tools: MS Project 98, Timeline, PAC III, Comis

Data Base Management Systems: Teradata, ORACLE, DB2, Adabas, IMS, IDMS, PC (DBASE), MS ACCESS, VSAM, UNIVAC 1100


Confidential, Redmond, WA

Information Architect/Data Modeler


  • Working as an Information Architect and Data Modeler for the One Skills Taxonomy Project
  • Responsible for partnering with the business to gather requirements to be implemented in their preexisting data model
  • Utilizing ER/Studios to leverage data architecture and database designs to help track supply and demand of internal consultants at Confidential Services
  • Working with Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) application that helps match the skills of workforce needs of the businesses supply and demand

Confidential, Bellevue, WA

Senior Data Warehouse Architect


  • As Solution Architect, managed DW/BI projects from requirements through development
  • Teams included business analysts, system analysts, data architects, DBA’s and off-shore development managers
  • Designed DW/BI solutions and organized them into increments/iterations for optimum parallel development in order to reduce time-to-market
  • Made recommendation for a new DW architecture that was selected by the Senior Manager and Leadership Team
  • Essentially, this architecture reduced project time-to-market and cost
  • This architecture supported executive management, business analysts, data scientists, and operational reporting
  • It also enabled managed “sandboxes” and joint development of solutions between the business, architect and developers
  • Executive management approved the new architecture based on the produced presentations
  • Presented the new architecture to the Enterprise Systems Architect Council
  • In addition, produced presentations of the functional components of the architecture
  • Mentored team members in the use of the DW/BI architecture as well as diagramming techniques and conceptual data modeling
  • Working with the DW/BI Leadership team, evaluated the tools and technology for the new architecture
  • Facilitated workshops and drafted presentations with the objective to share a common architecture with Confidential ’s Engineering Team
  • Proposed an approach to align the build-out of the BI architecture with strategic business objectives
  • Contributed to changing to a highly collaborative, agile approach to reduce solution time-to-market and cost, instead of the document based waterfall methodology, and the improvement of templates for key project deliverables
  • Facilitated sessions to produce business data models and high level logical data models, as well as physical data models and DDL for Oracle and Teradata, using ER/Win and Embarcadero

Confidential, Seattle, WA

Senior Data Architect/ Manager


  • Supported project teams with business requirements analysis and design in Patient Access and Accounting, Product Documentation, and Orders and Pharmacy applications
  • The main deliverables were logical data models that represent the data required for new application features and functionality
  • Collaboration with the Global Modeling Team and alignment with healthcare industry concepts and standards to assist development of databases
  • Logical data models enabled reuse of consistent and effective solution patterns and best practices across products
  • Offering data models to Customers as part of Centricity Enterprise products to aid training, use and support of healthcare software
  • Definition of a process and deliverables for data modeling within the Design Controls and Product Design Review (PRD) framework; this was prototyped with the database designer of a Rushmore project
  • Acceptance by and knowledge transfer to the database designers, and the managers of the database team and engineering
  • Enabled customers to create their own reports over time by development of a starter set of reports in the Enterprise Orders and Pharmacy Application based on commonly used data elements and creating a base set of reporting views

Confidential, Seattle, WA

DW Manager/Enterprise Information Architect


  • Conduct research and drafted information management related strategies in support of strategic initiatives such as Enterprise Reporting and Master Data Management
  • Produced a conceptual framework for Enterprise Information Architecture that was approved by the IT Architecture Council
  • Supported the Information Governance councils; and facilitated business data requirement analysis and process modeling workshops
  • Increased the scope of data management to Enterprise Information Architecture to include operational applications, to focus on more strategic initiatives
  • Produced a conceptual framework for Enterprise Information Architecture that was approved by the IT Architecture Council
  • Support Information Governance councils (comprised of business unit representatives from across the company) and the Enterprise Data Warehouse development teams
  • Perform resource planning for the Information Architecture & Modeling team in support of future projects
  • Facilitate requirements gathering sessions and cross-functional strategy work efforts collaborating with various cross-functional business and IT teams
  • Facilitate business process definition and management workshops using business process modeling (BPM)
  • Produce logical data models for systems development efforts for operational applications, data warehousing, data marts and reporting solutions

Confidential, Seattle, WA

Enterprise Data Architect


  • Data architecture planning, relational and multidimensional data modeling, database design, and data and application integration
  • Assisted in the evaluation of commercial of-the-shelf software, specifically Enterprise Application Integration, Content Management and e-Commerce
  • Commenced a conceptual enterprise data model in the areas of product catalogues and categories, gift orders, sales tax and financial transactions resulting from orders
  • Received commendations for the design of data mart for detailed sales analysis across multiple dimensions
  • Designed the logical data models and assisted in schema gap analysis for system engineering projects
  • Participated with the Systems Architect and Director of Data Services to design a solution to alleviate the risk of database replication on business continuity
  • Mapped tables to subject areas for a custom (CRUD) application to enable impact analysis of system changes
  • Evaluated data modeling tools, i.e. AllFusion ERwin versus Embarcadero ER/Studio. Drafted steps to use ER/Studio to link an enterprise data model to various physical schemas in different systems


Senior Program Manager


  • Planned the development and rollout of all development projects for the Bank’s Home Loans Division
  • Managed multi-disciplinary teams with a management forum for every project that included a Product Manager, Process Manager, IT Manager and Change Management Manager
  • Successfully concluded the handover of two large projects to Systems Operations and Business Operations
  • Improved data quality and turnaround time by developing an External Interface System enabling third parties to capture online applications directly into the Bank’s home-loan application system


Program/ Product Manager and Data Warehouse Architect


  • Performed the role of Data Warehouse Account Manager for the bank's Credit Control Division, focusing on their Business Intelligence needs and business cases, and designing and managing the development of their data marts
  • Coordinated the development of, and architected various data warehouses with migration plans based on clients’ needs: custom development versus metadata-driven automation (Investec); enterprise data warehouse oriented with dependent data marts (Standard Bank); data mart oriented architecture (Hollard Insurance); central data warehouse with source data history zone and metadata-driven automated data marts (Bank One - Co-designed with Gavroshe Technologies), Independent Data Marts (Liberty Life)
  • Called upon to bring overdue projects back on track: ensured the delivery of three data marts within 3 months at an investment company
  • Designed and implemented various methodologies with templates for project plans and key deliverables: 1-4-9 Project Management (Standard Bank); Custom DW Methodology based on Earl Hadden, Inmon and Kimball (Standard Bank), Fast-path Reporting and Analytics (Hollard Insurance); Data Warehouse SDLC (Liberty Life)
  • Introducing a business prioritization and time management process to address backlogs of reporting requests
  • Selected training classes, books and research material to educate project teams in data warehousing
  • Integrated project management Go/NoGo decision checkpoints into development methodologies, designed templates for project plans and key deliverables, and conducted skills transfer sessions and hands-on support

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