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Principal Architect Resume

Vienna, VA


  • Professional with 15 years of Data - warehousing experience providing leadership, strategy, expertise, project management and delivering solutions across multiple verticals.
  • Experience in building and managing teams globally responsible for delivering large BI projects.
  • Extensive experience in Confidential Implementation, SDLC, data warehouse architecture/design, data modeling, Data visualizations, ETL and reporting.


  • BI Strategy
  • Expert Systems and Data warehouse Architect
  • Team Building
  • Data Modeling
  • Data Management
  • Technical Design and Support
  • Global Delivery


Software: Confidential 9/10, Erwin, ER/Studio, ER/Studio Repository, Datastage, MSOffice, Rational Clearcase, Rational Clearquest, MS Project, MS Visio, Informatica Siperian MDM, Hyperion Essbase

Programming Languages: JAVA, HTML, XML, VB Script, JQuery

Platforms: Windows, Unix (Solaris, AIX and Linux), AWS

Databases: Oracle, SQL Server, MYSQL, DB2 /UDB, Sybase, Teradata, Netezza and Cloudera


Principal Architect

Confidential, Vienna, VA


  • Developed an enterprise data warehouse and data management strategy by reviewing the different business processes and data requirements. Developed a metadata management process and security architecture for data integrity and data security.
  • Provided direction and worked with stake holders to develop a BI implementation strategy and road map. Designed a technical road map and advised them on technology selection and infrastructure requirements. Advised executive stake-holders on analytics/BI implementation rollout plans, and to secure buy-ins from various constituents in alignment with long term objectives and drive user adoption.
  • Provided technical expertise in all aspects of Confidential Solution Delivery. Activities included hands-on technical work on reporting requirements gathering, conceptual and physical data modeling, data architecture to schema tuning, developing Confidential Application Schema and Reporting objects, Dashboards and Reports. Advised on the application architecture for scalability and performance to service several hundred users.
  • Developed best practices and methodology for creating high performance data warehouse infrastructure including application server and database sizing. Database optimization strategies such as partitioning and aggregate tables to reduce query time resulting in faster performance. Devising approaches on applications such as Confidential to reduce query time by SQL tuning, Report redesign, incremental caching of intelligent cubes.
  • Provided strategic and technical guidance to data architects and ETL architects and technical managers to optimize data-warehouse design and business intelligence platform implementations.
  • Developed a process for UX/UI and Data Visualizations for user friendly interfaces and increasing user adoption. The process consisted of strategy to conducting interactive user sessions on UX principles and development of visualization frameworks.
  • Developed and piloted an agile BI process, where delivery was performed in short sprints resulting in goal oriented quicker deliveries and drove faster BI adoption.
  • Advised on change management and application migrations/upgrade strategies for smoother transition from one release to the next.
  • Trained business and technical managers on analyzing impact of changes, and on estimating impact and load to infrastructure, back-end applications, and services. Advised on ensuring that key architecture principles such as performance, scalability, modularity, reliability, etc. are procedurally accounted for in each release cycle.
  • Led a team of consultants across multiple projects and managed delivery and operations both onsite and offsite. Managed and advised multiple teams with different expertise, Development, QA and Migration.

BI Architect/Project Manager

Confidential, Silver Spring, MD


  • Managed software application development and integration projects through all phases of project life cycle - analysis, design, development, testing, implementation, and post-production support.
  • Responsible for project planning, budget control, production planning, quality assurance, resource allocation and coordination with other teams and project stake holders.
  • Lead a team of BI developers responsible for requirement analysis, data modeling and architecting a Confidential based BI solution and reports development. Performing complex data warehouse design and assist with ETL design and development.
  • Assisted Business leads with framing BI strategy and initiatives and guided them with implementation of BI initiatives resulting in a higher BI adoption rate.
  • Developed dynamic dashboards using Confidential for senior executive team to present maximum information/analytics in the most concise manner. These dashboards were flash based so they can be used offline.
  • Architected the Confidential project and developed reports and metrics. Narrowcast Services were developed to push the reports to the senior business users. Performed Confidential installation and assisted the client with Confidential Intelligence Server tuning and Confidential Administration.
  • Customized multiple Confidential front end’s Confidential Web and Confidential Office to make it user friendly resulting in higher user productivity and higher adoption rate.
  • Performed Confidential Administration tasks like project migration, security administration, user and schema management using Confidential Command Manager, Confidential Object Manager.

Lead Data Architect

Confidential, Herndon, VA


  • Responsibilities included requirement analysis, project management, data modeling, and development of ETL process and framing of data standards. Responsibilities also included guiding a team of data modelers, analysts and ETL developers to design and develop the financial accounting and reporting system. The accounting system which was transactional in nature was built using traditional relational modeling techniques and was designed to ease loading and storage of data. The reporting system was modeled using star schema technique to facilitate easy access of data.
  • Worked with other data architects in the company to develop a comprehensive strategy on enterprise metadata management. Responsibilities included development of comprehensive document to handle Metadata strategy and change management process for data models. This process resulted in acquiring ER Studio repository tool which allows maintaining all data models in a standard repository and also acts as a single point interface to manage enterprise metadata.
  • Lead a team of report developers to help them build multiple OLAP reporting systems. One of the systems was using Hyperion 7.0 which had Excel front end sitting on the top of Hyperion Essbase Analytical cube. The other system was built using Business Objects XI. Responsibilities included reporting database design, requirement analysis and assistance with system architecture.

Technical Advisor

Confidential, Charlotte, NC


  • Worked as a Technical Advisor responsible for conducting a review of client’s existing BI System and assisted them in optimizing their BI/data warehouse application. Responsibilities included technical audit of the Confidential Application Architecture and Teradata Reporting Data warehouse.
  • Assisted the client with optimizing the Confidential Intelligence Server performance. Helped them with tuning Confidential reports for faster performance. Assisted the client with tuning the existing data model for better performance, by building aggregate tables, indices and partitioning.
  • Developed a new data warehouse and ETL strategy, which included a new design methodology for developing reporting data model and ETL process. The comprehensive proposal included detailed steps to handle data collection, data transfer (ETL), data warehousing, analysis, reporting, and visualization.

Business Intelligence Architect

Confidential, New York, NY


  • Worked as Business Intelligence Architect responsible for designing and developing BI System/Data warehouse for Confidential . Responsibilities include developing a BI Practice and help them plan and implement a full life cycle data warehouse project.
  • Developed a Business Intelligence Methodology tailored for Confidential to assist them in building a Business Intelligence (BI) Practice and implement BI /data warehousing projects. The methodology document consisted of detailed steps needed to plan and develop a BI/data warehousing system.
  • Assisted the client with gathering requirements for building the data warehouse and selection of Business Intelligence Tool. Generated Roles and Responsibilities document to help client understand the resource requirements for a data warehousing project. Generated a sizing document which explained the Hardware requirements for Confidential based BI System and Oracle based data warehouse.
  • Architected the Confidential project and developed reports and metrics. Narrowcast Services were also developed to push the reports to the user. Performed Confidential installation and assisted the client with Intelligence Server tuning and Confidential Administration.
  • Developed a Project Requirements Document which defined the project goals and also consisted of technical requirements for Confidential, ETL, System, Security, Network and performance. Also assisted the client with developing Project plan and task allocation.
  • Architected the data model for Confidential ’s data warehouse based on the input from the business side and existing systems. The data model was dimensional in nature optimized to work with Confidential Application.

Senior Consultant

Confidential, Mclean, VA


  • Lead a team of Confidential developers to design and develop a data mart solution for financial reporting. Responsibilities included architecting the data model and Confidential solution. The data model design was a mix of snowflake and star schema, optimized for Confidential . Worked closely with the business group to develop a business dimensional model, which demonstrated how different functions of business interacted with each other and which served as a basis for design of the data model.
  • Worked on a decision support system which allows business users to perform complex financial analysis. Responsibilities included interfacing with the business area to gather requirements and performing data analysis to develop the requirements. Assisted with design, development and testing of the system. Architected the Confidential project for further report development. Architecting included data modeling and creation of Confidential project.
  • Responsibilities also included project creation using Confidential Architect, reports and metrics development. Also performed Confidential Administrator tasks like project migration, security administration and schema management. Creation of services in Narrowcaster for senior business users
  • Developed Best Practices document for change management strategy and administration for various BI environments. Developed best practices document to improve performance of BI reporting environment. The document consisted of suggestions to improve performance of the database environment, Confidential environment and Web servers.

Technical Lead

Confidential, Mclean, VA


  • Guided consultants on implementation of Confidential solutions. Assisting them with Data-model design, tuning of databases, tuning Intelligence Server, administration and helping with Web customizations.
  • Worked closely with high visibility customers of Confidential in various verticals such as Retail, Telecom, Insurance and Pharmaceuticals assisting them with project planning and assisting them with successful implementation of Confidential solutions. Solutions provided were in different areas ranging from data modeling, performance tuning and Sever Administration
  • Worked with management team to define budgeting, staffing needs for the department and worked with management to design a new bonus plan for the department. I was also involved in hiring and managing of Technical Services team.
  • Worked closely with Technology and Product Management team assisting them with Product development by testing products, suggesting enhancements and bug fixes. Providing suggestions to include new features in the product to make the customer implementations successful.
  • Conducting technical training for a team of new engineers on Confidential 7x product line to help them gain technical expertise.

Senior Technical Support Engineer

Confidential, Mclean, VA


  • Assisted a major Insurance Services client with performance tuning to improve run times by 75%. Designed performance tuning methodology for them, which included de-normalizing schema, building aggregate tables, indexing, partitioning and reducing bottlenecks on middle tier servers.
  • Outlined data-modeling guidelines and assisted a major HMO client with development of complex reports and metrics. Assisted them in data-modeling of a snowflake schema solution optimized for Confidential .
  • Recommended strategies for BI development for global report distribution system that broadcasts reports across the stores nationwide. Tuned database and mid-tier servers to reduce report run times to under one minute.
  • Assisted a major retailer with hardware sizing requirements which were optimal for Confidential . The suggestions included hardware requirements, clustering strategies and network security for optimal performance and setup.
  • Assisted a customer with building a Narrowcaster Project. The assignment included setting up Narrowcaster environment and repositories. It also involved service creation, including complicated services such as Personalized Page execution services. The assignment also included narrowcaster tuning and portal customization.
  • Assisted a customer with building customized pro-active portals using Confidential Narrowcaster to broadcast alerts to users about their Stock prices, Sales Analysis and Inventory management.
  • Trained and mentored new engineers on Confidential product suite and internal procedures and methodologies.

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