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Senior Consultant Resume


Confidential has been in IT and has been both a full time employee and a consultant in different industries of the business world. He has extensive experience with mainframe technology in full life cycle development, project implementation, production support and application maintenance. He is currently working in the Enterprise Database Group as a DBA for z/OS DB2. His previous role was supporting several mainframe - based and JAVA-based backend web services. He is also adept in Data warehousing concepts and implementation using ETL and GUI tools. This individual is capable of working with and/ or leading a team by providing inter-personal, analytical and problem solving skills as well as excellent programming and investigative skills that are crucial to solving life cycle development and support issues. He has also worked in an Offshore/ Onsite environment in a technical and lead role. He is a quick learner and is very flexible in learning new tools and technologies to provide clients, projects and applications with a robust and effective skill set.


Hardware: IBM ES-9000 series, IBM-S360/S370/S390, AS/400, PDP-11/34, IBM PC and compatibles.

Software: Microsoft Office applications, Lotus Notes, VPN web and client, Webex productivity tools, Project Plan, CA Service, Sametime Connect, HP ALM, CA Introscope Workstation (WILY), SPLUNK Enterprise, soapUI, JMETER, RTC, Quality Center, ClearQuest, Jabber

Operating Systems: MVS/ ESA, DOS/VSE, JES2

Languages: VS COBOL/ COBOL II, OS/ JCL, SQL, XML, Pascal

Database: z/OS DB2/ UDB, IMS/ DB, VSAM(DB1), AIX DB, Data Stores/ Transaction Stores


ETL Tools: Informatica PowerMart/ PowerCenter

Utilities: CA Database Mgt Solutions for Z/OS, DB2 Access, TSO/ISPF/ TPX, FileAid, Expediter, IDCAMS, EasyTrieve, QMF, SPUFI, Intertest, DataExpert, Librarian, INFOPAC, Panvalet, Playbakc, Hourglass, FTP/IP, SMARTTEST, RMDS, OPC/A, Changeman, Endevor, Eclipse, Serena Dimension



Database Administrator

  • Accepted as a junior DBA into the Database group that manages DB2 for Z/OS (mainframe). While still learning the nuances of being a DBA, he was put in charge of managing and creating the jobs and the plans for the eDBA-related tasks of the monthly production releases. He also provides basic DBA tasks to application users and testers which involves the creation and alteration of databases, tables, indexes for various Enterprise applications on various stages of testing environments.
  • The maintenance environment included: IBM S390, CICS, SQL/Db2 for z/OS, SPUFI, VSAM, TPX, TSO/E, Endevor, CA Database Mgt Solutions for Z/OS


Team Lead/ Subject Matter Expert

  • As a full-time employee for a major Health Insurance company, this individual initially supported the Claims Inquiry legacy system for both the online and background CICS service applications. This application served as the main access to the Confidential for millions of members. He was personally responsible for maintaining the EDI/HIPAA 276/277 transaction programming (for Local and Host claims), the Inquiry Reporting and Information System (IRIS) including all the Batch reporting requirements and Federal requests for fraud investigations, the Claim Lock application and the Claims Status Manager and part of the Inquiry Begin Menu (IMNU) application.
  • He also attended a 3-month company-sponsored JAVA boot camp and was then placed as the production support Lead and SME of the Claims Inquiry (CINQ) application and the Claims Accums Summary Service (CASS) application once these projects went into production. This enabled him to make the transition into the support role of distributed environments. As part of the primary support, he coordinated and undertook incident/ ticket/ defect investigations, set-up monitoring alerts for application health checks, provided application verification support whenever changes in environments happen in both Test and Production environments per requests from Websphere and environment teams. In this role, he also worked in close coordination with the DBA’s on both the Claims Transactions Store (CTS) and the Operational Data Store (ODS). This individual also maintained his close coordination with the eBusiness teams to ensure applications are properly maintained and changes are properly addressed.
  • The maintenance environment included: IBM S390, Cobol II, CICS, MVS, SQL/Db2, SPUFI, VSAM, TPX, TSO/E, Endevor, Vanilla, AIX servers, MQ, JAVA, Eclipse, Serena Dimension, SPLUNK, soapUI, WILY, JMETER


Technical Lead

  • As the Onsite technical Lead for one of Chicago’s major retailer, this individual was part of a 9-man team (2 Onsite, 7 offshore) responsible for maintaining, supporting and developing new processes for the NPS/ NBJ, NDV Home Services systems. These core systems make up more than 50% of the total revenue for the company. He was personally responsible for the analysis of productions problems, design and implementation of production fixes and enhancements, reviewing and QA of the offshore member’s tasks and acted as secondary point of contact for the team.
  • He also took part in the daily daytime and nighttime primary pager duty that support over 800 stores and shops across the US and Puerto Rico. His position is considered as the key role in supporting NPS system.
  • His position for the last 6 months before rolling off the assignment was being the Onsite coordinator of the NPS, NPJ and NPN systems where he served in a managerial/ tech role in close coordination with client managers. The maintenance environment included: IBM S390, Cobol/ Cobol II, APS-CICS, MVS, SQL/Db2, SPUFI, QMF, Db2 Access, VSAM, TSO, FileAid, Smarttest.


Senior Consultant

  • As a Senior Consultant for a major office products supplier, this individual was part of a team responsible for designing and developing the process to manage the accurate re-alignment of close to 100,000 items as products are re-categorized.
  • This critical project encompasses the creation of new files, Db2 tables, programs (batch and on-line), and reports to support and document the item realignment process and the complicated changes required for the restricted items. He was personally responsible for the development and implementation of over a dozen new batch and on-line programs and the modification of several others. He was considered to be the best performing consultant on the team. The development environment included: IBM S360/370,Cobol II, MVS, SQL/IMS/DB2, SPUFI, QMF, DB2 Access, VSAM, TSO, FielAid, Expediter, CICS and Panvalet.


Senior Consultant

  • As a Senior Consultant for a major industrial supplier, this individual was part of a team responsible for a Data Warehouse initiative for the Industrial Supply Division. He prepared the data and environment on the mainframe side during the Proof of Concept sessions to decide which ETL tol to use. He was directly responsible for mapping, investigation of data and meta data, extract, transform and loading of 20 Financial entities with over 100 attributes into the Data Warehouse and Data Mart tables. He was instrumental in in the coordination of tasks and entities between the Design team, Oracle Finance, and the Finance side of the Legacy system. The Warehouse and Data Marts were implemented in Db2 and UDB platforms. The ETL tool used PowerCenter by Informatica.
  • On another project, this individual was part of the Full System Test team that verified the functionality of all the mainframe applications for Y2K readiness. He headed the team that tested the Accouts Receivables Group. The application had over 600 programs. As Team Lead, he coordinated the overall testing of all the modules in the application. He also authored the test plan standard to be used a the guideline for testing all the applications for the projects. This included development practices, naming standards, test documentation and analysis of the application itself. The testing environment included ES-9000, Cobol II, MVS, SQL/IMS/Db2, VSAM, TSO, FileAid, Expediter, CICS, INFOPAC, TELON, Playback and Hourglass.



  • As a consultant for a major publishing company, this individual was responsible for the overall design, coding, testing and implementation of several Data Interface programs. He also identified areas in which to further enhance the smooth flow of operation for the system. The application’s objective was to receive and process credit card transactions including the security procedures critical for verification.
  • On another project, this individual in a team of three, was responsible for the main design, coding and testing, and implementation of the interface for the UFS System. The system provided an interface to the Input System and improved the general process flow of data thru the Reader’s Digest systems. The development environment included Cobol/ Cobol II, MVS/ES, SQL, Db2, VSAM, JCL, FileAid, DataExpert, QMF, Expediter.


Project Manager

  • As a project manager for a multi-national shipping company, this individual was responsible for leading a team in the development of a Terminal Interface System. The system provided on-line and batch updates of container activities for three major territories (US, UK, FE). This made use of data thru EDI transmissions of various shipping port locations and container facilities around the world.
  • As part of this effort, this individual rose thru the ranks when he started as a junior programmer and developed over fifty online and batch programs. In addition, he provided analytical and problem solving skills to the entire Operations team while maintaining support to existing program modules. The development and maintenance environment included: IBM ES-9000, CICS, VS Cobol II, Db2, SQL, SPUFI, Intertest, QMF, TSO/ISPF, Librarian, Easytrieve, CICSPrint, VSAM, OS/JCL, MVS/ESA

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