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Ab Initio Developer Resume

Dallas, TexaS


  • With 6 plus years of experience in designing, developing and maintaining complex software solutions in the field of Data warehousing, ETL, Data Migration and Market Analysis in UNIX, Linux & Windows environment using Ab Initio and Shell Scripts.
  • Have extensive programming skills in Ab Initio, SQL, PL/SQL and UNIX shell scripting.
  • Experience in providing High Level Design and Low - Level Design of ETL Processes utilizing Snowflake schema, Star schema, Operational Data Source (ODS) and Slowly Changing Dimensions.
  • Developed various UNIX shell scripts (wrapper scripts using AWK, SED) to run Ab Initio and Data base jobs
  • Expert in designing Star Schema and Oracle PL/SQL programming.
  • Handled complex data formats, which included Vector type of record format coming as a source
  • Strong hands on experience using Teradata utilities (FastExport, MultiLoad, FastLoad, Tpump, BTEQ and QueryMan.
  • Highly experienced in ETL tool Ab-Initio using GDE Designer.
  • Good experience with Data Migration, Data Transformation and Data Loading using ETL with RDBMS and file systems such as Main frame, XML, SAP files.
  • Very good understanding of Teradata’s MPP architecture such as Shared Nothing, Nodes, AMPs, BYNET, Partitioning, Primary Indexes etc. Extensively used different features of Teradata such as BTEQ, Fastload, Multiload, SQL Assistant, DDL and DML commands.
  • Well versed with Ab Initio parallelism techniques and implemented Ab Initio Graphs using Data parallelism, MFS techniques, Continuous Flows, Component folding and PDL features.
  • SQL Database/developer with experience in writing efficient SQL queries, fine tuning queries and wrote several SQL queries for adhoc reporting.
  • Expertise in various Ab Initio component groups like Partition, De-partition, Database, Datasets, Transform, FTP, Sort and Miscellaneous.
  • Developed various UNIX shell scripts to run Ab Initio and Database jobs. Practical experience with working on multiple environments like production, development and testing.
  • Very good experience in Oracle database application development using Oracle 10g/9i/8i/x, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL*Loader. Strong experience in writing SQL, PL/SQL-Stored Procedures, Functions and Triggers.
  • Provided Production support and flexible in managing multiple projects.
  • Expertise in testing the Ab Initio graphs by using JILs and scheduling in Autosys.
  • Configured Ab Initio environment to talk to database using db config, Input Table, Output Table, Update table Components.
  • Extensively used Ab Initio EME data store/sandbox for version control, code promotion and impact analysis
  • Experience in integration of various data sources with Multiple Relational Databases like DB2, Oracle, SQL Server and MS Access.
  • Good Knowledge in Dimensional Data modeling, Star/Snowflake schema design, Fact and Dimensional tables, Physical and Logical data modeling.


Databases: Teradata 14.0/13, Oracle 10g, DB2, MS-SQL Server 2005/2008, MS-Access, OracleOS:UNIX (AIX), Linux, MS DOS

Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX Shell programming

Scheduling Tools: Autosys, Control -M.

ETL Tools: Ab Initio GDE 1.14/1.15/3.0.4 Co-Operating System 2.14, 2.15

Teradata Tools: BTEQ, Teradata SQL Assistant, Teradata Manager, PMON, Teradata Administrator.

Data Modelling: Star-Schema Modeling, Snowflakes Modeling, Erwin 4.0, Visio

DB Tools /Utilities: Toad, SQL Plus, Teradata SQL Assistant

MS Tools: MS Project, MS Word, MS Excel


Confidential, Dallas, Texas

Ab Initio Developer


  • Extensively used Database and Dataset components like Input file, Input table, and Output table and Transform components like Join, Rollup, Scan, Filter by expression, Reformat and other components like Merge, Lookup, Input/Output table and Sort.
  • Used Partition components like partition by expression, partition by key, etc., to run the middle layer processing parallel.
  • Designed, developed and Unit tested Ab Initio graphs using GDE for Extraction, Transformation and Loading of data from source to target.
  • Extensively worked in the UNIX environment using Shell Scripts. Created test cases and performed unit testing for the Ab Initio graphs. Documented Unit testing. Logged and resolved defects in the roll out phase. Responsible for supporting the functional team and troubleshooting any production issues.
  • Responsible for the detailed design and documentation. Provided technical solutions for the Process requests raised by Data team to fix the issues in the existing system.

Environment: Ab Initio GDE 3.1.x Co>Op 3.1.x, Oracle 11g, EME, Teradata V14, Autosys, PL/SQL, Shell scripts, U Oracle, SQL Server 2000, XML, AIX UNIX

Confidential, Virginia

Ab Initio Developer


  • Used generic graph for Handled Validation of incoming files.
  • Different Ab Initio components were used effectively to develop and maintain the database.
  • Tuned the Graphs by creating Lookup files, Memory sort and Max-core parameters for maximum usage of cache memory and to enhance the performance.
  • Worked closely with the end users in writing the functional specifications based on the business needs.
  • Created Ab Initio graphs that transfer data from various sources like Oracle and flat files to the oracle database and flat files.
  • Performed data cleansing using AB Initio functions such as is valid, is error, is defind.
  • Worked on Multi file systems with extensive parallel processing.
  • Extensively used Partitioning Components: partition by key, partition by Range, partition by round robin and De-partition components like Concatenate, Gather and Merge in Ab Initio.
  • Implemented Transform Components such as Aggregate, Dedup Sorted, Filter by Expression, Join, Normalize, Reformat, Rollup and Scan Components and created appropriate XFRs and DMLs.
  • Used Lookup Transformation in validating the warehouse customer data.
  • Extensively used string * functions, date functions and error functions for source to target data transformations.

Environment: Abinitio GDE 1.15/1.14, Oracle, Teradata, UNIX, Cognos, Control-M.

Confidential, Washington, DC

Ab Initio Developer


  • Understanding the specifications for Data Warehouse ETL Processes and interacting with the business analysts and end users to understand system requirements
  • Working closely with Business Analysts to interpret the Business rules and make necessary modifications to process the data for accuracy.
  • Performed Data Analysis and created High Level and Technical Design documents based on system requirements.
  • Extensively worked under the Unix Environment using Shell Scripts and Wrapper Scripts. Responsible for writing the wrapper scripts to invoke the deployed Ab Initio Graphs.
  • Modified the Ab Initio graphs to utilize data parallelism and thereby improve the overall performance to fine-tune the execution times.
  • Participated in system analysis and data modeling, which included creating tables, synonyms, triggers, functions, Stored procedures, cursors and packages
  • Developed shell scripts to automate file manipulation and data loading.
  • Used sandbox parameters to check in and checkout of graphs from repository Systems.

Environment: Ab Initio Co >Op 2.16/2.15/2.14, GDE, Teradata V, UNIX, Clear Case, SQL Assistant, Shell Scripts.


ETL Developer


  • Involved in Requirement gathering, business Analysis, Design and Development, testing and implementation of business rules. Translate customer requirements into formal requirements and design documents.
  • Created Ab Initio graphs that transfer data from various sources like Oracle, flat files and CSV files to the Teradata database and flat files.
  • Development of scripts for loading the data into the base tables in EDW using FastLoad, MultiLoad and BTEQ utilities of Teradata.
  • Performed application level activities creating tables, indexes, monitored and tuned Teradata BETQ scripts using Teradata Visual Explain utility.
  • Reviewed the SQL for missing joins & join constraints, data format issues, mis-matched aliases, casting errors.
  • Collected Multi-Column Statistics on all the non-indexed columns used during the join operations & all columns used in the residual conditions.
  • Developed Unix Korn Shell wrappers to run Ab Initio Scripts.
  • Worked closely with Ab Initio Administrator for Implementing the Multi File Systems (MFS).
  • Redesigned existing graphs to bring down processing time.
  • Converted user defined functions of business process into Ab Initio user defined functions

Environment: Ab Initio CO>op 2.15, Ab Initio GDE 1.15, TOAD, SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX Sun Solaris, Oracle 9i/8i.

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