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Sr. Informatica/etl Developer Resume

Texas, AustiN


  • Around 7 years of focused experience in Information Technology with a strong background in developing BI applications in various verticals such as Health, Insurance, Finance, Banking and Pharmacy.
  • Experience in Analysis, Design, and Development of various business applications in different platforms in data warehousing using Informatica 9.x/8.x/7.1, Oracle, Sybase, Teradata, and SQL server.
  • Extensive experience in using Informatica tool for implementation of ETL methodology in Data Extraction, Transformation and Loading.
  • Expertise in Data Warehousing, Data Migration, Data Integration using Business Intelligence (BI) tools such as Informatica Power Center, B2B Data Transformation, Informatica Data Quality, MDM, SSIS, OBIEE, etc.,
  • Extensive knowledge on the SDLC development life cycle. Involved in different phases starting from Requirement Gathering to Production Deployments.
  • Extensive knowledge with Relational &dimensional data modeling, star schema/snowflakes schema, fact and dimension tables and process mapping using the top - down and bottom-up approach.
  • Experience in using Informatica Client Tools - Designer, Source Analyzer, Target Designer, Transformation Developer, Mapplet Designer, Mapping Designer, Workflow Manager and Workflow Monitor, Analyst, Developer tools.
  • Developed various mappings using different transformations like Source Qualifier, Expression, Filter, Joiner, Router, Union, Unconnected / Connected Lookups and Aggregator.
  • Experience in creating High Level Design and Detailed Design in the Design phase.
  • Experience in integration of various data sources like Oracle, DB2, MS SQL Server and Flat Files.
  • Experience in identifying Bottlenecks in ETL Processes and Performance tuning of the production applications using Database Tuning, Partitioning, Index Usage, Aggregate Tables, Session partitioning, Load strategies, commit intervals and transformation tuning.
  • Supported MDM initiatives using Oracle databases and Informatica Data Quality (IDQ).
  • Experience in SQL and PL/SQL - Stored Procedures, Triggers, Packages and Functions .
  • Extracted Data from multiple operational sources of loading staging area, Data Warehouse and data marts using CDC/ SCD (Type1/Type2) loads.
  • Extensively worked on Dimensional Modeling, Data Migration, Data Cleansing, and Data staging for operational sources using ETL and data mining features for data warehouses .
  • Extensively involved in writing the UNIX shell programming.
  • Experience in creating Reusable Tasks (Sessions, Command, Email) and Non-Reusable Tasks (Decision, Event Wait, Event Raise, Timer, Assignment, Worklet, Control).
  • Implemented performance tuning techniques at application, database and system levels.
  • Provided production support to the system and handle production queries/defects.
  • Skilled in developing Test Plans, Creating and Executing Test Cases.
  • Experience working in agile methodology and ability to manage change effectively.
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal skill and quickly assimilate latest technologies concepts and ideas.


ETL TOOLS/DATA MODELING TOOLS: Informatica Power Center, Power Exchange 9.6/9.5/9.1/8.6/8.1/7.1, IDQ, MSBI. (Repository Manager, Designer, Server manager, Work Flow Monitor, Work Flow Manager), Erwin, FACTS and Dimension Tables, Physical and Logical Data Star Join Schema Modeling.

DATABASES: Oracle 11g/10g/9i, Teradata, MS SQL Server, MS Access, SQL, PL/SQL

TOOLS: Toad, SQL developer, Visio, Teradata SQL Assistant

SQL, PL/SQL, T: SQL, UNIX, Shell Scripting, Batch Scripting

OPERATING SYSTEMS: UNIX, Windows Server 2008/2003, LINUX.

JOB SCHEDULING: Informatica Scheduler, Tidal, Control M, CA Autosys


Confidential, TEXAS,AUSTIN

Sr. Informatica/ETL Developer


  • Develops PowerCenter Workflows and Sessions, and also sets up PowerExchange connections to database and mainframe files
  • Develops logical and physical data flow models for ETL applications Provide System and Application Administration for Informatica PowerCenter and PowerExchange Designs, develops, automates, and supports complex applications to extract, transform, and load data Identifies and manages interfaces, service levels, standards and configurations Demonstrates working knowledge of Informatica PWC & PWX 8.6.1 or 9.x, SQL Server 2005/2008 or equivalent databases, SQL, Oracle/GoldenGate, Windows server 2003/2008, Autosys Scheduling, Mainframe data files, Web Services and XML Plans work and leads team of others; mentors others on the team with product functionality
  • Worked with IBM Maximo Application
  • Worked with Birt users
  • Working closely with Onshore and offshore application development leads
  • ETL Mappings, Mapplets, Workflows, Worklets using Informatica Powercenter 9.x
  • Identify efficiencies and ways to improve design and development processes
  • Identify ways to increase efficiency of production support - Find solutions that allow operations to better do their job without involving development resource time
  • Strong knowledge of Informatica ETL and Oracle/DB2 database technologies
  • Strong analytical skills and SQL proficiency
  • Strong experience in DWH Technologies (Informatica, Netezza, SQL, Unix, Autosys)
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Experience with Tableau
  • Ability to identify and appropriately escalate issues/risks to management for direction
  • Strong understanding of operational data staging environments, data modeling principles, and data warehousing concepts
  • Strong time management and task prioritization
  • Strong Data modeling and understanding of key business elements


Sr. Informatica/ETL Developer


  • Participated in requirement meetings with Business Analysts to understand analytical content needs.
  • Assisted in documenting these requirements, resolving ambiguities and conflicts, and ensuring requirements are complete.
  • Responsible for developing, support and maintenance for the ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) processes using Informatica Power Center.
  • Design database table structures for transactional and reference data sources.
  • Created mappings for HL7 files integration projects.
  • Build the Dimension & Facts tables load process and reporting process using Informatica
  • Involved in the data analysis for source and target systems and good understanding of Data Warehousing concepts, staging tables, Dimensions, Facts and Star Schema, Snowflake Schema.
  • Initiate the data modeling sessions, to design and build/append appropriate data mart models to support the reporting needs of applications.
  • Extracted data from various data sources such as Oracle, SQL Server, Flat files and transformed and loaded into targets using Informatica.
  • Created users, groups and gave read/write permissions on the respective Folders of repository.
  • Designed Mappings by including the logic of restart.
  • Created source and Target Definitions, Reusable transformations, mapplets and worklets.
  • Created Mappings and used transformations like Source Qualifier, Filter, Update Strategy, Lookup, Expression, Router, Joiner, Normalizer, Aggregator Sequence Generator and Address validator.
  • Developed mappings to load Fact and Dimension tables, SCD Type 1 and SCD Type 2 dimensions and Incremental loading and unit tested the mappings.
  • Working with Informatica Developer (IDQ) tool to ensure data quality to the consumers.
  • Involved in massive data profiling using IDQ (Analyst tool) prior to data staging.
  • Created profiles and score cards for the users using IDQ.
  • Created Technical Specification Documents and Solution Design Documents to outline the implementation plans for the requirements.
  • Extensively worked on Data Cleansing, Data Analysis and Monitoring Using Data Quality.
  • Created UNIX shell scripts to handle pre and post session tasks, and to sftp files on to informatica's server and onto database servers.
  • Interacted with both Technical, functional and business audiences across different phases of the project life cycle .
  • Involved in the Performance Tuning of Database and Informatica. Improved performance by identifying and rectifying the performance bottle necks.
  • Managed Scheduling of Tasks to run any time without any operator intervention.
  • Prepared Unit/ Systems Test Plan and the test cases for the developed mappings.

ENVIRONMENT: Informatica Power Center 9.6.1/9.5/9.1, IDQ, SQL Server, UNIX, Toad, SQL Developer, Putty, SFTP/FTP

Confidential, NYC

Sr. Informatica/ETL Developer


  • Worked closely with Development managers to evaluate the overall project timeline.
  • Interacted with the users and making changes to Informatica mappings according to the Business requirements.
  • Developed the Informatica Mappings by usage of Aggregator, SQL overrides usage in Lookups, source filter usage in Source qualifiers and data flow management into multiple targets using Router.
  • Used various transformations like Filter, Expression, Sequence Generator, Update Strategy, Lookup, Router and Aggregator to create robust mappings in the Informatica Power Center Designer.
  • Extensively used various Data Cleansing and Data Conversion functions like LTRIM, RTRIM, ISNULL, ISDATE, TO DATE, Decode, Substr, Instr, and IIF functions in Expression Transformation.
  • Responsible for best practices like naming conventions, Performance tuning, and Error Handling
  • Responsible for Performance Tuning at the Source level, Target level, Mapping Level and Session Level.
  • Used Router, joiner, stored procedures, look up, filter, source qualifier and update strategy transformations extensively.
  • Involved in standardization of Data like of changing a reference data set to a new standard.
  • Data if validated from third party before providing to the internal transformations should be checked for its accuracy (DQ).
  • Used Address validator transformation in IDQ.
  • Involved in massive data profiling using IDQ (Analyst tool) prior to data staging.
  • Created partitioned tables, partitioned indexes for manageability and scalability of the application. Made use of Post-Session success and Post-Session failure commands in the session task to execute scripts needed for cleanup and update purposes.
  • Developed various mapping and tuning using Oracle and SQL*Plus in the ETL process.
  • Implemented slowly changing dimensions Type 2 using ETL Informatica tool.
  • Designed best practices on Process Sequence, Dictionaries, Data Quality Lifecycles, Naming Convention, and Version Control.
  • Created Use-Case Documents to explain and outline data behavior.
  • Working with Informatica Developer (IDQ) tool to ensure data quality to the consumers.
  • Used Address validator transformation for validating various customers address from various countries by using SOAP interface.
  • Created PL/SQL programs like procedures, function, packages, and cursors to extract data from Target System.
  • Involved in deployment of IDQ mappings to application and to different environments.
  • Defects are logged and change requests are submitted using defects module of Test Director.
  • Worked with different Informatica tuning issues and fine-tuned the transformations to make them more efficient in terms of performance.

ENVIRONMENT: Informatica Power Center 9.6.1/9.5/9.1, Oracle 11g, UNIX, PLSQL, SQL* PLUS, SQL SERVER 2008 R2, TOAD, MS Excel 2007.

Confidential, SECAUCUS, NJ

Informatica Developer


  • Visualize a data architecture design from high level to low level, and design performance objects for each level
  • Troubleshooting database issues related to performance, queries, stored procedure.
  • Develop and maintain data marts on an enterprise data warehouse to support various defined dashboards such as Imperative for Quality (IQ) program.
  • Designed and develop data models and database architecture by translating abstract relationships into logical structures.
  • Extensively used flat files for Designed and developed complex Informatica mappings using expressions, aggregators, filters, lookup and stored procedures to ensure movement of the data between various applications.
  • Developed several forms and reports in the process. Also converted several standalone procedures/functions in PL/SQL to packaged procedure for code reusability, modularity and control.
  • Extracted data from source systems to a DataMart running on Teradata.
  • Worked in extracting data from legacy Systems such as main frames, oracle to Teradata.
  • Create and Modify JCL Jobs as required in Test and Production.
  • Source data analysis and data profiling for data warehouse projects.
  • Design and implement all stages of data life cycle. Maintain coding and naming standards.
  • Developed end-to-end ETL processes for Trade Management Data Mart Using Informatica.
  • Implemented various loads like Daily Loads, Weekly Loads, and Quarterly Loads using Incremental Loading Strategy.
  • Used Informatica Version Control for checking in all versions of the objects used in creating the mappings, workflows to keep track of the changes in the development, test and production environment.
  • Extensively worked with Slowly Changing Dimensions Type1 and Type2.
  • Worked extensively on PL/SQL as part of the process to develop several scripts to handle different scenarios.
  • Worked extensively on Informatica Partitioning when dealing with huge volumes of data and also partitioned the tables in Oracle for optimal performance.
  • Developed reconciliation scripts to validate the data loaded in the tables as part of unit testing.
  • Prepared SQL Queries to validate the data in both source and target databases.
  • Prepared scripts to email the records that do not satisfy the business rules (Error Records) to the uploaded business users.
  • Prepared the UNIX Shell Scripts to process the file uploads, one of the SOURCE for the data that process the uploads into different stages (Landing, Staging and Target tables)
  • Worked on TOAD and Oracle SQL to develop queries and create procedures.
  • Knowledge in working with Informatica Power Exchange .
  • Automated ETLs to apply complex business rules and loaded the data into the core tables from various data sources like excel files, flat files, and SQL Server using Informatica.
  • Experience working in Agile methodology and ability to manage change effectively.
  • Assign work and responsible for providing technical expertise for the design and execution of ETL projects to onshore and offshore developers.

ENVIRONMENT: Informatica Power Center 8.6 (Repository Manager, Designer, Workflow Manager, Workflow Monitor), Informatica Power Exchange, SQL, Oracle 11g,, Flat Files, UNIX Shell Scripting




  • Implement procedures to maintain, monitor, backup and recovery operations for ETL environment.
  • Conduct ETL optimization, troubleshooting and debugging.
  • Extensively used Informatica Designer to create and manipulate source and target definitions, mappings, mapplets, transformations, re-usable transformations.
  • Written Complex SQL overrides for source qualifier and Lookups in mappings.
  • Designed and developed validation scripts based on business rules to check the Quality of data loaded into EBS.
  • Created the Data flow Diagrams for the full run and the reprocess partial run for the workflows to be created in Informatica taking into point the dependencies using Microsoft Visio.
  • Implemented best practices in ETL Design and development and ability to load data into highly normalized tables and star schemas.
  • Designed and developed mappings making use of transformations like Source Qualifier, Joiner, Update Strategy, Connected Lookup and unconnected Lookup, Rank, Expression, Router, Filter, Aggregator and Sequence Generator, Web services Consumer, XML Generator Transformations.
  • Wrote UNIX shell scripts for Informatica ETL tool to run the Sessions.
  • Stored reformatted data from relational, flat file, XML files using Informatica (ETL).
  • Developed mapping to load the data in slowly changing dimension.
  • Involved in Design Review, code review, test review, and gave valuable suggestions.
  • Worked with different Caches such as Index cache, Data cache, Lookup cache (Static, Dynamic and Persistence) and Join cache while developing the Mappings.
  • Worked on CDC (Change Data Capture) to implement SCD (Slowly Changing Dimensions ) Type 1 and Type 2.
  • Responsible for offshore Code delivery and review process
  • Used Informatica to extract data from DB2, XML and Flat files to load the data into the Teradata
  • Prepared SQL Queries to validate the data in both source and target databases.
  • Extracted data from various data sources, transformed and loaded into targets using Informatica.
  • Involved in creation of Informatica users and repository backup using Server Manager.
  • Generated reports for end client using various Query tools like Cognos.
  • Involved in creating report models and applying row level security filters for report model.
  • Involved, Conducted and participated in process improvement discussions and recommending possible outcomes and focused on production application stability and enhancements.

ENVIRONMENT: Informatica Power Center 8.6, Oracle 9i, DB2, Sybase, Rapid Sql Server, Erwin, UNIX.


Informatica/ETL Developer


  • Involved in Analysis, Design and Development, test and implementation of Informatica transformations and workflows for extracting the data from the multiple systems.
  • Logical and Physical data modeling was done for data warehouse database in STAR SCHEMA.
  • Analyzed the requirements to identify the necessary tables that need to be populated into the staging database.
  • Prepared the DDL’s for the staging/work tables and coordinated with DBA for creating the development environment and data models.
  • Used PMCMD command to start, stop and ping server from UNIX and created UNIX SHELL PERL scripts to automate the process.
  • Refreshed reports using Scheduler.
  • Created Workflow, Worklets and Tasks to schedule the loads at required frequency using Workflow Manager.
  • Extensively worked with aggregate functions like Avg, Min, Max, First, Last, and Count in the Aggregator Transformation.
  • Extensively used Normal Join, Full Outer Join, Detail Outer Join, and master Outer Join in the Joiner Transformation.
  • Done caching optimization techniques in Aggregator, Lookup, and Joiner transformation.
  • Extensive hands on Schema design, XML import/export, Scheduling, System management using Data Analyzer .
  • Creating Test cases and detailed documentation for Unit Test, System, Integration Test and UAT to check the data quality .
  • Used Parameter Files defining variable values for mapping parameters and variables.
  • Created FTP scripts and Conversion scripts to convert data into flat files to be used for Informatica sessions.
  • Wrote SQL Scripts and PL/SQL Scripts to extract data from Databases
  • Extensive documentation on the design, development, implementation, daily loads and process flow of the mappings .

ENVIRONMENT: Informatica Power Center 7.1, Oracle 8i, SQL Server 2000, PL/SQL, TOAD, SQL*Plus, SQL*Loader, UNIX.

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