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Informatica / Tableau Developer Resume

Edison, NJ


  • 6 years of development, analysis and implementation experience in data warehousing, ETL (Informatica) and business intelligence tool (Tableau) across various industry sectors to support data related tasks such as integration, quality, profiling, analysis, reporting
  • Working knowledge in data warehouse, data mart, OLAP, relational database management system and data modelling methods applying Inmon and Kimball Methods
  • Extensive experience in dimensional modeling utilizing star and snowflake schemas, fact and dimension selection and entity relationship design
  • Working experience in Informatica PowerCenter in the all stages of design, development and implementation of data mappings, mapplets, sessions using Informatica PowerCenter 10.x, 9.x, IDQ, Oracle, SQL and Unix
  • Experienced in extracting, transforming, loading and performance tuning on for Informatica sources, targets, mappings and sessions
  • Designed and implemented various forms of mappings containing combinations of complex transformations, including Source Qualifier, Filter, Expression, Update Strategy, Sequence Generator, Router, etc.
  • Knowledge of designing SCD Type - 1 and Type-2 in Informatica PowerCenter using multiple transformations
  • Experienced in creating reusable tasks (sessions, commands and Email) and non-reusable tasks (Decision, Timer, Assignment, Worklets, and Control).
  • Participated in several phases of ETL design and implementation including requirement gathering, Low-level-design-document preparing, testing and Informatica code view
  • Experiences with creating SQL procedures, views, subqueries, multiple SQL joins, unions to perform various data extraction tasks and developing PL/SQL triggers for updating or inserting new records
  • Experiences with relational database management system (Oracle, MySQL) and nonrelational database management system (MongoDB)
  • Experienced in data visualization by using Tableau to create graphs, charts and dashboards
  • Extensive experiences in using Python to connect data warehouse with Tableau to design and develop reports by using visualizations and dashboards
  • Excellent team player with good communication skills, highly sense of responsibility and eager to learn


ETL Tool: Informatica PowerCenter 10.x, 9.x, IDQ

Database: Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB

Programming: Python (OOP, NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib), R, SQL (procedure, view), PL/SQL NoSQL, UNIX Shell Scripting

Software: Excel (VLOOKUP, Pivot Table), PowerPoint, Word

BI Tool: Tableau Desktop, Bloomberg


Confidential, Edison, NJ

Informatica / Tableau Developer

  • Conducted data cleansing for unstructured dataset by applying Informatica Data Quality to identify potential errors and improve data integrity and data quality
  • Assisted in reconstructed tables in database on department level (data marts) using entity relationship diagram and utilized star schema to design database structure.
  • Multiple dimension (conformed, etc.), fact tables were utilized to add more feasibility in the database to share dimension or reduce space usage
  • Prepared sources (database, flat files) to connect with Informatica PowerCenter and created file list by using UNIX to improve files processing efficiency
  • Gathered information from database team to decide target definitions for data to be stored and evaluated as measures such as default probability, loan amount, duration and credit score
  • ETL created by multiple Informatica transformations (Source Qualifier, Lookup, Router, Update Strategy) were utilized to create SCD type mappings to illustrate changes in loan related data in a timely manner
  • Performed ETL testing and monitoring with PowerCenter validation option
  • Developed and configured sessions in workflow manager to execute mappings
  • Conducted fast data analysis by writing SQL queries constantly using join and subquery and saved result in csv file for later Excel data visualization
  • Applied Tableau Desktop to implement loan dashboards to demonstrate necessary metrics (bad / good loans, distribution of age with respect of loan amount, duration for loans get full repayment, etc.) where filters, calculated fields, control panel were used
  • Resolved performance issue with scalability by tuning parameters or changing the graphs
  • Delivered presentation to executives on current loan performance and future trend

Confidential, New York, NY

ETL Developer

  • Collected requirements from executives and designed relational database schema for data storage and data management using MySQL
  • Performed database performance tuning by examining several metrics and evaluating indexes
  • Performed SQL queries, stored procedures, views to manipulate data to get desired data selection
  • Conducted file conversion to extract data from database and transformed into Excel file or in csv format to be used across multiple platforms
  • Discussed with executives regarding the data mining, possible questions needed to be solved, proper measure to be evaluated in the process, appropriate data source and methodology to analyze data
  • Created Informatica PowerCenter mappings to execute necessary data transformations tasks to be loaded to database table for later possibility analysis use
  • Tested and reviewed mappings, mapplets, reusable transformations to examine the effectiveness of data ETL pipeline
  • Visualized transformed data by using Tableau Desktop dashboards containing histogram, trend lines, pie charts and statistics
  • Created calculated fields and new logic for customizing measures to evaluate potential profits and costs
  • Designed Python OOP application for calculation and imported Excel spreadsheet from Python and put it in Tableau for graphic illustrations and interactive reports
  • Involved in daily meeting to report progress and share insights with teammates from other groups


BI Developer

  • Analyzed and sought information (outliers, seasonality or trend) from large quantity financial data by using various data mining technique
  • Collected and processed requirements for dashboards and data visualization (using Tableau) for reports based on the findings of data mining
  • Performed various types of joins in Tableau for demonstrating integrated data purpose and validated data integrity to examine the feasibility of discussed visualization design
  • Performed SQL queries on relational database level to pre-process raw data to form a specific format for later data analysis use
  • Created Python scripts to add eternal connection with Tableau for conducting sentiment analysis
  • Supported and maintained company’s business intelligence platform
  • Utilized Informatica PowerCenter to perform data extraction, transformation and loading and modified mappings according to specific business requirement
  • Created test cases by checking file format, the completeness of mapping components and performed the data validation
  • Implemented sessions in workflow manager and evaluated the performance of mappings by using workflow monitor
  • Utilized SQL syntax to apply multiple forms of joins on database level to improve the performance of transformations inside mappings
  • Developed stored procedure for SQL code automation to update, insert or delete records coming to tables


ETL Consultant

  • Interacted with clients to gather business requirements, issues to be resolved and detailed documents
  • Utilized Informatica PowerCenter to accomplish full phases of data flow from source data (Oracle, SQL Server, flat files) being analyzed before extracted to transformation
  • Developed and designed pipelines containing different transformations including Lookup, Router, Source Qualifier, Filter and Joiner transformations
  • Developed reusable transformations and mapplets for gaining more efficiency across various mapping design
  • Utilized workflow manager and created sessions based on mappings to start the ETL process
  • Evaluated various types of log files from workflow manager to check the performance of mappings and transformations


ETL Consultant

  • Collaborated with the clients to gather business requirements and evaluated user acceptance
  • Extracted raw data from multiple sources such as Oracle, SQL Server and flat files
  • Conducted a comprehensive analysis on clients’ need and designed initial framework of specific technical specifications for different functions
  • Analyzed data warehouse objects such as fact tables and dimension tables for consideration of what type of data will flow to which table
  • Applied various Informatica tools such as PowerCenter Designer for configuring source definition, developing different transformations to construct mapping flow to tell how data flows from source to target definition
  • Implemented sessions in workflow manager and evaluated the performance of mappings by using workflow monitor

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