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Data Architect, Data Modeler, Sr. Analyst Resume

San, FranciscO


Results oriented consulting professional with years of progressive experience dealing in all phases of systems development/architecture. Extensive experience working in complex and diversified technical environments. Expert experience in database design, logical and physical, data modeling and data architecture using case tools. Worked in many industries in different capacities. Finance and accounting training from top - tier university.


  • 8+ years data modeling experience
  • 10+ years analyst experience
  • 10+ years development experience
  • 10+ years documentation experience
  • 8+ years data warehouse experience
  • 8+ years ETL experience
  • 6+ years reports and BI development experience
  • 6+ years DBA experience


Operating Systems: Unix, Linux, Windows 7, Dos, HPUX, AIX,Sun Solaris 7.0, DYXNX

ERP: SalesForce, Oracle Financials release versions 9.0/10.4/10.7/11 i, Oracle Manufacturing release versions 9.0/10.4/10.7/11 i, Oracle Human Resource, Oracle Workflow, Financial Statement Generator

Applications: TM1, Mcafee HelpDesk, Microsoft Office products, Viewstar, WinRunner, Hansen Application Suite

Design: Relational Database, Data Warehouse, Dimensional Modeling, Business Intelligence

Tools: Queryman, bteq, Designer2000/6i/9i, SQL*Loader, SQL*Plus, OracleForms 2.3/3.0/4.5/5.0/6.0/6 i/9i, Oracle Reports 2.0/2.5/3.0/6.0/6 i/9i, Oracle Enterprise Manager product suite, TOAD, SQL Navigator, Crystal Reports, Business Object, Oracle Warehouse Builder, Oracle Discoverer, Informatica PowerCenter, TortoiseSVN

Case Tools: ER/Studio, ErWin/ERX, Powerdesigner, Oracle Designer release versions 2000/6i/9i

Languages: PL/SQL, SQL Plus, SQL, Unix shell scripting, C, XML, TCL/KL, Java, Perl, HTML

Databases: Oracle 9i, 10g, 11g, SQL Server, Teradata, Sybase, Access, Vertica, Hadoop Data lake/Hortonworks

Industry Experience: Pharmaceuticals, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Municipality, Utility, Banking, Insurance, Hardware, Retail, Finance

Miscellaneous: Functional Business Analysis, SQL Performance Tuning, Database Optimization, Database Administrator, Accounting, Finance, Case Methodology, WebIS


Confidential, San Francisco

Data Architect, Data Modeler, Sr. Analyst


  • Worked with business partners and business intelligence teams to design and develop retail specific BI platform consistent with industry standards, best practices and methodologies.
  • Worked with external business partners to integrate customer and financial data into data warehouse gateway model
  • Architect, develop and ensure effective deployment of business specific semantic layer.
  • Lead architecture sub-groups to vet designs and ensure compliance with best practices for suitability, performance, scalability and re-use of eCommerce BI applications.
  • Ensure data governance and consistency in the eCommerce BI data model
  • Contributed to the development of standardized processes and procedural norms related to the successful operation of the BI data architecture team.
  • Own and develop logical and physical data warehouse model to support eCommerce and KPI Analytical platforms
  • Oversee the development of source-to-target mappings for data flowing into the BI platform using ETL tool frameworks
  • Provided leadership to members of the BI development team, architecture and project management teams for on-time delivery of quality BI applications
  • Technology Employed: DataStage, DB2, ER/Studio, Hadoop, Vertica, Version One, JIRA, Aqua Studio

Confidential, San Francisco

Data Modeler, Analyst


  • Lead data modeler for Data Governance Initiative to document Treasury Services and confidential General Ledger Accounting System
  • Maintained data model data dictionary for application and source data for Data warehouse and reporting repositories
  • Design financial data tracking system to track data lineage of key financial data
  • Worked with analyst in Treasury and Financial Planning to design and create datamart to support their reporting needs.
  • Facilitator of meetings intentioned to reverse engineer custom Treasury applications
  • Setup Dataserver environment for Erwin model repository
  • Created data models for Peoplesoft applications, Financial Trading modules, Financial Reporting modules through reverse engineering via Erwin data modeling tool
  • Design lead in developing custom database to enhance OLAP capabilities of IBM’s TM1
  • Helped define financial terms in support of Data Governance Initiative and CCAR regulatory compliance project
  • Designed and created database to support production instance of TM1
  • Facilitated data governance meetings to document current financial systems of record for planning and projection systems
  • Technology Employed: Erwin, Toad, SQL. PL/SQL, TM1, Unix

Confidential, South San Francisco

Data Warehouse Modeler, Sr. Data Analyst


  • Data warehouse data modeler supporting multiple development initiatives. Responsibilities include designing objects for new projects as well as enhancements for pre-existing production systems.
  • Developed shadow auditing system to replicate regulatory reporting system which tracked corporate spending on health care providers and research organizations.
  • Analyzed and maintained health care provider and organization network consisting of practitioners and institutions involved in health care industry. Maintained and enhanced network data for reporting accuracy to CMS.
  • Using Toad development tool in Oracle, profiled data from multiple sources for accuracy and robustness to integrate into main spending application which was source system for regulatory reporting.
  • Analytical interface with Salesforce.com as part of aggregate spending project group to load critical customer, research and spend data to Salesforce cloud platform.
  • Maintained data models for multiple data warehouse, data mart, business intelligence applications used by Confidential to store regulatory, customer and research data. Models were stored in ER/Studio.
  • Provide Data analysis to business clients for various projects on an adhoc and specifically designated basis. Analysis dealt with all aspects of Confidential operations. Data was examined in an Oracle RDBMS or Salesforce cloud platform.
  • Analyzed regulatory data using Toad and Informatica Data Quality tool.
  • Key member of data team to insure correct reporting of regulatory spending data to CMS.
  • Technology Employed: ER/Studio, Toad, SQL. PL/SQL, Oracle, Business Object, Salesforce, cloud computing, Tortoise SVN, Informatica, Unix

Confidential, San Francisco

Technical/Functional Analyst, Sr. DW Developer


  • Technical/Functional analyst in support of Confidential ’s regulatory risk assessment compliance system. Supported multiple systems to report and assess risk levels of varying Confidential investment portfolios.
  • Resolved data irregularity issues to comply with audit requirements for regulatory environment. Work involved analyses and correction of financial data in different staging environments using Teradata/Oracle technologies.
  • Helped implement resolutions for monthly risk reporting applications using myriad of technologies including Bladelogic, Linux, Autosys, Actuate, Java and Oracle.
  • Monitor monthly production risk compliance modeling and assessment process through java dashboard. Took corrective action when errors were encountered.
  • Documented data issues through support tracking systems, using JIRA, HP Quality Center and Sharepoint.
  • Developed sophisticated sql scripts which processed business risk/modeling logic in Teradata and Oracle environment.
  • Developed Informatica mappings and sessions to process data files for integration into data warehouse/mart.
  • Technology employed: Linux, Unix, Shell scripting, Teradata, Oracle 11g, Java, Bladelogic, Autosys, Tortoise SVN, Data warehousing, Informatica, TOAD

Confidential, San Francisco

Technical Analyst, Sr. DW Developer


  • Performed technical analysis for implementation of new data acquisition for funds to be consumed into data warehouse environment.
  • Designed data loads for KIID European compliance project using Informatica PowerCenter in a UNIX environment with autosys job scheduler.
  • Developed and tested Informatica PowerCenter mappings, sessions and workflows for KIID project in conjunction with teams in UK and Singapore.
  • Configured autosys jobs for production environment to consume and process iShare funds and web eBusiness project data.
  • Working in partnership with external web media data provider, designed and developed automated process to consume customer ranking and profiling data for Web Segmentation project.
  • Created and configured UNIX scripts to monitor new data files and consume when available
  • Provided technical support of new processes in testing and user acceptance phase for ETL data processing
  • Authored technical documentation of ETL processes and other essential project related technical components.
  • Technology employed: Tortoise SVN, Informatica PowerCenter, UNIX, Autosys, Sybase, RapidSQL, XML, Perl, Unix scripting

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Data Modeler, Sr. Analyst


  • Maintained database design for Confidential e-commerce sites supporting world-wide sales for Western Europe, Canada, South America and Japan. Using confidentail as repository, updated and maintained source design for all production databases in 10g RDBMS.
  • Managed implementation of DDL and reference data DML changes in different versions of e-commerce databases across multiple platforms. Implementations were executed through scripted process on UNIX environment.
  • Created PL/SQL procedures to correct and maintain consistent e-commerce data throughout multiple instances and schemas supporting Confidential ’s worldwide online retail operation.
  • Maintained integrity of design changes through TortoiseSVN subversion tool. Responsible for current state support of multiple database environments as well as branch cuts in support of multiple world-wide projects.
  • Supported data integrity testing for all e-commerce sites, data integrity had to be tested and maintained daily as retail data was very fluid and constantly changing.
  • Consulted project managers on design change requirements and effective implementation processes.
  • Technology employed: Oracle 10g, PL/SQL, SQL, TortoiseSVN, ERWIN, TOAD, Unix, Agile, Data warehouse

Confidential, San Leandro, CA

Data Modeler, Sr. Analyst, Sr. DW Developer


  • Sr. analyst in lead for defining business and technical requirements for integration project between Confidential and Confidential. Participated and lead in project meetings to develop technical specifications to map application functions to Business Requirements document.
  • Designed integration process for converting Confidential clients and products to Confidential compatible categorizations using Microsoft Visio..
  • Supported multiple integration efforts as system support person in developing solutions to required needs.
  • Participated and lead in project and status meetings related to applications and integration efforts.
  • Scripted automated processes in UNIX, Perl to extract, load and transform Confidential data into Confidential customer data warehouse to aid in integration process.
  • Developed PL/SQL database application to map accounts and products from Confidential to Confidential Bank.
  • Supported multiple PL/SQL applications related to Confidential integration efforts.
  • Authored technical documents in support of multiple projects.
  • Technology employed: Oracle 10g, Erwin, UNIX, Perl, Informatica, PL/SQL, SQL, TOAD, Visio, XML, Data warehouse

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Sr. Analyst/Developer


  • Analyst in support of obtaining previously inaccurate legacy contact information for high value clients and correcting and formatting the data for numerous marketing and cross-product selling efforts.
  • Analyst in identifying and obtaining key client data from various internal databases including Teradata, Oracle 10g, Sybase and SQL Server.
  • Owner of monthly profitability reporting process involving querying of financial datawarehouse to obtain product revenue and profitability data for bank wide use. Analyzed revenue trends for insights in customer behavior analyses using Cognos as strategic reporting platform and SQL Server SSIS ETL platform.
  • Technology employed: Oracle 10g, Teradata, Sybase, SQL Server 2005, Talend, TOAD, UNIX, Informatica, Java, Data warehouse

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Sr. Analyst, Developer


  • Analyst and developer of PL/SQL based application in company wide effort to segment customers for strategic marketing efforts to increase per account revenue.
  • Analyst to reconcile external financial reporting system to internal accounting system for production of executive reports used by both Finance and Marketing groups for planning and marketing efforts to customers and branch level managers. Application accessed Oracle and Teradata RDBMS in data warehouse environment.
  • Analyzed and reconciled monthly expense and revenue reports used for validation of proper revenue sharing between subcontracted product vendors and Confidential . Tools used were Queryman and TOAD.
  • Technology employed: Oracle 10g, Teradata, PL/SQL, Access, Queryman, TOAD

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Sr. Developer/Analyst


  • Created Ad hoc reporting for Finance department through accessing multi-source data sets from data warehouse and operational systems.
  • Tuned PL/SQL packages for improved performance in high volume data processing and reporting environment using PL/SQL. Developer . Administered partitioning of application and data warehouse tables for improved querying..
  • Implemented account manager’s incentive pay system using PL/SQL packages to determine ranking and ultimate compensation. through business rule formulas.
  • Technology employed: Oracle 10g, PL/SQL, TOAD

Confidential, Dublin, CA

Sr.Analyst, DBA, Data Modeler


  • Gathered requirements and designed application using Oracle tools and confidential for tracking of equity and bond research for confidential’s many family of funds and Templeton investment products.
  • Migrated data for Network Fee System application and imaging application for management of documents through use of Informatica ETL tool. .
  • Analyst and developer for data warehouse initiative to allow flexible reporting for Franklin Templeton international offices supporting sales staff . Project used oracle CASE tools, Oracle development tools and Informatica .as an ETL tool.
  • DBA support for global web-enabled document tracking system with Real Application Cluster configuration
  • Technology employed: Oracle 9i & 10g, PL/SQL,Oracle Designer, Informatica, ERWIN, Oracle OEM, IBM AIX, TOAD

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