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Senior Etl Solution Architect/administrator Resume

Washington, DC


Confidential, Washington DC

Senior ETL Solution Architect/Administrator


Develop end - to-end data load solutions to capture, store and present financial reporting data for critical operations. Source in data from various internal financial systems and structure into dimensional models for optimal reporting performance. Development of standard and BI reports to delivery operational, statistical and historical data to the end users. Develop data enriched portals and dashboards to provide executive staff with up-to-date metrics, trends and historical performance.

Environment: iWay WebFOCUS, iWay Data Migrator, Oracle, SQL Developer, Windows Server

Confidential, Stafford, Virginia

Lead Technologist


Meet with Confidential client to identify requirements for BI reports. Design and develop database repository to store reporting data. Develop BI reports to delivery critical metrics on academy training.

Environment: ERWIN, Oracle PL/SQL, MicroStrategy, SQL Developer, Windows Server

Confidential, Washington DC

Senior ETL Team Lead/Developer


Created a tailored SDLC process for ETL implementations. Manage development team to follow new ETL implementation process. Conduct project planning and execution for system enhancements and ongoing production support. Develop requirement driven data load processes to consume financial data for distribution to government agencies and banking organizations. Ensure data is delivered to meet public mandate for supervisory and regulatory practices. Conduct quality assurance of financial data through testing and verification of data consumption.

Environment: Informatica PowerCenter, SQL Server, Windows Script, Windows Server, XML

Confidential, Washington DC

Senior ETL Solution Architect


Maintained and enhanced ETL application to collect, store and distribute mission critical data to enable agents and other law enforcement data consumers’ access to sensitive information required for daily operational duties.

Environment: ERWIN, Oracle PL/SQL, Informatica PowerCenter, MicroStrategy, Windows Script, SQL Developer, Subversion, Windows Server

Confidential, Rosslyn VA

Database Analyst, Principal


Analyzed requirements to designed and developed ETL processes to provide reporting data for performance measures. Tested and deployed ETL code across development, test and production environments. Modeled database structures to support ETL processes as needed. Documented software operational procedures required for system support.

Environment: InfoSphere DataStage and QualityStage, Business Objects, VB Script, SQL Developer, Subversion, Windows Server

Confidential, Washington DC

Senior Systems Engineer


Analyzed requirements and developed ETL code. Tested and deployed ETL code across development, test and production environments. Performed data analysis to identify data quality issues and corrected ETL code as needed.

Environment: ERWIN, Oracle PL/SQL, Informatica PowerCenter, MicroStrategy, Windows Script, SQL Developer, Windows Server

Confidential, McLean VA

Senior Systems Engineer/Technical Lead


Analyzed requirements to create project artifacts for system architecture and design. Created design specification and data model for the ingestion of third party data to be used in conjunction with BSA data for analysis and generation of alerts to report potential criminal activity. Created ETL processes to provide BSA Analyst with query and export data capabilities of financial data. Developed a strategy of a data exchange standard based on National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) to share BSA data between internal and external agencies.

Environment: ERWIN, HP-Linux, Oracle PL/SQL, InfoSphere DataStage and QualityStage, KORN Script, TOAD, Subversion, NIEM, XML

Confidential, Washington DC

Senior Systems Engineer


Ensured that IT projects adhered to Bureau life cycle standards by assessing them through all stages of the development life cycle to identify and report deficiencies. Conducted product life cycle gate reviews at final design, test readiness, and operational acceptance to verify design completeness, requirements satisfaction, system deployment readiness, development, and readiness for operations.

Environment: Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft Project

Confidential, Herndon, Virginia

Senior Consultant


Developed software to integrate account payable invoice process for multiple 3rd party financial systems. Developed ETL process to push account payable data to the bank in order to issue vendor payments. Provided technical support for CODA Financial system to ensure 24/7 availability for end users.

Environment: CODA Financials, Oracle PL/SQL, Pro*C, XML, TOAD, UNIX Script, HP-UX, Solaris, Windows Server

Confidential, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Systems Analyst


Developed C/C++, PRO*C, and Oracle PL/SQL applications to populate legacy data into RMS module. Validated applications and tracked test results across multiple Retek modules for purchase orders, advance shipment notices, and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transactions for new item (832), inbound purchase order (855), and advance shipment notice (856).

Environment: Retek, EDI, Oracle PL/SQL, TOAD, UNIX Script, HP-UX, Solaris

Confidential, Hampton, Virginia

Senior Systems Analyst/Project Manager


Led a development team of six software engineers. Conducted project planning and scheduling, prioritization of project tasks and activities. Interfaced with client to manage and create data modeling designs. Created system architecture design documentation, user manual, and training plan. Led transition from legacy application to newly developed MIIDAS system.

Environment: JAVA, JMS, JDBC, C/C++, Visual Basic, SQL, MATLAB, Windows Server, Oracle PL/SQL

Confidential, Auburn Hills, MI

Senior Systems Analyst


Gathered requirements and created system design documents to model patient data from pulmonary test results. Created SDLC requirements document and coding specification documents for calculating daily medication dosage for patients taking LIPID medication. Developed frontend applications to provide LIPID and Pulmonary user interfaces.

Environment: C/C++, Pro*C, HTML, Visual C/C++, UNIX Script, HP-UX, Tandem, Windows Server, Oracle

Confidential, Flint, Michigan

Systems Engineer


Interfaced with client during all project phases to create SDLC documentation. Developed a scanning platform to process returned parts utilizing handheld scanners to provide a wireless scanner environment for ease of processing returned parts.


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