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Cognos Consultant Resume

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Houston, TX

Career Objective
Increment and iterate my career as a Cognos BI Consultant (Admin, Architect, and Developer) by exploring, learning and implementing the intricacies of business intelligence.


Masters of Science (MS) in Management Information Systems (MIS)
Graduate certified in Systems Analysis and Design

Emphasis in Database Management Systems and Systems Analysis and Design
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Specialized in IT Management and Marketing Management

Professional Skills

  • 7 Years of experience in Cognos Business Intelligence suite of tools.
  • Worked as a liaison between IT team and business users as a Business Intelligence Analyst.
  • Have profound experience in Cognos Administration - Installation, Configuration, Design, Development, Deployment, Maintenance and Support.
  • Followed best practices suggested by IBM Cognos where and when applicable in the 3-tier architecture.
  • Worked in a wide variety of landscape that involved server environments like Dev, UAT, QA, Staging, Prod and Sand-box. Managed 16 servers simultaneously on a given day.
  • Worked both in a Physical server and VM Ware infrastructure.
  • Leveraged Single-Sign-On functionality into Cognos security utilizing Active Directory, LDAP, NTLM and Access Manager Authentication providers. Managed 3000 concurrent users in Cognos at a given time.
  • Developed project related artifacts as and when required at different phases of the project.
  • Worked with various Database systems Analyzing and modeling data.
  • Involved with the testing team to test the quality of the proposed system before deploying the code to production.
  • Worked with ETL team with data loads from OLTP to OLAP system.
  • Gathered report requirements from end users and analyzed data warehouse to develop business reports. Created Business Intelligence reports using Cognos suite of tools.
  • Hands on experience on Cognos (Cognos 7.4, ReportNet 1.1, Cognos 8.4, Cognos 10.1.1). Worked on Report Studio, Business Insight Advanced Analysis Studio, Query Studio, Framework Manager and Transformer.
  • Worked in an onsite-offshore model collaborating, coordinating and mentoring the BI team in India.

IT Skill Set
Business Intelligence: IBM Cognos BI 10.1.1,IBM Cognos 8.2 & 8.4, ReportNet 1.1, Cognos 7.2 & 7.4, Business Objects XIR2, SAP BW/ BI 7.0
ETL: Informatica 8.1 & 8.2
Database: SQL Server 2000/2005, Oracle 8i/9i/10g, MS-Access, Teradata V2R6.2
Operating Systems: Windows VISTA/XP/NT/98/95, UNIX
Methodologies: Waterfall SDLC, Rational Unified Process (RUP)
Other Tools: Erwin 7, Visio 2003, MS Project 2003, TOAD, SQL * Plus, Rational Rose, K-Vision, ArgoUML
Employment Details

Cognos Consultant
Confidential, Houston TX Apr 2012 - Current

  • Installed and configured Cognos BI 10.1.1 in Development, UAT/ Staging and Production environments.
  • Installed additional dispatcher for Production environment, established Single Sign-On, defined ISAPI.dll as the gateway URI, created data source connections for SSAS cubes, SAP BW and RDBMS, defined metrics for servers, dispatchers and Cognos Services in Cognos connection to monitor performance and behavior of the system.
  • Identified the BICC team, consumers, modelers, developers and accordingly defined security leveraging the existing Active Directory groups.
  • Installed Cognos Insight in development server to test and discover the functionality of the tool.
  • Installed Cognos for MS Office 10.1.1 and demonstrated its capabilities to the business users.
  • Gathered Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QAQC) and Global Information Center (GIC) report requirements from business users of Production Planning.
  • Modeled both regular and DMR model in Framework Manager utilizing a Star Schema structure from SQL Server database.
  • Published Global Production Planning package for QAQC and GIC report development in dynamic query mode.
  • Developed 12 reports in count for both the projects and currently performing the data quality check in UAT.
  • Created Cognos instructions manual for business users on Query Studio.
  • Presented the business user group about the functionality of the complete IBM Cognos BI 10.1 suite.
  • Established data source connections for both SQL Server data base and SAP BW.
  • Created projects in Framework Manager based upon SAP BEx queries, ODS, DSO and Multi-providers related to CATS (SAP HR) and Plant Maintenance (SAP Production) modules.
  • Currently working on project documentation templates for capturing business requirement, model and package document and report rollout.
  • Currently performing analysis to upgrade the Cognos BI 10.1.1 instance to Cognos BI 10.2.
  • Installed and configured IBM Cognos 10.2 instance in development server.
  • As a basic user created IBM Support service requests and maintaining a track of the SR and PMR tickets until resolution.
  • Obtained Hot Fix and installed to resolve the Map reports issue in Cognos BI 10.1.1.

IBM Cognos BI 10.1.1, IBM Cognos 10.2, Cognos BI Suite (Report Studio, Query Studio, Analysis Studio, Cognos Insight, Business Insight, Cognos Connection, Framework Manager), SQL Server 2008 R2, SAP BW, SSAS, Active Directory.

Cognos Consultant
Confidential, Irving, TX Jul 2011 - Feb 2012

Cognos 10.1.1 Upgrade Project

  • Installed and configured IBM Cognos 10.1.1 in Dev, QA and Prod landscape.
  • Being the point-of-contact for the project collaborated with business, DBA, Network Ops team and BI team in making the upgrade project a smooth transition from Cognos 8.4.1. to Cognos 10.1.1.
  • Project demanded Report upgrade troubleshooting for around 1772 reports.
  • Captured around 20 unique report errors and have performed a work around to correct the issues.
  • Upgraded code from c8.4.1 environment to c10.1.1 environment using export and import wizard.
  • Mentored fellow developers to troubleshoot the report upgrade issues.
  • Utilized Lifecycle Manager Utility to validate and monitor the report upgrade.
  • Generated various reports like List Reports, Grouped Reports, Cross-tab Reports, and Chart Reports. Used various functionalities in report studio like drill-through, conditional formatting, parameter displays, and Conditional blocks.
  • Worked intensively on On-Demand reporting environment and used tabular SQL.
  • Enhanced report performance by tuning the reports using filters, prompts, sorting and grouping as and when required.
  • Performed data profiling and data validation of report output by manually verifying and executing SQL code in Toad.
  • Created portal tabs by creating portal pages and defining portlets - Cognos Navigator, Cognos viewer, Cognos search.
  • Deployed reports and packages from Development to UAT and Production environments in AIX Platform.
  • Prepared project artifacts and created documentation for audit procedure.
  • Scheduled reports to run on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis to send e-mail to users. Also established triggers for triggered based reports schedules.

Cognos BI 10.1.1, Cognos BI 8.4, Cognos BI Suite (Report Studio, Query Studio, Analysis Studio, Cognos Connection, Framework Manager), Power Play Transformer, Power Play Enterprise Server, Cognos Go Office, Access Manager, Oracle11i, SQL Server 2005, DB2, Toad, Putty, WinScp, Erwin 4.5, Microsoft Visual Source Safe, UNIX, AIX Solaris, Informatica 8.1

Cognos Consultant
Confidential, Addison, IL Jun 2009 - Jul 2011

  • Installed and configured Cognos 8.4.1 in DEV, QA, STAGING and PROD environments.
  • Monitored and created daily, weekly and monthly report schedules and jobs.
  • Utilized ticketing tools like UNICENTER and JIRA for resolving user issues - run reports, hide/disable reports, refresh PowerPlay cubes, maintain and modify existing schedules and security modifications.
  • Defined export and import wizard to accomplish deployment into various environments.
  • Performed deployment using scp file transfer protocol command in UNIX. Also involved in monitoring processes and killing them as part of restarting cognos services.
  • Created Data source connections in IBM Cognos Administration.
  • Supported Production Environment 24/7 for uninterrupted BI reporting by maintaining applications and server infrastructure.
  • Extensively used Analysis Studio, Query Studio and Report Studio for Report design in Cognos BI version 8.4.
  • Created reports using Free Form SQL in Report Studio as per user's requirement.
  • Created charts, lists and cross tabs using Report Studio and Ad hoc reports using Query Studio.
  • Designed multidimensional reports in Cognos 8 Analysis Studio.
  • Converted some existing reports in MicroStrategy by entirely creating reports into Cognos 8.4 functionality.
  • Developed complex reports like Conditional Block Reports, Drill-Through Reports, Master-Detail Reports, Burst reports and Multilingual Reports using Report Studio and Query Studio.
  • Created standard and Ad hoc reports using Cognos Query Studio.
  • Trained MicroStrategy developers on Framework Manager, Report Studio, Query Studio, Analysis Studio
  • Trained business users to use Query Studio for Adhoc reporting.
  • Conducted periodic training for Power users on slicing and dicing, drill down technique for extensive usage of the reports.
  • Documented the complete design, production process, Framework Designs and Reports as best practice.
  • I worked for this client from off-shore, India and collaborated with the on-site team.

Cognos BI 8.4, Cognos BI Suite (Report Studio, Query Studio, Cognos Connection, Framework Manager), ReportNet 1.1 MR2, Power Play Enterprise Server, Cognos Scheduler, Impromptu, Oracle10g, Toad, Putty, WinScp, UNIX, VM Ware (vSphere client)

Cognos Consultant
Confidential, Ontario, CA Jan 2008 - Dec 2008

  • Project demanded my interaction with various business heads to gather report requirements from different business departments like allocation, finance, real estate, sales and distribution and store operations.
  • Having developed the report specifications analyzed the existing environment of OLTP, OLAP (Oracle Retek DWH) system and Cognos models in Framework Manager.
  • Actively involved with the entire BI life cycle- report requirements gathering, documentation (business and functional specifications), analysis of existing resources, report and model development in Cognos Framework Manager, testing reports (QA and data validation), production (migrating reports from QA to production) and maintenance (job and scheduling).
  • Customized packages and published them onto cognos connection (c8.4 server) as per the reporting requirements.
  • Managed security using Access manager of Cognos 7.2.
  • Deployed reports and packages from DEV to UAT and to PROD environments.
  • Created both simple and complex reports like list reports, crosstab reports, drill-through reports, master detail reports, burst reports, conditional block reports.
  • Worked intensively on On-Demand reporting environment and used tabular SQL.
  • Enhanced report performance by tuning the reports using filters, prompts, sorting and grouping as and when required.
  • Monitored daily, weekly and monthly jobs and also involved in creating jobs and schedules as required.

MS Windows XP Professional SP2, Cognos 8.1, Cognos Reportnet 1.1 (Report Studio, Query Studio), Access Manager, Informatica 8.1, Oracle 10g, Erwin 7.0, JDA, Oracle Retek, Toad, Citrix, ABRGLDAP, IIS Web Server

Cognos Consultant
Confidential, Omaha, NE Oct 2006 - Dec 2007

  • Learned to capture the business user requirement in the report specification template.
  • Analyzed the existing data present in the database and data warehouse.
  • Worked along with the ETL team to understand the flow of data from OLTP system to the OLAP system.
  • Obtained training about Cognos Administration - Deployment, Security and data source connections.
  • Involved in preparing test cases as part of testing the quality of the reports.
  • Having tested the report output by QA and upon approval by the manager moved the code to production environment.
  • Learned the concept of publishing package onto Cognos connection using Framework Manager.
  • Developed complex reports like Conditional Block Reports, Drill-Through Reports, Master-Detail Reports using Report Studio.

Cognos Reportnet 1.1 (Report Studio, Query Studio), SQL Server 2000/ 2005, Toad, Windows XP, Apache

Phone Banking DWH Officer (PBO)
Confidential, Hyderabad, India January 2005 - December 2005

  • Understood data and business logic underlying the business requirements.
  • Reviewed report requirements specification and developed detailed reports from the broad client statements.
  • Created charts, lists and crosstab reports using Report Studio and ad hoc reports using Query Studio in ReportNet.
  • Ensured data consistency and integrity verification.
  • In liaison with other departments monitored quality of data interfaces.
  • Collate financial data for the purpose of organizational MIS report
  • Worked on Avvaya systems environment and CTL (Cost Tech Ltd), FCRM (Finnacle Customer Relationship Manager)

Cognos 7.2, ReportNet 1.1, Informatica 7.0, UNIX, Teradata, SQL Server 2000, IIS Server, CTL, Access Manager, FCRM, Avvaya, SQL * Plus

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