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Data Warehouse Etl Resume

South Plainfield, NJ



A challenging data warehouse position utilizing various ETL tools with the possibility of career advancement.

  • Exceptional experience and background in data warehouse methodology, star schema, snow flake schema, design, development, customization, and implementation and testing of software applications and products.
  • Worked on insurance data and retail data
  • Utilized source to target mapping documents to design and develop Datastage jobs
  • Strong expertise in RDBMW, SQL scripting and utilized SQL Server Management Studio, SQL Navigator, SQL Developer, Toad.
  • Worked on a retail database and performed change data capture in server Datastage 7.5 edition
  • Used the join stage to perform joins between tables and utilized the transformer stage to do various data manipulations by using functions such as trim, right and left.
  • In parallel extender 8.1 platform, I Extracted data from flat file (NVarchar), made some transformations in shared container, and inserted the data in the target database.
  • Used the lookup stage in parallel 8.1 edition to lookup calendar fiscal year
  • Learned how to do data validation by using the len and other various functions in transformer
  • Replaced ODBC stage jobs with merge stages to enhance the performance and reduce processing time
  • Learned source-to-target mapping to determine transformation logic prior to the ETL design flow
  • Learned about job parameters and why parameter sets are used
  • Demonstrated expertise utilizing Datastage ETL tool, Oracle, SQL Server and Unix.
  • I have light experience of scripting/coding server routines
  • Used various partitioning techniques i.e. hash, same, auto, round-robin
  • Learned that the best partition method is hash because it ensures that all the duplicates are in the same partition and can be cleansed using the remove duplicates stage
  • Team player with excellent communication and problem solving skills.
  • Demonstrated extensive knowledge of Triggers, Stored Procedures, and Functions in Oracle
  • Wrote Unix Scripts to run Datastage jobs, Used Unix sort commands to sort data as a performance tuning technique
  • Experience in designing jobs using Parallel Extender Partitioning and Pipelining techniques.


MS, Information Systems,
BA, Information Technology & Informatics


Information Technology and Informatics; Communications; Social Informatics; Management Information Technology; Leadership Technological Environment; Computer Concepts; Object Oriented Programming with Java; Web Design; Economics of Information Technology; Retrieving and Evaluating Electronic Information; Information Visualization; Information Technology and Learning; Database Technologies with SQL; Data Modeling; Ecommerce; Statistical Methods of IT

Dec 2010 Present

Confidential, South Plainfield, NJ
Datastage Data Warehouse ETL Developer

  • Over 2 years of unpaid DataStage 7.5/8.1 experience & 4 months of real time senior level project experience (worked at [Stanley, Black & Decker] & [Assurant]).
  • Extracted data from Oracle database and developed Datastage Parallel Jobs
  • Used source to target mapping to design a job and as a guide for any transformations that were needed
  • Developed SQL queries using Toad platform
  • Developed change capture jobs on 7.5 server platform
  • Developed 8.1 parallel jobs, extracted from source file and loaded data to datamart
  • Wrote UNIX scripts to run Datastage jobs
  • Used various partitioning methods and employed various performance tuning techniques
  • Refer to summary above for an elaborate description of my skillset regarding Datastage
  • Created job sequencers to execute jobs sequentially
  • Utilized various Datastage stages such as Transformer, Sequential File, Lookup, Dynamic RDBMS and etc

Jun 2008 - Dec 2009

Confidential,Woodbridge, NJ
Database Management Developer

  • Assisted with configuring hardware equipment used in stores
  • Analyzed entity relational diagrams and identified referential integrity between relations
  • Updated systems with new programs and necessary applications
  • Assisted and managed Java based software programs
  • Developed SQL queries and used group by and having clauses
  • Joined several tables using join clause on primary key
  • Analyzed entity relational diagram to find the relationships between tables

Sept 2007 - May 2008
Confidential,New Brunswick, NJ
Research Assistant

  • Conducted research on the human computer interaction and attended Aresty meetings
  • Managed experiment sessions for subjects to use the special computer interface

May 2007 Aug 2007
Confidential,Pittsburgh, PA
Financial Services Representative

  • Assisted corporate executives with obtaining new clients
  • Performed profit and loss management and maintained commission charts
  • Used pivot tables and performed V-lookups on MS Excel spreadsheets

May 2006 - July 2006
Confidential, Trenton, NJ
IT Business Analyst Assistant

  • Designed a matrix showing all budget categories listed by programs
  • Used Java based software programs and conducted several configurations
  • Assisted with the development of System of Administrative Grants Electronically
  • Planned and designed customized application forms for various programs
  • Helped with administrative tasks: grant writing, budget review and clinic chart audits
  • Attended administrative meetings to discuss contracting and fiscal reports


Core Java, Javascript, SQL, HTML, CSS, MS Office 2007, Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver MX, Lotus Notes, MS Access, Oracle 10g, Unix, Datastage (7.5/8.1), MS SQL Server 2008

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