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Elt/ Bi Resume



  • Results-oriented, Talented professional with over 11 years of visible achievements in both customer-driven and technological industries, Facilitated development of Business Intelligence/Data Warehouse systems, provided BI expertise, designed and developed data models by translating user requirements into data flows and data mapping.
  • Worked experience in designing/developing ETL objects for large Informatica (Power Centre 6, 7, 8,9) data warehouse project with complete life cycle.
  • Lead overall ETL processes and architecture, performed build, tested and deployed activities related to BI and data warehouse implementations with Cognos DataManager (DecisionStream).
  • Part of the core team to create an enterprise data management vision and strategy to leverage the centralized data and derived business intelligence reporting from the analytics function.
  • Worked towards transforming an existing disparate data model to a centralized, efficient, well defined data management structure that becomes the recognized single source of truth.
  • Developed good partnerships with business and application level organizations to advocate a common data management philosophy leaded to a non-duplicative data and application working model for transaction, operational, reporting and analytic use.
  • Working knowledge of Crystal Report, Cognos, Report Net suite, Hyperion System 9 DRM/MDM/HFM/Essbase /Financial Planning, Web Analysis, Unix, Oracle 10g, 9i, SQL Server 2005, SAP Systems and PeopleSoft, primary liaison between the business community, technology organization and external partners for all project requirements, participated in troubleshooting, debugging technology integration problems.
  • Extensive domain knowledge in Financial / banking / and insurance.
  • Experience delivering large production systems.

Professional Experience


Senior Informatica/BI Consultant

June 2010 till to date

Confidential,Ottawa, Canada

ETL/ BI Consultant

November 2009 – March 2010


ETL / BI Consultant

March 2009 – OCT 2009


ETL / BI Consultant

August 2008 – February 2009


ETL / BI Consultant

November 2007- June 2008


ETL Analyst

April 2007 -- August 2007


Business Intelligence Consultant

Jul 2006 – March 2007


Data Analyst / Architect

Jan 2006 – March 2006


ETL Developer / Consultant

Mar 2003 – Jan 2006


BI / DW Consultant

Jul 1996 – Oct 2002

Bachelor in Computer Science
Post Graduate Diploma

Oracle Certified Professional: OCP 10g, 8i, 8

Skills / Tools:
Programming Languages: SQL, PL/SQL
Operating Systems: UNIX, Linux, Solaris and Windows NT/2000/XP/2003
Databases: MS SQL Server, Oracle 8, 8i, 10g
OLAP and Reporting Tools : Cognos (Power Play, Report Net, Impromptu, Data Manager) and Crystal Reports
ETL: Informatica Power Center v9.0, Cognos DecisionStream (DataManager)
Data Modeling Tools: Erwin
SAP : SAP Power Connect

Professional Experience:

Senior ETL / BI Consultant
June 2010 – till to date

The project was to implement Customer Management Domain contained services for managing Parties and Accounts to support Wealth Management clients. The aim was to capture the Client information once and have that information shared amongst the various lines of business. In addition, the services were also allowed a view from the current Account-centric data model to the new Client-centric data model.


  • Worked with Informatica Data Quality 8.6.1 (IDQ) toolkit, Analysis, data cleansing, data matching, data conversion, exception handling, and reporting and monitoring capabilities of IDQ 8.6.1.
  • Identified and eliminated duplicates in datasets thorough IDQ 8.6.1 components of Edit Distance, Jaro Distance and Mixed Field matcher, It enables the creation of a single view of customers, help control costs associated with mailing lists by preventing multiple pieces of mail.
  • Created transformations and mappings using Informatica v9 Power center to move data from multiple sources into targets.
  • Created ETL transformations like Lookup, Joiner, Rank and Source Qualifier Transformations in the Informatica v9 designer.
  • Integrated various data sources of Oracle, SQL server, VSAM and sequential files into staging area.
  • Performed analysis, design, and programming of ETL processes.
  • Created source to target mappings, edit rules and validation, transformations, and business rules. Analyzed client requirements and designed the ETL Informatica mapping.
  • Provided technical assistance to develop training packages and provided training to partners implementing data dissemination tool.
  • Informatica Data Quality (IDQ 8.6.1) is the tool used here for data quality measurement.
  • I had exposure and learned about Crum EMS to migrate data.

Environment: Oracle 10g, Informatica v9, IDQ 8.6.1, UNIX

Confidential,Ottawa, Canada
ETL/ BI Consultant
November 2009 – March 2010

The purpose of this project was to design, develop, implement, and support various campus-wide reporting systems, to develop business intelligence and reporting solutions that help end users access and analyze data in the data warehouse, data mart and operational systems.


  • Performed Modeling using relational tables and star schema dimensional models, included developing hierarchies.
  • Worked with multiple ETL sources, extracted and transited data from existing production system to test, QA and production environment.
  • Created extraction transformation and loaded data using Cognos DataManager.
  • Created Star Schema using fact and dimension Tables.
  • Created dimensions, levels and hierarchies.
  • Developed the job streams for scheduling the jobs.
  • Created ETL Job Streams, Libraries, Connections, Functions.
  • Analyzed and communicated ETL development issues, including problems with data integrity, data design, and functional and technical issues.
  • Performed data quality analysis, gathered information to determine data sources, data targets, data definitions, data relationships, and documented business rules.
  • Designed and supported development of dimensional models off transactional systems,

And integrated multiple transaction systems in Cognos BI system.

Environment: DB2 9.0, Cognos DataManager, Cognos, IDQ, UNIX

ETL / BI Consultant
March 2009 – OCT 2009

Confidential,is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vale (Vale S.A.) of Brazil. Vale is the second largest mining company in the world, with a market capitalization of more than US$ 125 billion. It’s now a merger of 2 different companies Vale and Inco, which comprise of 30 different companies


  • Designed, developed, implemented and maintained Informatica PowerCenter and IDQ 8.6.1 application for matching and merging process.
  • Integrated Informatica applications as Maplets within PowerCenter 8.6 Mappings.
  • Completed system testing utilizing toolsets of Mercury quality center.
  • Utilized ofInformatica IDQ 8.6.1 to complete initial dataprofiling and matching/removing duplicate data.
  • Worked with Systems Analysts to prepare detailed specs from which programs was written.
  • Designed, coded, tested, debug and documented those programs.
  • Planed, organized and developed technical support protocol, maintained code, responded to system users, evaluated software, system problems and potential solutions to application systems requirements.
  • Informatica Data Explorer (IDE) and Informatica Data Quality (IDQ 8.6.1) are the tools are used here. IDE is used for data profiling over metadata and IDQ 8.6.1 for data quality measurement.
  • The project is more inclined towards data warehousing and we provide data to the BI team.

Confidential,ETL / BI Consultant
August 2008 – February 2009


  • Investigated and identified various sources where the ETL information/data lay scattered.
  • Understood ETL process and complex business rules that need to be implemented and planed the data transformation methodology.
  • Designed and Developed Cognos DataManager objects/scripts to extract and cleanse data from legacy system and multiple disparate source databases RDBMS ,XML ,Spreadsheets ,flat files , unstructured data files.
  • Worked as an Enterprise Data warehouse team member to compile all data models into common model.

Environment: Oracle 10g, Data Manager V8.0, Cognos, UNIX

ETL / BI Consultant
November 2007 - June 2008


  • Designed and developed ETL objects for large Informatica (Power Center) data warehouse project with complete life cycle.
  • Worked with Informatica power connects to interface with SAP System.
  • Supported the development, optimization, and maintenance of Informatica mappings with various source data including Oracle, SQL, SAP R3, Cognos and PeopleSoft.
  • Developed Oracle Views, SQL & UNIX scripts, Informatica ETL, PL/SQL, job scheduling scripts required to manage the loading of data from transactional systems in to the data warehouse.
  • Understood process and complex business rules that need to be implemented and plan the data transformation methodology. Investigated and identified various sources where the information/data lay scattered.
  • Managed the solution design of selected options with particular emphasis on ensuring a complete end-to-end solution that met and exceeded the agreed requirements.

Environment: Oracle 10g, Informatica v8.0, SAP, PeopleSoft, Cognos, UNIX

ETL Analyst
April-07 to August 07
ETL Solution for Sale System


  • Worked with project owners to gather, analyze and document business requirements and recommend solutions.
  • Developed Stored procedure and ETL Informatica objects/scripts to extract and cleanse data from legacy system and multiple disparate source databases RDBMS ,XML ,Spreadsheets ,flat files , unstructured data files.
  • Understood process and complex business rules that need to be implemented and plan the data transformation methodology. Investigated and identified various sources where the information/data lay scattered.
  • Maintained the currency of the Business Requirements and Traceability Matrix until delivery to operational groups for life cycle maintenance.

Environment: Oracle 9i, Informatica v8.0, Teradata

Business Intelligence Consultant
July 06 to March 07

Master Data Management: To implement MDM (Master Data Management) to consolidate financial services, customer, products, legal entity, responsibility centre, and inter-entity centre of COA (Chart of Account) for OFI (Oracle Financial Implementation) Project. Managed the Hyperion MDM application, integrated all different downstream application data and provide upstream data to Oracle Financial system.


  • Designed and enhanced the Conceptual and logical data model includes all required entities, attributes, key groups, and relationships that represent business information and define business rules. As well as enhanced the Physical Data Model.
  • Managed Hyper DRM/MDM version, hierarchies and dimension to facilitate Hyperion HFM(external) and GRS(internal) reporting system
  • Maintained and supported Hyperion System 9 HFM(External) and GRS(internal), Essbase , Financial Reporting, Web Analysis functionality to support corporate reporting and application
  • Managed Hyperion 9 MDM application in production, quality assurance and development environment.
  • Worked with cross-functional organizations to define solutions to new business situations which met all business and department requirements.
  • Responsible for high level implementation plans, data and process models, cost estimating, cost benefit analysis, and return on investments.
  • Project management activities in managing team members, communication, distribution, and quality and scope management.
  • Performed Data analysis and data architecture activities on Master Data Management finance data.
  • Gain knowledge and understanding of business problems caused by Data Governance,

Metadata and Master Data issues

  • Worked on a Master Data Management (MDM/Reference data, Customer Information File (CIF), Customer Data Integration (CDI) project in the financial services.
  • Performed planning and execution of large data conversion / consolidation projects.
  • Dealt with issues of data ownership, governance and process change.
  • Worked on projects to consolidate financial services, customer, product, Cost centre, Legal entity and organizational structure.
  • Gathered, elicited, communicated and documented business and system requirement for COA translation tool.
  • Managed COA conversion tool to translate old COA data to New Oracle Financial COA.
  • Worked with Power connect to interface with PeopleSoft.
  • Assisted in developing COA tool in informatica.
  • Performed investigation and analysis of Infoman problems.

Environment: Hyperion MDM 9.0 / Razza, Oracle 9i, Informatica v7.0. Winscp, IDQ, Method/1, Oracle Aims methodology, Power Designer

Data Analyst / Architect
January 2006 - April 2006
Royal Bank of Canada: NEXUS Phase II


  • Analyzed the business, collected and documented system requirements
  • Involved in the requirements and design phase
  • Produced the overall data architecture documentation
  • Participated in the creation of the conceptual EDM Enterprise data model and

Fully attributed logical data model

  • Mapped business requirements with the data requirements
  • Produced the data history and versioning design

Environment: Erwin, Data Stage, Teradata , Power Designer

Confidential,ETL Developer/ Consultant
March 2003 - January 2006

Corporate Data Management and Financial Reporting


  • Created transformations and mappings using Informatica Power center to move data from multiple sources into targets.
  • Identified multiple sets of information requirements and developed strategies that optimized reuse of both data and software.
  • Created conceptual, logical, and physical data models and Analyzed data using SQL and other tools.
  • Facilitated meetings with report development team and clients to design the conceptual, logical, and physical database that satisfy both business needs and technical data standards.
  • Identified business system requirements, included business process, functions and rules; defined in written material.
  • Demonstrated ability to visualize complex data structures, inventory information assets and established enterprise-wide standards for managing data.
  • Integrated the data from different sources to feed them into internal and external reporting.
  • Developed the mapping specifications and documented from source to target.

Environment: DB2, SQL Server, Crystal Report, Informatica, Cognos Decision Stream

ETL Solution for Marketing Department Based on Point System


  • Developed data mart to support data management and BI needs for marketing team.
  • Worked directly with the business clients and IT staff members to understand and refine business requirements and objectives; researched technical solutions, direction and designs for this large-scale, visible project.
  • Managed and assigned day-to-day technical task to developers. Mentored peers and junior staff in both design and development of ETL architecture. Defined technical requirements for ETL initial, historical and incremental load processes.
  • Involved in Designing incremental, fullback up and Database Recovery, setup and performed performance tuning, managed large fact tables by partitioning, Index organizing and import export table spaces from source to target.
  • Managed Cognos DecisionStream catalog, libraries, transformation and job stream.
  • Helped manage integrated test system for successful client acceptance and quality assurance testing, Completed documentation in relation to detailed work plans, and mapping documents which was key components in making project successful.

Environment: Cognos DecisionStream (DataManager), Oracle, (Impromptu, Power Play)

BI & DW Consultant / Technical Lead
July 1996 - Oct 2002


  • Analyzed and prepared business requirements for systems changes
  • Analyzed and documented operations procedures
  • Developed Test Matrices, Plans and Test Cases
  • Performed functionality testing on new programs.
  • Identified problems and communicated them to developers for resolution. Ensured that new development performed according to the business requirements
  • Liaised with Business Team ,Vendors and Developers to clarify and resolve issues related to production systems
  • Conducted system analysis to analyze production problems

Additional Qualification:

Bachelor in Computer Science
Hardware Diploma
Software Diploma
Professional Development
Master Certified Business Analyst

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