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Software Development Engineer Resume



Programming languages: JAVA8, Python3.x, Ruby, Ruby on Rail, SQL, HTML, JSON, Jackson, XML and Prolog.

AWS services: S3, Lambda, Cloud Formation, Redshift, Cloud Watch, SQS, SNS and related SDK.

Testing Framework: JUnit, Mockito and Google Guava.

Tools: Git, Microsoft Remote Desktop, Linux, Intellij IDEA, MS office and MySQL.


Confidential, Seattle

Software Development Engineer


  • Designed automatic and periodic ETL procedures for Fraud Investigation which helps team constructing best customer - centric platform.
  • Maintained sustainability and reliability for database and data warehouse during on-call duty by investigating issues and flipping trouble database.
  • Developed and delivered new features with optimized user experience focusing on registration and disbursement service.

Fraud Rule Investigation ETL Jobs



  • Developed scheduled ETL jobs for investigating suspicious accounts which could highly reduce and prevent frauds on daily basis; the procedures extract and analyze data based on SQL queries, the analyzed result will be send to fraud team.
  • The job processes large batches of data in a fast speed.
  • Designed an internal dashboard for monitoring ETL jobs status with metrics, which provided an efficient and simple way for the fraud rule investigation services maintaining, including investigation amount, errors and processes, the dashboard is broadly used within team.

Customer Invitation System



  • Improved customer invitation system service performance by utilizing supervised machine learning process on Confidential Web Services; the improved system replaced manual process by using result from machine learning model. Highly reduced workload for corresponding teams and more reliable for inviting valuable community contributors.
  • Developed Integration tests in order to check developed features correct and stable.
  • Designed metrics for invitation rate which helped on-call engineer recognizes production issues and simplified debug process.

Service Migration



  • Engaged in organization-level code reconstruction and services migration for getting rid of Strut web framework.
  • Developed a A/B test entrance for disbursement page and registration page, as the prototype for the project.
  • The feature allows customers to enter the new version by using the same URL.
  • This is a simple and low-cost strategy which guides other web pages redirect through team service migration.
  • Developed a new disbursement and disbursement page.
  • This is included in development for back-end logic, data models and front-end structures.
  • This is a brand-new experience for customers.

International Currency Disbursement



  • Re-factored disbursement node in the back-end which supports international currency transfer for corresponding customers.
  • This is a milestone that our customers can transfer their earnings to local bank account with corresponding currency.
  • Re-designed disbursement page which enables international customers know the earning amount in local currency.

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