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Senior Developer Resume

Pennington, NJ

Senior Developer

Solution Builderoffering background of 15+ years delivering enhancements that optimize business systems and capabilities. Identifies and reverses shortfalls to coincide with business needs and regulatory requirements; strong inIBM DataStage (ETL)with 5 years experience. Leverages experience in project leadership, application project life cycle (APLC) methodologies, data conversions and solutions, requirements definition, use case development, technical design, testing, and implementations.

  • Formulated UNIX/mainframe multi-platform FTP and delete/recovery capabilities to compensate for tightening server space, enabling data removal and updates based on business requirements.
  • Headed configuration of DataStage ETL application after abrupt departure of project lead, driving on-time/on-budget completion.
  • Education is key to keeping pace with IT Technology, so I continue to increase my skill set my teaching myself additional stages such as the “PIVOT” stage which I used at CIGNA on a project and successfully implemented into production and I now am focusing on “real time” stages XML folder, XML input, XML output, RTI Input, RTI output, stored procedure stage and message queues.

Professional Overview

Contractor – Confidential– Pennington, NJ 3/2011 – 9/2011

  • Application design, development and maintenance of a batch GDPP system using ORACLE 11g and running the jobs through AUTOSYS.
  • Extract, Transformation, Unload, Load and ftp Parallel jobs
  • Server jobs used for hierarchical job flow and job dependencies
  • Heavy use of before and after routines and scripts
  • All project work was completed on time

Application Development Senior Specialist - Confidential– Philadelphia, PA 3/2010- 10/2010

  • Maintenance and enhancements to a Workers Compensation ETL application called, ‘BillReview/CheckCutting’ in the INTRACORP Department, following all the steps in the full project life cycle using IBM Ascential Datastage version 7.5.2.
  • Mainly an ORACLE shop in the Datawarehouse (UNIX) and querying the databases using TOAD
  • A few DB2 Tables that house the error codes and miscellaneous data
  • I was the 1st person to access the SQL Server databases from an application called ‘Smart Advisor’, thru Datastage, which is a cost savings to the company, because normally an outside company supplies a file of the data needed and then the data is downloaded into the ORACLE Datawarehouse tables.
  • All project work is completed for the year on-time and successfully in production.

DataStage Consultant (PX) Confidential – Philadelphia, PA 3/2009 – 4/2009

  • On a weekly basis, I completed the task of analyzing JCL/ PROC, the associated COBOL programs or EASYTRIEVE programs listed in the steps of the PROC and build a Sequencer with a flow of Datastage jobs on version 8.1, parallel tested millions of records in seconds and achieved the same output results.
  • The system programmer converted most of the VSAM files to flat files. Two VSAM files were converted to ORACLE (ODBC stage) and down loaded to the Datastage server for testing.

Senior Application Developer Confidential– Blue Bell, PA 4/1998-12/2008

  • The first 5 years created and maintained COBOL/CICS mainframe systems and promoted to Senior Application Developer. (OS 390)

Completed the Application Design coding, unit testing, integration testing and performance testing of online and batch Uses Cases to meet the business requirements for the Strategic Provider Reimbursements project including:

  • Maintain Manual Adjustments (CICS – Front end Online screens)
  • Extract Manual Adjustments (Batch)
  • Manual Adjustment Pre-Run Process (Batch)
  • Extract membership/calculate member payment process
  • Manual Adjustment Payee Detail or Roll-up process
  • Assigned a Business Analyst role, due to a shortage of Business Analysts in the beginning of the year 2002, for the Medicare Modernization Act (MMA) project to achieve regulatory compliance with government requirements. Created use cases, business requirements document for the HMO Enrollment front end CICS screens, medical health benefits Identification cards on-time and within budget.
  • The last 5 years created and maintained ETL applications in the data warehouse (UNIX/mainframe)using ABINITIO orIBM Ascential DataStage (PX) version 7.5.2.
  • Two years as a Technical Team Lead, responsible for the high-level application design specifications distributed to ABINITIO or SAS developers for the development, coding, QA and successful implementation of Data Warehouse projects.
    • Developed ABINITIO jobs on multi-nodes using Reformat (XFR), JOIN, Filter by Expression, Merge, Gather, Lookup, DB2 database Extract and Load, datasets, flat files, Sort, Dedup Sort, Rollup and Normalize.
  • Completed a one week class of IBM Ascential DataStage training
  • After completion of the IBM Ascential Datastage training, I was part of a development team to build a new Flow Control System using Datastage, importing all the database Table definitions using Datastage Manager, coding assigned Extract, Transform and Load jobs. Setting up the Sequencers used to run the jobs in Director. All jobs used an INI file (accessed thru IPSWITCH – WS-FTP tool) a repository of Datastage directory paths and values of the parameters needed to run the job.
    • Developed Datastage parallel jobs using stages Transformer, Modify, Look-Up, Join, Merge, Aggregator, Remove Duplicate, Column Generator, Change Capture, Change Apply, Dataset, Sequential File stage and Surrogate Key.
    • Used the DataStage Designer to develop processes for extracting, cleansing, transforming, integrating, and loading data into DB2 databases.
    • Used DataStage Director to validate, run and monitor the data stage jobs.
    • Used DataStage Manager for importing metadata from repository and exporting components to migrate the code to the QA and production environments.
    • Wrote SQL script, Sequencers to be scheduled in ZEKE for production runs.
  • After the abrupt departure of the project lead (Datastage Expert and system expert), I was assigned the Technical Lead role, attending meetings with the business, business analysts, architects and DBA to gather the requirements, followed by the design, development, QA testing and production implementation of an e-mail notification and FTP process using DataStage. The new process enabled Flow Control Administrators to update plan sponsors and products in a medical management system, allowing case managers to have up-to-date visibility to the most current data.
  • Designed and developed a physical delete/restore and FTP process across multiple platforms (UNIX/Mainframe) using DataStage, to remove old data using a date parameter provided by the business and update process following business rules. The new delete process was needed to keep the Flow Control application running at peak performance. Set up the GDG Disk datasets to archive the data on the mainframe and also received new userid and password for the FTP processing. (Get/Put)

Senior Programmer/Analyst Confidential– Harleysville, PA 1990-1998

  • Developed and managed front-end CICS systems for personal auto and homeowners insurance claims.
  • Saved millions of dollars in costs by facilitating full-phase implementation of Y2K-readiness platforms and modifications for claims systems without requiring external contractors.

Education & Technical Skills

Bachelor of Science-Computer Science,

DataStage, UNIX Scripting, Ab Initio, UNIX/Mainframe, Visual Basic, DB2, SQL, VSAM
Rational Unified Process Products (RequisitePro, ClearCase, ClearQuest), MQ Series, CICS, COBOL, IDMS, Visio, JCL, IMS/DLI, Endevor, Easytrieve, Xpeditor, Startools, Fileaid, Infoplex, IBM Utilities

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