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Performance Dba Resume


  • 3.5 years of Total work experience as Teradata DBA.
  • Proficient in BTEQ, MultiLoad scripts for Import/Export of data.
  • Expertise of 2.5 Years in performance tuning and query optimization.
  • Involved in direct interaction with Client/ Application users.
  • ETL and Modeling Concepts.
  • Exposure to Business Objects.
  • Good Analytical and communication skills.
  • Trouble shooting of ETL Job Failures.
  • Backup and Restore of Data through NETBACKUP.
  • Basic knowledge about TASM


Teradata Tools and Utilities: Teradata Administrator, Viewpoint, SQL Assistant, BTEQ

ETL Tools: Crontab and Daemon

BAR Tools: TARA, Symantec Netbackup

Other Tools and Utilities: C#.net

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Unix



Performance DBA


  • Analyze suspect queries running in the system.
  • Tune the suspect queries and send the recommendation to the client after testing
  • Perform DDL checks to maintain the performance standards for the system.
  • Create a performance dashboard and approve the queries based on the specified thresholds.
  • Generate a weekly bases suspect query report and upload the same into the client shared location.
  • Supporting production deployment.
  • Experience with VLDB (Very large Data base).


Performance DBA


  • He will perform Teradata database administrator activities, physical design changes and performance tuning of Teradata system.
  • He will detect suspect processing using performance indicators (PJI, UII, Skew, and Impact CPU).
  • He will create and maintain Teradata objects like Databases, Users, Profiles, Roles, Tables, Views Macros, Stored Procedures and UDFs.
  • He will analyze index selection, Secondary index usage, Unused JIs and Potential for JIs.
  • Review resource usage and database query logs to assist in identifying candidate queries for optimization.
  • Analyze Explain plans to identify problematic join processing.
  • Identify statistics collection issues and compare with leading methodologies and suggest best practices.
  • He will Measure improved (tuned) query performance and quantify result study with current query run.
  • Rewrite inefficient SQL code to optimize performance.
  • Performance assessment to analyze Teradata system performance and provide recommendations. Performance data collection, charting and presentation deck creation.
  • Using various Teradata features like Explain facility, DBQL, Viewpoint to understand query execution and using facilities like Statistics, Secondary Indexes, Partition Primary Indexes, Join Indexes and Compression techniques to optimize the query performance.

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