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Bi/etl Developer Resume

Neenah, WI


  • 10+ years of IT Experience in ETL/Power BI/Tableau/Qlik, Database Design, Development and business intelligence of Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008/2012 /2016 and 2017 in Development, Test and Production Environments with various business domains. Worked in Agile and Scrum methodologies.
  • Expertise in writing T - SQL Queries using joins, Sub queries in MS SQL Server
  • Experience in Extracting, Transforming and Loading (ETL) data from Excel, Flat file, Oracle to MS SQL Server by using BCP utility, DTS and SSIS services.
  • Expertise in building, enhancing and deploying the SSIS Packages & components from development server to production server.
  • Excellent T-SQL development skills to write complex queries involving multiple tables, great ability to develop and maintain Tables, views with Indexes, stored procedures, triggers, user defined functions, etc.
  • Extensively used Report Wizard, Report Builder and Report Manager for developing reports and deploying reports in SSRS/Tableau/PowerBI/Qlik
  • Expertise in report writing according to the business requirement in SSRS/Tableau.
  • Strong experience using Tableau Server, Tableau Desktop, Created extracts and published data sources on Tableau Server for the users from various databases/data sets. Used complex joins and validated them by running and tuning long SQL queries.
  • Scheduled data refresh on Tableau Server for Daily, weekly and monthly increments based on business change to ensure that the views and dashboards were displaying the changed data accurately.
  • Extensive experience in Tableau Administration for Configuration adding users, groups, Projects and workbooks, managing licenses and data connections scheduling tasks embedding views by integrating with other platforms and sources.
  • Experience is Tableau server monitoring, checking logs and find tuning running extracts and in a multi-node environment
  • Expert in creating SQL Server Reports using Visual Studio 2015/2017/2019 and Tableau in designing stylish report layout parameterized, performance, Chart Reports, ad-hoc reports.
  • Experience in administrating the created reports and assigning permission to the valid users for executing the reports.
  • Hands on experience on all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) of Enterprise Data warehousing, including requirement gathering from business users, analysis, design, creation of mapping documents, specification writing, development, testing, and implementation.
  • Experience in different type of reports including Tabular forms, Matrix (Cross /tab Report) form, Conditional, Drill down, Top N, Summary, List items, Charts and Sub Reports.
  • Experience in Logical modeling using the Dimensional Modeling techniques such as Star Schema and Snowflake Schema.
  • Monitored and Tuned MS SQL Server databases with tools like Index Tuning Wizard, SQL Profiler, and Windows Performance Monitor for optimal Performance.
  • Experience in enhancing and deploying the SSIS Packages from development server to production server.
  • Experience in managing and automating control flow, data flow, events and logging programmatically using Microsoft .NET framework for SSIS packages.
  • Strong analytical, administration and problem-solving skills dedicated to maintain the high quality standards. Good communication skills, ability to work independently.
  • Have good knowledge of using MS Office/Office 365 for documentation, presentations, preparing workflows, and visualizations.
  • Documentation of all necessary changes made to existing processes and creating new user guides for new process flows.
  • Hand on experience in data analysis using Tableau, Power BI, Qlik sense Familiar with Oracle, Postgres SQL, Excel, Access and Hadoop concepts.
  • Team player with Good communication, interpersonal and business analysis skills.
  • Worked as an Innovation SPOC & Good in Lean Management
  • Good knowledge on .net /java and programming languages


Confidential, Neenah, WI

BI/ETL Developer


  • Worked in the data team providing end to end data needs throughout the organization and clients. Worked on large BI projects, including ETL processes related to Data-warehouse development (SQL Server 2012-2017/ SSIS), reports (SSRS), and data visualizations in Tableau, PowerBI.
  • Responsibilities included develop and maintain Enterprise Data Warehousing, ETL, dimensional modeling, and report development and data analysis.
  • Used Microsoft BI stack, to write complex T-SQL queries involving multiple tables, great ability to develop and maintain stored procedures, triggers, user defined functions, maintaining and creating dashboards and reports for the organization to aid in data-driven decision making up 5 TB of data sets.
  • Worked in several Guidewire 9.0 upgrades that were sourced to DWH and worked on performance tuning of the ETL.
  • Good knowledge in Guidewire data models in all 4 centers (Policy center, Billing Center, Claims center and contact manager).
  • Experience in creating data models for analytical purpose on individual Guidewire centers and also experience in creating data visualizations of policy, claims and financial life cycle on both historical and current data.
  • Used agile and scrum best practices and methodologies.
  • Worked on enhancements of several different applications from Enterprise Data warehousing and reporting. Helped teams solve business problems by improving their data-driven decision-making capabilities by providing reports and dashboards. Integration of multiple Insurance Partners to integrate with JM Enterprise Data-warehouse and provide reporting to external partners for their business as needed.
  • Supported the current BI infrastructure as support/on-call on a rotation basis.
  • SQL Server 2012/2016/2017 , Visual Studio 2015/2017/2019 , SQL Data tools SSIS, SSRS, Tableau, Power BI, CARA, Jenkins, Rally, Git, SVN, Google Big query, Samanage, JAMS scheduler, Sales force, SharePoint, Office 365, are some of the tools and technologies that I've used in this project.
  • Experience working on Skyline BIEF architecture.

Confidential, DC

Data Analyst


  • Performed daily data queries and prepare related reports using Tableau.
  • Handling daily data collection duties and prepared related tableau reports and using data for further analysis and do ETL.
  • Used various analytical and ETL tools to develop more efficient system operations.
  • Manipulating, cleansing & processing /ETL and analyzing data using Excel, SQL 2012 and provide reporting through Qlik Sense, Tableau, SSRS or excel.
  • Responsible for loading, extracting and validation of client data using ETL SSIS
  • Documentation/ User guide maintenance.
  • Analyzing raw data, drawing conclusions & developing recommendations
  • Writing T-SQL scripts to manipulate data for data loads and extracts.
  • Developing analytical databases from complex other source data like oracle and SQL.
  • Strong MS Excel based reporting experience with working knowledge on creating Excel Macros
  • Advanced SQL coding
  • Monitoring the automated loading processes and eliminate unwanted data movement.
  • Advising on the suitability of methodologies and suggesting improvements.
  • Major role in creating ODS and Enterprise DWH as per the latest architecture for Oracle/SQL Server 2012/2014

Senior Member Technical - SQL BI Developer/DBA/ Data Analyst

Confidential, Salt Lake City, UT


  • Extensively used SSIS Import/Export Wizard, for performing the ETL operations.
  • Working on analysis of client data by generating sales, service and deals report using tableau/SSRS
  • Successfully migrated data between different heterogeneous sources such as flat file, Excel and SQL Server 2008/2012 using SSIS and ETL/DTS, BCP and Bulk Insert
  • Designed and created views for security purposes, implemented rules, defaults, and user defined data types.
  • Loading data from various sources like OLEDB, flat files to SQL Server database Using SSIS Packages and created data mappings to load the data from source to destination.
  • Created the automated processes for the activities such as database backup processes and SSIS Packages run sequentially using SQL Server Agent job.
  • Created SSIS/ETL packages to pull data from SQL Server and exported to Excel Spreadsheets and vice versa.
  • Deployed SSIS/ETL Package into Production and used Package configuration to export various package properties to make package environment independent.
  • Modify Stored Procedures and complex T-SQL Queries to improve query execution process.
  • Write T-SQL Scripts for database backup jobs and daily/weekly jobs.
  • Experience using Oracle for Data pulling using Toad.
  • Create and manage database objects that include Tables, Views, User-defined Functions, Stored Procedures, Constraints and Triggers to implement Business Logic.
  • Convert existing data of the dealers to SQL Server database.
  • Design SQL Server SSIS/ETL packages to pump the data through the Paradox & PostgreSQL SQL databases for each database.
  • Helping the front-end application developers with their queries.
  • Job Monitoring and making sure all jobs run successfully every night.
  • Used SSRS & tableau to generate all daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly Reports including current status.
  • Managing large data sets up to 30 TB
  • Development of various reports and reporting interfaces utilizing tableau and Microsoft SQL Reporting Services.

Environment: MS SQL Server 2005/2008/2012 , SSIS, OLAP, SSRS, MS Visual Studio 2005, Windows, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Tableau, JIRA, Salesforce, ETL


SQL Server DBA


  • Installs web based Front End CRM Application.
  • Restoring Databases.
  • Handling databases sizes up to 40 TB
  • Creating Users and giving permissions to access the required databases.
  • Performance tuning
  • Updating CRM Application & Database to Latest Version.
  • Installing third party tools like ZP4/Smart address, VINs
  • Data downloading from DMS box to CRM Server.
  • Scheduling Jobs in SQL Server.
  • Setting Client URL in IIS.
  • Data processing for the client.
  • Data validation & Application testing.
  • Checking for Errors in Logs and escalate Issues accordingly.
  • Monitoring SQL Job Steps till live date.
  • Moving Client to Maintenance after Complete Installation.
  • Verifying for FTP Services and Tableau and Crystal reports.
  • Downloading Data from DMS and processing data into SQL database.
  • Verifying the SQL Logs. For any errors debugging the issue and resolving the issue.
  • Updating latest SQL Server from 2005 to 2008 on client requirement
  • Maintenance of Tableau and Crystal Reports
  • Debugging Confidential CRM and Confidential Vehicle Application On live clients using SQL server Profiler.
  • Validate and analyze the CRM data.
  • Working and debugging SQL stored procedure
  • Providing tableau and Crystal Reports to the clients on adhoc basis
  • SQL Server Performance checks using Performance Monitor, SQL Profiler
  • Working on the clarify cases and issue resolving at tier 2 level


Jr. SQL Server DBA


  • Involved in Security Administration- creating users and assigning them roles and privileges
  • Creating Databases and updating client-side Patch Software.
  • Maintaining the database server and monitoring the data (XML file)
  • Creating a backup for databases and XML files
  • Producing ASP application reports for analysis
  • Design and coding in MS-Access for patch software of petrol & diesel
  • Working with developers to tune queries, stored procedures, run scripts and move databases
  • Involved in daily database administration activities and troubleshooting database problems

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