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Senior Etl Database Developer Resume


  • IT Architecture Systems Engineering ETL Data Integration System
  • Software Engineer with an extensive background in business intelligence, IT architecture, data integration, and engineering.
  • Strong record of using innovative technology and deep business knowledge to develop scalable long - term solutions for a fast-paced global enterprise.
  • Consistently exhibit a balance of technical expertise with proven people skills by collaborating with internal and external partners to shape reliable systems, applications, and reporting.
  • Visionary with a talent for supporting corporate goals by implementing new technologies across diverse infrastructures and platforms.
  • Drove architecture, engineering, and development of one of the largest Informatica ETL footprints in the industry.
  • Possess combination of in-depth business and technical knowledge, translating technical tools into business solutions.
  • Strong record of collaborating with offshore global business partners on knowledge transition, development, support.


Enterprise Business Intelligence ETL Development|SDLC | CICD Team Leadership & Mentoring

IT Architecture & Engineering Requirements & Process Improvement Cross-Functional Collaboration

Application | Technology Integration Technical to Business Translation Develop System Blueprints

Complex Project Management Data Acquisition Opportunities Create BI Reports & Processes

Data Strategy & Quality ETL Technology | Agile Methodology Technical Writing | Documentation


Platforms: HP-UX IBM-AIX UNIX LINUX IBM Mainframe MVS z/OS VM/VSE DEC-VAX VMS Windows Client/Server

Languages & Scripting: UNIX Shell-Scripting PERL C COBOL FORTRAN RPG CICS Oracle PL/SQL SAS

Databases: Oracle Sybase DB2 LUW | DB2 z/OS SQL/DS (DB2) SQL Server TOTAL/SUPRA MS Access IBM VSAM

Schedulers: Autosys Skybot

Business Intelligence & ETL: Informatica ETI-Extract PowerCenter PowerExchange



Senior ETL Database Developer


  • Development of critical Claims and Agent transaction processing for sensing data changes via hash/MD5 net change and home-grown Change Data Capture.
  • Utilized SQL/Server and Oracle.
  • Developed processing of raw data transactions from third party vendors for medical and prescriptions processing creating customized UNIX scripting, and ETL’s for processing and data validations.
  • Created Parallel Environments to cutover seamlessly all Repositories and Services to latest Informatica V10.2.
  • Installed new Servers, and first enterprise redundant active/passive pair failovers between campuses.
  • Enabled desktop clients, switchable concurrently between releases.
  • Main contact for Informatica Problem Cases resolution. Triage all system, operational and development bugs and performance issues. Trainer for all new technology introduction and administrators.
  • Development Lead responsible for documenting best practices, publishing ETL functionality of previously unknown logic, SQL Overrides and transformations, lookups, joins and aggregators exposing all gaps.

Confidential, Milwaukee, WI

Systems Software Engineering Consultant


  • Drive and reinforce stability, throughput, and integrity enterprise-wide as an integral member of the Engineering and Operational Group.
  • Focus on delivering a new operational real-time environment while tuning the current infrastructure and batch processes for greater data accessibility, quality, security, and efficiency.
  • Act on opportunities to integrate new technologies to tighten data quality and streamline processes. Principal Engineer for implementing BCP (Business Continuity Planning) and Failover, developing UNIX scripting, Autosys, multiple repositories, and failover servers to ensure high availability (HA).
  • Deployed parallel processing and partitioning , leading to 50% runtime reduction and 400% throughput increase.
  • Utilized front-end Change Data Capture using variety of new technologies to map active applications and move changed data to downstream operational data stores and data marts, enabling data publishing 12 hours in advance.
  • Isolated real-time data flow on various servers from legacy batch data integration by constructing multiple additional hardware and ETL engines in addition to leveraging Run Continuous ETL technology.
  • Spearheaded a 500% improvement in data resolution by introducing data validation, a new repository-based data quality system used to identify data inconsistencies in several major business areas.
  • Acted as Engineering Technical Lead during a yearlong upgrade of 120 applications involving enhancing templates, strategic planning; upgraded the environment 50% faster than the previous three upgrades while keeping business flowing 24/7 with no downtime.

Confidential, Milwaukee, WI

Business Analyst & Consultant | Process & Requirements Lead


  • Spearheaded requirements and process activities and analytical problem-solving to support an expanded project portfolio agenda in a fast-paced environment.
  • Gathered requirements and assessed feasibility of integrating innovative technology and methods to improve workflow.
  • Readily took on additional roles to acquire and sharpen new skills and technologies.
  • Interviewed all stakeholders before configuring the formal requirements definition deliverable for the first campus-wide guest wireless system to service all internal personnel as well as external vendors and visitors.
  • Served as Process Lead during the Role Manager Replacement Project involving an application which detailed each employee’s system authentication, privileges, role, and rights to access specific applications and functions. Delivered process flows, GAP analysis and refined requirements definition.
  • Devised comprehensive strategy for a prototype environment where participants engaged with the new Call Center System created to serve ten departments, allowing confirmation of functionality, performance, and dependability.

Confidential, Milwaukee, WI

Business Intelligence Architect | Data Integration


  • Directed BI architecture, engineering, and data integration through existing and emerging technologies as well as end-to-end vision of data flow and creative strategy.
  • Led the creation of largescale scalable architecture, applications, and report solutions.
  • Solicited and reviewed vendor RFPs to choose Enterprise ETL solutions.
  • Mentored teams on development, methodologies, standards, and best practices.
  • Ensured business units remained fully functional during conversion to new infrastructures.Took initiative to introduce new technologies and functionality across multiple platforms.
  • Integrated and cleaned data from various sources, simultaneously eliminating redundancy and discrepancies.
  • Launched the first Technology Introduction for the ETL Informatica Integration involving proof of concept, environment builds, production operability, ETL mappings, data warehouses, and conversion from ETI-Extract toolset.
  • Piloted a team of architects and engineers through four major release upgrades spanning 12+ years, building parallel infrastructures, mapping upgrade plans, and testing 120 applications serving ten business lines while supporting daily operations of multiple critical path business lines.
  • Consistently at forefront of developing future leaders, connecting with junior staff members to help them develop valuable skills and experience with the goal of strengthening the workforce to benefit current and future projects.
  • Coordinated all new technology education, including ETL development instruction, and educational lab environments .

Data Warehouse Architect | Systems Administrator

Confidential, Milwaukee, WI


  • Successfully led the BI team through a pilot and two-year data warehouse project for use by executive management.
  • Responsible for systems/infrastructure builds, capacity planning & database administration across multiple platforms.

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