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Informatica Mdm Developer Resume

Atlanta, GA


  • Around 7 years of IT experience with special emphasis on MDM hub configuration and Master Data Management, System Analysis, Design, Development of applications and Quality Analysis.
  • Designing, Installing, Configuring core Informatica MDM Hub components such as Informatica MDM Hub Console, Hub Store, Hub Server, Cleanse Match Server, IDD
  • Defining and configuring landing tables, staging tables, base objects, hierarchies, foreign - key relationships, lookups, query groups, queries/custom queries and packages
  • Designed & developed multiple cleansing and standardization scenarios using Address Doctor
  • Implemented Hierarchy Manager Module in addition to Match/Merge/Unmerge to depict various hierarchies
  • Helping business to understand teh Match rules configuration and decide teh trust factor and Configure match/merge rules
  • Configuration Address Doctor for address cleansing in MDM Hub
  • Addressing issues of master data definition, metadata acquisition and data migration including data profiling, validation, clean-up and remediation, and source to target mapping
  • Performed cleansing and mapped business requirements to available features in IDD
  • Implementing IDD applications to maintain/manage data, access relationship hierarchies and configured task management to route tasks to teh Data stewards
  • Configuring charts on teh dashboard according to business requirements in IDD and user exits in IDD for selective validation alert pop ups
  • Experienced in testing Client/Server, and Web based, mobile applications by using automated & manual testing.
  • Strong Knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Testing Life Cycle (TLC), Testing Methodologies and Techniques.
  • Extensive abilities in operations and technology related to financial, business and administrative applications and related hardware and software.
  • Proficient in development, execution, maintenance of Test plans, Test cases, Test scripts, Test specifications and Test scenarios.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills and an attitude to learn teh new cutting edge technologies.
  • Ability to quickly analyze and come-up with an efficient industry standard solution for a given problem


EIM Tools: Informatica MDM Multi-domain Edition 9.x, IDD

Cleanse Adapters: Address Doctor

Databases: Oracle 8.x/9.x/10g/11g, DB2, My SQL

Testing Tools: Quality Center, Selenium, Cucumber, TFS, JIRA

Programming Skills: Ruby, JAVA, SQL, PL/SQL, HTML, UNIX Scripting

Application Servers: JBoss, Web Logic 10.x/9.x

Package: MS Office (MS Access, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Word), Visual Studio 6.0.

Environment: Windows 2000/ NT/XP, Sun Solaris, Unix, Windows Server 2003/2008


Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Informatica MDM Developer


  • Involved in teh brain storming sessions for deciding teh data model with Solution and Data Architect
  • Created, redesigned and worked on physical data model and helped for logical data model extension using Erwin
  • Configured Address Doctor by doing teh changes in teh Config files on teh hub server
  • Created teh landing tables, base tables and staging tables as per teh data model
  • Defined and developed teh ETL process to load teh data into teh landing tables during teh land process
  • Configured teh Foreign Key Relationships among teh Base Objects and define teh lookups for teh staging tables
  • Configured teh Automation process for Land, Stage and Load Process (Batch Process)
  • Developed mappings using various cleanse and address doctor functions
  • Did manual landing, staging and loading process using teh batch viewer
  • Used Metadata manager to Import and Export of Metadata and Promote Incremental changes between environments from development to testing phase
  • Worked closely with teh Business in gathering teh Match rules and created teh Match rule document
  • Developed teh Match paths, Match Columns and Match rules (Exact and Fuzzy) in teh Match and Merge Process
  • Ran teh Match and Merge set up and fine-tuned teh Match rules
  • Worked on Hierarchy manager for hierarchical relationships between design objects using entities and hierarchies
  • Worked Security Access Manager (SAM) for creating roles and assigning users.
  • Created and Implemented IDD applicationto search Dealer by creating subject area groups, subject areas, subject area child.
  • Created MDM stored procedures and batch groups for MDM hub.

Confidential, Fairfield, CT

Informatica MDM Consultant


  • Involved in working closely with teh business in developing an approach for Product Master and Customer Master based on mergers.
  • Installed and configured Informatica Hub 9.5 on Dev Box and configured address doctor
  • Worked closely with teh Business in gathering teh Match rules and created teh Match rule document
  • Developed teh Match paths, Match Columns and Match rules (Exact and Fuzzy) in teh Match and Merge Process
  • Involved in teh process of doing External Matching for teh Records provided with teh Master Data.
  • Involved in providing support for teh Application and looking into any data related issues and understanding teh root cause.
  • Worked with SOAP UI to Force Publish records using teh WSDL files.
  • Involved in working with teh Business in gathering teh requirements for Supplier Master.
  • Involved in Creating all teh Staging Tables and Base Objects for Mastering Records for Supplier Master.
  • Involved in Configuring JMS setting in Informatica MDM and integrating teh external applications using SIF.
  • Used teh Informatica Service Integrated Framework (SIF) to develop teh web service for MDM Process.
  • Involved in using teh web services created using SIF for publish and Force Publishing a Duns Number.
  • Provide weekly status updates on progress, status and issues.
  • Developed high level and low level design documents.

Environment: Informatica MDM 9.5.1, IDD, Java, SOAP UI, Informatica Power Center 9.1, Oracle 11g/10g, Toad, JBoss 5.1.0, Address Doctor, Windows server 2008, Unix


Informatica MDM Consultant


  • Successfully completed Customer and Product centric Master Data Management initiatives using Informatica Master data management product
  • Installed and configured Informatica Hub 9.5 on Dev Box and configured address doctor
  • Involved in discussions with teh Data Architect and Solution Architect in defining and changing teh data model
  • Created landing tables, base tables, staging tables according to teh data model and number of source systems
  • Defined teh foreign key relationships among teh base objects and defined look ups on teh staging tables and packages, query groups and queries/custom queries
  • Implemented real-time integration with MDM HUB using real-time batch processing for business data coming from four source systems.
  • Conducted brain storming sessions with business users to understand matching requirements and prepared high level document
  • Analyzed and profiled teh data and came with up teh initial match rules and gone through several iterations for tuning matches.
  • Designed and defined best implementation and deployment practices for Informatica Data director implementation within services organization.
  • Develop standards, guidelines, processes, and expertise to consistently address strategic data issues such as data quality, cleansing, standards, and integration by using Address Doctor cleanse adapter.
  • Used metadata manager for importing, exporting, validating teh data for transforming teh schema from development environment to testing environment.
  • Profiled Data coming from different database systems like Oracle, XML, IBM Mainframe Flat files, DB2 and performed Data Quality Audit.
  • Informatica core components like Designer, workflow Manger, Workflow Monitor were used extensively.
  • Created Sessions/Batches in Informatica server manager to execute mappings.

Environment: Informatica MDM 9.5, IDD, Informatica Power Center 9.1, Oracle 11g/10g, Toad, JBoss 5.1.0, Address Doctor, Windows server 2008, Unix


Informatica MDM Hub Developer


  • Worked as closely with Business users, Data Architects in understanding teh business and teh needs
  • Involved in redesigning teh data model by doing teh necessary changes by enhancing teh scope of teh project
  • Created Landing Tables, Staging Tables and Base tables by making teh Data Model as teh base
  • Defined teh Trust scores for teh source systems as per understanding teh business process
  • Defined teh Foreign Key relationships and provided lookup information for teh required columns in teh staging tables
  • Developed teh mappings and used teh necessary cleanse functions by analyzing teh data using teh data quality tool
  • Concatenated teh columns to get unique values loaded into teh Pkey source of teh staging tables
  • Fixed teh issues while getting teh data loaded in stage and base tables and worked with Informatica Support
  • Used hierarchies workbench tool, for converting base objects into entity base objects, creating entity types, relationship base objects, relationship types, profiles, put and display Queries
  • Configured match and merge and run match rules to get teh matches by eliminating teh duplicates and merging teh records using teh merge process
  • Successfully implemented IDD using hierarchy configuration and created subject area groups, subject areas, subject area child, IDD display packages in hub and search queries for searching teh
  • Implemented teh approval process by enabling and disabling teh buttons for subject areas in IDD, according to business rules and requirements
  • Configured Auto Merge and Manual Merge settings for Data Stewards in Hub and IDD
  • Worked extensively on BDDConfig.xml, BDD Bundle Properties, Error code Bundles, Message bundles properties, Metadata Bundle properties in IDD
  • Created documents for teh relationships, landing tables, staging tables, base objects, hierarchies, and IDD application
  • Provided end user and helped them to understand teh new features and application

Environment: Informatica MDM 9.5.1, Informatica Power Center 9.1, Base SAS, Oracle 11g, Unix


Software QA


  • Analyzed and understood teh requirements.
  • Involved in Functional, System and Installation, User Acceptance Testing on both web and mobile.
  • Executed teh Test scripts written in RUBY
  • Creating framework using CUCUMBER for automation of headless testing.
  • Involved in writing test cases using Quality Center.
  • Proactive participant in weekly AGILE team meetings and updated team lead and manager on status of testing
  • Involved in UAT Test Case Creation & Execution with End Users
  • Executed teh Selenium test scripts for each build for Functional & Regression Testing.
  • Performed Peer review of test cases and executed them.
  • Built a Detailed, Reusable, Script-free Keyword+ data Driven Automation
  • Created Data Driven Framework & included teh previous scripts as per requirement in Framework.
  • Exhibited strong aptitude in implementing Quality Assurance Standards & Testing Methodologies using Use Case documents, functional specifications & requirements
  • Created, designed & executed test plans, test scenarios, test cases & test reports.
  • Conducted test plan reviews & Test case review for teh project team.
  • Ensures applications are setup correctly & working in both test & production systems.
  • Prepared High Level test scenarios & Test Scripts & cases for Functional testing based on user stories.
  • Involved in Behavior Driven Testing using CUCUMBER.
  • Tested User Interface inconsistency and application functionality.
  • Performed Regression testing.
  • Identified and documented all teh issues and defects in TFS to ensure application software works as per SRS
  • TEMPEffective coordination between development team and testing team.
  • Involved in weekly status reporting.

Environment: Java, CUCUMBER, RUBY, Selenium Web Driver, Perl, SQL Server 2008, Windows 7, Linux, TFS, TDD, Quality Center, iOS, Android, Agile Methodology, Scrum


QA Engineer


  • Participated in teh full project lifecycle with particular emphasis on creation, maintenance and execution of test to ensure teh capability of teh systems being built. W
  • Working closely with teh Developers and Engineering Teams in teh review and modification of teh product and its specifications using Agile-testing methodology.
  • Developed automated test cases, scripts for teh core modules using BDD (CUCUMBER - RUBY for several modules.
  • 3 Amigos sessions where me worked with a BA and a Developer throughout teh development lifecycle. 3 Amigos meeting created story card and use cases.
  • Executing teh Test scripts written in RUBY and maintain script
  • Created high level quality test cases for execution during each release in teh Software development life cycle.
  • Identify, Report, Track, and Monitor Defects in defect tracking system(JIRA)
  • Implemented CUCUMBER for unit testing, Implemented Selenium for Integration Testing, Implemented image based automation for Cross browser and cross platform testing
  • Performing all QA tasks following Agile Methodology (scrum).
  • Worked very closely with Business consultants, System Designers and Project managers to ensure teh
  • Creating High Level Scenarios and Test cases to follow teh SDLC guidelines and processes.
  • Performed Acceptance Testing using CUCUMBER.
  • Involved in Behavior Driven Testing using CUCUMBER- RUBY.
  • Performed Function and Regression testing
  • Ensure entire end user experience meets expectations.
  • Used Quality Center for Writing test cases, mapping requirements with test cases, executing them and
  • Creating defects.
  • Involved in executing teh Test cases.
  • Involved in Defect tracking and reporting.
  • Performed Functional, UI Testing, Integration, System, Regression Testing.
  • Performed validations in different systems such as backend and middle tire.
  • Provided teh regular status updates to all stake holders and upper management.

Environment: .NET,, Selenium, Perl, SQL Server 2008, Windows 7, Linux, TFS, RUBY, TDD, Quality Center, iOS, Android, Soap UI, Manual Testing, Waterfall, Agile Methodology


Quality Engineer


  • Analyzed and understood teh Business requirements.
  • Involved in creating Test Cases based on teh functional specifications.
  • Executed test cases and verified actual results with teh expected results.
  • Based on Test Plan, Reviewed teh Test Cases.
  • Performed Functional, Ad hoc, User Acceptance, and Regression Testing.
  • Used Selenium for automating web applications.
  • Tested User Interface inconsistency and application functionality.
  • Logged teh defects using Quality Center.
  • Participated in weekly meetings.

Environment: Quality center, Windows XP, Waterfall Model, TFS, Selenium

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