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Programmer Analyst Rpg Resume Profile


My career experience includes the following software languages, utilities and third party software packages: RPG Free format, RPG ILE, RPG IV, RPG III, RPGII, COBOL ILE, COBOL/400, COBOL third party imaging software supporting IBM Image Plus application , SQLLITE, Interactive SQL, Batch SQL Using SQLLITE utility , Embedded SQL, subfile programming, Control Language Programming CLP and CLLE , DBU, DFU, SDA, Integrated File System IFS , CLIPPER DOS based language, database file constructs, custom in-house change management software Stonemor Inc. , ALDON change management software, TAATOOLS, Abstract, Pathfinder Hawkeye, MS Excel, MS Word, Harris Data payroll software, TELL freight transportation software and JDA retail applications software.




  • Responsible for maintenance of TELL interactive/batch transportation software and development of new software within the TELL transportation system. Software languages include RPG ILE, CLLE and SQL. Created unit test files when necessary using CL commands and SQL. Interfaced with business analyst during the user testing stage.
  • With quality assurance in mind, I always performed thorough testing in the unit testing stage and assured error free testing in the user system test stage.
  • Developed and maintained software with user productivity in mind, to facilitate workflow.
  • Provided functional specifications, technical specifications, implementation documents and user documentation.
  • Responsible for off-hours technical support.
  • Development tools include the CITRIX Windows to I-series connectivity software, RPG Free format, RPG ILE, RPGIV, Control Language CLP, CLLE , DB2 database file constructs, DBU, ABSTRACT development utility, ALDON change management software, interactive SQL, embedded SQL, SQLLITE, IFS methodologies, I-series debug tool and the TELL transportation software.


Maintained custom software and created add-on software in a JDA retail applications software environment, MMS, SODA . Integrated external data sources into the DB2 database using interactive SQL, or, by incorporating the SQL into a control language program. Developed Control Language Programs which used SQL's to identify data inconsistencies for business analysts to interrogate and resolve. Designed and developed Control Language Programs, incorporating SQL's used to monitor and maintain disk utilization. Designed and developed utilities to facilitate workflow in the user environment. Performed concurrent applications maintenance and development across multiple systems, JDA Retail System environment and Legacy DOS based environment . Performed thorough unit and quality assurance testing in development and integration test environments. Migrated applications software from the development stage into the integration test and production environments. Provided off-hours coverage and problem resolution. Responsible for weekly and or monthly project status reporting. Performed monthly attended IPL procedures. Prepared user and technical documentation. Developed and maintained CLIPPER DOS based business applications software along with MS DOS batch files. Development tools included I-Series Access for Windows, RPG ILE, RPG IV, RPG Free maintenance , Control Language Programming CLP, CLLE , Query/400, Subfile programming, Screen Design Aid SDA , DB2 table and database file constructs, DFU, IFS, utility, Batch SQL, Interactive SQL, Embedded SQL, SQLLITE, AS400 debug tools, JDA Retail software system functions and development utilities, MS DOS, CLIPPER DOS based language, MS Word and MS Excel.


Sr. Programmer Analyst RPG

  • Designed, developed and maintained applications software, within Sarbanes Oxley guidelines , for sales, order entry, billing, payroll, accounting and marketing applications.
  • Performed acquisition data integration from external sources to the I-series platform via the I-series Integrated File System, IFS . Then used SQL's to integrate the data into the respective DB2 file structure.
  • Converted legacy RPG II and RPG III to RPG IV or RPG ILE code. Also converted legacy OCL to CLP or CLLE control language.
  • Enhanced Trust application to allow certain inventory items to be released from Trust, thus realizing revenues early and increasing profits for the reporting period.
  • Enhanced on-line payroll G/L feed system to facilitate user productivity by eliminating unnecessary key entry functions.
  • Developed a reporting system for senior level management, to identify marginal and substandard sales activity.
  • Created a new customer database and accompanying maintenance system to eliminate redundant customer add/update functionality.
  • Automated office procedures to facilitate records keeping functions at remote sites.
  • Maintained third party Harris Data payroll software which included ILE program/module binding functionality within its development environment. Installed periodic upgrades.
  • Provided user documentation and applications support to both home and field offices.
  • Performed thorough unit and quality assurance testing in development and integration test environments.
  • Provided a weekly on-line account of project status.
  • Prepared user and technical documentation.
  • Software languages, development tools and third party software included, I-Series Access for Windows, RPG ILE, RPG/400, RPG III, RPG II, Control Language Programming CLP, CLLE , Subfile programming, Screen Design Aid SDA , IBM DB2 database, SQL Interactive and Embedded , SQLLITE, Query/400, DB2 table and database file constructs, VPN remote connectivity software, IFS, TAATOOLS, ABSTRACT, Harris Data payroll package, MS Excel, MS Word and in-house change management software.


AS400 Programmer Analyst COBOL, RPG Designed, developed and maintained interactive and batch applications software for the global marketing division utilizing AS400 COBOL, RPG and Control Language Programming CLP languages. Automated interactive key entry processes, including command line file transfer procedures, to eliminate time-consuming manual tasks. This was accomplished by incorporating manual functions into CL batch programs. Performed thorough unit and quality assurance testing in development and integration test environments. Documented applications software and prepared user documentation. Software, development tools and database utilities included, AS/400 Subfiles, COBOL ILE, COBOL/400, RPG/400, RPG ILE, SQL/400 Stored, Interactive and Embedded , Query Manager, Query/400, CL Programming, DB2 table and database file constructs, DBU, DFU, SDA, Pathfinder database utilities, Windows 98 and TCP/IP file transfer protocol.

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