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Enterprise Data Architect,resume Profile


Over 18 years of experience providing technical solutions to meet business needs proven record of analyzing developing implementing and maintaining management information systems for a wide range of industries government financial health care manufacturing education e-commerce transportation and pharmaceuticals expert in data architecture including the establishment of data standards and governance data analysis and modeling of application databases data marts and data warehouses with extensive experience creating their related ETL processes and reporting systems on a wide variety of platforms. Practiced in Master Data Management solution design and implementation.

Business and Analysis Skills

Technical Skills

Enterprise data analysis

Gather Requirements meeting with stakeholders to determine the business s application and data needs

Business Process and Workflow Analysis using human workflow combined with database technologies to drive process improvement

Logical and Physical Data Modeling for Applications Operational Data Stores Data Marts and Data Warehouses.

Project Planning developing work and assignment schedules for technical team members in Microsoft Project

Documentation business requirements technical requirements application and data workflows use cases and test plans

Standardization of data process and coding for database and application development at a team department and enterprise levels

Database and Network Capacity Planning

Business Risk Assessment

Disaster Recovery Planning Development Implementation Validation and Execution

Database Related

Logical and Physical Data Modeling for Application Data Marts and Data Warehouse Databases

Complete Microsoft SQL Server Business Intelligence Stack 6.5-2012 T-SQL SSIS SSAS SSMDS SSMDQS DTS SSRS Stored Procedures Triggers Jobs Replication User Defined Functions and Security Modeling


Oracle PL/SQL Triggers Stored Procedures and Packages


Informatica Power Center 9.6.1


Microsoft C .Net

Microsoft Visual Basic 3 - .Net


Java Script



Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows 3.1 Server 2008



Other Proficiencies

Microsoft Visual Interdev Microsoft SharePoint Microsoft Team Foundation Server Microsoft BizTalk ERwin TOAD for Oracle Agile Development Tomcat QNXT uPortal Certified PeopleSoft Administrator



Enterprise Data Architect

Lilly brought me onboard to help set their corporate data strategies and architectures and to effect change in the ways the pharmaceutical industry as a whole addresses data. Thus far my role has been to lead the Joint Information Architect group. This group is an incubation center used by executives to bring the latest technologies principles patterns and methodologies into the Lilly organization and integrate them into ongoing technology projects across the enterprise. A regular part of my work with Lilly is to participate in the Architectural Reviews of all IT projects at Lilly that are deemed to have an enterprise scope. I am also architecting standard enterprise services to deliver data archival and retention along with maturing their Enterprise Master Data offerings and standing up an Enterprise Mastered Metadata Environment.


Enterprise Data Architect / Developer / DBA / Analyst

As an Enterprise Data Architect MGM engaged me to evaluate their existing data architecture suggest architectural changes and to prototype one business process as a proof of concept. I then mentored MGM s staff to take over support supporting the prototype and implement new business processes based on the new architecture after my contract had run to term. Technologies included SQL Server 2012 Oracle 11 Teradata Data Stage Golden Gate SSIS SSRS and Cognos.


McGraw Hill s subsidiary Platts recently acquired Bentek. Bentek functions as a commodity exchange data provider to the Oil and Gas sector. As a result of the acquisition Bentek s data solution needed to be modified to meet McGraw Hill s security architectural and data standards then physically migrated to McGraw Hill s data centers. As an Enterprise Data Architect my role was the complete planning of the technical aspects of the modification and migration. These included network server storage disaster recovery software licensing and security planning. I also produced the ordered project technical task list and hours estimates for the proposed migration.


CenterLight required an Enterprise Data Architect to plan and prototype a Master Data Solution to integrate the new systems being brought online to replace their legacy systems enterprise-wide. Lawson ERP Pivotal CRM and Member Management Cerner Clinical and Medical Management and QNXT Provider Management and Claims Processing where chosen as the replacement systems with BizTalk used as the Integration Hub and SQL Server 2012 as the Database Platform. I designed a Master Data Solution to leverage Microsoft s Master Data Management tools Master Data Services and Data Quality Services with SAP s Business Objects.


SMHP implemented QNXT to replace their aging mainframe claims processing system. It became evident that they needed to create an Enterprise Reporting Environment to host custom reports necessary to the business function. I was brought in as a Data Architect to assist in the completion of their initial report development and to design and implement an Enterprise Reporting System. This required the drafting of the data standards and the processes and procedures for the development testing and maintenance of the production Business Intelligence solution. I planned the hardware and software needed for the development QA and production environments. Finally I architected the logical and physical data structures presentation layer and ETL processes necessary for their Operational Data Store Department Data Marts and Corporate Data Warehouse. All solutions were delivered using the Microsoft s Development Stack and leveraged SQL Server s robust reporting capabilities.


Intel s Environmental Health and Safety department required a Data Architect to create a comprehensive data solution to track all gas liquid and solid waste produced by Intel s manufacturing processes and facilities worldwide. Leveraging the government reporting requirements of ten states and six countries I architected Intel s solution. This led to the modeling of Intel s data retention needs and design of the Data Warehousing Analytics and Reporting solution using SQL Server s Database Analysis Services Integration Services and Reporting Services. The solution included extensive use of SSIS to transform various international data formats onto a unified data structure.


As a Sr. Data Architect my role was to create relational databases operational data stores and data warehouses implement Analysis Services develop Reporting Services reports integrate databases Analysis Services Cubes Report Builder and SharePoint and the development of ETL Extract Transform and Load processes for populating Application Data Mart and Data Warehouse Databases. I created multiple data models and .Net processes to massage international data unified data structures.


Designed and developed a data warehouse and ETL processes for Eli Lilly s sales department. Created a configurable loading process to populate the data warehouse. The loading engine was developed in C and SQL Server and was capable of loading any SQL Server destination from Oracle 10g Excel Access and SQL Server. I designed all the reports and implemented the solution using Microsoft Reporting Services with the user interface being Microsoft SharePoint.


As a QNXT specialist I leveraged by experience gleaned from HMSA to develop and implement reporting and process solutions for the Membership portion of Mercy s QNXT claims processing system. I created the custom database designs in SQL Server the ETL processes using SSIS and the reports in Reporting Services.


Initially hired as a Data Architect to analyze HMSA s needs for Data Marts and Data Warehouses and to provide historical reporting on their QNXT Claims processing system. To fill other project needs and due to my management and technical experience I was re-tasked to lead the CSRP Core System Replacement Project Reporting Team. I designed and created a custom Operation Data Store used by over two hundred reports. Using a SCRUM development methodology I led the development team in delivering the 200 reports developed in Microsoft Reporting. The report inventory was completed ahead of schedule and under budget. Reporting data sources included Oracle 9i and SQL Server. Initial ETL processes where developed using DTS until HMSA transitioned to SQL 2005. At that point the ETL processes were created using SSIS. After the Reporting Team met its deliverable goals I assumed the role of Sr. Developer/Business Analyst for the remainder of my contract.


Primarily brought on to the http //www.smartdesktop.org team as the MySQL DBA and Data Architect. The position continued to evolve as the project to create web portal tools for teachers progressed. The site provides lesson planning student assessments and a search engine for locating humanities rich teaching resources. Through weekly SCRUMS a cataloging tool for staff librarians to catalog the resources. All efforts culminated in the position of Chief Technologist.


Devised and implemented database security backup and emergency disaster recovery procedures. Developed a web based enterprise level process scheduling solution. Programmed and maintained web and email based CRM applications for clients Georgeson Pfizer and Unilever. Created web applications to interact with NNC Group s telephony systems to enable both voice message delivery and fax broadcast capabilities via the a web interface.


A premier provider of financial information to the Manhattan trading banking communities Capital IQ s web application http //www.capitaliq.com is used by Merrill Lynch Credit Swiss Boston among others. As Sr. DBA / Analyst / Team Lead I created innovative solutions for the replication of Gigabytes of data to and from brokers were created. Designed developed and implemented the disaster recovery infrastructure and procedures successfully executed on Sept. 11th.


Blackwood Trading

Brought on as an MSSQL Server and Oracle DBA to enhance the efficiency of the reporting systems. After analysis it was evident the database was not the source of the slow performance. At that point the position changed from DBA to system analyst project manager and data modeler. I delivered specifications and a project plan for the development of a new order management and risk reporting system where created. It was developed as an ASP intranet solution using application data mart and data warehouse databases.


Provided database architecture DBA and project management expertise to the online jeweler. Projects included the development of new relational databases in both Oracle and MSSQL Server product administration tools search engines ordering processing applications and ETL processes for product data distribution. Established standards and promotion processes for development QA and production environments.

CJ M Transport

Developed a web front end to interface via middle tier COM components with EDI communications components. The EDI process transfers data between the web servers and the mainframe systems of several automotive manufacturers. The application manages the vehicles loads drivers invoicing and payroll for CJ M a trucking company that transports new vehicles from railheads to dealers.

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