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Data Warehousing Resume Profile


Results oriented IT professional with 13 years experience in Business Intelligence BI and Data Warehouse DW architecture, development and management and 16 years application development and support.


Management Skills and Capabilities

  • Broad experience in delivering and supporting IT application and business intelligence solutions tmany business lines including customer service, transmission and distribution, finance, supply chain and generation
  • Extensive experience in systems and business analysis, data warehouse architecture, relational database concepts, data modeling, query optimization, and application development
  • In-depth experience in process of business requirements gathering, documenting and converting them intIT solutions
  • Commitment tquality from requirements through design, construction, testing, installation and support
  • Managed teams of 8 15 employees and contractors
  • Excellent record of successful on-time/on-budget project delivery
  • Experience in evaluating vendor software solutions and services and contract negotiations/management
  • Committed tconstant learning and proven track record on applying newly acquired knowledge and skills timplement solutions taddress business problems
  • Working knowledge of Oracle products, ETL and Business Intelligence tools

Analysis and Design Skills

  • SDLC methodology applied tthe design and architecture of large-scale systems with responsibilities for gathering, analyzing and translating business requirements intsystem solutions in order tsupport various transactional, analytical and reporting needs
  • Business Data Warehouse, OLTP Systems architecture and high-level design
  • System Requirement Definitions documentation
  • Software products development specification
  • Data and process modeling



  • Databases: ORACLE , SQL, MS Access
  • BI Tools: MicroStrategy 9.0, Oracle Discoverer
  • ETL Tools: Informatica 8.6
  • Data Modeling: ERwin, TOAD Data Modeler
  • Project Management: MS Project
  • Productivity: MS Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Visio



BI Center of Excellence

  • Manage the BI Center of Excellence with increased focus on advancing the use of Business Intelligence at PPL
  • Provide BI support services and consulting in the development of a critical decision support system for the energy trading organization
  • Expanded the Electric Utilities Data Warehouse tinclude energy efficiency information tenable the business tanalyze information thelp PPL successfully meet Act 129 objectives
  • Completed the implementation of a data warehouse for the Supply Chain organization tprovide reporting and analysis timprove procurement activities, manage vendors and control inventory
  • Identified and engaged an external BI/DW consulting firm tconduct an assessment of current BI solutions and practices at PPL and developed action plans tadvance ta higher level of BI maturity
  • Provide leadership in the implementation of a BI solution tsupport the implementation of a new work and asset management system
  • Conducted an information assessment tdevelop a strategy for improving analysis and reporting on human resource information


BI Center of Excellence and Integration Competency Center

  • Managed the BI Center of Excellence and expanded delivery and support of BI solutions tthe supply chain and energy trading organizations
  • Provided leadership for the continued expansion and utilization of BI solutions across all PPL companies
  • Assumed responsibilities for EAI webMethods technologies and the management of a team of 4-6 individuals that provided support of the infrastructure, developed standards and processes and provided integration support tother project teams
  • Lead the team in expanding and stabilizing the EAI environment tbecome a more dependable and heavily utilized integration platform
  • Drove the advanced use of the webMethods platform through the implementation of Business Activity Monitoring tools tprovide automated monitoring of the Automated Meter Reading system tprovide early detection of issues with the collection of meter readings
  • Established a webMethods Trading Networks environment timprove EDI capabilities
  • Provided support for the highly successful Customer Transition Program through the implementation of the webMethods EntireX software which enabled the development teams tprovide web front ends for streamlining the collection of information intthe Customer Service System
  • Responsible for obtaining staff augmentation resources for integration work in support of several critical IT system implementation
  • Ensured all BI, EDI and EAI SLA's were consistently met


BI Center of Excellence and EDI Support

  • Responsible for managing the Business Intelligence Center of Excellence which consolidated BI resources and technologies intone organization and expanded the delivery and support of BI solutions tall PPL business lines
  • Assumed responsibility for supporting EDI solutions for PPLSolutions and PPL Services and ensured the team provided high quality services tthese business lines
  • Directed information assessments for PPLSolutions and PPL Generation tdevelop strategies for implementing Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing solutions taddress reporting and analytical needs and implemented BI/DW solutions for these business lines
  • Participated on IT Transformation efforts including streamlining IT architecture and processes
  • Led an information strategy effort for ISD which resulted in the use of BI/DW technologies within the department
  • Ensured all BI and EDI SLA's were consistently met
  • Responsible for developing and managing budgets in support of BI/DW and EDI work
  • Responsible for incorporating new staff members intthe team and interviewing and hiring additional employees and contractors


Data Warehousing Team

  • Responsible for the development of the Customer Data Mart which was the first BI/DW solution implemented at PPL. This project required quickly learning and using several new design concepts and tools including dimensional modeling, Informatica PowerMart ETL and Oracle Discoverer BI delivery
  • Participated in an ETL tool evaluation team which selected Informatica PowerMart as the corporate standard for ETL development
  • Provided training and support for end users tensure adoption and proper use of the new BI solution
  • Responsible for many system enhancements, performance improvements and software upgrades
  • Pioneered the use of many new Oracle features tensure optimal database management and performance
  • Responsible for providing team oversight, technical leadership and project management for major projects including the expansion of the EU Data Warehouse tinclude work management and electric facilities information
  • Participated in the telecommuting pilot program and was responsible for the successful rollout of the program throughout ISD


  • Developed many IT solutions including budget and accounting systems, fuel systems and resource allocation, planning and scheduling systems
  • Responsible for leading an interface team tintegrate a new customer service system with a legacy work management system
  • Responsible for developing a conversion strategy and leading a team in defining and implementing processes tmove data from a legacy work management system ta new vendor developed system
  • Piloted the use of information engineering methodology at PPL using CASE tools which included business area analysis Process and Data Modeling , business system design and implementation of a system tsupport the Construction Department's resource allocation processes.
  • Led a team in utilizing the CASE tools timplement an integrated Fuel Management system and provided training and mentoring on the use of the methodology and tools
  • Participated in the development of an Information Strategy Plan for a major business line
  • Easily learned and adapted tnew technologies project assignments often were the first tintroduce these technologies intthe IT organization including the use of Oracle Databases, Client/Server applications and data warehousing tools and solutions

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