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Informatica Developer Resume

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Watertown, MA


  • Total 7 years of IT experience in software analysis, design and development for various software applications in client - server environment and providing Business Intelligence solutions in Data Warehousing for Decision Support Systems and OLAP application development
  • Worked on multiple client specific environments related to Health, Insurance, Retail, and e-Governance
  • Extensively used ETL methodologies for supporting data extraction, transformation and loading process, in a corporate-wide-ETL solution using Informatica Power Center
  • 5 years of strong Data Warehousing experience using Informatica Power Center
  • Worked extensively on various Informatica Data Integration components - Repository Manager, Workflow Manager/Server Manager, and Designer
  • 5 years of experience using Oracle 10g/9i/8i/8.0/7.0, DB 2 8.0/7.0/6.0 , MS SQL SERVER 2008/2005/2000 , MS Access 7.0/2000, SQL, Adhoc SQL, PLSQL, SQL Plus.
  • Implemented Slowly Changing Dimensions
  • Experienced in gathering business requirements and preparing ETL Technical specs
  • Implemented performance tuning techniques on Targets, Sources, Mappings and Sessions
  • Good understanding and exposure to Data Warehousing techniques such as Star-Schema Modeling, Snowflake Modeling, OLAP, ROLAP, MOLAP, Fact, Dimension tables
  • Experienced in Data Modeling using Erwin
  • Extensively worked on developing Informatica Mappings, Mapplets, Sessions, Workflows and Worklets for data loads
  • Strong experience to the entire Software Development Life Cycle
  • Expertise in Tuning the DW environment including Oracle SQL query tuning, Database tuning and in Informatica Power center to identify bottlenecks, tune and remove bottlenecks
  • Designed Source to Target mappings, Code Migration, version control, scheduling tools, Auditing, shared folders, data movement, naming in accordance with ETL best practices, Standards and Procedures
  • Performed DB partitioning for improving performance of SQL queries
  • Extensively written PL/SQL Procedures, Functions, Cursors, Triggers
  • Good exposure to SQL Server 2000 and 2005
  • Experience in Unix Shell scripting
  • Superior communication skills, strong decision making and organizational skills along with outstanding analytical and problem solving skills to undertake challenging jobs. Able to work well independently and also in a team by helping to troubleshoot technology and business related problems


Data Warehousing: Informatica Power Center 8.6/8.1.1/8.0/7.1.2/7.1.1/7.0 , Power Exchange, Power Mart 6.2, Informatica Power Analyzer, Informatica Power Connect, Informatica Power Plug, Informatica Designer, Workflow Manager, ETL, ETI, Data mart, OLAP, OLTP.

Dimensional Data Modeling: Dimensional Data Modeling (ERD), Star Schema Modeling, Snowflake Modeling, FACT and Dimensions Tables, Physical and Logical Data Modeling, ERWIN 7.1.3, Oracle Designer, Visio.

BI Tools: Business Objects 6.5, Crystal Reports 11, (Web-Intelligence 2.5, Designer 5.0, and Developer Suite & Set Analyzer 2.0)

Databases: Oracle 10g/9i, DB2 8.0/7.0,MS SQL Server 2000/2003/2008 , Sybase.

Programming: SQL, Adhoc SQL, PL/SQL, Unix, Perl, Shell Scripting, Transact SQL, Visual Basic .Net/6.0/5.0

Environment: Sun Solaris 2.6/2.7, HP-UX 10.20/9.0, Windows NT, Windows 95/98, Windows 2000


Confidential, Watertown, MA

Informatica Developer


  • Extensively used Informatica power center 9 for extraction, transformation and loading process.
  • Created mappings using different transformations like Source Qualifier, Joiner, Aggregator, Expression, Filter, Router, Lookup, Update Strategy, and Sequence Generator . Developed mapplets and worklets for reusability.
  • Involved in Data Loading Sequence and Populated Data into Staging Area and Warehouse with Business Rules. Involved in the Development of informatica mappings and mapplets and also tuned them for Optimum performance, Dependencies and Batch Design.
  • Change Data Capture - CDC also referred to as “delta data” is the strategy used to identify any changes in data. Each source has an identified method for determining changed data that will need to be processed into the warehouse.
  • Extensively used Stored Procedures, Functions and Packages using PL/SQL for creating Connected and Unconnected Stored Procedure Transformations.
  • Created workflows using Workflow manager for different tasks like sending email notifications, timer that triggers when an event occurs, and sessions to run a mapping.
  • Utilized Informatica debugger for trouble-shooting.
  • Used Debugger to test the data flow and fix the mappings.
  • Optimizing/tuning mappings for better performance and efficiency.
  • Worked with Tidal scheduling Team for scheduling the Informatica PowerCenter Workflows.
  • Developed and Implemented UNIX shell scripts and scheduled different Informatica jobs.
  • Created UNIX shell scripts and called as pre session and post session commands.
  • Involved in Unit Testing and Integration Testing of the application.
  • Migration of New and Changed Informatica objects across the environments using Folder to Folder and Deployment Group methods.
  • Supported Integration testing by analyzing and fixing the issues.
  • Documented the entire process. The documents included the mapping document, unit testing document and system testing document among others.
  • Executed sessions, both sequential and concurrent for efficient execution of mappings and used other tasks like event wait, event raise, email, command and pre/post SQL.

Environment: Informatica 9(Repository Manager, Designer, Workflow Manager, Workflow Monitor),Oracle,TOAD,SQL,PL/SQL,Tidal,Unix,MS Visio

Confidential, Raleigh, NC

Informatica Developer


  • Involved in designing Source to Target mapping documents and loading strategies as a part of requirements gathering.
  • Worked with Kimball's Data Modeling concepts including data modeling, data marts, dimensional modeling, star and snowflake schema, fact aggregation and dimension tables, slowly changing dimensions and surrogate keys.
  • Designed the procedures for getting the data from many source systems to Data Warehouse.
  • Developed mappings using Mapplets & various sources involving flat files, XML files and Relational tables.
  • Extensively used ETL to load Flat files, XML files, Oracle and legacy data as sources and Oracle, Flat files as targets.
  • Worked extensively with complex mappings using expressions, aggregators, filters, and lookups.
  • Worked on Power Center Designer tools like Source Analyzer, Warehouse Designer, Mapping Designer, Mapplet Designer and Transformation Developer.
  • Involved in writing procedures, functions in PL/SQL.
  • Designed and developed UNIX Shell scripts to report job failure alerts.
  • Worked with Data Quality group to identify and research data quality issues.
  • Analyzed the Data coming from source to check for data irregularities, applied suitable transformation in the mappings.
  • Coding, Debugging and sorting the time-to-time technical problems.
  • Extensive experience in Performance Tuning -Identified and fixed bottlenecks and tuned the complex Informatica mappings for better Performance.
  • Involved in Unit testing, System testing and UAT to check data consistency.
  • Created snapshot for the transactional tables in distributed databases and also created Triggers, Procedures and Functions for the backend development.
  • Scheduled Informatica Jobs through Autosys scheduling tool.
  • Involved in designing the ER diagrams, logical model (relationship, cardinality, attributes, and, candidate keys) and physical database (capacity planning, object creation and aggregation strategies) in Oracle as per business requirements using ERWin.
  • Involved in supporting the application, handling the change requests from the business users.
  • Prepared all documents necessary for knowledge transfer such as ETL strategy, ETL development standards, ETL processes, etc.
  • Extensive experience in Oracle Packages, Stored Procedures, Functions and Database Triggers using PL/SQL.
  • Executed sessions, both sequential and concurrent for efficient execution of mappings and used other tasks like event wait, event raise, email, command and pre/post SQL.
  • Supporting daily loads and work with business users to handle rejected data.
  • Used shell scripts to pre-process data in UNIX.
  • Used version control to check in and checkout versions of objects.
  • Worked on SQL tools like TOAD to run SQL Queries to validate the data.
  • Created mappings for Historical and Incremental Loads.
  • Created tables, views and indexes and worked on data integrity and created constraints. Also created some procedures that picks-up relevant data and populate the tables.
  • Assisted QA team to fix and find solutions for the production issues .

Environment: Informatica Power Center 8.6.1, Oracle 10g, PL/SQL, DB2 9.0, Autosys, MS SQL Server, Oracle SQL developer, Flat Files, IP Switch, ERWIN 4.5, UNIX shell script.

Confidential, Pittsburgh, PA

ETL Informatica Developer


  • Designed the Source Definition, Target Definition and Transformation for building mappings using the Informatica designer tools.
  • Created unit test plans, test cases and reports on various Bugs while testing the Informatica mappings.
  • Involved in creating staging Tables, Indexes, Views.
  • Extensively used Tpump, MultiLoad to load Data.
  • Reviewed the business logic and documented the ETL development process.
  • Analyze, design, build, test and implement change requests for certain areas in the production data warehouse as per the requirements.
  • Good knowledge in writing SQL queries for SQL override and tuning them for better Performance.
  • Used various transformations like Lookup, Filter, Stored procedure, Joiner, Aggregator, Expression, Router, Update strategy, Sequence generator in the mappings.
  • Created Sessions and managed the Workflows using various tasks like Command, Decision, Event wait, counter, Event raise, Email using Workflow Manager.
  • Extensively used the Informatica Debugger for debugging the mappings.
  • Responsible for mapping migration, importing and exporting maps from different servers.
  • Developed UNIX shell scripts to automatically Email the error files to users and for various one time load processes.
  • Used shortcuts to reuse objects without creating multiple objects in the repository and inherit changes made to the source automatically.
  • Extracted and transferred source data from Teradata Database into Teradata database.
  • Worked on troubleshooting the Mappings to improving Performance by identifying bottlenecks.
  • Worked with pmcmd to interact with Informatica Server from command mode and execute the shells scripts.
  • Wrote documentation to describe program development, logic, coding, testing, changes and corrections.

Environment: Informatica Power Center 8.6, Teradata (Teradata MultiLoad, Tpump, Teradata SQL Assistant), Mainframes, SQL, PL/SQL, Unix, IP switch, Microsoft Visio, IBM Relational, windows XP.

Confidential, Warren NJ

Informatica Developer


  • Analyzing business processes, functions, existing transactional database schemas and designing star schema models to support the users reporting needs and requirements.
  • Worked with Data Modeler to understand the Business Requirements and Business Rules Specific to Business Subject.
  • Involved in data modeling(ERD) and database design of the new P&C Legal management database by applying Ralph Kimball methodology of dimensional modeling and using Erwin for data modeling.
  • Prepared ETL Specifications and design documents to help develop mappings.
  • Created mappings for Historical and Incremental Loads.
  • Used Oracle 10g SQL, PL/SQL, Procedures, Functions and Complicated SQL queries using TOAD, SQL developer to truncate the data in the target tables before loading and tune the ETL Mappings to achieve the required Performance timing.
  • Used version control to check in and checkout versions of objects.
  • Created tables, views and indexes and worked on data integrity and created constraints. Also created some procedures that picks-up relevant data and populate the tables.
  • Debugging code, testing and Validated data after processes are run in development according to business Rules.
  • Performance tuning of Mapping and Workflow objects. Also performed DB partitioning for better performance.
  • Supporting daily loads and work with business users to handle rejected data.
  • Prepared and maintained mapping specification documentation.
  • Developed Logical Data Flow Diagrams in Visio for every mapping that is developed.
  • Assisted QA Team to fix and find solutions for the production issues.
  • Translated the business processes into Informatica mappings for building the data mart.
  • Stored reformatted data from relational, flat file, XML files using Informatica.
  • Worked on SQL tools like TOAD to run SQL Queries to validate the data.
  • Created, updated and maintained ETL technical documentation.
  • Assisted QA Team to fix and find solutions for the production issues.

Environment: Informatica Power Center 8.6, Informatica Power Exchange 8.1.1, Change Data Capture (CDC), Oracle 10g, IBM Mainframes DB2, SQL Server, SQL, Adhoc SQL, PLSQL, Sun Solaris, Windows XP.

Confidential, Waco, TX

ETL Informatica Consultant


  • Gathering of user requirements and source system analysis and establishing mappings between sources to target attributes.
  • Business Analysis and Business Requirements Gathering.
  • Source data analysis and design & Documentation.
  • Parsed high-level design spec to simple ETL coding and mapping standards.
  • Used Informatica designer for developing various mappings.
  • Designed and developed ETL Mappings using Informatica to extract data from flat files and Oracle, and to load the data into the target database.
  • Created different source definitions to extract data from flat files and relational databases.
  • Coded various complex business rules and complex queries using PL/SQL.
  • Analyzed and fine-tuned PL/SQL scripts.
  • Extracted data from various sources like Teradata and relational databases (Oracle).
  • Created complex Informatica mappings to load the data mart and monitored them. The mappings involved extensive use of transformations like Aggregator, Filter, Router, Expression, Joiner, Union, Normalizer and Sequence generator.
  • Configured the mappings to handle the updates to preserve the existing records using Update Strategy Transformation.
  • Defined Target Load Order Plan and Constraint based loading for loading data correctly into different Target Tables.
  • Used PMCMD/PMREP commands for running Informatica from backend.
  • Administrating User Privileges, Groups and Folders which includes creation, update and deletion.
  • Created PL/SQL procedures to populate base data mart aggregation structure.
  • Used predefined shell scripts to run jobs and data loads.

Environment: Informatica PowerCenter 8.1, Teradata V2R6, Oracle10g, DB2, Trillium 7.6, PL/SQL, UNIX Shell Scripting, Erwin 4.5, Windows XP, Microsoft Visio, SQL Plus, TOAD, Business Objects 6.5.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Data Warehouse Developer


  • Member of the warehouse design team, which interacted with the business community and database administrators to identify the business requirements.
  • Developed a number of Informatica Mappings, Mapplets and Transformations to load data from relational and flat file sources into the data mart.
  • Extensively used transformations like Source Qualifier, Lookup, Update Strategy, Router, Filter, Sequence Generator, and Joiner on the extracted source data according to the business rules and technical specifications.
  • Monitored workflows and collected performance data to maximize the session performance.
  • Documented the mapping process and methodology used to facilitate future development.
  • Implemented procedures/functions in PL/SQL for Stored Procedure Transformations.
  • Used shell scripts to call a procedure in the database and load the data into the table.
  • Created and managed the global and local repositories and permissions using Repository Manager

Environment: Informatica Power center 7.1, Business Objects Data Integrator XI, UNIX, Oracle 9i (SQL Plus, Adhoc SQL, PL/SQL), XML, TOAD 7.6, Erwin 4.0 and Win NT.


ETL Developer


  • Involved in Business Analysis and requirement gathering.
  • Responsible for verification of functional specifications
  • Worked on Power Center client tools like Source Analyzer, Warehouse Designer, Mapping Designer and Transformation Developer.
  • Developed mappings using Informatica Power Center to load data from various source systems to target database.
  • Worked with Memory cache for static and dynamic cache for the better throughput of sessions containing Rank, Lookup, Joiner, Sorter and Aggregator transformations
  • Extensively used almost all of the transformations of Informatica including lookups, Stored Procedures, Update Strategy and others.
  • Worked with source teams to resolve data quality issues raised by end users.
  • Developed PL/SQL and UNIX Shell Scripts for scheduling the sessions in Informatica.
  • Wrote shell scripting for informatica Pre-session, Post-session Scripts.
  • Extensively worked in the performance tuning of the programs, ETL Procedures and processes.
  • Used SQL tools like TOAD to run SQL queries and validate the data.

Environment: Informatica Power Center 7.1.3, Oracle 9i, Toad, MS SQL Server 2000, Flat files, UNIX.

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