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Sr.etl Developer/data Extract Specialist Resume

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  • 8+ years of experience in Analysis, Development, and Implementation of business applications including 6+ years of Development and Design of ETL methodologies using Informatica Power Center for Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Financial, and Telecom sectors.
  • Expertise in OLTP/OLAP System Study, Analysis and E - R modeling, developing Database Schemas like Star schema and Snowflake schema Dimensional Data Modeling used in relational, dimensional modeling and Slowly Changing Dimensions
  • Experience in Creating Repository, Folders and Target Databases and developing Strategies for Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) mechanism using Informatica PowerMart and PowerCenter.
  • Performed source system analysis, data transformation and loading Design, develop and unit test Informatica Power Center transformations.
  • Extensively used Source qualifier to trim the spaces from char columns, SQL override, filtering, Update and sorting for relational tables.
  • Good Experience in Configuring Data ware Administration Console (DAC)
  • Good Experience in backup and recovery in informatica and oracle.
  • Involved in the installation and configuring the Informatica Power Center server and client.
  • Performed ETL procedure to load data from different sources into data marts and Data Warehouse using PowerCenter.
  • Develop, execute ETL test plans, Document ETL processing and generate required metadata.
  • ETL experience in development of mappings and tuned existing mappings for better performance using Informatica Power Center as per the business rules.
  • Experience in creating reports using ORACLE Business Intelligence.
  • Good Experience in creating aggregate tables and time series analysis.
  • Extensive experience with various databases Oracle 10g/9i/8i, SQL Server 2000/2005
  • Good Experience with Teradata database including fastload, multiload, BTEQ Scripts.
  • Expertise in writing Oracle PL/SQL Stored Procedures/Functions/Packages and Triggers.
  • Experience in Performance tuning of targets, sources, mappings and sessions.
  • SQL Tuning and creation of indexes for faster database access, better query performance in Terabyte level database by creating Explain Plain for query and indexing the required columns.
  • Expertise in writing DDL, DML, DCL, and TCL commands
  • Experience with UNIX commands and writing Shell scripts. ptimizing the Database Performances through Database Tuning, System Tuning and Application Tuning using Stats pack, AWR, ADDM, DBMS SYSTEM, DBMS STATS, Explain Plan, SQL*Trace, TKPROF.
  • Extensively used different performance tuning methods like Caching, Aggregate tables and creating indexes on tables.
  • Good Knowledge on SDLC (software development life cycle), and expertise in Unit testing, integration Testing and sanity testing.
  • Experience in Creating Repository, Target Databases and developing Strategies for Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) mechanism using Informatica Power Mart and PowerCenter.
  • Excellent communication skills and experience working with business user’s community and leads/managers.


ETL Tools: Informatica 8.x/7.x/6.x (Power Center, Power Mart), and SQL*Loader

Databases: Oracle 10g/9i/8i, SQL Server, and MS Access, Teradata, DB2

Data modeling Tools: Erwin

Methodologies: Star Schema, and Snowflake Schema

Query Tools: SQL, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, and TOAD

OLAP/Reporting Tools: OBIEE/Siebel Analytics

Languages: C, C++, Visual Basic, Java and PL/SQL

Internet Technologies: HTML, XML, VBScript, ASP, Javascript

Protocols: FTP and TCP/IP

Operating Systems: UNIX, Linux, and Windows 95/98/2000/2000/ NT/XP Pro


Confidential, PA

Sr.Etl Developer/Data Extract Specialist


  • Worked Extensively with ERP functional team to gather the data mappings for ETL specifications and Documenting ETL process design.
  • Analyzed system documentation like Requirements document, Gap Analysis User Interface
  • Specifications to develop technical document of the business flow and develop and execute the mappings.
  • Used Informatica Designer to create complex mappings using different transformations, Mapplets and Reusable Transformations for cleansing and move data to a Data Warehouse.
  • Worked with Power Center - Designer tool in developing mappings to extract and loading the data from stage to pre-load and later to data warehouse.
  • Responsible for monitoring all the sessions that are scheduled, running completed and failed using Workflow Monitor.
  • Involved in debugging the Mappings that failed using debugger to validate the Mappings and gain troubleshooting information about data and error conditions.
  • Modified all the existing Informatica Mappings by applying performance tuning techniques for better performance.
  • Fixed bugs relating to daily load of data into Data warehouse for Business Intelligence reports.
  • Extensive use of SQL Query, Joining tables, SQL functions in Queries, PL/SQL with the use of Cursors, REF Cursors and loops.
  • Designed and Build DAC execution plans and monitored tasks for the load phase.
  • Migrated code/objects from the development environment to the QA/testing environment to facilitate the testing of all objects developed and check their consistency end to end on the new environment.
  • Performed Unit Testing and Integration Testing for both Full and Incremental Loads.
  • Participated in weekly end user meetings to discuss data quality, performance issues. Ways to improve data accuracy and new requirements, etc.,

Environment: Informatica Power Center 8.6.1(Designer, Workflow Manager, Workflow Monitor, Repository Manager), Oracle EBS/10g, CIS (Client Information System), SQL Server, TOAD for Oracle, DAC, Linux, Windows XP.

Confidential, Columbia, MD

Senior Etl Developer


  • Responsible for requirement gathering, data analysis, design, development, testing and systems implementation.
  • Identifying ETL specification based on Business Requirements/Mapping Document. Formulating and documenting ETL process design.
  • Extensively using Informatica client tools to extract data from different sources like flat files and oracle.
  • Developing complex Mappings using Transformations (Filter, Router, Expression, Joiner, Connect Lookup, Unconnected Lookup, and Updates Strategy) on the extract data according to the Transformation Business Rules and User requirements.
  • Developed mappings for all Staging Tables and ODS.
  • Performed tuning of SQL queries for speedy extraction of data and resolve and troubleshoot production Issues.
  • Troubleshoot the existing code as well as new code as the requirement changes.
  • Performed Unit Testing and Created UNIX Shell scripts and provided on-call support during the off hours.
  • Did overnight schedule monitoring during critical month-end/quarter-end positions, source system upgrades and during integration/system tests.
  • Responsible for Testing and Validating the Informatica mappings against the pre-defined ETL design standards.
  • Worked with Power Center - Designer tool in developing mappings to extract and loading the data from stage to pre-load and later to date warehouse.
  • Generated weekly and monthly report Status for the number of incidents handled by the support team.
  • Responsible for development and support of ETL routines required for populating the data warehouse and Experience in loading high-volume data, tuning and troubleshooting of mappings and created documentation to support for the Application.
  • Involved in creating Workflows, Worklets and Configured Sessions, Used pmcmd command of Informatica in UNIX scripts.
  • Involved in the debugging of the mappings by creating breakpoints to gain troubleshooting information about data and error conditions.
  • Performance tuned the workflows by identifying the bottlenecks in targets, sources, mappings, sessions and workflows and eliminated them.
  • Monitored and managed Workflow to ensure data movement process.

Environment: Informatica Power Center 8.5.1/8.1.1 , Oracle 10g/9i, SQL server, Toad, PL/SQL, Unix, BO 6.5, Unicenter, Windows 2000, Test Director.

Confidential, Kansas city, MO

Informatica Developer


  • Developed the Dimensional modeling of the Data warehouse and used ERWIN 4.0 to design the business process, grain of the data representation, dimensions and fact tables with measured facts.
  • Designed and created mappings using tools like Source Analyzer, Warehouse designer, Mapping designer, Mapplet Designer, Transformation Developer, Informatica Repository Manager and Workflow Manager.
  • Involved in various phases of the project from design to development to integration and acceptance testing.
  • Extensively used various Transformations like Source Qualifier, Aggregator, Filter, Joiner, Sorter, Lookup, Update Strategy, Router, Sequence Generator etc. and used transformation language like transformation expression, constants, system variables, data format strings etc.
  • Analyzed the session logs, bad files and error tables for troubleshooting mappings and sessions
  • Debugged maps using Debugger and Transformation’s verbose data.
  • Performance tuning of mappings, transformations and sessions to optimize session performance.
  • Tuned performance of Informatica session for large data files by increasing block size, data cache size, sequence buffer length and target based commit interval.
  • Created shared folders, local and global shortcuts to reuse metadata.
  • Resolved the performance issues for huge volume of data and increased the performance significantly.
  • Created various sessions, tasks like event raise and event wait.
  • Scheduled and monitored workflows by use of Workflow Manager and Workflow Monitor.
  • Defined parameters, variables and parameter files for flexible mappings/sessions.
  • Prepared various kinds of documents like Test case document, mapping design document.
  • Involved in the performance tuning of the mappings to tune the data load, and worked with DBAs to tune SQLs for better performance.
  • Involved in the migration of code from development to QA environment and then to production.

Environment: Informatica Power Center 7.1, SQL, MS SQL, Windows NT, SQL Server, SQL * Loader, Unix shell scripting, Toad, ERWIN 4.0.


ETL Developer


  • Responsible for Design and Development of ETL and the reporting application.
  • Communicated with the users to observe various business rules in implementing the data warehouse.
  • Analyzed the specifications and identifying the source data that needs to be moved to the data warehouse.
  • Involved in the requirements definition and analysis in support of data warehousing efforts.
  • Involved in developing Data warehouse using Star Schemas.
  • Analyze the source data structure and perform the Logical mappings.
  • Applied various Transformations on the source data to populate the data marts.
  • Most of the transformations were used like the Source qualifier, Aggregators, Connected & Unconnected lookups, Filters & Sequence Generator.
  • Developed mappings using Informatica Designer to load data from various source systems to target database.
  • Responsible to tune ETL mappings to optimize load and query Performance.
  • Wrote SQL Queries, Triggers, PL/SQL Procedures, Packages and Shell Scripts to apply and maintain Business Rules.
  • Used Business Objects for report creation.
  • Developed Unix Shell scripts.

Environment: Oracle 9i/8i, Informatica PowerCenter 6.1/5.1, Business Objects5.X, Windows 2000, SQL, PL/SQL, TOAD, MS Excel.


Oracle Developer


  • Worked as PL/SQL, Reports Developer as per the client’s requirement.
  • Creation of database objects like tables, views, procedures, packages using Oracle tools like PL/SQL, SQL* Plus, SQL Loader
  • Written Database Triggers, Stored Procedures using PL/SQL.
  • Successfully created and debugged many PL/SQL procedures, functions and Packages for the application.
  • Analyzing requirement of client, generating and designing reports.
  • Creating Data Structures i.e. tables & views and applying the referential integrity.
  • Designing Data conversion/Interface with the use of SQL*Loader, and Open Interface, and convert data.
  • Interacted with Clients about enhancements and modification of problems.
  • Documented User requirements and Testing of developed modules.

Environment: Oracle 8i, Oracle Reports, PL/SQL, SQL * Plus, Windows 98.

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