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Teradata Developer/dba Resume

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Richmond -, VA


  • Around 6+ years of IT experience as Data Warehouse developer using TERADATA (V2R5, V2R6, V12), ORACLE and ETL processes involving in all SDLC phases like Business Requirements Analysis, Application Design, Data Modeling, Development, Testing and Documentation.
  • Strong knowledge of Teradata RDBMS Architecture (AMP, PE, BYNET and Data distribution by Index’s/Hash concepts).
  • Extensive knowledge on Dimensional Data modeling, Star Schema/snowflakes schema, Fact and Dimension tables
  • Expertise in Design, development, testing of Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) processes necessary to load and validate data warehouse using UNIX shell scripting
  • Well versed knowledge on SQL scripts on various Relational Databases.
  • Experience in developing Teradata databases, manipulating data and making change to dimensions in databases using Teradata Utilities
  • Created Tables with Referential Integrity for implementing business rules and queries were developed using SQL.
  • Experience in Data Verifications and Validations.
  • Expertise in Migration of objects from Oracle databases to Teradata
  • Strong ability with standard, non - specialist software tools such as Excel, PowerPoint, Word and good working knowledge of SQL.
  • Perform Grant, Revoke table accesses to Database Analysts, Business Analyst, Operational Analysts and Project Manager.
  • Proficient in preparing Power Point Presentations, graphs, tables and charts using MS Excel and good experience in creating Metadata and Field Mapping.
  • Extracting data from existing data sources, Developing and executing Business reports for Performance Monitoring
  • Experience in preparing Business reports using Teradata SQL and BTEQ
  • Developed SQL, Stored Procedures, Views, Indexes and Constraints, Query Optimizer.
  • Well experience in using Teradata Sql Assistant and Toad Sql.
  • Created numerous Teradata BTEQ, MLOAD, FLOAD and PLSQL scripts.
  • Performing Adhoc reports using Oracle, Teradata, BTEQ, and UNIX.
  • Experience in working on Performance and Optimization of the SQL Queries.
  • Hands on experience and proven practices of resolving performance issues at various (Applications, Database) Levels.
  • Hands On experience creating, converting oracle scripts (Sql, Plsql) to Teradata scripts.
  • Good experience in submission of batch jobs using Oracle and Teradata.
  • Team player with ability to adapt to various environments with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Attending project meetings and work with teams, Project managers, team members associates, business analysts, statisticians, and internal customers/ end users, working with multiple tasks. Strong written and oral communication skills.


RDBMS: TERADATA V2R5,V2R6,V12,V13, Oracle 10i/11g, MS SQL server

Database tools: SQL developer, TOAD,Teradata SQL Assitant, BTEQ, MLOAD, FLOAD, Tableau Desktop and server

Languages: C, C++, SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX Shell scripting, Cobol

Job Function: Data Analysis, Data validation, Business Analysis, System Analysis and Design.

Operating Systems: MS-DOS, Windows 95/98/2000, Win XP, Win NT, UNIX/Linux

Web Technologies: CSS, HTML5, PHP, Java Script.


Confidential, Richmond - VA

Teradata Developer/DBA


  • Responsible for gathering requirements from Business Analysts and Operational Analysts and identifying the data sources required for the requests.
  • Proficient in importing/exporting large amounts of data from files to Teradata and vice versa.
  • Developed the DW ETL scripts using BTEQ, Stored Procedures, Macros in Teradata
  • Development of scripts for loading the data into the base tables in EDW using FastLoad, MultiLoad and BTEQ utilities of Teradata.
  • Created numerous scripts with Teradata utilities BTEQ, MLOAD and FLOAD
  • Developed mappings to load data from Source systems like Oracle, AS400 to Data Warehouse
  • Highly experienced in Performance Tuning and Optimization for increasing the efficiency of the scripts.
  • Used Joins like Inner Join, Outer join while creating tables from multiple tables.
  • Developed reports using the Teradata advanced techniques like rank, row number
  • Communicated with business users and analysts on business requirements. Gathered and documented technical and business Meta data about the data.
  • Worked on Data Verifications and Validations to evaluate the data generated according to the requirements is appropriate and consistent.
  • Tested the database to check field size validation, check constraints, stored procedures and cross verifying the field size defined within the application with metadata
  • Experienced in using OLAP functions like sum, count, csum and etc.
  • Proficient in working on Set, Multiset, Derived, Volatile Temporary tables.
  • Proficient working in loading data into staging tables via views.
  • Designed and developed weekly, monthly reports related to the marketing and financial departments using Teradata SQL.
  • Experience in Power Point Presentation (Financial Data, Charts).
  • Expertise in generating graphs using MS Excel Pivot tables.
  • Extracted data from existing data source, Developing and executing departmental reports for performance and response purposes by using oracle SQL, MS Excel.
  • Extracted data from existing data source and performed ad-hoc queries.

Environment: Teradata V12, BTEQ, MLOAD, FLOAD, ORACLE, SQL, PLSQL, UNIX, Windows XP.

Confidential, Charlotte, NC

Teradata Developer


  • Used ETL for efficient mapping and transformation techniques and processed the data from various source to Teradata target tables
  • Analyzed user requirements and developed, tested, and tuned various scripts, procedures, and database triggers to validate data.
  • Migrated Oracle database objects to Teradata
  • SQL scripts were developed for accessing data from the Teradata tables.
  • Developed Bteq scripts to load data to Teradata and developed UNIX scripts to access Teradata.
  • Tuned the SQL queries for optimum performance.
  • Developing and executing campaigns manually using Unica affinium campaigns.
  • Performed the SEGMENTATION and analyzed using Unica affinium tool.
  • Developed the welcome kits campaigns for the new members
  • Created various channels of Phone, Email and Direct Mail campaigns
  • Extracted data from various production databases using Teradata to meet Campaign data needs.
  • Data loaded into Teradata from flat files using data stage dynamic sequence job with schema file concept.
  • Wrote Case Expressions, Data Manipulation Command by using Teradata (BTEQ).
  • Created numerous Volatile, Global, Set, MultiSet tables.
  • Used Inner, Outer Join, UNION,INTERSECT, CUBE, RANK and OLAP functions CSUM, MSUM, MAVG, MDIFF.
  • Used Basic Teradata Query utility for reporting Purpose.
  • Developed Basic Teradata Query (BTEQ) for Interactive & batch queries.
  • Used for loading, Mload for modifying database objects.
  • Assisted in the analysis, design, coding and development of building a new schema (staging tables, views, SQL files).
  • Performed in depth analysis in data & prepared weekly, biweekly, monthly reports by using SQL, Ms Excel.
  • Worked closely with different Marketing Groups in designing and analyzing the data.
  • Performed two kinds of data loading processes (Daily and Weekly) depending on the frequency of source data.
  • Built the Operational data store by using BTEQ, Teradata, Oracle, SQL, PL/SQL, and UNIX.

Environment: Teradata V12., BTEQ, SQL Assist, Oracle, SQL, PLSQL, UNIX Shell Scripts, MS Excel, MS Power Point.

Confidential, Charlotte, NC

Teradata Developer


  • Responsible for gathering requirements from business analysts and operational analysts and identifying the data sources.
  • Written Scripts to extract the data from oracle and load into Teradata.
  • Highly experienced in performance tuning and optimization for increasing the efficiency of the scripts.
  • Utilized ODBC for connectivity to Teradata & MS Excel for automating reports and graphical representation of data to the Business
  • Experience working on campaigns and loading data into staging tables via views.
  • Writing SQL scripts for huge data pulls and ad-hoc reports for analysis.
  • Develop reports using the Teradata advanced techniques like rank, row number and etc.
  • Proficient in importing/exporting large amounts of data from files to Teradata and vice versa.
  • Wrote hundreds of DDL scripts to create tables and views in the company Data Warehouse.
  • Expertise in generating graphs using MS Excel Pivot tables and creating presentations using Power Point.
  • Experience in using OLAP functions like sum, count, csum, etc.
  • Created Set, Multiset, Derived, Volatile, Global Temporary tables.
  • Automate reports by connecting Teradata from MS Excel using ODBC.
  • Experience in scheduling the jobs in UNIX using Crontab and sleep functions.
  • Good at modifying UNIX existing scripts.
  • Documentation of scripts, specifications, other processes and preparation of Technical Design Documents.

Environment: Teradata V12, SQL Assist, Oracle, SQL, PLSQL, UNIX Shell Scripts, MS Excel, MS Power Point

Confidential, Ohio

Teradata developer


  • Design and Developed logical and physical data model of systems that hold terabytes of data
  • Worked on exporting data using Teradata fast export.
  • Written Teradata Bteq scripts to implement the business logic.
  • Coded Mload and Fload scripts to load the data files into Teradata.
  • Extracted data from existing data source and performed ad-hoc queries using SQL.
  • Worked on tables (Like Set, Multiset, Derived, Volatile, Global Temporary), views, using SQL scripts
  • Involved in query Performance Tuning for accessing the data fast.
  • Experienced in exporting data into flat files in .csv, tab fixed delimiters and etc. formats.
  • Documentation of scripts, specifications and other processes.
  • Coded Teradata functions using macros and stored procedures.

Environment: Teradata, SQL Assist Oracle, SQL, PL SQL, MS Excel, PowerPoint. Windows

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