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Network Admin Resume Profile


Over 20 years of IT experience including 10 years as a Software/Web Developer, exceptional troubleshooting, analytical skills, attention to details and documentation skills.


  • Hardware: IBM Mainframes, PC's, Cross Match Light finger capturing device, Navy Satellite Crypto
  • Software: Visual Studio 2010, SQL Server /Management Studio 2008/10, File Aid, Office Project, Access,
  • Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, CHANGEMAN, FTP, Dreamweaver, XMLSpy, JSP,
  • Servlets, Beans, J2EE, XML, InfoPath, SharePoint 2007/2010, SharePoint Designer
  • OS: MVS, OS390, z/OS, CICS, CWS OS/2, MS DOS, Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/ Win 7, Novell,
  • Netware 5.8, VMS. Windows Server 2008
  • Programming COBOL/ II, JAVA, C , C , VB.Net, VBA, SQL, Pearl, PHP, JavaScript, JQUERY, JSON, AJAX,
  • Languages: HTML, and CSS
  • Confidential
  • Database Integrator/Developer
  • Database Integrator: Serves as a database designer integrator and database administration expert.
  • Integration designer for a network solution data aggregation product SharePoint 20 10 COP Tool Common Operating procedures .
  • Information Technician: Develops solutions for complex data inefficiencies.
  • Special Project Analyst: Develop, prepare and present deliverables for assigned special projects.
  • Business Automation through Windows Application development using C , VB.Net, VBA
  • Revise Data logic and procedures, and data Integrity from multiple sources data changes.


Software Engineer Lead/ Network Admin

  • Technical expert with thorough understanding of the business application.
  • Responsible of the instruction, assignment, direction, and monitoring of the performance of projects.
  • Assists in the scheduling and coordinating technical resolution of software problems and responds to suggestions for software modifications or enhancements, gathering requirements and having an understanding of user experience.
  • Preparation of internal software design documentation and development of software user manuals.
  • Hands-on Army's Strategic Battle Command SBC Administration, Support, and military training.
  • System Maintenance to include patches to Windows Servers / software upgrades.
  • Intranet SharePoint 2010 Developer/ Administrator, customization of workflows for each military unit.


Information Systems Engineering,

  • Managing SharePoint 2007 infrastructure and development on NIPR / SIPR /JWICS / CENTRIX portals.
  • Development functions to support the engineering and acquisition of Information Systems and Web Technologies
  • Development and administration Webmaster of 160Th Signal Brigade Internet/ Intranet website using Windows IIS. Automation Applications Development and Support.
  • developing custom SharePoint applications


Software Developer Principal,

  • Cover all aspects of cloud data management to include widgets development.
  • Performs system and subsystem definition, preliminary and detailed design, design implementation, and subsystem and system integration and tests.
  • Participates in software requirement review, preliminary and critical design, integration readiness review, and software acceptance review.
  • SharePoint 2010 Administrator.


IT SQL Database Developer,

  • Recommend military in command with the best IT strategies for a smooth troop's departure transition related to database consolidation and back-up methods.
  • Creation of SQL Server databases, stored procedures, views, tables, and indexes,
  • Consolidation of networks in preparation of bases closures.


SharePoint Administrator,

  • Responsible for ensuring that SharePoint reliability and availability meet mission and enterprise requirements and for maintaining SharePoint-related documentation and procedures, web services
  • Work on a team administering and supporting the customers' SharePoint environment on multiple networks. Web front end development Presentation Layer


Functional Analyst 3,

  • Analyses factors and components of systems /process to recommend and institute changes to increase efficiency.
  • Apply Best Business Practice Service Oriented Architecture SOA
  • Perform functional analysis to document complex process steps, tasks and their inter-relationships.
  • Maintain currency in understanding of relevant technologies and subject areas.


SharePoint Administrator/Web services,

  • SharePoint Access Administrator, Intellipedia Point of Contact/ web pages developer.
  • Dissemination of Intel Reports to appropriate classified networks according to classification.
  • Web Services Support of the Joint Analysis Center JAC AFRICOM.


Biometrics Database Manager BDBM

  • Synchronization and replication of databases as required, user data migration as required.
  • Responsible for the identification / resolution of network connectivity issues between BAT clients and servers. General systems and DB operations, administration, maintenance, documentation and reporting
  • Troubleshoot communication issues with server, enrollment laptops, workstations, and Biometrics interface devices BAT System . Support of Army's PEO C3T


Satellite IT Technician,

  • Maintenance/Operation of the Navy's global satellite telecommunications systems, mainframe computers, local and wide area networks and micro-computer systems.
  • Planning infrastructure configuration control across all tiers and components.
  • Support Army's Strategic Battle Command SBC operations.


Assist customer with MP3 player devices installation/connection, audio downloading, CD burning, firewall settings, and billing questions/refunds, password/username resets, account cancellation, membership renewal/questions. Utilize of remote PC access, remote registry configuration


Systems Support Specialist,

  • Help-Desk support for data network users resolving problem tickets
  • Verify data network and all related comm. equipment are in working order TAPE, CPUs, Door access, videos monitors, copiers, Mitel Phone system, Network Controllers
  • Support PC's, Microsoft products and proprietary software

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