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Sql Administrator Resume Profile

ETL DTS Transaction Replication SSIS Reporting Services SSRS Performance Tuning Disaster Recovery Data modeling Sql Server 2000 Sql Server 2005 Sql Server 2008 Clustering High Availability Data Warehousing Erwin Visual Studio SOA .NET Data Integration Virtualization

Complex Sql development and troubleshooting in an enterprise environment - Performance Tuning Reports development Data Modeling Database Design Development Data analysis Transactional Replication development ETL / SSIS development. Experienced in multiple RDBMS systems. Highly skilled collaborator and team leader in industry best practices.


  • Recipient of Hollywood Entertainment's IT Top Gun award for outstanding job performance
  • Attended intensive 3 week Microsoft certified training camp in Atlanta, GA for MCSE/MCDBA students
  • Developed a highly customized version of SQL Server 2005's Transactional Replication system for MMI which was then successfully purchased by a major online information group and is still in use today.
  • Developed a set of RDL based reports with embedded VB using concepts on the visual perception of data to help a local business successfully fund their new product and while also attracting greater consumer interest.



SSIS Developer / Sql Administrator

  • Administration and Development of production, dev, UAT environments.
  • Designed and implemented an Integration Services SSIS framework.
  • Developed new SSIS packages to support client data requests.
  • Managed and implemented the migration of existing SSIS packages to a new host.
  • Developed ETL packages to handle importing of government healthcare data.
  • Conducted performance analysis and tuning of sql servers.
  • Planned and implemented the migration of our data infrastructure to a new ISP.
  • Planned, developed, implemented data backup processes and disaster recovery systems using native sql tools, Idera and Redgate products.
  • Implemented encryption for data at rest PHI Personal Health Information .
  • Insured our data was compliant with HIPAA best practices.
  • Manage vendor relations and licensing for data related products and companies.
  • Provided 24/7 administration of our sql servers.

Environment: Agile Scrum, Git, VS 2010, Cold fusion, sql 2008r2, cisco VM.


Software Engineer, sr.

  • Responsibilities: SSRS report development on both BI / data warehouse and transactional systems on Sql Server 2008 R2 using VS2008 and a custom report server within a complex BizTalk XML centered .Net healthcare application. Develop data extraction validation scripts as well as troubleshoot reporting bugs and complex stored procedures.
  • Development environment: Agile scrum, Team Foundation Server, VS 2010, .Net, BizTalk, virtual development machines.


SQL Server Developer, Sr.

  • responsible for the development and administration of Sql Servers within the Business Technology Services and Support department, reporting directly to the VP of BTSS.
  • Develop and troubleshoot complex SQL stored procedures, SQL scripts, Sql reports and distributed sql transactions for financial application development on SQL Server 2008 R2. Develop and support current in-production processes in a multi-terrabyte, high availability environment on Sql Server 2000, Sql 2005, Sql 2008 R2. Responsible for migration of sql servers into secure enclaves as well as the development and implementation of other PCI compliant database solutions. Conduct analysis of current needs and provide sql solutions. Conduct administrative functions including adding/removiing users, setting access rights, monitoring, troubelshooting and performance tuning. Mentor and train existing database personnel in areas such as Sql best practices database development. Technologies used include: Lotus Notes, Tortoise SVN, HP-UX, Avaya, UNIX, Telnet, Sql 2000-2008.


SQL Server Developer.

I am responsible for the development of a .NET SQL SERVER 2008 R2 'PLAY BY EMAIL' System. Tasks performed include development of the core database, stored procedures, triggers, ETL processes using SSIS and SSRS . Perform data analysis, SQL query development, data manipulation data parsing. I am responsible for conducting QA and validation on simulation components as well as resolving any sql related issues. Responsible for the creation and maintenance of a secure website to facilitate communication and file sharing among team members.


SQL Server Database Reports Developer

  • Developed SQL reports for business analysis and for the demo phase of a new application that utilizes SSRS Reporting Services and Crystal Reports, Sql Server 2005, .Net server code fronted by a Flex developed user interface.
  • Developed .RDL based, Visual Basic code embedded, parameter driven, drill-down, 'drill-through with pivot' reports utilizing the range of available charting tools following principles of effective visual communication of data and effective information dashboard design. Developed and managed the reports, stored procedures, functions, data sources, etc., that delivered the data to Reporting Services in order to support the demo phase of the application. Responsible for developing sql queries, data manipulation and data parsing to support in-house development. Tools utilized include Subversion for source control, Access 2007 for data migration and Google for shared documents over the web.
  • Outcome: Successful reports lead to further funding and a new development cycle for the application.


Sr. SQL Server Database Developer

  • Led the design development of their in-house marketing/project management application as well as helping to develop special requests for database support such as query support, Crystal reports, data imports/exports to/from Access and other database BA oriented needs. A successful outcome enabled their company to increase revenue many fold by allowing them to take on larger contracts.
  • Design Development: Successfully designed and then led the development team in implementing a customized high availability transactional replication subsystem with SQL 2005 to support MMI's objective of developing an in-house online survey/project management application. The transactional replication system involves 24 mostly heterogeneous databases as of August 2007 each db implemented as a distinct publication hosted by one server pushing data to a subscriber server where all data from each database is hosted by the primary application database. The system is scalable to allow for 3 new publications per month each using an identical yet distinct db. The data is then concatenated via a nested trigger chain in real time where it is fed into a DataMart - triggers implemented on replication target tables fire off custom stored procedures that then call a view of the replicated data from which statistical data sets are derived for consumption and sale by SPSS statisticians for market data analysis in a near real time milliseconds format. I Conducted data analysis, data manipulation and data parsing as well as develop Sql queries to support in-house analysts. This application design and implementation had a direct impact on qualifying MMI for exponentially larger business agreements with major IT and News organizations such as IBM and Reuters. Technologies used: SQL Server 2005, 2000, SSIS, DTS, Profiler, SSRS Reporting Services, Access 2007, Crystal Reports.
  • The customized transactional system was later sold to Infogroup NW and is still in use today.


Sr. SQL Server Database Administrator

  • Developed, maintained and resolved DTS package issues in a large terabyte database environment.
  • Developed maintained sql queries, stored procedures, and other SQL objects to support Business and Data Analysis teams.
  • Developed and troubleshot COM object SQL code for address lookups using Accumail Gold
  • Developed databases for Utility data analysis provide database support for business analysis clients using SPSS.
  • Performed data parsing, data manipulation, and resolution of duplicate data issues.
  • Performed ongoing data analysis.
  • Responded to ad-hoc developer requests for program management applications FastTrack and GoldMine
  • Responsible for regular production and maintenance issues for both Utility data analysis as well as program management applications FastTrack and GoldMine. Other tools used: TOAD Quest Software , ERWIN.


Software Engineer / SQL Server 2005 Database Administrator

Performed development of SSIS SQL Server Integration Services Packages on SQL Server 2005 as part of the ETL Extract Transform and Load process for their HIPAA application. Developed and deployed customer databases on SQL Server 2005 high availability clusters. Conducted performance tuning, disaster recovery, and sql development for a custom in-house client-server healthcare application. In production mode, the application ran on a remote SQL Server 2005 2 node failover cluster in a high availability data model scenario. Responsible for migrating data from DB2 databases and SQL 2000 databases into SQL Server 2005 databases using Visual Studio and SSIS. I was primarily responsible for the development of the migration process into an SSIS package for multiple runs against distinct databases. The SSIS package required many customizations to handle the peculiarities of each data source. Insured that nightly backups on the cluster and other maintenance procedures ran correctly. Conducted testing, data analysis, data manipulation, data parsing, debugging, and troubleshooting of SSIS packages. Developed sql queries and supported Crystal Reports versioning of the report set. Responsible for providing Delphi engineers with T-SQL code for hard-coding into the client application or for deployment on the SQL 2005 Cluster as Stored Procedures. Responsible for mapping and designing data entities with ERWIN.


After my successful experience as a SQL oriented QA engineer I decided that MS SQL Server Database Administration would be my chosen career path. Subsequent to that I attended a Microsoft Training Camp in Atlanta, GA for 3 weeks receiving coursework on MS Sql Server as well as attending classes related to the MCSE track including Active Directory, DNS, networking, etc. I then began to study for my DBA exams. After attaining certification I began looking for work in the DBA field.


SQL Server 2000 / MS Server 2003 Quality assurance Administration Data Validation, administration, Enterprise application upgrades

Game Crazy/Hollywood Video QA engineer. I worked directly with business analysts and IT managers and software development teams to help develop, test and modify software requirements for a custom in-store high availability client-server POS system using Embedded XP Xpe with MS server 2003 and MS SQL Server 2000 on a .NET framework with Oracle Sybase dbs on the corporate side. The .Net system was at the retail store level and connected to an Oracle dB on the corporate back end via a Java XML message queuing system Sonic . White Box testing Troubleshot and validated DTS Data Transformation processes that use Bcp Bulk Insert. Performed data analysis, data parsing, data manipulation and development of sql queries. Performed validation of SQL Server 2000 data as a result of thick client transactions, data transformation DTS, Data manipulation XML processing. Managed migration of data from Oracle OLAP systems to MS SQL Server 2000 OLTP and back. SQL Server 2000 Database backup/restore using litespeed and native processes, installations, SQL user account management, SQL Server 2000 upgrades configuration and sql report development using Crystal Reports. Legacy data transformation. SQL Script development for data parsing, data validation and data analysis. Black Box testing on Xpe and XP Pro client systems. SQL Server performance tuning on large gigabyte sized dbs. Performed SQL Serer 2000 and Windows Server 2003 installations, configurations, monitoring, deployment, troubleshooting and remote maintenance. As the only Game Crazy 'qualified' QA engineer with a DBA focus, I played a leading role in facilitating the continued testing of the Game Crazy POS as a team leader and technical resource. Conducted test case design and creation, defect logging, status reports using Test Director on SQL Server 2000. Facilitated regular update meetings with team members. Coordinated with offshore development for defect resolution.

Technical Support Engineer

Network Administration - MS Server 2000, 2003, NT, Novell Systems

Provide Technical assistance for corporate users, store systems and remote server management on Windows 2000/2003 Cobol/DOS/Novell 3.12 server platforms using a flat file database system. Installation, configurations, data analysis, hardware troubleshooting, server/client software troubleshooting, data validation and Oracle data rebuilds for OLAP systems. Regularly placed in the top rank or our department for providing superior support services to our partners and guests in the field in the areas of technical expertise, customer/partner relations, overall performance Top Gun Award .


Assisted with their computer network migration from their old location in NE Portland to their new campus in Beaverton, OR. Insured network connectivity and general functionality. Troubleshot everything from the client to the wiring closet to the router to the server. Corporate systems running Windows NT, 2000, XP and Apple OS 9 and OS X systems.


Support Engineer Team Lead

  • Preview Systems e-commerce system consisted of custom Java servletes CGI server extensions on a Soap framework utilizing Tomcat and a downloadable proprietary client. The system was designed to be deployed and integrated as part of a larger e-commerce server to server supply chain distributing software, documents, media files to other servers and retail customers. Client application runs on Win/Mac/Linux as an C executable or compiled Java client. Software downloaded from the system could be trial enabled by 'injection' of a security code using server generated keycodes to unlock. Primary databases used were Oracle 6-8I and MS SQL Server 6-7. Web servers used included MS IIS and Apache. Deployed on Unix, Linux, Win servers. Server extensions use secure communications via public/private keys to prevent ip spoofing. Preview systems technology is now owned by Aladdin Systems.
  • Entrusted with assisting clients to install, configure, integrate, maintain and troubleshoot Preview's e-commerce system within their existing web and network infrastructure. Installation and configuration of MS NT / 2000 server and MS SQL Server 6 7. Management of user accounts and security rights, roles, file access. Installation and configuration of MS IIS server. Facilitated executive level meetings to discuss determine client needs from custom code design to deployment. Coordinated and managed programming and QA resources to fulfill custom code requests. Troubleshot anything from the client to the back end. Performed data validation and data analysis on Oracle / Sybase / MS SQL OLAP and OLTP databases. Conducted web server troubleshooting on Apache / MS IIS. Designed working internet storefront demos and sql queries integrating Preview's technology with the client's current commercial website. Developed custom Javascripts / VBScripts for client storefronts. Took ownership of support issues to resolution including resolving data manipulation errors using data parsing. Advised, trained, developed documentation to support Preview's client developers in understanding, integrating, and using their system.
  • QA Black Box / White Box testing including data validation of item databases and exchange of financial information among connected vendors. Tested communication, installation, configurations, updates integration of Preview's server system.
  • Required a strong understanding of SQL, MS SQL Server 6-7, MS IIS, Web servers, RDBMS, SOAP, Java, Server to server communications, JavaScript, VBScript, ASP, HTML, XML, Certificates and RSA Public/Private Key kryptography, Routing, NAT, TCP/IP.
  • Clients I personally worked with included Sony, Reuters, Compaq, Tucows.com, Ingram Micro, HP, Intel, Microsoft, Digital River, Buy.com.


Responsible for maintaining 20 systems in our server lab. Systems included NT, Server 2000, Mac OS 9 and X, and Linux. Web servers included our own CGI extensions mounted on MS IIS or Apache. Databases included MS SQL Server 6 7. Oracle 8 and 8i. Responsible for adding and maintaining user accounts, managing rights on the above systems for both internal users and external users accessing resources via ftp, http, sneakernet, and across our internal net. Ran backup/restore and imaging operations using Ghost for Win systems and Retrospect for the Mac systems.


Tasked with the design, coding, maintenance of OnCall Technology's Intranet www site - http://www.octi.com URL is now owned by a different co. . This was the front door for the business as well as being a technical support site for our customers. Conducted admin work on the internal Novell network. On site Help desk support for OnCall clients. Conducted QA work for Conversa's speech recognition software and for 3rd party vertical tax applications.

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