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Teradata Dba Resume

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Chicago, IL


  • 7 Years of IT experience in the Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing, Developing and Administration of business application systems in Data warehousing.
  • Over 5 years of experience in Teradata DBA with two plus years of experience in Teradata 12/13/13.10/14.0
  • Expertise in WINDDI/Teradata Administrator for managing databases, user tables, indexes, statistics, managing permissions(Roles & Profiles) addressing the user issues.
  • Experience in performance tuning, Teradata SQL optimization, detailed design, application support, tuning and optimizing bad queries and handling database maintenance.
  • Skilled in Teradata Manager, PMON, TDWM, DBQL, SQL Assistant and BTEQ.
  • Proficient in using Teradata utilities such as TD Manager, Administrator, SQL Assistant, TSET, Visual Explain, arcmain, TASM.
  • Strong hands on experience using Teradata utilities (SQL, BTEQ, Fast Load, MultiLoad, Fast Export, Tpump, Visual Explain, Query man, WinDDI) and Unix Shell (Korn) scripting.
  • Expertise in using Visual Explain, Index wizard, Statistics wizard to tune the bad queries and analyze the plans implement the recommendations to gain the performance.
  • Extensive experience in Teradata work load balancing concepts like TASM worked with various user groups and developers to define TASM workloads, exceptions, implemented filters, and throttles as required.
  • Expertise in database programming in writing of the SQL, Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers, Views in Teradata, Oracle, DB2 & MS Access.
  • Skilled in coding and debugging Teradata utilities like Fast Load, Fast Export, MultiLoad, Tpump, TPT
  • Proficient in analyzing and translating business requirements to technical requirements and architecture.
  • Experience in Backup and Restore (BAR) methodologies. Design, implement and co - ordinate all back-up and restore strategies.
  • Familiar with Teradata architecture such as shared nothing, nodes, AMP’s, BYNET, Partitioning, primary index, secondary index, Teradata explain etc.
  • Strong experience in Teradata RDBMS V2R12/V2R6/V2R5, application performance tuning, Teradata SQL optimization, detailed design, application support, tuning and optimizing bad queries and handling database maintenance works.
  • Experienced in trouble-shooting techniques, tuning SQL statements, Query Optimization, Single AMP Optimization, Dynamic SQL and Materialized Views, Normalization, Data Modeling.
  • Experience in analyzing, resolving and monitoring database performance related issues.
  • Provided support to product, test and development environments for data warehouse projects.
  • Proficient in SQL coding, Teradata utilities like TD Manager, Administrator, SQL Assistant, TSET, Visual Explain, Arcmain, TASM, collecting statistics for better performance of the queries.
  • Strong Communication, Presentation and Interpersonal skills with excellent problem solving capabilities.


Data Warehousing: Teradata V14/V13/V2R12/V2R6, Oracle 11g/10g/9i, SQL server2000, MS Access.

Operating Systems: HP-UX, Sun Solaris, Red Hat Linux, Windows2003/2000/XP/NT, IBM AIX.

Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, C, C++, UNIX shell scripting, PERL.

DB Utilities: BTEQ, Viewpoint, Fast Load, Multi Load, Fast Export, T Pump, SQL*Loader, Exp/Imp, TD Administrator, TD Manager, TSET, SQL Assistant, Visual Explain, TASM.

Scheduling Tool: Multiload, AutoSys, Version Control.

Tools: CSV, VSS, Arcmain, Teradata Administrator, Visual Explain, SQL Assistant, Toad, Putty, WINSCP, CYGWIN, Oracle Developer 2000, SQL*Plus, Crystal Reports, Remedy.

Others: MS Office, Telnet, Adobe Acrobat Reader/Writer, XML, HTML, UML, SFTP, FTP, SCP, Telnet, TCP/IP.


Confidential, Chicago, IL

Teradata DBA


  • Monitored Teradata system for delays, blocking and skewing using Teradata Tools like (PMON, TASM and Viewpoint) to increase system efficiency.
  • Addressed system issues by notifying and directing application users for temporary workarounds (turning on diagnostics or instructing onsite Teradata personnel to modify dBs control flags).
  • Teradata Database performance monitoring and maintenance using Teradata manager.
  • Adjusted priority levels for application users in order to meet SLA’s. Restored application tables from tape by using Teradata Arc Utility.
  • Updated Teradata Development System utilizing Teradata Utilities like Fast export, Archive, Fast load and Restore in order to test and develop the applications.
  • User access management, space management, session management, Index management (Partition Primary Index, Join Index, Secondary Index, etc.).
  • Restored application tables from tape using Teradata Arc Utility. Monitored disk usage via PMON and Reusage.
  • Configured and scheduled data collection to analyze trend reports for CPU, I/O, database and table growth, user account etc. Collect statistics for better performance of queries.
  • Worked on optimizing and tuning the Teradata views, SQL queries and single AMP optimization to improve the performance of batch and response time of data for users.
  • Prepared low level technical design document and participated in build/ review of the BTEQ Scripts, Fast exports, Multiloads and Fast Load scripts.
  • Created various SQL Queries for data extraction and transformation.
  • Created Technical Design Document as per Physical Data Model., Data Flow Diagrams as per design.
  • Involved in extracting and loading data from external sources into Teradata Warehouse.
  • Extensively uses Explain to fine tune Teradata tables and improve performance.
  • Transformed Logical Data Model to Physical Data Model ensuring the Primary Key and Foreign Key relationships in PDM, Consistency of definitions of Data Attributes and Primary Index considerations.
  • Regulated password expiration, reuse and minimum characters via profiles to adhere to Medco standards.

Environment: Teradata13.10/V14, Viewpoint, SQL Assistant, BTEQ, Fast Load, Fast Export, Multiload, Erwin Data Modeler 4.1

Confidential, Detroit, MI

Teradata DBA


  • Involved in complete SDLC (System Development Life Cycle).
  • Expert DBA skills in Teradata DBMS Administration, initial environment setup, development and production DBA support, Teradata Manager, Viewpoint, FASTLOAD, MULTILOAD, TPUMP, SQL and TASM for workload management.
  • Established application hierarchies, databases, users, roles and profiles as per requirements.
  • Responsible for performance monitoring, resource and priority management, space management, user management, index management, access control, execute disaster recovery procedures.
  • Development and maintenance of complex SQL with multiple tables JOIN conditions. Involved in maintaining and troubleshooting problems for business applications.
  • Loaded data using Fast Load, BTEQ, Fast Export, MultiLoad, and Korn shell scripts.
  • Designing, creating and tuning physical database objects (tables, views, indexes) to support normalized and dimensional models. Maintain and enhance database performance using Teradata Manager, Performance Monitor, and TASM.
  • Teradata database performance monitoring and maintenance, Support Teradata database & TTU upgrade activities, design, implement and co-ordinate all back-up, recovery (BAR) strategies.
  • User and access Management, Space Management, Session Management, Index Management, System analysis, design & Maintenance.
  • Assisted in troubleshooting the Production support problems, which are related with Teradata database.
  • Assisted in Batch processes using Fast Load, BTEQ, UNIX Shell and Teradata SQL to transfer cleanup and summarize data.
  • Involved in large scale multi terabyte initial data load, data migration, and ongoing update techniques, backup and recovery requirements, SQL, etc.
  • Directed MVS group on necessary changes to enhance Teradata TDP performance, Ran showspace to check for cylinder fragmentation and available free cylinders.
  • Responsible for documentation of the project translating functional requirements to technical specifications.

Environment: Teradata 13.10, Teradata Viewpoint, Toad 8.5, UNIX Shell Programming, SFTP, NDM, Solaris 5.8, Windows 2000.

Confidential, Houston, TX

Teradata DBA


  • Managing database space, allocating new space to database, moving space between databases as need basis.
  • Creating roles and profiles as needed basis. Granting privileges to roles, adding users to roles based on requirements.
  • Extensively worked with DBQL data to identify high usage tables and columns. Redesigning the Logical Data Models, and Physical Data Models.
  • Use of Teradata Manager, BTEQ, FASTLOAD, MULTILOAD, TPUMP, SQL and TASM for workload management.
  • Monitoring bad queries, aborting bad queries using PMON, looking for blocked sessions and working with development teams to resolve blocked sessions.
  • Perform workload management using various tools like Teradata Manager, Fast Load, Multi Load, TPump, TPT, SQL Assistant and TASM.
  • Involved writing BTEQ scripts for validation & testing of the sessions, data integrity between source and target databases and for report generation.
  • Developed Backup and Recovery (BAR) procedures for Development, Testing and Production.
  • Enterprise wide templates were created for handling SCD, Error handling etc.
  • Involved in writing Teradata SQL bulk programs and in Performance tuning activities for Teradata SQL statements using Teradata EXPLAIN.
  • Used External Loaders like Multi Load, T Pump and Fast Load to load data into Teradata Database. Involved in analysis, development, testing, implementation and deployment.
  • Created debugging sessions for error identification by creating break points and monitoring the debug monitor.
  • Created Stored Procedures to transform the data and worked extensively on SQL, PL/SQL for various needs of the transformations.

Environment: Teradata V2R6, DRIFT2K, Oracle 9i, Mainframes, Fastload, Multiload, TPUMP, BTEQ, SQL Assistant, SRM.

Confidential, Foothill Ranch, CA

Teradata Developer / DBA


  • Conducted several JAD sessions with key business analysts to get the requirements related Reports, KPIs and Data Mining.
  • Performed extensive Data Profiling on the source data by loading the data sample into Database using Database Load Utilities.
  • Worked with Data Modelers to create a star schema model for the above subject areas and made sure that all the requirements can be generated from the models created.
  • Created High level and detail design documents for above data mart projects containing process flows, mapping document, initial and delta load strategies, Surrogate key generation, Type I and Type II dimension loading, Balance and control, Exception processing, Process Dependencies and scheduling.
  • Identified the required dependencies between ETL processes and triggers to schedule the Jobs to populate Data Marts on scheduled basis.
  • Did the performance tuning on the Ab Initio graphs to reduce the process time.
  • Designed and coordinated the backfill process to load 3 to 5 years of the data into Data Marts.
  • Participated in the evaluation of Teradata DBMS to replace DB2/UDB 7 for the EDW. Created several large tables with real card portfolio data totaling 4 TB for the POC. With the help of Teradata folks Confidential San Diego, created tables with right primary index and partitioning index on the 4 node Teradata system. Created several complex queries and ran them to get the performance measurements. Compared the results with the results from running the same queries on UDB DB2 system. Presented the results to Management.
  • Worked with DBA team to ensure implementation of the databases for the physical data models intended for the above data marts. Created proper Teradata Primary Indexes (PI) taking into consideration of both planned access of data and even distribution of data across all the available AMPS. Considering both the business requirements and factors, created appropriate Teradata NUSI for smooth (fast and easy) access of data.
  • Created proper Teradata Primary Indexes (PI) taking into consideration of both planned access of data and even distribution of data across all the available AMPS. Considering both the business requirements and factors, created appropriate Teradata NUSI for smooth (fast and easy) access of data.
  • Extensively used the Teradata utilities like BTEQ, Fastload, Multiload, DDL Commands and DML Commands (SQL). Created various Teradata Macros in SQL Assistant for to serve the analysts.
  • Created several BTEQ scripts involving derived tables and volatile/Global temporary tables for adhoc purpose to extract data for several business users on scheduled basis.
  • Involved in the collection of statistics on important tables to have better plan from Teradata Optimizer.
  • Did the performance tuning of user queries by analyzing the explain plans, recreating the user driver tables by right primary Index, scheduled collection of statistics, secondary or various join indexes.
  • Implemented data level, object level and package level security in framework manager to achieve highly complex security standards.
  • Created Master Detail reports, drill through and custom prompting reports, and Scheduled reports for efficient resource utilization.
  • Created Query Prompts, calculations, Conditions & Filters. Developing Prompt pages and Conditional Variables. Involved in Testing and improving Report Performance.
  • Involved heavily in writing complex SQL queries based on the given requirements such as complex DB2 Joins, Sub Queries, Stored Procedures, and Macros etc.
  • Helped Business Users by writing Complex efficient Teradata SQLs to get a detailed for Data Mining. Automated these extract using BTEQ an Unix Shell Scripting.
  • Involved in user training and support for data mining and reporting.

Environment: Teradata V2R5, Oracle9i, Teradata Priority Scheduler, Teradata SQL Assistant, FastLoad, MultiLoad, Teradata Administrator, BTEQ, MVS, UNIX, DB2, COBOL.


Teradata Developer


  • Analyzed Business Requirements Document andFunctional Specificationdocument to develop detailed Test Plan and Test Cases.
  • Involved in CompleteSoftware Development LifecycleExperience (SDLC) from Business Analysis to Development, Testing, Deployment and Documentation.
  • UsedTeradata utilities fastload, multiload, tpumpto load data
  • Wrote BTEQ scripts to transform data
  • Wrote Fastexport scripts to export data.
  • Worked on Oracle PL SQL to createstored procedures, packages and various functions.
  • Wrote, tested and implemented Teradata Fastload, Multiload and Bteq scripts, DML and DDL.
  • Constructed Korn shell driver routines (write, test and implement UNIX scripts)
  • Wrote views based on user and/or reporting requirements.
  • WroteTeradata Macrosand used various Teradataanalytic functions.
  • Involved in migration projects tomigrate datafrom data warehouses on Oracle/DB2 and migrated those toTeradata.
  • Performance tuned and optimized various complex SQL queries.
  • Good knowledge on Teradata Manager, TDWM, PMON, DBQL, SQL assistant and BTEQ.
  • Gatheredsystem design requirements, design and write system specifications.
  • Agile teaminteraction.

Environment: Oracle 8i, Teradata V2R5, Teradata SQL Assistant, SQL, VSS, Outlook, Putty, MLOAD, TPUMP, FAST LOAD, FAST EXPORT

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