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Etl Informatica Developer Resume

Charlotte, NC


  • Software IT Professional with 8 years of diversified experience in Informatica Power Center, Data Quality, Master Data Management, Talend Data Integration / Data Quality / MDM, Abinitio, Oracle PL/SQL, Teradata PL/ SQL, Netezza PL /SQL and UNIX Shell Scripting.
  • Power Center 9.x/8.x/7.x, Informatica Power Exchange 9.x/8.x and Business Objects, Flat File and XML File.
  • Expertise in Informatica Power Center Mappings, Mapplets, Transformations, Workflow Manager, Workflow Monitor, Repository Manager, FACT Tables, Dimension Tables, Star Schema Modeling, Snowflake Schema, OLTP and OLAP.
  • Proficient in Optimizing Database querying, data manipulation and population using SQL, PL/SQL and Utilities in Oracle 11g/10g, Teradata, DB2 UDB and SQL Server, databases.
  • Strong understanding Data Modeling design, develop, test, debug, and maintain application programs. Excellent working knowledge of UNIX shell scripting, job scheduling on multiple platforms, experience with UNIX command line.
  • Experienced in developing and executing complex SQL queries to validate the data in the back end.
  • Experience writing and modifying ETL design documentation, test results documentation and standard operating procedures (SOP) documentation.
  • Ability to handle multiple Tasks and work independently as well as in a team.
  • Experience in all aspects of analytics/data warehousing solutions Database issues, Data modeling, Data mapping, ETL Development, metadata management, data migration and reporting solutions.
  • Strong understanding of Data Modeling (Relational, dimensional, Star and Snowflake Schema), Data analysis, implementations of Data warehousing using Windows and UNIX.
  • Ability to self - manage time and task priorities to meet project timelines, and identify Potential project risks.
  • Understand the existing ETL jobs and mappings, sessions and workflowsTroubleshoot ETL jobs and fix the issues based the priorities
  • Experience on all Informatica components like Repository R, Designer D, Workflow Manger W and Workflow Monitor M
  • Experience in working on Agile Methodology. Conducts "Scrum" meetings, daily stand-ups, reviews and retrospectives. Responsible for keeping "Sprints" on track.
  • Expertise in doing Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing and Data Validation for Developed Informatica Mappings.
  • Strong expertise in Relational data base systems like Netezza, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 design and Database development using Netezza-Aginity, TOAD and SQL PLUS, SQL-LOADER. Implemented the Netezza Migration of the from Twin-fin12 Database to Striper.
  • Worked on Power Exchange CDC on Batch mode and Real-time mode.
  • Proficient with RDBMS systems, SQL, Oracle PL SQL and database optimizations
  • Worked on Data Transformation Studio which is an application that processes complex XML files, such as messaging formats. Automatically generate a XSD for Business object using Data Transformation Studio
  • Excellent analytical, programming, written and verbal communication skills with ability to interact with individuals at all levels.
  • Experience with Informatica Cloud, developed data synchronization and Replication tasks.


Languages: Python, SQL, PL/SQL, Java, C, C++,XML, UNIX Shell Scripting, HTML.

ETL Tools: Informatica Power Center 9.6/8.6,Informatica IDQ9.5,Informatica MDM 9.6 Data Analyst, Power Exchange 9.6/8.6,Informatica B2B DT Studio and Power Mart, OWB and ODI.

Databases: SQL Server, Oracle 11g / 10g, DB2, Teradata V2R6, 13.10,Flat Files, XML Files, IBM Mainframe Systems and SFDC (salesforce).

Modeling Tools: Erwin 3.x/4.x, ER Studio, Logical Modeling, Physical Modeling, Relational Modeling, ER Diagrams, Dimensional Data Modeling, Star Schema, Snow- Flake, Fact and Dimensions Tables.

Scripting Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX Shell Scripting

Operating Systems: Red Hat Linux, UNIX, Solaris and Windows XP/Vista/7, MS-DOS.


Confidential, Charlotte, NC

ETL Informatica Developer


  • Extensively involved in almost all the phases of Project Life Cycle (SDLC) right from Requirements Gathering to Testing and Implementation etc.
  • As an MDM Developer, responsible for the developing, enhancing and supporting theInformaticaMDM platform and related data integration applications.
  • Worked on data profiling & various data quality rules development usingInformaticaData Quality.
  • Implemented Exception Handling Mappings by using Data Quality, data validation by usingInformaticaAnalyst.
  • Involved in implementing the Land Process of loading the customer Data Set intoInformaticaMDM from various source systems.
  • Worked on data cleansing and standardization using Cleanse Adapter's inInformaticaMDM.
  • Interacted with business analyst,ETLteam lead, and data base admin to gather information and to collect business requirements to developInformaticaMappings.
  • Implemented Change Data Capture usingInformaticaPowerExchange 9.1.
  • Designed, developedInformaticaPowerCenter9.5 mappings to extract, transform and load the data into Oracle 11g target tables.
  • Used Debugger inInformaticaPowerCenterDesigner to check the errors in mapping.
  • Involved in Performance tuning for sources, targets, mappings, sessions and server.
  • Closely moved with the Micro strategy reporting team and helped them to get the data for creating report.
  • Prepared anETLtechnical document maintaining the naming standards.
  • Created deployment groups in one environment for the Workflows, Sessions, Mappings, Source Definitions, Target definitions and imported them to other environments.

Environment: InformaticaPowerCenter9.5,InformaticaPowerExchange 9.1,InformaticaData Quality (IDQ) 9.5,InformaticaAnalyst,InformaticaB2B Data Exchange, Oracle 11g, PL/SQL, SQL, Flat Files, TOAD, Unix, SQL Server 2012.

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA

Lead Informatica Developer


  • Analyzing the source data coming from different sources and working with business users and developers to design the Data Model.
  • Translated requirements into business rules & made recommendations for innovative IT solution.
  • Involved in building theETLarchitecture and Source to Target mapping to load data into Data warehouse.
  • Used various transformations like Filter, Expression, Sequence Generator, Update Strategy, Joiner, Stored Procedure, and Union to develop robust mappings in theInformaticaDesigner.
  • Using Workflow Manager for Workflow and Session Management, database connection management and Scheduling of jobs to be run in the batch process.
  • Developed complexInformaticaMappings, Mapplets and Reusable Transformations for different types of studies for Daily and monthly Loading of Data using Change Data Capture (CDC).
  • Involved in Dimensional modeling (Star Schema) of the Data warehouse and used Erwin to design the business process, dimensions and measured facts.
  • Experienced working with SSIS to extract the data from OData source and load into SQL Server.
  • Involved in implementing the Land Process of loading data Set intoInformaticaMDM from various source systems.
  • Defined the Base objects, Staging tables, queries and packages.
  • Defined the Trust and Validation rules and setting up the match/merge rule sets to get the right master records. Performed match/merge and ran match rules to check the effectiveness of MDM process on data.
  • Used Hierarchies tool for configuring entity base objects, entity types, relationship base objects, relationship types and profiles.
  • Worked withInformaticaData Quality (IDQ) toolkit, Analysis, data cleansing, data matching, data conversion, exception handling, and reporting and monitoring capabilities.
  • Performed the data profiling, data governance and analysis making use ofInformaticaData Quality (IDQ).
  • Profile source data using IDQ tool understand source system data representation formats data gaps Created Exception handling process and UsedInformaticadata director IDD for viewing the error tables and all the data manipulations accept reject records based on the requirements.
  • Designed, developed, implemented and maintainedInformaticaData quality IDQ application for matching and merging process.
  • IntegratedInformaticaData Quality IDQ withInformaticaPowerCenterand Created data quality mappings inInformaticaData Quality tool and imported them intoInformaticapowercenteras mappings and Mapplets.
  • Performed Source data systems analysis and created logical and physical data modeling for a Data Warehouse. Created, documented and maintained logical and physical database models in compliance with enterprise standards and maintained corporate metadata definitions for enterprise data stores within a metadata repository.
  • Experienced working withInformaticaBDE - Lookups, Sorter and Normalizer etc.
  • Wrote UNIX scripts to merge and process Batch files for net-change files, to get the latest files.
  • Created Table pairs and executed tests usingInformaticaData Validation tool.
  • Used Eclipse and RAD (Rational ApplicationDeveloper) tools to code the Java programs.
  • Used SIF various services such as - ExecuteBatchGroup, CleanTable and CleansePutRequest to access the master data from the downstream applications.
  • Extensive experience in developing extensions and customizations to the SIF tier ofInformaticaMDM Hub.
  • Configured Address Doctor which can cleanse whole world address Data and enhanced by making some modifications during installation.
  • Worked on search configuration usingInformaticaData Director (IDD).
  • Used sets, SQL views, join views, lookup views and aggregate function inInformaticaData Validation tool to test the scenarios.
  • DocumentedETLtest plans, test cases, test scripts, test procedures, assumptions, and validations based on design specifications for unit testing, system testing, expected results, preparing test data and loading for testing, error handling and analysis.
  • Prepared migration documents to move the mappings from development to testing and then to production repositories.

Environment: InformaticaPowerCenter9.6/9.1,InformaticaMDM 9.7.1,InformaticaBDE, Data Watch,InformaticaIDD and IDQ 9.6x,InformaticaDVO, Matrix Database, Vector Database, SQL Server, Oracle, SIF, Web Services, ERWIN, Putty, Message Queues, WINSCP, Soap-UI, WebLogic, DB-Visualizer, Flat Files

Confidential, McLean, VA

Sr. Informatica Developer


  • Analyzing the data and Mapping the data requirements developing Stored Procedures and Functions.
  • Designed Mapping document, which is a guideline toETLCoding.
  • DevelopedETLmappings, transformations usingInformaticaPowerCenter.
  • Implemented source and target definitions in workflow designer and production deployments.
  • Involved in Information administration including creating new users and groups, backing up the repository and domain as well as handling various upgrades.
  • Working on new projects to fulfill the business needs.
  • Developed mappings using various transformations like update strategy, lookup, stored procedure, Router, Filter, sequence generator, joiner, aggregate transformation and expression.
  • Reviewed high-level design specification,ETLcoding and mapping standards.
  • Involved in writing and modifying UNIX shell scripts.
  • Worked with data quality team to fix the production data issues and also provide solutions to the business users.
  • Used Toad for data quality verification and unit testing the data.
  • Migrated mappings from Development to Testing and Testing to Production.
  • Developed PL/SQL stored procedures and triggers in T-SQL for various data cleansing activities.
  • Developed stored procedures to extract the data from different sources and load it into data warehouse.
  • Involved in uploading of the data from flat files into Databases and validated the data with PL/SQL procedures.
  • Maintaining daily batch cycle and providing 24 hour Production support.
  • Preparation of the Test Cases and involvement in Unit Testing and System Integration Testing.

Environment: InformaticaPowerCenter9.5/9.1,InformaticaPowerExchange 9.5/9.1, Oracle Exadata, Teradata 13, MSSQL Server 2008 R2, T-SQL, ERWin 8, SQL Server 2008, TOAD, PL/SQL Developer, Linux, Tidal, Shell Scripting, Perl Scripting, Windows XP, Putty, DB2 Mainframe,InformaticaCloud, Sales force.

Confidential, New York, NY

ETL/Informatica Developer


  • Interacted with Data Modellers and Business Analysts to understand the requirements and the impact of theETLon the business.
  • DesignedETLspecification documents for all the projects.
  • Created Tables, Keys (Unique and Primary) and Indexes in the SQL server.
  • Extracted data from Flat files, DB2, SQL and Oracle to build an Operation Data Source. Applied business logic to load the data into Global Data Warehouse.
  • Extensively worked on Facts and Slowly Changing Dimension (SCD) tables.
  • Maintained source and target mappings, transformation logic and processes to reflect the changing business environment over time.
  • Worked on complex Source Qualifier queries, Pre and Post SQL queries in the Target.
  • Worked on different tasks in Workflow Manager like Sessions, Events raise, Event wait, Decision, E-mail, Command, Work lets, Assignment, Timer and Scheduling of the workflow.
  • Extensively used workflow variables, mapping parameters and mapping variables.
  • Designed and developed complex mappings using various transformations in Designer to extract the data from sources like Oracle, SQL Server and flat files to perform mappings based on company requirements and load into Oracle tables.
  • Well versed with creating and Altering Table, Triggers, Sequences, and other DDL, DML and DCL utilities of Oracle 9i and 10g.
  • Extensively worked in the performance tuning of programs,ETLprocedures and processes.
  • Error checking & testing of theETLprocedures & programs usingInformaticasession log.
  • PerformanceInformaticaTargets, Sources, mappings & sessions for large data files by increasing data cache size, sequence buffer length and target based commit interval.
  • Developed UNIX shell scripts to automate applications, Schedule jobs, develop interfaces and Created pre-session and post-session shell scripts and mail-notifications.
  • Performed error handling for removing database exceptional errors.

Environment: InformaticaPowerCanter 8.6, Oracle 10g, Teradata V2R5, XML, TOAD, SQL, PL/SQL, IBM AIX, UNIX Shell Scripts, Web Intelligence, DSBASIC, Erwin 6.1, Remedy, Maestro job scheduler, Mercury QualityCenter.

Confidential, New Jersey

Sr. Informatica Developer


  • Comprehensive knowledge of testing Human Resource Systems-application, tools, and functionalities.
  • Sound knowledge of HRMS modules testing procedures and standards.
  • Excellent communicator with strong technical and problem solving skills.
  • Participated in system Requirement Specification Meetings, and design Reviews.
  • Managed the Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM) between requirements and test cases.
  • Extensively usedETLto transfer data from different source system and load the data into the target database.
  • Extracted the data from the flat files and other RDBMS databases into staging area and populated onto Data Warehouse.
  • Developed number of complex Informatics mappings, Mapplets, and reusable transformations to implement the business logic and load the data incrementally.
  • Extracted data from Oracle and SQL Server and load the data into target database.
  • Handled slowly changing dimensions of Type1/ Type2 to populate current and historical data to dimensions and fact tables in the Data Warehouse.
  • DevelopedInformaticamappings by usage of aggregator, SQL overrides in lookups, source filter in source qualifier and data flow management into multiple targets using router transformations.
  • Extensively involved in performance tuning of theETLprocess by determining the bottlenecks at various points like targets, sources, mappings, sessions or systems. This led to a better session performance.
  • Document the process for further maintenance and support.
  • Checked database to determine successful transaction of test data from the application by establishing connectivity using SQL commands

Environment: e-business suite Data source Oracle 11i, Oracle R12, MS SQL Server, Oracle SQL Developer, Siebel, Revpro, SingleView, Leeyo, Remedy TOAD, PL/SQL Developer, Shell Scripting, Windows XP, Putty, DB2 Mainframe, OBIEE 11g, Sales force, Linux, bmcsoftware control-M,InformaticaPowerCenter9.1,InformaticaPowerExchange 9.1.

Confidential, Stoneham, MA

ETL Developer


  • Developed complex mappings to extract source data from heterogeneous databases SQL Server Oracle and flat files, applied proper transformation rules and loaded in to Data Warehouse.
  • Involved in identifying bugs in existing mappings by analyzing data flow, evaluating transformations using Debugger.
  • Implemented various Performance Tuning techniques on Sources, Targets, Mappings, and Workflows.
  • Worked closely with Production Control team to schedule shell scripts,Informaticaworkflows and PL/SQL code in Autosys.
  • Conducted Database testing to check Constrains, field size, Indexes, Stored Procedures etc.
  • Defects were tracked, reviewed and analyzed.
  • Conducted UAT (User Acceptance Testing) with user community.
  • Developed K-shell scripts to run fromInformaticapre-session, post session commands.
  • Extracted data from VSAM file and XML files.
  • Involved in Data transfer from OLTP systems forming the extracted sources.
  • Interpreted logical and physical data models for Business users to determine common data definitions and establish referential integrity of the system.
  • Analyzed the sources, transformed the data, mapped the data and loading the data into targets usingPowerCenterDesigner.
  • Designed and developed Oracle PL/SQL Procedures.
  • Designed and Developed Oracle PL/SQL and Shell Scripts, Data Import/Export, Data Conversions and Data Cleansing.
  • Participated in the design of Star & Snow flake schema data model.

Environment: InformaticaPowerCenter7.1, Oracle 10g, SQL Server 2000, Erwin 3.5, XML, TOAD, HP-Unix 11.11, Harvest, Sun Solaris, DB2 Mainframe.

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