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Consulting Application Engineer Resume

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Nashville, TN


  • 11+ Years of extensive IT experience in gathering requirements, Documentation, Developing, Designing and Testing with ETL and OLAP tools.
  • Industry expertise includes Consumer Goods, Retail, Pharmaceutical & Healthcare, Insurance and Banking & Financial services.
  • Extensive experience in designing, developing and implementing technical solutions and projects that led to organizations growth and produced exceptional results.
  • Expertise in using business intelligence and data warehouse tools like MicroStrategy, Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Google Looker, Qlik, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Snowflake.
  • Expertise in using MicroStrategy Desktop, MicroStrategy Intelligence Server, MicroStrategy Narrowcast Server, MicroStrategy Architect, MicroStrategy Administrator, MicroStrategy Web elements.
  • Expertise in designing Star, Snowflake schemas using fact, dimension tables and measures and proven OLAP and OLTP concepts.
  • Excellent knowledge in creating and managing Conceptual, Logical and Physical Data Models.
  • Optimizing report generation with respect to Very Large Databases to make absolute use of database flexibility, caching, security and scalability issues suited for Netezza, Oracle, Teradata, DB2 and SQL Server.
  • Expertise in using Administration tools like Job Monitor, User Manager, Cache Monitor, Configuration Manager, Delivery Manager, Object Manager and Command Manager.
  • Expertise in migration of Projects / Objects between different environments.
  • Experience in delivering reports in Desktop, Web and via Narrowcast Server.
  • Improving the multidimensional view of the report data by creating Custom filters, Prompts, Custom groups, Consolidations and Drill paths.
  • Expertise in creating Schema Objects such as Facts, Attributes, Hierarchies and Transformations.
  • Expertise in using Pass - Through Expressions like ApplySimple and ApplyComparison to develop complex Filters and Transformations.
  • Expertise in developing FreeForm SQL Reports in MicroStrategy Desktop.
  • Experience in development of Dashboard, Report Services Documents & Scorecard Reports.
  • Installed and Configured Intelligent Server and Narrowcast Server to schedule; execute and deliver reports using various delivery methods.
  • Expertise in building Intelligent Cubes and reports based on cubes.
  • Experienced in upgrading MicroStrategy Intelligence Server projects to higher versions.
  • Successful record of accomplishment of managing major projects by coordinating with multiple application teams and users located across different offices with excellent people management skills.
  • Strong knowledge and understanding of SQL and ability to fine-tune SQL queries as and when needed using MicroStrategy.
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, analytical skills and strong ability to perform as part of a team.


Business Intelligence Tools: MicroStrategy 11.x (2019), 10.x, 9.x (MicroStrategy Developer, MicroStrategy Desktop, MicroStrategy Web, MicroStrategy Architect, MicroStrategy Administrator, MicroStrategy Intelligence Server, MicroStrategy Narrowcast Server), Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Google Cloud Platform & Looker, QlikSense, Microsoft SSRS, Cognos, Hyperion.

Languages: Python, R, C, C++, SQL, PL/SQL.

Data modeling tool: ERWIN, Microsoft Visio.

ETL TOOLS: Informatica, Microsoft SSIS.

Databases: Netezza, Oracle, Teradata, MS SQL Server, DB2, Microsoft Azure SQL Database

Cloud: Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Snowflake

Operating Systems: UNIX, Windows, Linux.

UNIX skills: Shell scripting, Cronjob.


Confidential, Nashville, TN

Consulting Application Engineer


  • As a Lead Business Intelligence Application Engineer and Architect in the Enterprise Clinical Patient Data Management and Analytics team, defined and established architectural requirements for MicroStrategy BI projects and successfully implemented carious interactive dashboards, visualizations, documents, scorecards, dossiers and reports using MSTR product suite.
  • Architect, design, develop and deploy major Enterprise Clinical projects on web and mobile applications.
  • Expertise in the architecture, design, development and deployment of reliable, scalable BI applications using MSTR and large-scale data warehouses on database platform such as Teradata and SQL Server.
  • Designed and Developed high performing, pixel perfect dashboards compatible with web and mobile.
  • Experienced with advanced SQL including writing complex queries, stored procedures, view logic and tuning for optimized query performance.
  • Developed test plans and performed unit testing, validation of data, SQL and MicroStrategy dashboards in Dev, QA and Production environments ensuring dashboards performance and quality assurance regression testing are taken into account for BI projects.
  • Provided support to production projects, enhancements to existing applications, defect fixes and production issue resolutions.
  • Worked closely with Product Analysts, Product Owner and business end users to define and develop project plans along with milestones, roadmaps and deliverables for enterprise BI applications.
  • Working in Agile team and environments using JIRA.
  • Responsible for building POCs for business owners and leadership.
  • Implement and ensure MSTR best practices in a team with junior developers.
  • Responsible for reports and cubes Performance fine Tuning.
  • Worked with MicroStrategy tools like Architect, Developer, Web, Dossier, Enterprise Manager, Integrity Manager.
  • Expertise on Schema Design including creating MicroStrategy Schema Objects like Logical Tables/views, Facts, Attributes, Hierarchies.
  • Developed MicroStrategy Application Objects like Filters, Metrics, Prompts, Grid Reports, Templates, Derived Elements, Custom Groups, Consolidations to build MicroStrategy Dashboards and Report Services Documents, Dossier visualizations and export friendly Excel and PDF reports, dashboards, scorecards.
  • Expertise on building and maintain MicroStrategy Intelligent Cubes for performance improvement of highly used dashboards and reports.
  • Used Free-form SQL for creating ad-hoc reporting from multiple sources.
  • Developed MicroStrategy Transaction Services based dashboards to allow users to provide input and updates and write back in the database.
  • Responsible for creating Subscriptions, automating cube builds with System Manager workflows, creating events and schedules in MSTR along with bat files for scheduling reports after ETL build.
  • Used Command Manager scripts to automate MicroStrategy administrative tasks like trigger event based subscriptions, sending cube publish to history list.
  • Worked on multiple MicroStrategy upgrade projects for Dashboard/report validation.
  • Implemented row level security using Security filters.
  • Architected and developed views, stored procedures to support data for major clinical application in Medication/Pharmacy space. Worked on databases Teradata (EDW), MS SQL server, MS Azure SQL database to support multiple clinical applications in Medication/Pharmacy space.
  • Designed, developed and built applications with data from EHR systems like Meditech, Epic, Cerner.
  • Developed applications to manage inventory using BD Pyxis transactions data.
  • Developed application with BD Pyxis CII Safe transactions data.
  • Major enterprise application to identify potential control substance medication diverters was developed consuming Pyxis and EHR (Medication administrations) data.
  • Worked on migrating on-premise SQL server to cloud Azure SQL database and consuming data into Power BI dashboards and apps.
  • Developed multiple applications in Tableau.
  • Migrated multiple Tableau dashboards into Power BI during fast-paced project to sunset Tableau.
  • Worked as a Looker LookML Developer to migrate from on-premise to Google Cloud Platform.
  • Proficient in model management, including troubleshooting existing model errors, implementing data security requirements, creating LookML objects, and maintaining LookML project health.
  • Designed new LookML dimensions and measures and built Explores for users to answer business questions.
  • As a LookML developer, implemented and ensured quality management, from implementing version control to assessing code quality to utilizing SQL runner for data validation.
  • Managed developers’ activities, update jira tickets and assign to relevant resources.
  • Responsible to create/import packages using object manager and migration across the environments.

Environment: MicroStrategy Developer 11.1/10.11/9. x, Administrator, Architect, Object Manager, System Manager, Command Manager, Library, Integrity Manager, Web, Mobile (iPhone), Power BI, Tableau, Microsoft SSRS, Teradata, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Azure SQL Database, Google Cloud Platform & Looker, Windows Server, jQuery, Python, R, Quality Center, JIRA, Microsoft SSIS, MS Azure DevOps TFS, GitHub, Ataccama Reference Data Management (RDM).

Confidential, Warren, NJ

Sr. MicroStrategy Architect & Developer


  • Architect, design, develop and deploy major Confidential Financial projects on web and mobile applications.
  • Designed and Developed high performing, pixel perfect dashboards compatible with web and mobile.
  • Gather requirements from Business Users and Higher management (VP, Sr. VP, Director, Sr. Director).
  • Developed quick Proof of Concepts in an Agile development environment.
  • Designed and Developed dashboards using data blending feature.
  • Developed dashboards with Intelligent cubes as datasets to have highly performing dashboards.
  • Lead a team of five including offshore.

Environment: MicroStrategy Desktop 9.4.1, Administrator, Architect, Web, Mobile (iPad), Sybase Central, Sybase interactive SQL, Windows Server 2008.

Confidential, Wilmington, DE

Sr. MicroStrategy Consultant (Administrator, Architect & Developer)


  • Architect, develop and deploy major projects for AstraZeneca client.
  • Configured and maintained MicroStrategy Intelligence and Web servers.
  • Upgraded the servers and metadata from MicroStrategy 9.2.1 to 9.3.0.
  • Created and provided users/user groups with required privileges.
  • Configured MicroStrategy Web servers to use Siteminder authentication (Trusted).
  • Worked on MicroStrategy Admin tasks including project migrations and fixing the metadata issues and also in configuring the governing settings at the project level and on Intelligence server.
  • Worked extensively in MicroStrategy Administration like creation of new users, roles, privileges, schedules, shared folders and ACL’s.
  • Used Command Manager to create users, user groups, schedule reports, start/stop server etc.
  • Perform migrations to UAT and PROD using Object Manager.
  • Worked and proposed database schema changes to ETL team to achieve business requirements.
  • Worked as Architect to develop and implement the BI solutions using MicroStrategy.
  • Performance tuning of the reports by reducing SQL passes, using VLDB properties, collecting statistics on the database tables, analyzing explain plans and creating indexes if required.
  • Trouble shooting the report performance issues by tuning the VLDB properties.
  • Design and development of dynamic DHTML and Flash dashboards involving huge amounts of data.
  • Designed and developed datamarts for efficient MicroStrategy Reports and Dashboards.
  • Demonstrated Visual Insight functionalities using intelligent cubes.
  • Upgraded all environments from MicroStrategy v9.3.0 to 9.4.1.

Environment: MicroStrategy Desktop 9.2.1/9.3.0/9.4.1 , Administrator, Architect, Web, Teradata, Teradata SQL Assistant 13.0, SQL Server 2008, SQL Server Management Studio, Windows Server 2008, IIS 7, Visio 2010.

Confidential, Charlotte, NC

Sr. MicroStrategy Technical Project Lead


  • Lead the onsite projects and offshore developer’s team from Poland.
  • Managed projects through entire systems development life cycle, including creating timely/thorough status reports and leading status meetings.
  • Working on major projects Cognos Application retirement and Video Viewership Analyzer.
  • Created all possible Metrics for users to build their own reports on Web by creating their own Templates and filters using the available Metrics.
  • Developed solution for complex transformation for Campaign to Date.
  • Implemented Proof of concepts and design for dashboards based on the requirements.
  • Solved major key metrics in Campaign Overview Dashboards.
  • Generated and implemented MicroStrategy Schema objects by creating facts, attributes, hierarchies using MicroStrategy Desktop and Architect.
  • Created Transformations for using in comparative reports.
  • Extensively worked on creating Application Objects like Metrics and Compound metrics, Filters, Custom Groups and Consolidations for complex reports.
  • Worked on advanced features like heterogeneous column mapping, relationship filters and joint-child relationship.
  • Extensively worked in both Ad-hoc and Standard reporting environments and Involved in creating Reports scalable to large volumes of data.

Environment: MicroStrategy Desktop 9.2.1/9.3, Architect, Web, Mobile, Netezza, Netezza Aginity, SQL Server 2008, SQL Server Management Studio, Oracle, Oracle Toad.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Sr. MicroStrategy Architect/Developer


  • Interacted with the users extensively and gathered the requirements, and analyzed the needs of the end users.
  • Worked on the major Hyperion Application retirement for Merchandise Execution Team (MET).
  • Lead a team of eight including offshore developers.
  • Interacted extensively with DBA and Data modeler to build a Data Model implementing Star and Snowflake schemas as per the requirements.
  • Suggested changes in the schema to avoid duplication of data.
  • Created Relationship tables to avoid Many-Many relationship between parent and child attributes.
  • Suggested Aggregate tables for improving performance of dashboards.
  • Coordinated with Infrastructure team to fix and deploy Production issues.
  • Architecture and Developed dashboards that supports Single Sign-On through a SharePoint portal.
  • Designed and developed the Security Tables to support single sign-on.
  • Implemented Narrowcast Server Services by sending Reports to users via E-mail.
  • Implemented Architectural changes to support the requirements for Narrowcast.
  • Implemented History List and Email subscriptions for the first time in Home Depot for the Merchandising Analytics application.
  • Implemented complex and huge dashboards with details of Vendor and SKU metrics.
  • Created attributes by understanding the complexity of data and created relationships, hierarchies among the attributes.
  • Created facts, metrics, filters in calculating the key performance Indicators of the report.
  • Worked extensively on level of dimensionality so as to include all the metrics in the same report.
  • Worked on conditional formatting and Thresholds to put conditions on metrics.
  • Created drill maps among the hierarchies so as to enable drilling in data.
  • Implemented Dashboard drilling by passing prompt answers through hyperlinks.
  • Worked with Object Manager to created and migrated packages between different MicroStrategy project environments.
  • Optimized Query Performance using VLDB settings.
  • Involved extensively in Report services by creating Dashboards and Documents based on Intelligent Cubes for the project.
  • Provided post production support to end-users.
  • Worked on customized BI web portal using SDK and JavaScript.
  • Provided production support for BI website designed/developed in Java.
  • Involved in front end validations using JavaScript.

Environment: MicroStrategy Desktop 9.0.2, Architect, Web, Administrator, Narrowcast Server, Teradata, Teradata SQL Assistant 13.0, SQL Server 2008, SQL Server Management Studio, Windows XP, Informatica Powercenter, JavaScript, Eclipse.

Confidential, Raleigh, NC

Lead MicroStrategy Developer


  • Involved in gathering information from business users for finalizing system and report requirements.
  • Involved in Data Modeling and presented Data Model recommendations based upon the reporting requirements.
  • Created numerous Reports in MicroStrategy Desktop for business users and vendors with the drill down methodology depending on the requirements.
  • Implemented MicroStrategy reports by creating Facts, Attributes and Hierarchies.
  • Developed different kinds of Reports like Simple Reports, Prompted Reports and Ad-hoc Analysis.
  • Designed dashboards in DHTML and Flash mode.
  • Implemented Drilldown through grids in Dynamic Dashboards.
  • Implemented Document Drilldown using Hyperlinks.
  • Used widgets such as Microcharts, Bubble Grid, Fish Eye Selector and also implemented Widgets as Selectors.
  • Created documents with both Grids and graphs as per user requirements.
  • Created and customized complex Graphs.
  • Tested all the reports by running queries against the warehouse-using Teradata SQL Assistant.
  • Played a key role in User Acceptance Testing of the reports.
  • Implemented Document performance optimizations and Troubleshooting document Performance.
  • Created Datasets based on Intelligent Cubes, Derived Metrics and View filters using OLAP services.
  • Involved in and provided solutions for complex Time Dimension related issues and analysis.
  • Extensively worked and developed Metrics, filters and prompts to enable decision-makers to choose the condition for reports as well as to view reports in different perspectives.
  • Created complex metrics forcing dimensionality and conditionality.
  • Used free-form SQL editor for complex report development.
  • Involved in troubleshooting MicroStrategy, Web Reports, optimizing the SQL using the VLDB Properties
  • Involved in creating a set of special Filters to organize the attribute elements by creating Custom Groups.
  • Involved in deploying the reports in Narrowcast server by creating services on time based schedule.

Environment: MicroStrategy Desktop 9.0.1, Architect, Web, Administrator, Teradata SQL Assistant 13.0, HP Quality Center 10.00, Windows XP.

Confidential, Cleveland, OH

Sr. MicroStrategy Consultant - Administrator/Developer


  • Involved in upgradation of MicroStrategy 9.0.0 to 9.0.1.
  • Used MicroStrategy Object Manager to migrate MicroStrategy Objects from Development stage to QA and then to the Production environment.
  • Creation of user privileges using security roles in MicroStrategy.
  • Created multiple users, filters and metrics using Command Manager.
  • Developed complex reports and Intelligent Cubes which filters and displays data that corresponds to a particular user.
  • Wrote Pre/Post SQL Statements to create tables which implements the requirements of users.
  • Implemented Free-Form SQL reports to create reports that are not supported by existing schema model.
  • Involved in the Troubleshooting, Report Optimization and Performance Tuning of the reports.
  • Expertise in developing and scheduling Intelligent Cubes.
  • Created complex reports with multiple prompts and drills to different template.
  • Collaborated with business users on resolving data inconsistency and reporting issues.
  • Extensively usedDistributive Services in various phases ofReport generationnamelySelf-Subscription portal, Profile Management, Web, Content ManagementandPersonalization.
  • Created Email Subscriptions to deliver reports and documents to users using Distributive Services.
  • Involved in MicroStrategy platform administration, supporting business users with their data issues and BI platform related issues.

Environment: MicroStrategy (9.0.0/9.0.1 ), Desktop, Architect, Web, Administrator, Intelligence Server Universal, Web Server Universal, Narrowcast Server, Object Manager, Command Manager, Netezza 4.5.x, Squirrel SQL Client, Windows XP, Sun Solaris.

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