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Sr. Informatica Mdm Consultant Resume

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Austin, TX


  • Diversified IT professional with over 8+ Years of experience in IT industry as Informatica MDM, ETL, IDQ consultant
  • Experienced on Informatica MDM 10.4, 10.x, 9.x along with IDD, IDQ, ETL and Active VOS.
  • Created and Configured Landing tables, Staging Tables, Base Objects, Hierarchies, Foreign Key Relationships, Lookups in the Hub, Queries, Query Groups and Packages in MDM.
  • Hands on Experience in Informatica Data Quality for cleansing and formatting customer master data.
  • Created mappings in Informatica Data Quality (IDQ) using Parser, Standardizer and Address Validator Transformations.
  • Defined the Match and Merge Rules in the MDM Hub by creating Match Path components, Match Strategy, Population and Match columns and rules.
  • Experienced in installation of Hotfixes and EBF’s on top of existing environment.
  • Experienced in clean upgrade of Informatica MDM from 10.1 to 10.3 HF1 and 10.2 to 10.4
  • Detailed data analysis, Data Profiling and developed a good understanding of each source and how business purpose of the source aligns with purpose of the Hub. Defining business rules for Cleansing, Matching, Merging and maintaining data.
  • Designed and developed Reference Integrity, Technical and Business Data Quality rules using IDQ and involved in cleaning the data using IDQ
  • Good experience in all sorts of admin activities with respect to Informatica MDM, ETL.
  • Experience in end - to-end MDM development with match and merge performance tuning.
  • Installation and configuration of Informatica MDM Hub Console, Hub Server, Cleanse Match Server, Cleanse Adaptor, IDD (Informatica Data Director) and SIF (Services Integration Framework) Using Informatica Product Availability Matrix (PAM) for identifying proper software for MDM.
  • Experience in working with Informatica Data Director Tool in setup, configuring and customizing data flow.
  • Worked on table profiling & join profiling to identify data anomalies, create rules, rule specs and generated reference tables & content files out of profile results.
  • Participated in requirement gathering and preparation of High level and Low-level Designs throughout the Software Development Life Cycle.


MDM: Informatica MDM/IDD 10.4, 10.3HF1,10.2HF3, 10.1HF4, 9.x

ETL /IDQ: Informatica 10.4, 10.x, 9.x, Informatica Data Quality 10.2, 9.x

App Servers: JBoss 7.1EAP, 6.4 EAP, Web Logic 12.x

BPM Tools: Siperian Workflow Engine, Informatica ActiveVOS (Console, Central and Designer), 9.2.4.x

Operating Systems: Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Windows Server 201x

Databases: Oracle 12c, 11g R2, SQL Server 2016, 2014, DB2

Development Tools: SQL Developer 4.x, DB Visualizer, TOAD, SOAP UI, Eclipse IDE, Notepad++, CA Autosys, Postman, BMC Remedy, Service-Now, Salesforce, Jira, HP ALM, Putty


Confidential, Austin, TX

Sr. Informatica MDM Consultant


  • Upgraded MDM hub server, cleanse servers, master database, ORS database from 10.2 to 10.4
  • Defined thelanding tables, staging tables, and configured base objects
  • Definedforeign-key relationships, lookups, query groups and queries
  • Provided assistance to team members for gathering requirements, writing technical designs, build and unit test, coordination of testing and peer reviews
  • Analyzing the need and fitment for MDM Hub in the typical enterprise application ecosystem of company
  • Integrated Customer data from different sources to create aCustomer MasterData to get best version of truth as golden record
  • Helped in ETLprocess to load data into landing tablesofMDM HubusingInformatica 10.4
  • Successfully completed theHub configuration phaseto deployment of the project
  • Defined standard interfaces, Data Profile, metadata acquisition, data migration, validation, match rules tuning, reject processing, pre-landing processing and Reference Entities
  • Analyzed customer data residingin various source systems such as CRM and defined these source systems inHub
  • Designed & developed multiple cleansing and standardization scenarios using source to target mappings and Address Doctor and also configured decay characteristics for trust enabled columns and set validation rules accordingly
  • ImplementedHierarchy ManagerModule in addition to match and mergeto depict various hierarchies withinCustomer entity
  • Involved in Batch job error debug and handling, Batch jobs design, Batch Group design, Release Management, schema exports and imports using repository manager
  • Involved with data Steward Team for designing, documenting and configuring IDD
  • Closely worked with the reporting team to ensure that correct data is presented in the reports

Environment: Informatica MDM 10.4, IDD 10.4, Informatica 10.4, Jboss EAP 7.1, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Oracle 12c, SQL Developer

Confidential, Buffalo, NY

Sr. Informatica MDM Developer


  • Involved in implementing the Land Process of loading the customer Data Set into informatica MDM.
  • Analyzed the source systems for integrity issues to the data resided in various source systems and defined the same in Systems and Trust.
  • Integrated Informatica with USPS using Address Validator transformation to validate incoming address requests and converted and published Informatica workflows as Web Services using Web Service Source & Target & web service provider capabilities of Informatica.
  • Experience in integration of Informatica Data Quality (IDQ) with Informatica PowerCenter.
  • Worked on data cleansing and standardization using IDQ and then integrated them as cleanse functions in Informatica MDM
  • Design and configuration of landing tables, staging tables, base objects, hierarchies, foreign-key relationships, lookups, query groups, queries/custom queries and packages
  • Worked on Address validator transformation in IDQ to parse the partial address and populated the full address in the target table.
  • Participate in daily meetings to discuss about the Data Model, ETL loads with respect to Healthcare domain.
  • Performed the data profiling on schema tables and worked on mapping specs to point out the data flow and relationships for the MDM schema.
  • Configured source systems collaboratively and performed Batch group with Stage and Load jobs.
  • Running the Stage Jobs, Load Jobs, Match and Merge Jobs using the Batch Viewer and Automation Processes
  • Altered Trust scores and set up Validation rules as per the business requirements.
  • Designed, documented, and configured Informatica MDM Hub to load, cleanse, match, merge, and publish MDM Data.
  • Worked closely with Informatica Global Customer Support to achieve client’s specific requirements.

Environment: Informatica MDM 10.2.x, Informatica Power Center 10.1, Oracle 12c, SQL Developer, IDD 10.3HF1/10.1, Unix Shell Scripting, Webservices, Address Doctor 5.x, Putty, Eclipse, SOAP UI 5.4.0

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Informatica MDM Developer


  • Involved in Informatica MDM hub configuration, IDQ cleanse function implementation, Hierarchy Configuration in MDM hub.
  • Defined the Base objects, Staging tables, foreign key relationships, queries, packages and query groups. Defined the Trust and Validation rules and setting up the match/merge rule sets to get the right master records.
  • Configured match rule set property by enabling search by rules in MDM according to Business Rules
  • Performed match/merge and ran match rules to check the effectiveness of MDM process on the data.
  • Performed design and analysis on business systems applications, systems interfaces, databases, reporting, or business intelligence systems.
  • Performed Informatica MDM Platform staging i.e., integrated MDM with IDQ and loaded the data from source to MDM stage table.
  • Successfully implemented IDD using hierarchy configuration and created subject area groups, subject areas, subject area child, IDD display packages in hub and search queries for searching the data.
  • Worked with the ETL teams to source the data into MDM and route it out of MDM to consumingapplications.
  • Designed and helped the Web services team to provide real time access of MDM data to otherapplications.
  • Worked with the QA teams to create test cases and help them throughout the various stages of thetesting cycles.

Environment: Informatica MDM 10.3, Data Quality 10.3(IDQ), Oracle 12c, PL/SQL, Informatica PowerCenter, Oracle Weblogic 12.x, Azure Logic Apps, Eclipse IDE, TFS

Confidential, Columbia, MD

Informatica ETL/MDM Consultant


  • Understanding the business functionality of all the systems and understand the integration requirements.
  • Designed, documented, and configured Informatica MDM Hub to load, cleanse, match, merge, and publish MDM Data.
  • Worked closely with informatica global support to achieve client’s specific requirements.
  • Developed and integrated all ETL frame works in PL/SQL level.
  • Experienced in tuning the performance of SIF services with respect to data induction.
  • Performance tuning of SIF services with respect to App server and DB layer.
  • Implemented Java UE’s in Post Land and Post Stage process to achieve client’s business requirements. Deployed ORS specific API’s in MDM hub console to use them in SoapUI.
  • Creating queries, packages and working with data manager to create display packages and custom packages.
  • Built and configured external trust engine for the first time after deep involvement of Informatica professionals.
  • Successfully completed POC and build 35+ trust and validation rules with no huge impact on hub console with respect to performance.
  • Created IDQ cleanse library in MDM and exposed them as web service / API calls in MDM.
  • Worked heavily on performance tuning with respect to MDM daily jobs and SIF.
  • Worked closely with DBA’s to solve performance checkpoints and several DB parameters.
  • Creating batch groups for daily MDM batches. Creating KSH files to build command jobs and Autosys box jobs.
  • Configured IDD, design workflow customizations for Data Stewards using IDD.
  • Preparation of Informatica MDM design documents and Operations Manual as part of new requirement.

Environment: Informatica MDM/IDD 10.2 HF3, AbInitio, IDQ 10.x, Oracle WebLogic 12.x, SQL Developer, Oracle 12c, UNIX.

Confidential, Charlotte, NC

Informatica MDM/ETL Developer


  • Involved in all phases of the project SDLC planning, design, documentation, configuration, testing activities and code migration.
  • Analyzed the source systems for erroneous, duplicative, and integrity issues related to the data which is resided in various source systems and defined all of these in the systems and trust workbench.
  • Installed Informatica MDM, Power Center and Data Quality in Sandbox and Dev environments
  • Configured Subject Area Group, Subject Area, Subject Area Child and Subject Area Grand Child in IDD Admin Console.
  • Created Web services in IDQ developer tool and generated WSDL file for real time services.
  • Used Hierarchies tool, for configuring entity base objects, entity types, relationship base objects, relationship types, profiles, put and display packages and used the entity types as subject areas in IDD.
  • Configured MDM resource kit’s ExecuteBatchCommandLine tool and scheduled, automated the jobs to run via Autosys
  • Wrote IDD User exits i.e., validation rules in Save Handler to throw custom error messages
  • Wrote MDM hub user exits i.e., Post Load user exit to change the consolidation indicator of the record during Batch updates.
  • IDD user interface development based on Data Stewardship requirements.
  • Designed User Exits for validation errors and messages for save operation in IDD
  • Implemented validation rules, SIF API's to customize IDD application and create business classified records.
  • Created and documented the secure resources, roles, users for roles, and assigned privileges to roles using Security Access Manager in development environment.

Environment: Informatica MDM 9.7.1 HF4, Informatica Data Director 9.7.1, Informatica Power Center 9.6, Informatica Data Quality (IDQ) 9.6, Jboss, Oracle 12c, Address Doctor 5.x, SQL Developer, MS Visio 2013


ETL Developer


  • Involved in building the ETL architecture and Source to Target mapping to load data into Data warehouse. Created mapping documents to outline data flow from sources to targets.
  • Developed mapping parameters and variables to support SQL override.
  • Used various transformations like Filter, Expression, Sequence Generator, Update Strategy, Joiner, Stored Procedure, and Union to develop robust mappings in the Informatica Designer.
  • Created sessions, configured workflows to extract data from various sources, transformed data, and loading into data warehouse.
  • Worked on Informatica Power Center tools i.e., Designer, Repository Manager, Workflow Manager, and Workflow Monitor.
  • Parsed high-level design specification to simple ETL coding and mapping standards.
  • Designed and customized data models for Data warehouse supporting data from multiple sources on real time.
  • Involved in Dimensional modeling (Star Schema) of the Data warehouse and used Erwin to design the business process, dimensions and measured facts.
  • Maintained stored definitions, transformation rules and targets definitions using Informatica repository Manager.

Environment: Informatica Power Center 9.x, PL/SQL, Oracle 12c, Autosys, SQL Server 2014, UNIX, SQL Developer.

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