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Teradata Dba Resume

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St, LouiS


  • Around 7 years of experience in Teradata Database Administration, Design, Documentation, Implementation and Maintenance mainly in large scale Data Warehouse Environment.
  • Experience working with clients of all sizes in the Retail, Healthcare, Pharma, Banking and Entertainment industries.
  • Good understanding of Data Warehousing concepts such as Third Normal Form as well as Dimensional Schema.
  • Expert in tuning complex Teradata SQL Queries including Views, Joins and Sub queries.
  • Developed Teradata features such as PPI, Character PPI, Timestamp PPI and Columnar Tables.
  • Having good experience in Teradata Appliance/Enterprise Server, SLES, Viewpoint, BAR, TASM/TDWI and SWS.
  • Expert DBA skills in Teradata DBMS Administration, Development and Production DBA support.
  • Developed views and implemented different types of indexes such as UPI, NUPI, USI and NUSI, PPI, JI and AJI.
  • Developed the DDL’s as per Teradata standards in terms of performance gain.
  • Created and implemented BAR Strategy for the TD application and system database.
  • Plan, schedule and support Teradata migration, upgrades and Teradata Floor Sweeps.
  • Performed Teradata SQL troubleshooting and fine tuning of scripts given by developers.
  • Extensive experience working on Appliance (1x, 2x) and Enterprise (5x, 6x) data mart and data warehouse platforms.
  • Implemented Teradata 14.10 Smart Stats, Auto stats, collection of statistics for the indexes and for some of the columns involved in join conditions.
  • Implemented multi - value compression and BLC on tables for space savings.
  • Managed multi-terabyte, multi-application environments involving multiple workloads.
  • Extensively worked on Teradata View point to monitor the systems, setting the alerts and implemented TASM.
  • Used Teradata PDCR to generate various performance and system related reports for CPU/ IO/DISKSPACE.
  • Performed regular DBA activities like creating databases, users, tables, views, macros, procs, profiles, roles, grant/ revoke permissions, checking the table’s skew, space management (spool, temporary, permanent space) and troubleshooting the failure jobs.
  • Participated in DBA on call rotation to support production system during off hours.
  • Involved in interacting with clients and understanding the business process, requirements analysis, identifying potential usability issues, managing scope, implementing operating standards and maintaining technical documentations.



Data Modeling: Physical Modelling, Logical Modelling, Relational Modelling, Dimensional Modelling

Databases: Teradata 15.10, 14.10, 13.10, 13.0, Teradata V2R6, V2R12, Oracle 11g/10g/9i

Languages: Teradata SQL, PL/SQL

Operating Systems: Windows, SUSE-Linux

Reporting Tools: Business Objects, SSRS, Tableau

Tools: SQL plus, TARA GUI, TASM, Teradata SQL Assistant, Teradata FastExport, Fastload, Mload, Tpump, Teradata Manager, Teradata Administrator, Workload Manager, Teradata Viewpoint


Confidential, St. Louis

Teradata DBA


  • Involved in Complete Software Development Lifecycle Experience (SDLC) from Business Analysis to Development, Testing, Deployment and Documentation.
  • Interacted with clients, Industry data modelers and data analysts to develop the logical to physical design for tables.
  • Involved in the tasks such as creation of users, allocating spool, temporary and permanent space, creation of tables, collecting stats, checking the tables skew.
  • Created users with different profiles and roles to control the access on the system.
  • Experienced in designing database with prominent activities like deciding Primary / Secondary index, creating Join index, creating Partitioned Primary Index.
  • Implemented automatic data protection using Recovery Journals and Fallback protection.
  • Used MVC and BLC for space savings of the database.
  • Manage the Teradata ETL loads using tools like Teradata Parallel Transport (TPT Load, Update and stream operator) traditionally Fast Load, Multi Load, Tpump and Fast Export.
  • Troubleshooting the failure ETL/ELT jobs.
  • Troubleshooting MainFrame JCL Jobs and process adhoc load requests to support UAT and Development efforts.
  • Assist developers to Optimize queries and build complex logic using BTEQ and Store procedures.
  • Optimizing/Tuning complex SQL queries.
  • Use the Teradata temporal data type to design time share analysis requirements
  • Build Shell scripts and call Teradata procedures.
  • Experienced in Viewpoint to create alerts and monitor system/Application activities.
  • Reviewing Explain plan to recommend collect stats, Indexes to improve the performance.
  • Worked on Unix Scripts/JCL to load source data into target tables and for backup data retention.
  • Support Incident Tickets and troubleshoot and resolve database incidents within SLAs.
  • Worked on exporting data to flat files using Teradata FASTEXPORT.
  • Managed multi-terabyte, multi-application environment involving multiple workloads.
  • Addressed day to day application issues such as resetting passwords, skew, Query performance, Data migration and unlocking used id’s and worked on permission issues.
  • Capacity planning and proactive monitoring to meet performance and data growth requirements
  • Experienced with Backup and Recovery using Teradata ARCMAIN and Net backup TARA and mask the restricted data (like PII and ERS)
  • Used Teradata ViewPoint to monitor system and, if necessary, abort long-running or highly-skewed queries.
  • Also used Teradata ViewPoint to change the workload of queries when they are in the penalty box too long.


Informatica Developer


  • Understanding the requirements and performing the development scope analysis.
  • Involved in Analysis, Documentation and Testing of workflows.
  • Performed extensive data analysis to determine trends and patterns as well as identify root causes for data discrepancies
  • Used ETL to extract and load data from Oracle, Flat Files to Oracle DWH.
  • Developed Informatica Mappings to capture data changes from operational sources systems into data warehouse and data marts (SCD mappings).
  • Created various complex transformations such as Update Strategy, Look up, Filter and Router Transformations.
  • Converted all Oracle ETL Packages to Informatica Mappings and created workflows/Sessions
  • Created basic and aggregate level of Fact table mapping and optimized them for incremental Extraction and Aggregation using Parameters and variables to pass values during workflow execution.
  • Handling structured and unstructured data and applying ETL processes.
  • Created Workflows/ Worklets and scheduled them using workflow manager.
  • Developed Mappings to load data in slowly changing dimensions.
  • Ensuring proper Dependences and proper running of loads.
  • Performance tuning of sessions and mappings.


Teradata Database Application Administrator


  • Support incident tickets and troubleshoot and resolve database incidents within SLAs.
  • Redesigned and optimized the existing Physical DM by defining the right PIs.
  • Implemented Multi Valued Compression and Block Level Compression using Ferret Utility on cold data.
  • Performance Tuning to reduce CPU, IO and spool utilization thus reduce the Impact CPU, CPU Skew, IO Skew on the box.
  • Created users, roles and profiles in accordance with Enterprise security standards.
  • Extensively worked in identifying the highly skewed tables and analyzed and redefined the index.
  • Executed Teradata SQL Scripts for multiple purposes such as creating Databases, Tables, Views, Joins, Primary and Secondary Indices, STJI, MTJI, AJI, Macros and Stored Procedures.
  • Collected Stats and regularly updated the stats of the tables to eliminate stale stats.
  • Created PPI for some of the tables to have a good performance on range queries with date constraints.
  • Move Data between environments using Data Mover.
  • Performed tasks such as tables skew, monitoring spool space, determining candidate tables for purge, etc.
  • Reviewing Explain plan to recommend collect stats and indexes to improve the performance.
  • Handled USER management requests such as creating new users, profiles and roles.
  • Used Teradata Viewpoint to monitor the system performance when it is in load.
  • Debugged & tuned complex queries for better performance.
  • Handled Space Management I.e. Perm, Temp and Spool Space.
  • Monitor storage capacity and consumption, trend long term usage and proactively work on capacity expansion.
  • Disaster Recovery Planning / Strategy formulation.
  • Plan, schedule and support for Teradata patch upgrades.
  • Created alert policies for monitoring Sessions, Filters, Throttles, and Exceptions in ViewPoint.
  • Set up of backup jobs such as Daily/Weekly/Monthly, and Full/Online backup.
  • Analyze peak and non-peak window workload and adjust the workload priorities, filters and throttles.


Jr. Teradata DBA


  • Participated actively in user meetings and collected requirements from users.
  • Interacted with Clients and Data Modelers to develop the Logical and Physical Design for tables.
  • Created different environments.
  • Create different databases for different purposes.
  • Defined usi, nusi and ppi for the tables depending on their frequency of access.
  • Created views for all the tables.
  • Worked on loading of data and rectifying error loads from several flat files sources to Staging using Teradata TPUMP, MLOAD, FLOAD and BTEQ.
  • Moved data between different databases and environments.
  • Created users with different roles and profiles to control the access on the system.
  • Used Explain Plan to fine tune queries for better performance and to eliminate spool errors.
  • Used ARCMAIN to archive and restore data.
  • Supported incident tickets and resolved the incidents within the SLAs.
  • Extensively worked on the Fine Tuning of SQL Queries.
  • Collected stats for better performance and implemented MVC for space savings.
  • Extensively used FEXP utility to export and load data to flat files.
  • Worked exclusively with the Teradata SQL Assistant to interface with the Teradata.
  • Experienced in Teradata Manager, Priority Scheduler and DBQL Query Log to define workloads create alerts and monitor the system performance.
  • Involved in documentation of requirements and technical design.

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