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Database Administration Resume

Dublin, OH


  • Over 10 years of experience in all phases of database administration, design, development, and implementation. Has worked within the Banking, Insurance, Health, Manufacturing, Consulting, Real Estate, Logistics and Portal industries.
  • Oracle implementation, planning, designing, installing and maintaining Database technologies (11g, 10g, 9i, 8i, 7) on multiple nodes in Exadata, Sun Solaris 5.10, HPUnix, Suse Linux 2.4.19, Red Hat Linux 2.1 AS, AIX 6.1 and Windows.
  • Extensive experience on 7X24 Production environments for large databases using database solutions such as OEM, RMAN, Data Guard.
  • Areas of expertise include High Availability, Space Management, Capacity Planning, Backup & Recovery, Disaster Recovery, Database Performance Tuning, Memory Tuning, PL/SQL objects tuning, Security Administration, table partitioning and Oracle Standby Server.
  • Highly proficient in writing functions and procedures using PL/SQL.


Consultant, Database Administration Confidential, Dublin, OH June 2008 - present

  • Working on databases consolidation into a single database in Exadata.
  • Working on moving Oracle 10g database of a Specialty company which Cardinal bought into Oracle 11g Exadata.
  • Worked on setting up Data Guard on RAC in Oracle 11g & Exadata.
  • Successfully resolved data source issue in old Oracle Application database getting migrated to Oracle 11g on Exadata. A security package validates the user was logged in from an Oracle Application. Since we were attempting to access the data as a database user, no rows were being returned as the database user was not authenticated. By commenting out the security package missing data is now being displayed.
  • Successfully completed migration an Oracle 9208 database of size 3.5 TB to Oracle 11g on AIX 6.1. The following were improvements:
    • Nightly report refreshes complete 80% faster.
    • Statistics complete 60% faster.
    • Backups complete 75% faster.
    • EOM Accrual and VI Pricing - Completed in about 13 hrs, which used to take around 45 to 48 hrs on old system.
    • Report refresh2 - 1 hr 20 mins (Used to take 5 to 7 hrs without RX on old system)
    • Report refresh4 - 1 hr 20 mins (Used to take 8 to 10 hrs some times on old system)
    • Leader Private Label - Completed in about 12 hrs
  • Successfully completed data migration with IBM team using tool Xenobridge.
  • Worked with Data Mirror Team & successfully resolved issues with database triggers.
  • Successfully applied patches on Oracle 11g databases to resolve bugs like 8730312,
  • Successfully implemented range partitioning on a 210 GB table.
  • Successfully resolved issue with Materialized views refresh by creating a view in database on the subquery used in Materialized view statement.
  • Worked with Netbackup team to resolve issues on full backup, now completing in 9.5 hours and the total amount of data gone down from 600+GB to a little over 200GB, by creating exclude files in Net backup configuration on the server
  • Successfully completed database migration to new servers for the Inpharm Application. The old servers were end of life Windows servers.
  • Successfully recovered a 180 GB table from a datawarehouse using tablespace recovery in RMAN.
  • Successfully completed Oracle 9208 upgrades to all system databases on 9208 & older.
  • Worked with Tivoli Team to enable monitoring on critical ORA- errors (ORA-00600, ORA- 00601, ORA-00604, ORA-07445) in Oracle databases.
  • Successfully improved performance on an Oracle 8i database used in Pharmacy by importing statistics.
  • Successfully completed Disaster Recovery Exercise by restoring the database to an offsite data center.
  • Worked with Tivoli Team to set up archive log thresholds.
  • Successfully resolved issues with auto email not getting generated by working with Messaging Team by enabling Open Mail Relay for database server.
  • Successfully completed re-indexing on a composite index which improved the performance of Pricing report.
  • Successfully recreated control files on a couple of databases which were hitting the max data files reached errors.
  • Successfully completed retirement of an old Application database by helping Asset retirement team which bought about $377K savings to Cardinal Health.
  • Successfully completed tablespace reorganization reclaiming 200 GB space.

Environment: Oracle 11g to 8107, Exadata, AIX, HPUX, Windows.

Consultant, Data Eng/Admin Confidential, Columbus, OH March 2007 - June 2008

  • Responsible for on call support of critical databases including Dev, Test, PreProd and Prod for very large mission critical 24X7 OLTP Environments on Solaris and HP servers.
  • Ensure databases adhere to corporate standards and policies including database auditing to SOX requirements.
  • Create 10g database and configure Enterprise Manager Database Control feature.
  • Implemented List, Range and Composite partitiontioning on 12 big tables.
  • Maintained currency with periodic Oracle Critical Patches.
  • Tuned materialized views by creating materialized view logs to enable fast refreshes on master tables.
  • Tuning performance monitoring, optimization of Initialization Parameters, Table Partitioning, Created Index Organized tables, locally managed Tablespaces and Global Indexes. Removing row chaining, row migration for better performance
  • Creating the database, tables, tablespaces, and data objects, setting privileges, maintaining indexes, user logins, passwords and resource utilization in Dev, Test, PreProd and Prod databases.
  • Help Developers with access control, Schemas comparison and SQL tuning to support development and testing efforts.
  • Work with developers and change management team to ensure smooth life cycle progress from development through testing, PreProd and production implementation.
  • Work with external vendors like Eagle to support their applications.
  • Job creation and maintenance in Maestro (Job Scheduling Console).

Environment: Oracle 10G,, Solaris 10, Toad, Maestro, Eagle Investment Systems

Database Consultant Confidential, Columbus, OH Oct 2006 - Feb 2007

  • Implemented RMAN hot backups
  • Applied Oracle patches for security, database, software components, and applications.
  • Worked on call, monitored services & problem requests & worked with customers to resolve issues in Database & applications.
  • Performed database cloning per customer requests. Performed restore/recovery as necessary.
  • Assigned security and access to applications users. Monitored user access.
  • Monitored performance & made recommendations & fix issues/opportunities.
  • Performed Oracle Database administration, installation and maintenance on all Oracle software and tools.
  • Served as the first line of support between developers and end users, functional managers and Oracle regarding issues with the database software, SQL programming, tuning and development with Oracle tools.

Environment: Oracle 10G,, AIX

Oracle Tech Lead Confidential, Detroit, MI Aug 2005 Oct 2006

  • Worked as Lead for a team of 17 developers, 7 in Detroit and 10 offshore in India.
  • Conducted client operations, including business and systems requirements, limitations and solutions, application development, quality testing and implementation.
  • Install, configure & manage Oracle applications 11.0.x & 11.x environments using OFA compliant architecture. Upgraded Oracle Apps from 11.5.8 to 11.5.10.
  • Was responsible for installation, upgrades, patches, TAR support, database tuning, concurrent manager administration, and cloning and Oracle Apps SYSADMIN functions.
  • Performed database creation, database tuning/reorganization, SQL statement tuning, backup/recovery, general troubleshooting, developer/integrator relations, script development, documentation.
  • Work with applications layer of security and setups. Created applications value sets, custom programs, request groups, assignment for request groups, request sets. Use of applications scheduler to create batch schedules.
  • Installed & configured Oracle Apache server. Resolve network & system issues for http server.

Environment: Oracle E-Business Suite 11.5.8, 11.5.10; Oracle,; HP-UX, Solaris 9 and Web Logic 8.1.5

Oracle Architect/DBA Confidential, Ann Arbor, MI Dec 2004 July 2005

  • Provided 24x7 on call support for Development, Testing and Production environment that includes the Oracle8i/Oracle9i/10G databases, Oracle Application Server, Oracle Forms Server.
  • Performed database design, analysis, support and tuning for Trade based Accounting, HELOC, Mupit Data mart and MOAI applications.
  • Oracle Installation, Database upgrades and applied Oracle Security patches.
  • Implemented the DDLs, DMLs, and PL/SQL code, given by the configuration management. Participated in the transition of the project to Support and to Production.
  • Provided subject matter expertise on System Architecture related issues, resolving various design and coding aspects. Worked with developers, business analysts, testers and team members, both onshore and offshore.
  • Worked in optimizing queries, SQL tuning, recommending indices for performance, monitor database usage and run usage reports.

Environment: Oracle 10G,, Solaris 8 Web Sphere 5.1 and Business Objects 2.5.6

Oracle DBA Confidential, Dearborn, MI June 2004 Dec 2004

  • Created physical standby database from hot backup of primary database. Setup physical standby on a 9i database to protect mission critical from any failures, errors or corruptions.
  • Designed, documented, implemented, and maintained all disaster recovery procedures.
  • Performed Oracle 9.2.04 database administration, support, installation and upgrades, applied Security patches, troubleshoot databases, and resolve network connection issues.
  • Automated DB Startup / Shutdown for all 24x7 systems.
  • Performed Oracle auditing, maintain integrity and performance efficiency of the Oracle databases.
  • Trained on SOX compliant environment. Implemented SOX initiative in Oracle DBMS environment.
  • Installed STATSPACK and performed detailed SQL tuning. Tuned the database application, memory structures, disk I/O usage, and resource contention.
  • Setup nightly backups, recovery procedures and strategies for 24x7 availability using RMAN hot backups and Tivoli. Developed RMAN scripts.

Environment: Oracle 10G, 9.2.04 and AIX 5.1, 5.2 64 bit and Suse Linux 2.4.19

Oracle DBA Confidential, Markham, Canada Sep, 2002 April 2004

  • Responsible for on call support of 24X7 databases for mission critical databases including Oracle E Business systems.
  • Developed and implemented off-site Business Resumption site using Data Guard technology. Set up Standby database, implemented and administered Data Guard for higher availability and Disaster recovery.
  • Resolved gaps between primary and standby 8i databases (Gap Resolution)
  • Implemented RMAN hot backups for 24x7 systems.
  • Involved with a major upgrade of hardware, OS and database. Created over 50 Oracle databases then upgraded them to on Red Hat Linux 2.1 AS.
  • Performed Oracle 9.2.04 and 8.1.6 2.5 database administration utilizing tools such as Enterprise Manager and Server Manager.
  • Tuned the database application, memory structures, disk I/O usage, and resource contention.
  • Installed STATSPACK and performed detailed SQL tuning. Tuned PL/SQL scripts using SQL Trace and Explain Plan.
  • Automated DB Startup / Shutdown procedures.
  • Configured OEM for DB availability, DB monitoring, DB growth.

Environment: Oracle 9.2.04 and Linux, Oracle 8.1.6,, 9.2.04, Tools: Toad, Developer 6i, Reports 6.0, Forms 6.0, Linux 2.1 AS, AIX 64 bit

Oracle DBA Confidential, Mississauga, Canada July, 2001 Aug, 2002

  • Provide on call 24x7 supports for development, test and production environments.
  • Install, configure, tune, upgrade and administer Oracle 8i and 9i databases.
  • Used to run maintenance scripts on a weekly and monthly basis. These scripts would purge the data from prod and move the 3 months older data to data mart.
  • Perform loads, plan, implement and test backup and recovery strategies.
  • Monitor and analyze growth. Automated the Database Growth estimation and Capacity Planning using Unix Shell, SQL Scripts.
  • Research, evaluate and deploy new data management/optimization products.

Environment: Database Oracle 8.1.6,, Developer 6i, Reports 6.0, Forms 6.0, Sun Enterprise servers 6500 and 4500

Oracle DBA Confidential, Toronto, Canada Dec, 2000 June, 2001

  • Create, Configure, Maintain database instances and Patches updates, Backups, Restores and Creating Test and Development Environments.
  • Estimate system resources (memory and disk spaces). Restructured the Data files to reduce the Disk I/O bottlenecks.
  • Database Migration from to 8.0.5 and 8i.
  • Created and Setup the shell scripts to do daily exports of the application schemas.
  • Performance Monitoring, Tuning, determine the size of System Global Area (SGA), estimate the number of users, CPU and Disk space requirement.
  • SQL tuning, pinning of Packages, procedures and functions in SGA

Environment: Sun Ultra Sparc, Solaris 2.5.1, Oracle Server (7.1.x, 7.3), Oracle Web Server 3.0, OEM, Spotlight, Toad, Unix Shell Scripting, SQL Scripting, Forms (4.5.x), Cron jobs

Database Administrator Confidential, Toronto Client: Confidential June, 2000 Nov, 2000

  • Plan, install, customize, and test new versions of database software and patches as required without impacting service levels.
  • Prepare hardware and software capacity plans based on performance analysis and statistical data collection.
  • Monitoring Database growth and clearing object locks on the database.
  • Moving Programs from Development to Testing then to Production Databases.
  • Establish security and privacy procedures to protect the highly confidential mission critical databases.
  • Proactively perform database tuning and monitoring to correct capacity, improve performance problems, and optimize.
  • Development and administration of PL/SQL scripts for transfer of data from legacy sources and Oracle. SQL tuning, Database objects sizing and de-fragmentation
  • Database auditing and security management. Translate logical data designs into physical database designs. Support disaster recovery planning and testing.
  • Oracle scripting (SQL, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus). Set-ups, create, configure and test database backup procedures to ensure database high availability.

Environment: Sun Solaris 2.6.1, Oracle 8.0.3.x, and Oracle Application Server 4.0.7.

Database Administrator Client: Confidential, Toronto Nov, 1999 - May, 2000 I was responsible for installation and maintenance of Oracle, creating and testing Backups and recover objects when required, defining and implementing access controls to the data development and testing teams, and performance tuning. By analyzing data and making recommendations for use of indexes, enabling "Parallel Query" execution, or other DBMS specific features. Identified the business applications technology strategy and managed components for Order Entry on RIS and ROM-MF, Group RRSP, the RIS Gateway components. Developing PL/SQL packages for server side processing. Performance Monitoring, Tuning, determine the size of System Global Area (SGA), estimate the number of users, CPU and Disk space requirement.

Environment: Oracle 7.0/6.0, Forms2.3, Forms (3.0), Forms 4.0, Report Writer (1.1), Report Writer 2.0, Tools: OEM, Toad, SQL*PLUS, SQL*LOADER, PL/SQL, UNIX SCO, Novell 3.11, 3.1.2

Sr. Developer/Application Analyst Client: Confidential Feb, 1999 - Oct, 1999 Monitored the development and implementation phases of the project. Project management liaison with client and development team. Defined the user requirements, reviewing client's business processes. Developed and maintained consistent best practices for system implementation and support. Developed Documentation for User Training, Acceptance testing, and System Requirements Coding & Debugging, Testing, Procedure development. Conversion using Oracle 8 RDBMS, Forms and reports.

Database Administrator Confidential, Delhi Oct 1997 Jan 1999 Installing, upgrading and supporting products. Configuring and managing. Database data and resource management Generating reports of Database on free space statistics, cache statistics and database. Creating, altering and dropping data files, tablespaces, and schema objects in the database. Controlling system resource usage by defining proper profiles. Physical and logical database designing. Writing stored procedures and database trigger. Estimating the size of the schema objects, setting storage parameters for schema objects.

Programmer Analyst Project: Inventory Management and distribution system Product design, implementation and maintenance of product modules and subsystems Perform bug verification, release testing and beta support for assigned products, preparing technical documentation, designing and implementing programs, customer support etc. Possess a good understanding of the entire development process including specification, documentation and quality assurance.Experience with software design in a team development environment.

Programmer Confidential, Gwalior, India Sep 1994 Sep 1997 Project: Financial Management Accounting System Created Accounting System for a Merchandizing company and created database, using Dbase. Developed and programmed the life cycle of the application. It covers all the features of accounting like Voucher entry, Day Book, Ledgers (Journals and Sub ledgers), Trial Balance, etc.

Environment: Dbase/MS-DOS

Project: Library Monitoring System This system enables the user to search the book by Author name, Title or Subject. It also keeps track of the issue and return of books, calculation of fine for the overdue books and generate reminder for the non-receipt of any book.

Environment: FoxBASE / MS-DOS

Project: Student Registration System Description: This system automates the admission procedure. Depending upon the time of the course it divides the monthly payments if the students wish to pay the fees in installments. Developed and programmed the life cycle of the application. Providing training and documentation to the end-user.

Environment: Oracle server 8 / Visual Basic, Oracle 7.0/6.0, Forms2.3, Forms (3.0), Forms 4.0, Report


Maintaining a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Database Microsoft Education Partner Global Knowledge Oracle Database 10g: Implement and Administer Data Oracle Database 10g: Administration Workshop I Oracle Database 10g: Administration II SAP Web AS Administration I: ADM-100 Oracle Apps 11i Install, Patch and Maintain Oracle 8i Architecture and Administration Object Oriented Analysis & Design using UML UNIX Administration Java Programming Oracle Developer Computer Programming & Internet Application Development Diploma Masters in Arts Diploma in Systems Management

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